tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 16

Darkness Calling Ch. 16


Author's Note:

I do apologize for the delay in this new chapter. It's been due to the publishing of my first full-length novel "Case of the Missing Millionaire" a Marly Jackson mystery.

For more info on the book please check out my new site www.noraquick.yolasite.com. Soon I'll have a blog up with free stories and extras relating to the stories here on Literotica.com.

Your patience is appreciated!


After four days of planning and talking, Selene felt like her head might explode. She loved her father, believed in his cause, but hours of discussions with him and his followers was not her idea of a good time. She missed television, she missed classic rock, she missed pizza.

On the fourth night she confessed this to Soren who laughed long and hard until she smacked him in the shoulder. In between guffaws he reminded her she was powerful enough to conjure up the entire Pizza Hut empire in this realm beyond if she so chose.

She spent that night with a juke box, a pool table, and watched the Blackhawks game while Soren worked with her father and the Whiteblooms.

It still had not sunk in. Just a short time ago she was a quiet, solemn, nearly powerless witch. Now she had a husband, a father; she was the second most-powerful witch alive, and she was caught up in a web of intrigue. Often she thought of her little apartment, and part of her wished to return to her old life.

No matter how she trained, and daily Bram had her training, she would never be a warrior, a fighter, a dueler. She still struggled with spooling magic and the thought of killing or hurting someone made her feel dread. No matter what her power spoke of, no matter how many directions her magic could go, her soul felt the pull of healing.

Soren's struggles soon began to pull her worry away from her own. She watched him and the Whiteblooms daily keeping up with the converts, working to repair magic fractured all their lives.

No matter how tired they were at night after training in battle and power all day, there was mad passion. In part yes, it was healing, strengthening, but there was true passion now between them, deeper than ever. Soren was at last bending, altering his fate to forge a new one with her, and Selene felt the last reserves of her resistance faltering.

On the fifth morning, they lingered. The stone room was cool, a fire blazing, and together they lay languid in bed, still stirring from sleep.

Soren leaned up over Selene, smoothing her long black hair from her eyes. "Today your father says it will be complete. I'll be like you."

Not knowing what to say she simply caught his long thick fingers with her own and kissed them. She raised her face to find his close to hers, and spells quickly stole their breath and left it clean.

Soren kissed her softly, his mouth covering her completely. Their limbs entwined, slowing together like water as their hearts began to race. Smoothly he entered her, and it was such a simple act of love Selene found herself ready for hm.

Magic soon joined them like second nature, raising their passion and they came together with mouths fused, swallowing each other's moans and cries.

After they lay tangled together. "I know we're working for something but I swear I want a day off."

Soren laughed. "I think if we all do it- Me, Sigrid, Jonathon, and the three others of your father's people, I think we deserve a day off."

She nestled her head against his shoulder. "If all we've heard is the truth, there won't be any days off to come."

"One step at a time. The only way any of this can work is if we all take it just one day at a time."

Too soon came the knock, and it was time to see if they were as immortal as Bram claimed.


They met in the large stone room, the one without pillows. There were many, they all looked similar, but this was where the combative magic was practiced. The thick stone walls were enchanted with several layers of spells so the highest of magic could fly and not cause collateral damage.

"We begin with you, my daughter," Bram said when he entered. He gave her a hug then had the other stand back.

"Soren, you must spool her magic."

"Why?" Her husband seemed surprised.

"If her instinct is to fight back in this exercise, it will corrupt the result. And if anything should go awry, though it should not, spooling her magic will save her life."

Soren glanced from Selene to her father. She nodded, steeling herself. He'd done this once before, stolen her power, but it was before she was fully awakened. Her magic was a part of her, a second skin, and without she would feel...too vulnerable.

She kept her eyes off the rest of them locking her gaze to Soren's as he pulled on her magic. She didn't fight it, instead she fought herself to keep calm.

His sea colored eyes widened at the depth of her magic and Soren stumbled back, but at last it was gone.

"Are you ready?" Bram asked.

Selene trembled, her voice would not work, so she jerked a nod.

Her father called forth a spell suited to a level 10, not his full power. She marveled at that even as it hit her. The world tilted, her head spun, a feeling of illness throbbed within her being, and she fell to her knees.

Soren and Jonathon shouted, and she heard Bram cast a spell to freeze them in place. After long, heaving moments, the sick feeling ebbed away and Selene climbed to her feet, shaken, panting, but alive.

