tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 13

Darkness Calling Ch. 13


"It is done," Soren said to his wife after waking her with a kiss. He'd let her sleep late and she stretched over the satin sheets. His mind almost broke from his control and the urge to remove his clothes magically and crawl into bed with her when she was so soft and sleepy was almost overwhelming.

"What is done?"

"Hugh has been taken into custody by COM authorities. You're safe."

A frown creased her brow. Why didn't she feel safe? Then she registered Soren standing over her, his blonde hair in bad need of a trim hung loose rather than smoothed back as it was normally, and his button-up shirt was undone at the collar and the sleeves rolled up. For him this was truly frumpy and she smiled, pleased by the returned heat in those aqua eyes.

"Then come back to bed and let's celebrate."

"Selene, there is something else."

"Can it wait twenty minutes?" She lowered the top sheet revealing her firm breasts and let her hands caress the curve of her waist to her hips. He clenched his fists and saw stars.

"Twenty minutes? You hardly five me credit." To Soren's shock she used her power to remove his clothes and he found himself transported a few short feet to lay in the bed with her. Before he could react her magic was on him, soft hands with a firm touch, hungry mouths with clever tongues.

For the first time in his life he closed his eyes and let go, surrendered himself to her power. He felt her turn, felt her real hands touch him and his back bowed with pleasure as one of those cleaver ghostly mouths sucked his cock deep. Another joined to lick and suck his balls and he felt her real lips on his. He opened to her and tried to grab her but more ghostly hands pinned him.

Selene shifted her body over him and the magic mouth left his cock only a deeper, warmer heat to replace it. He opened his eyes to see her beautifully poised above him, her face tipped back in pleasure, her black hair flowing almost to her pink nipples.

She rode him with abandon and weakly he called some of his own magic to attend to those rosy pink nipples, and the little nubbin he knew was being ignored.

They built quickly, their bodies flowing together perfectly, and the peak crashed over them both like a tidal wave. The bed shook and the shouts rang out, and for long minutes they were transported to another dimension.

When it was over she let him go and collapsed onto him. At long last Soren wrapped his arms around her and marveled. Ten years of searching for her and he finally had found her; his soul mate, his wife. She was brilliant, stubborn, creative, and magnificent. Oh, how he loved her.

"About time you said it," Selene sleepily murmured, and opened her mind to him. Just as I love you.

He kissed her, long and slow, and then she rolled to the side, still breathing heavily. He used his magic to clean them and stretched. "I should ring Maddy for breakfast, you must be starved."

"That I am."

"I'll go get some food, why don't you draw a bath, and then we'll talk about tonight."

She knew he was nervous and so Selene didn't push. He got up, wrapped himself in a robe, and left to find Maddy. She padded naked to the bath where he had a sunken whirlpool she had already discovered as heavenly. Selene poured hot water in and as it filled started the jets.

She stopped the water, switched on the heaters, and had just sunk in when he returned, wheeling a tray that smelled divine.

He set down trays and glasses by the edge. "Mimosas, eggs and bacon with cheese in tortillas, fruit, including chocolate covered strawberries." He sat that with a slightly devilish gleam in his eyes and she found herself blushing.

He peeled his robe and her breath caught. He was beautiful, truly beautiful, and despite the exhaustion of the night and their recent lovemaking, she wanted him more than ever. As he slid into water visibly the sentiment was returned.

"You're going to kill me, woman."

"Luckily for us the Dark only strengthens with physical love."

"If I believed in the devil, I might think you were it. Eat something." He grabbed a burrito and handed her one and for a few short minutes eating in the bath was so novel Selene laughed and enjoyed herself.

They nibbled fruit and sipped their drinks, relaxing. Selene waited for him to patently announce whatever he had to say, but she knew he was working up to it.

Feeling playful she grabbed a chocolate covered strawberry, ripped out the stem, and put it in her mouth, straddling him. He bit the other half and lazily stroked her body.

"It's almost noon," he groaned.

"So tell me what's going on, we'll have a quickie, and the day can begin."

He kissed her nose. "Smart ass. Arresting Hugh brought things up. After seeing him last night my father has become positively insistent I bring you to dinner. If we put it off any longer he'll make our lives hell."

"So...you won't meet my father but you want me to meet yours, is that it?"

"You just met him a few days ago yourself. I will, but everyone knows who my father is, we're a prominent family, and it would be quite weird to not meet their son's bride. One dinner, we'll leave if anything heats up, I promise."

"I'm beginning to understand more and more what it means to be married to the great Soren Nightraven, and I respect that, but I want you to promise you will meet my father, and soon."

He settled those glowing aqua eyes on her. "All right. I'm just scared," Soren admitted. "I've grown up with a set of beliefs I've held for thirty-three years, and what if this changes everything?"

She raised a brow. "I spent twenty six years thinking I was a level one light witch. Suddenly I meet a man who's my soul mate, my husband, and tells me I'm a level ten dark witch. Can you understand now just how terrified I've been?"

Neither could speak beyond that so what they felt they put into a kiss, and embrace that spoke volumes.

