Darkness Calling Ch. 15


"I agree," Selene said, shivering in fear at the prospect.

A knock sounded at the door. "Sir?"

Bram waved the door open with a small spell and it revealed a young man with long brown hair and a goatee. "I have the paper, sir."

"The paper?"

Bram took it and nodded to Selene. "In this dimension witches from all are welcome. It's complicated magic but long ago a spell was put in place so that ay witches her may glimpse news of their home worlds. Thank you Thomas." Bram closed the door and opened it up, tsking. "So soon, I'm surprised."

He showed them the front page, the headline announcing Soren Nightraven and his new wife were missing and presumed dead.

"I have to get back!" Soren cried and stood.

"Boy!" Bram barked. "There is no mention here about your parents or any of it, can you not see it's a trick? They want you to come rushing in like a damned cowboy."


Bram shook his head in slight dismay. "Do you really think blind hatred made your father attack me all those years ago? Was it not Blackfoot himself who instructed you to aid him? There is something afoot her, and your parents are part of it but not the head."

Selene had been scanning the paper in her father's hands and when she caught a familiar name she gasped. "Hugh is dead!"

"What?" Soren glanced sharply at her. "He can't be, he's to be put under truth spells and examined. He's our only link to whoever sent him to try and kidnap you."

"And he's dead!" Selene forced her father to look at the back page, the obituaries. In silence the read the small blurb that Hugh died in an accident of magical mayhem and human intoxication. There was nothing abut the arrest.

"What is going on?" Selene asked her father.

"Child, for over fifty years I have been asking myself that very same question."

"I can speak to my father, bully the truth from him."

Bram placed his hand on his son-in-law's shoulder. "Things are too far gone for that. There is no mention of Jonathon or Sigrid. Perhaps we can send Jonathon to the council of tens and disguise Sigrid. I am powerful but glamour spells are not my strength, nor are they of anyone here. All of us would leave a detectable trace. Who do you know can do glamour spells not even a level ten can detect?"

Selene sat down with a shudder as Soren thought hard and Bram puzzled. They looked at her. "You're not going to like this. There is one person I know who can disguise Sigrid s well even her own soul mate would not recognize her, but this witch will not help us."

"Who?" Soren asked.

"Rhiannon Nightstar."

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