Bram undid the binding spell and still everyone on the room remained frozen, staring.

"Soren, I'd like my magic back."

He was still struck dumb, and feeling bold, proud of herself, and inflated by the awe around her and the pride ringing in Bram's eyes, Selene tried to take it back. Just as she'd been taught to steal the power of another, she spooled her own, and it came to her like a faithful dog after a whistle.

They all remained frozen once she had it back, and proud she had finally mastered the art, Selene pumped her fist into the air.

The followers erupted and rushed her. Soren fought through them and hugged her tightly, kissing the top her head and squeezing her.

"All right, calm down, we have six more trials today!" Bram called. After several long minutes the damp stone room was calm again.

Now came Soren's turn. Under his steady gaze and the comforting words of her father, Selene opened herself, widened her aura, and began to draw his power off.

The cinnamon scent her carried was there, his magic was warm and sunny and tinged with comfort. She wrapped it around herself like a blanket, all the while holding his eyes, until Soren's magic was in her hands and his eyes stopped glowing.

Even completely human-looking they were beautiful, he was beautiful. She mouthed "I love you," to him even as Bram powered up his spell and set it loose.

Watching Soren take the blow was the hardest thing Selene had ever done. Her heart stopped with him, breath frozen, and only the pulsing dance of his magic within hers kept her alive as he stumbled down just as Selene herself had done minutes before. It fell like years, but he raised his head, heaving, and he was all right.

She slammed his magic back into him as she ran, embracing Soren before he could rise. Fear like she never felt before coursed out of her as they held each other tight.

"Calm down!" Bram roared when once again everyone shouted. Soren's sister made her way over and hugged him as well until he laughed.

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" Eyes glowing with triumph Soren pushed his way to his feet and the room still had not regained silence.

Bram pushed through his followers. "We'll take a break. You two may go, the rest of you stay" Bram called.

Never taking her eyes off Soren, Selene moved them to their room. The adrenaline was still high for them both and the need to reaffirm life was too great to wait.

Without magic or any artifice they ripped at one another's clothes. Soren tore her shirt open and clawed her bra down reveling her breasts to his hungry mouth.

Pausing as they stumbled across the room she delighted in the ht feel, but need was too great. She couldn't wait. Her hands tore at his belt buckle, caught, and she gave up, settling for ripping his zipper down and pulling his cock out.

Fully clothed she pushed him to a chair and raised her skirt, shoving her panties aside she settled over his cock.

"Now," Soren groaned, and slammed her hips down.

"Yes!" she hissed out between clenched teeth.

Their mouths fused and she began to ride him hard. His hands on her hips Soren pushed her faster and faster, grunting his need into her mouth. The stiff fabric of his jacket abraded her nipples and his zipper rasped at her clit.

It happened fast, so fast, but it was exactly what they needed. Clutching each other hard the tremors wracked them as the pleasure broke rather than crested.

Coming down Selene sighed. "I love you."

He kissed her again, slowly, making her toes curl. "I dare say I may very will miss the thrill of mortal danger."

Selene could only stare at him until his face broke into a grin. Without much though she used to magic to lift a pillow from the bed and threw it him.

His magic turned it into a bag of Twinkies which he deftly caught. "Hungry?"

She kissed him and climbed off, magic cleaning them. And dressing them again.

"We should go back. I want to and I don't."

He stood and crossed to where she was smoothing her hair in the mirror. Putting his arms around her he kissed her temple softly. "We're both stir crazy. Our world hangs by a thread and here we are, away from it all."

"I want to do something but I'm scared."

He hugged her tighter. "We are doing something. We're training, and once Sigrid has passed her test she'll glamour herself to Rhiannon, and we'll have answers. Then we can form a plan of action."

She smoothed her hand up to cup his ace and drew Soren into a kiss. "You're amazing."

He kissed her back, deeply. "And you're amazing. Together we're unstoppable."

Suddenly they parted, no longer standing in their private room they were back in the training room. There was an eerie amount of silence as every witch there held their bodies rigid.

"What is it? what's happened?" Soren said.

Witches rose from their crouch on the floor and revealed Sigrid, laying prone, Jonathon kneeling beside her.

"I- I don't know what happened," Bram said.

"What!?!" Selene asked, gripping her husband tight.

"It didn't work!" Jonathon yelled, glaring at the dark witch standing above him.

Bram hung his head. "She's dying."


