tagNonHumanDarkness Calling Ch. 18

Darkness Calling Ch. 18


She woke to darkness. They were moving and it took long seconds for her to figure out something dark and loose was over her head and her hands and ankles were bound tightly, and not by magic.

Selene took a deep breath and steadied herself. She could smell that it was a witch who was carrying her like a heavy sack thrown over his shoulder, but the smell was changing too rapidly to get a fix. A glamour spell, and one she had never encountered before, it was so powerful.

The only person she knew who could command glamour that would fool other high-level witches was Rhiannon Nightstar, but this was as a strong young man carrying her.

It didn't matter, she thought. Whoever it was wasn't as powerful witch as she and so had bound her with what felt like duct tape.

Fool, she thought, forcing herself to keep calm. June and Michael were pacifists, but not fools. They had made sure she grew up knowing how to defend herself. She might not be able to do much attacking with magic, but she could deflect and use physical force.

They were walking, no sign of slowing or turning, so she let her body go limp again and did the only thing she could. There was duct tape over her mouth, the worst gag ever. Using her tongue and spit she loosened it, but kept silent.

Finally they slowed, her carrier shifted to open a door, and then stepped through. When he turned to shut it she made her move.

Selene kicked his stomach and slid down, scrambling around his flailing arms to hook her bound hands around his neck. She swung her legs behind him, finding the door, and pushed.

They fell to the floor, the man on top, and she went wild. They struggled but the grunting man said nothing as her tried to grab her. She wormed her way to the side and the hood was jerked off.

Just when she thought she was free a hand slammed into her stomach, knocking her wind out.

She lay there on the cold floor, gasping for air as he untangled himself and brought up a light spell. In her panic she looked at him, a tall, thin man with a plain face, thin dark hair, and a cruel expression.

"Nice try."

"Who the fuck are you!?!"

He smiled, looking more threatening as he loomed over her prone, coughing form. "You know nothing. If you had just stayed in your human world, the rest of us would have forgotten you. But no, you had to go to a real college, mingle with real witches. I made sure your only friend was that weak Marcus, a nobody, but then you had to screw it all up."

"I don't know you!"

He leaned close, his eerily light eyes boring into hers. "You should, oh, you should. We're going to have fun, you and I, but first I have to make sure Blackfoot has killed that pesky man of yours. That's where you went wrong. You weren't supposed to find him!"

Selene dragged her back to the wall, sitting up, trying to make herself as small a target as possible. The room they were in was cluttered and dark, the light ball this strange young man had was small enough to only light his g=face and cast shadows.

"I've been watching you, and you can't die. That means we can have all the fun in the world, all the time in the world. You're going to help make me immortal."

"There's no such thing," Selene said quickly. "My father was supposed to be immortal and Blackfoot killed him. That's why Soren and I came back. To kill him, to avenge my father."

"You lie!"The young man bent over and slapped her, hard.

Selene's head rocked back against the wall and her lip was bleeding, cut on her teeth. "It's the truth. I can't make you immortal, no one can." She hoped she was lying, she really hoped Soren had managed to take down Blackfoot and her father was saved.

"Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!" He kicked at her and Selene felt pain explode in her ribs.

She closed her eyes, searching for the mind link. Soren was still shutting her out, still fighting Blackfoot. She had to bide her time, either get this insane witch gone or keep him talking.

"I can't reach Soren," Selene said, coughing. "I don't know if he's dead."

The young man laughed. "I can smell the magic.. They're distracted. So he can't read your pain? Maybe if we make it great enough it will weaken Soren and he'll lose."

"Why are you doing this!?! What did I ever do to you?"

He produced a knife and crouched down, his face a scant few inches from hers. "Your whore of a mother was promised to another. Did you know that? Before she joined your father's cult, she was promised to another. He was a powerful witch, the most powerful in the law-abiding world, and he didn't need a soul mate to have children, he knew the old ways.

"He didn't like knowing your parents married and he did all he could to destroy that cult before any of them could become immortal like your father."


He nodded, his eyes crazy, glowing with power, shifting colors to a strange eerily familiar blue. "He didn't mean to kill her, but she refused to sacrifice you, refused to leave your father. So she died, and he went mad."

Selene's blood slowed to a crawl, the magical memory from her infancy returning to her in a flash, only it was Blackfoot's face dealing the death blow to the guard and to her mother.

"He went after her sister then, raping her. It was terrible, it was horrible, and she would have reported it only she was gifted a child of immense power. Me."

"My goddess!"

He laughed. "That's right, cousin dear. You were to live and die as nothing, and slowly I would have wormed my way into your father's heart. All you needed to do was graduate, draw him out, and then I would kill you, but no, you had to go an seduce the great Soren Nightraven, Blackfoot's successor. You fucked it all up."

"You're insane! Who are you!?!"