They indeed did not give in to baser impulses but dressed for their days. Soren would attend to business matters at the COM and Selene would have abbreviated lessons with the Whiteblooms.

She arrived in their living room, a large affair considering it was a townhouse and they primarily lived by the college. The colors were earth tones and plush, the painting on the wall of Sigrid and Jonathon on their wedding day just two years earlier.

"Selene! How are you?" Sigrid rushed in, dressed in her usual slim suit of green and gave her a hug.

"Good, better. I realized the scent of magic I smelled was someone from school. Soren took care of it."

"And he told you about dinner?" Jonathon strode in and kissed his wife. "I can bond with you about irritating in-laws, at least."

Sigrid smacked him. "Tell her what you discovered at the Council of Tens."

He sighed. "A big fat nothing. No one believes Bram Darkwind is still alive but the good news...there are many, light and dark, who think the rumors might be exaggerated. Nothing concrete."

Selene sat on the arm of an overstuffed couch. "No one knows. It's all about immortality. Father has it, yes, and he says I do as well. There is so much more to this, I know it."

"We'll keep you safe, but hey, if that's true, our job won't be too hard," Jonathon said, earning another elbow.

"All right, let's get to it," Sigrid said with a smile.

Her green dust briefly filled the room as her magic gave them all loose, comfortable clothes. She wore a green t-shirt with black yoga pants, her husband similarly dressed in dark brown, and Selene wore all black, all of them in soft, comfortable sneakers, their hair tied back out of their faces.

"Today we're going to learn how to duel." Jonathon said.

"You will learn lethal spells, but you can only practice on plants. I trust you'll heal them and thank them for their sacrifice," Sigrid said.

Jonathon nodded. "The conservatory would be a good place to practice. The most important thing you will learn is to siphon magic, steal it from another witch to render them powerless. Know that you can never do this unless it is to save a life, protect our kind from being visible to humans, or in an arranged, contractual duel."

Selene gulped.

"You'll need to work your way up, so I've asked our majordomo Franklin to aid us. He's a level five."

The slim older man entered the room and bowed.

Jonathon extended his hand, palm-up towards him. "Thank you Franklin. Let's begin."

After four hours Selene mastered peeling magic, but not quite holding it. With Franklin his magic had the clean essence of lemongrass and when she took it the first time she'd had to learn how to hold it. His was small in comparison to hers, she quickly learned that was the main distinction in levels. Franklin's magic wrapped around her like a coat, easily parting to let hers through.

Sigrid, a level nine, was dangerously filling. Several times Selene took it only to lose it, until with frustration she finally grasped the instructions from Jonathon. She imagined her magic extended beyond her like a bubble, and the space between her and its edges was where she slipped Sigrid's magic in and held onto it with her own.

Then Jonathon hit his with his own spells and when her concentration broke Sigrid's magic slipped out.

They took a break for tea and snacks after four hours and then returned to it. It went slower than any of them wanted, but Selene was trying to learn in one afternoon what took most witches five years of study.

"We need to get ready," Sigrid said at half-past six.

"Too little time for conventional means," Jonathon sighed. His magic was a light stirring in the air and they were dressed.

His suit was semi-formal and crisp black, his hair clubbed back by a white ribbon matching his shirt, his ties a mass of dramatic flowers. Sigrid matched him in a simple black dress with shimmering gold at one shoulders, lines branching out over her slim figure. Her blonde hair was pulled smoothly back into a fancy bun, and her earrings were golden flowers.

Selene wore a basic black dress as well with a high back and tastefully deep V neck, a long sleeved lace shirt over it matched by the lace of her high heels. She checked a mirror and her hair was piled atop her head, her earring long strands of diamonds.

Everyone was clean and fresh but for the women their makeup was a bit heavy. "Here," Sigrid said with a smile, and green dust touched Selene briefly. The mirror confirmed she was much less like a circus clown now.

"Thank you."

"Everyone ready?" Soren's voice called, making them all jump in the hallway.

Selene saw him step behind her in the mirror. He leaned down and kissed her bare neck. "My compliments, Jonathon. Ladies you both look wonderful. Ready?"

"Hardly," Selene mumbled low only to feel him squeeze her arms reassuringly.

"I will be by your side every moment. My dear, you must trust me on this, you have nothing to fear."

"Every woman fears a disapproving mother-in-law."

"Most men too," Jonathon quipped only to be elbowed by his wife. "Right then, shall we go? Safety in number and all- ow!" He rubbed the ear that Sigrid had pinched.

Soren took Selene's hand and she felt their magic touch and shimmer. It felt right and she relaxed a measure.

Then, in the blink of an eye they were in a dark marble hall. It was cool, huge, an entryway lined on either side by a double staircase. The chandelier looked like it weighed as much as a school bus.

Selene resisted the urge to shrink into herself. In such a short time she had gone from hating people of this world, and now she was married to a man who might very well one day lead it.

"Soren, Sigrid." A booming voice called. In from the hallway passing beneath the stairs strode an older version of Soren. The same slim build, broad shoulders stuffed into a finely tailored suit, the same hair slicked back, only this was turning light with age. His face was fairly unlined, but had borne more sun than Soren's.