Desmond hated this place. It was of magick, the pure, old magick that could be tapped by witches and those pathetic witches who called themselves human. Here he felt stronger, but so did the other, the one only referred to as the Dark One. Even in his thoughts Desmond Nightraven addressed him as such, the risk that the magick could spill over to the real world was too great.

Here they could listen to the threads of magic coming from the other realm, the place Bram was gathering his forces.

"The thread of immortality of one has been rent asunder."

"It's not my son is it? He is safe, yes?" He dared not think of Soren's name, but only his situation. He must be granted immortality, to survive the death of his soul-mate, the filthy half-breed bitch.

"I do not know. I am still spooling the energy, it is great."

Desmond sensed the magic around him, his own bolstered in the ancient stone chamber. The scent of it came to him and his heart nearly stopped.

It was the scent of his daughter.

Without thought he launched himself at the Dark One, his power propelling him up to the raised platform, above the ancient well.

The two men sailed over, and Desmond felt himself pass through his daughter's life force, severing the pull.

"It's Sigrid, Sigrid, damn you!"

The Dark One roared and pushed him off. "Fool! They have sensed you!"

Before Desmond could move the other man powered up a blast. In the chamber it was visible, pure shining onyx energy, and the death blow hit him, covering his world in darkness.


"She lives!"

Jonathon began to cry quietly at Soren's pronouncement.

"There is trickery here, a back door to this world. Someone was stealing her life force, but another witch prevented it. There is time to save her life. Everyone leave but Soren, Selene, and Jonathon!"

There were murmurs but the nearly dozen other witches disappeared with quiet magic.

Bram stepped to the three kneeling beside the prone witch. "I can try to reach through this gate and bring her life force back, like a conduit. However it will leave me vulnerable. Selene, you're the only one strong enough to defend me. You must join my magic to yours."

"No! I will not have her at risk!"

"Soren!" Jonathon stood now and grabbed him. "She can't die! She's your sister, goddess' sake, you can't let her die!"

"I'll do it." Selene sidestepped them and took her father's hand.

"What risk is there to her?" her husband demanded.

Bram's eyes avoided his daughter's gaze. "There is no risk to her, it is to me. Selene, you mist keep the connection open, no matter what happens. I will be the conduit, you will be the pull. We must hurry, there's no time."

She took his hand, looked at Jonathon and Soren gazing at her with dread and hope, and smiled. The connection with her father was instant, their magic flowing together. He began to chant in foreign words she didn't understand and suddenly she felt a hole in his magic. Closing her eyes she could sense it flowed outward into the distance, creating tube. Still the hole left him vulnerable.

Sensing this she let her own magic flow like a net to the two holes now. His physical body lurched and then she felt Sigrid's life force flowing through the tube.

Something dark came with it, moving fast. Like a plunger it accelerated the life force and the strain was nearly crippling. Bram fell to his knees and Selene tumbled after him.

"It's working, it's working!" Jonathon cried.

The force was stealing her breath and it took all her strength for Selene to hold onto her father. He began to tremble, weaken, and she knew whatever was coming down the line was cracking his magic.

Still he held on, still he let the life force flow back into Sigrid.

Then it hit. The magic was dark, like molten rock it slammed into them. Her protective net shattered and Selene cried out, instinctively letting go of his hand, and their connection severed.

Bram crashed to the floor, his body bowing.

"No, father, seal your magic!" She dove from him and when her hands touched the skin of his face she felt his magic dancing with a dark spell, incredibly just as powerful as the great Bram Darkwind.

"Fight it, fight it!"

"Selene!" Soren cried buy Jonathon's hand shot up.

"Soren, it's loose, you have to help me seal her life force or she'll die!"

Selene held his eyes, and knew in their mind link he could hear her thoughts. There were only three immortal witches present, and two who were impossibly dying. It would take two to keep one alive; Soren had to choose.

She reached out to him, to grant him strength, knowing his choice. When Soren bent to help Jonathon save Sigrid, Selene turned back to her father.

He was shaking now, his magic alone fighting the dark curse within, his mind was completely under. Reaching into him Selene felt the power, the rage, the darkness attacking him. For a moment it threatened to fill her aura, and she dropped her father with a scream.

"Wh- what's going on?" Sigrid said weakly, rising to sit as Bram stilled.

Jonathon hugged her weeping and Soren, exhausted, tripped and stumbled to reach her. Her sorrow washed over him and he reached for her, pulling her away and burying her face in his shoulder.

"What is it?" Sigrid asked again.

Soren turned to his sister. "It's Bram. He's dead."

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