He stood then, the light spell growing to a large ball. They were in a storage room, chairs piled high and shelves crammed with old books and jars. "I told you, I'm your cousin."

With a flick of the hand holding the knife he gave a flourish, and clean, invisible magic swept over him, changing him down to the most minute level with a glamour spell of a magnitude she had never seen before.

And her kidnapper was Rhiannon Nightstar.


Blackfoot was weakening, and Soren knew his hold on Bram's life force was nearly broken, but his boss was winning. Despite their desperate battle he could not escape that this man was his boss, his mentor. If he stopped to dwell on it, as his mind had tripped up and done several time, Blackfoot got the drop on him.

Around him few remained. There were perhaps only eight of them all members of the Council of Tens. Three of them stood behind Blackfoot, only two behind Soren, the rest cowered, undecided, but determined to see who won.

His shield was holding under a freezing spell now, Blackfoot was saving his direct energy bolts for when the shields slipped. With his shield up he couldn't spool Blackfoot's energy or attack, he just had to wait.

Suddenly he felt his mental block crumble. So far he had kept Selene from his mind to spare himself distraction and spare her from his fear and worry. Now he felt her fear, and her pain.

Something was horribly wrong.

He glanced to where he'd left her and she was gone. His sudden distraction made his shield slip and ice touched him.

He jerked away, rolling behind chairs that turned to hard ice, shattering when his legs hit them. Rage such as he'd never felt suffused him.

With an anguished cry he thrust one hand out and took the spell into him. He took Blackfoot's magic, pulling, and with his other hand he poured it back out in a the strongest energy bolt he could.

There were gasps and screams all around and the conflu of magic ended with an invisible explosion that knocked everyone and everything flat.

Soren felt the magic break off, the dark taste of Blackfoot fading. He struggled to his feet to see Blackfoot prone, unmoving. Everyone else struggled to their feet as well.

Blackfoot's three cronies ran to him, feeling his skin. The lone woman looked up with rage. "You killed him!"

Without much though he sent a spell that made the three witches fly into the wall, and turned to run.

Selene was fading, in great pain, and he found the connection.

I'm coming.

Hurry, came her reply and he locked on, using magic to bring him to her side.

He found himself in a dark room, then a boot slammed into him. He went sprawling, landing on top of his wife, finding her naked and panting beneath him, sticky with blood.


"The great Soren Nightraven. So glad you could make it. Is it true Bram Darkwind is dead? That means you can die too."

He clutched his side, covering Selene. Are you all right?

I'll live, but kill that bitch, she said in the mind link.

Pain speared his back as Rhiannon's shoe crashed down. He was too tired, too angry, too worried for Selene to draw this out, and this silly young girl was no Blackfoot.

He speared her with an energy bolt. She didn't have time to gasp, she just died on her feet, crashing down.

Before she fell he turned back, using the last of his reserves to clothe Selene.

"She's dead."

"Thank you."

"What did she do?"

"She cut me. That wasn't what pissed me off. Is Blackfoot dead?"

Soren scooped her up and held her close, nuzzling her. "Yes. They'll be after me, after us. I'm all tapped out."

She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Then allow me."


She had brought them back to her father and his sister. Selene wasn't so physically hurt, she was numb with emotional pain. After all this time, to know their venerated leader had been the one to murder her mother, allowing her and the world to think it was her father...he was dead now. Soren had done it, but her anger was still there, buried under shock.

Soren had checked and the news was her father would heal, his friends were seeing to it. Jonathon and Sigrid were sequestered, and Soren voted for that as well.

Now they lay in the bed, Soren sleeping like a stone, recovering his energy slowly. One of the others had been by to help her with poultices and the deeper cuts were healing slowly, but Selene could not sleep.

It was times like this she wished she had a vice. A stiff drink or a cigarette might be good, something to distract her. She felt restless. Thwarted vengeance, she reasoned.

She wasn't a fighter, that much she knew. She had never grown up dreaming of duels and battle, she had dreamed of plants and knowledge, of healing a broken culture. But by just being born it seemed she had fractured the culture more.

Blackfoot had a daughter. A daughter whose mother was her mother's sister. No wonder Rhiannon hated her so, no wonder her mind was fractured. Her glamour spell had been the best she had ever seen, and the things she had said while tracing that knife over Selene, cutting her clothes...she shivered.

"Sweetheart?" Soren murmured, opening one eye. "Those are some heavy thoughts."

"I need to do something."

"There's not much we can do. Everyone is resting, healing. Goddess only knows what's happening back in our reality, and we're going to need to be in fighting shape when we find out."

"Soren," she said, turning to face him. "Forgive me."

He raised a brow as she covered him, kissing him hard. She needed an outlet, and she felt his acceptance in her mind.

Selene chewed his lips and pinned his wrists, already pliant on the bed. They were both too tired for magic so she recognized his willingness to submit, but it wasn't enough.