"Jonathon," he continued. Shaking Soren's hand than his son-in-law's before bussing his daughter's cheek.

Then he turned to me, with hazel eyes glowing like amber and emerald's, so much murkier than Soren's. She realized with a jolt this meant he had switched...born a white witch he must have converted for marriage.

"Father, I present to you my wife, Selene. Selene, this is my father, Desmond Nightraven.

He extended his hand and gave Selene a limp handshake, sure, she thought, to be gentle for her. No blood, no kiss.

He was every bit as physically handsome as Soren, but something about him was cold, aloof. Soren could be a hard man, but he was all vitality and warmth, perpetual motion captured in one man.

She glanced at her husband, his eyes glowing like a lit sea, and he gave a diplomatic smile. "So, where is mother?"

"On a conference call, she will join us shortly. Come to the den."

He led the group under the stairs and right, into a wooden-paneled room that made Selene think of an English manor in the time of Albert.

The Whiteblooms sat on a brown leather couch, leaving open a chair and loveseat. Soren sat Selene down and crossed to his father at the small bar.

"Gin and tonic for you Jonathon, and a whiskey sour for you Sigrid, if I remember?"

"Yes father."

"Selene?" Soren asked.

She blushed feeling a country mouse. She had never been much of a drinker, beer every now and again, wine on stressful occasions. "Same as Sigrid," she offered, having never tried one.

Soren poured the two whiskey sours and passed them to the women, went back for his own as his father passed the gin drink to Jonathon. Both father and son poured scotch straight, the bottle old and even Selene could recognize it cost more than she made in two years at the dining hall.

They sat in a moment of comfortable silence, Soren's father watching her like a hawk. When Soren proposed a toast to love, they drank, and his father's gaze made her gulp.

She coughed, the strong mix burning her throat. Soren took Selene's drink and set it down, lightly patting her back.

"Dear, do you need the washroom?"

She nodded.

"I'll escort you."

"Soren, I need to discuss something with you. Sigrid?" His father spoke up.

She set down her drink and walked Selene out into the hall and further into the house. "Don't let my father rattle you. I'm not overly fond of my parents. It took them a couple of years to warm to Jonathon, I don't think they forgave him for being a white witch. Since my conversion they've been icy at best. You're a dark witch, however new; it gives you a leg up."

Selene could only cough and nod, not believing her fully. Sigrid stopped at one of the closed doors and rapped softly. When no one answered she opened the door and Selene stepped into a grand bathroom the size of her living room.

"Thank you."

"I better go and keep a watch on my father. I'll send Jonathon back if he still has Soren tied up."

Sigrid shut her in and Selene had to wonder why they were so careful to not leave her alone. Perhaps they were patronizingly looking after her.

She looked into the mirror. Damn it, she was no country mouse. She was a witch of both alliances, the daughter of the most powerful witch known, and supposedly she was immortal. What did she care of the stuffy cruel parents who deprived her husband of a childhood liked her?

Taking a deep breath she called on a little magic to fix her makeup, took a deep steadying breath and reached for door as a knock came.

She opened the door to a tall, slim woman with blonde hair and Soren's eyes.

Hs mother.

Those amazing eyes narrowed and she stepped forward, making Selene step back.

"So you are the young, mysterious woman with no family name who has ensnared my son. I wonder, are you truly his soul mate, or a fortune hunting whore?"

The younger woman could only back up further, her mouth opening but no words would come out. Her mother-in-law closed the door and grabbed her wrist, spinning her around. With nails rather than magic she ripped open the dress.

"A worthless orphan!"

"I- I'm not an orphan!" Selene said at last and wrenched herself free."

"My son is a very important man and he will not be dragged down by some piece of trash! I can feel you are very powerful, but you have no line, no heraldry, you have no place in my son's life!"

The sound of feet running echoed behind her shout and the door burst open as the woman smiled. "This marriage will be annulled!"

"Mother!" Soren was there, shoving her aside to take Selene into his arms.

"Is this true? Are you an...orphan?" His father asked from the doorway, saying the last word the way someone would say plague.

"I know my father," Selene ground out. Soren fixed her dress with magic and held her tight.

"A pathetic low level witch who left you to an orphanage?" The older woman laughed.

Sigrid and Jonathon joined them, eyeing Selene with flat gazes that promised help, but it would come with uncertainty.

"No. My father is-"

"Selene!" Sigrid yelled. Her father turned and slapped her, making her fall into Jonathon. He hugged her and set her aside, reaching for his father-in-law when Selene finished.

"Bram Darkwind!"

Soren's father hit Jonathon with a strong bolt and he stumbled back. His mother who charged up with a killing bolt and aimed for her son and daughter-in-law. "Move, son, I must kill this abomination."

"Mother, no!"

Soren powered up himself, and his father turned back, arming. The bolt slipped from him just as green dust surrounded them all. Selene heard Soren cry out and then icy pain seized her, and the green cloud faded to black.

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