She wanted resistance, she wanted...oh, hell, Selene didn't know what she wanted. Raking her fingernails across his skin she swallowed his gasp before chewing on his lower lip.

Selene moved then to grasp his penis, still soft.

"Selene, you're moving too fast. This isn't what you want."

She made a growl of frustration and laid her head on his chest. "I need something, I just don't know what it is."

"I do." He moved quickly and she found herself underneath him. Before she could protest his mouth was on hers, his strong body between her legs. She felt him harden against her thigh as his tongue swept in.

He kissed her completely, his mouth slanting against hers again and again. She waited for the dominance he showed, but it never came. He didn't pin her hands, let her grip his shoulders as his slid over her, carefully avoiding the wounds and poultices.

Healing, he thought, and it breathed across her skin. She understood what he meant. Not just the physical healing that would come with their joining but her soul, his, their love.

He teased her with his fingertips, sliding his body along hers, stoking the slow burn. She arched her back, mindlessly seeking more, but all he gave her was a palm to her breast.

She moaned, her fingers winding through his blonde hair, forcing his mouth against hers. He kissed her cheek, the tip of her nose, her eyelids as they fluttered, her ear, sliding down to her neck.

She smoothed her hands over his shoulders, feeling him suck in his breath as she stroked across his bruises. He ducked his head then, taking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. His tongue flicked across her nipple as he sucked and she cried out, writhing against him, stroking her wet pussy on his abdomen begging for more.

"Selene," he breathed.

"Soren, please!"

He shifted his body sinking a finger into her and she cried out, wanting more. At the shift of desire ratcheting hire he felt his magic grow and spared a little to turn off all the lights, only the power from their glowing eyes lighting the room, dance of silver and sea blue.

He felt his energy rising and begin to move, pistoning his fingers hard. She felt it too, and dug her nails in, thrusting her hips to meet him. One finger was not enough but the percussion of his hand against her was pure, drugging pleasure.

"More," she gasped.

He lifted his head from her breast to watch her face as he slammed in with two fingers. Selene gasped and writhed, and his control broke.

He grabbed her hips and rolled them until she was on top, scooting his back to the headboard. He spared magic and bound her hands behind her back.

Selene found herself on top but very vulnerable. He looked sleepy, aroused, dark in shadow, only those amazing eyes glowing.

He lifted her hips and speared her on his rock-hard cock. Selene gasped, crying out as he filled her completely. With her hands bound she couldn't steady herself, and Soren smiled when he heard her realize that fact.

He backed up further, sitting up, and drew his knees up, cushioning her. Using only his hands he raised her up and slammed her back down. She cried out as he filled her completely, surrounded her.

Again and again they moved, both gasping and groaning as he speared her wet pussy. She fell against him into a sloppy kiss, her nipples dragging across the crisp hair on his chest, her clit rubbing against him with slick sounds matching the hard, fast pace.

Their aches and pains disappeared as they fucked one another, grunting and kissing, feeling their hot sweaty bodies tighten and the pleasure wind its way through them.

After an eternity of dark, drugging anticipation she felt her body crest and Selene screamed her pleasure a split second before his hoarse shout joined hers.

With his orgasm the magic binding her hands loosened and she grabbed him, slamming her own hips now, driving him deep in time to the tight contractions in her pussy until they were both spent.

After she collapsed on him, feeling like a being of pure, light energy. Soren began to laugh.

"What is it?"

He held up a poultice for her from the bed.

"Ew, Soren!"

"You're healed as am I, my love." He kissed her and used magic to make them disappear.

She climbed off him and stood staring at her body. It was free of the knife marks, it was like a bad dream.

Soren sat up, smiling and all his bruises were gone too. She ran back to him and jumped, throwing him down on the bed, their feet dangling off the side. Laughing together they kissed for long moments until her mind cleared.

"Your father-"

"If yours is alive, so is mine. It's up to my mother to heal him or not. Selene, what happened?"

She rolled aside and laid on her back, staring at the thin sheer canopy and the bricks above. "Here is what I know.

"My father has lived a very long time. Something made him decide to return to the old ways and he called young, powerful witches to him. One of them was a young woman named Marian Lightrose. Marian was being pursued by a rising star, Jonathon Blackfoot. Blackfoot had been studying my father as well as old tests, old magicks. He had discovered a way to father children with a woman who was not his soul mate, and he fixated on Marian.

"Marian met my father and it was love at first sight. After all those years, he had found his soul mate. He tried to do what he did here, find converts, teach them the old ways. When Marian didn't return to her family, Blackfoot went looking.

"He broke up my father's circle, and chased them all away. When he found out my parents were married, he vowed to kill my mother knowing she was mortal."

"The raid that made Blackfoot's career," Soren murmured, kissing her shoulder.

She nodded, eyes still on the ceiling. "My father knew this, and I had been just born. He sent my mother away to protect her with one of his converts guarding her. Blackfoot found her, and she hid me away. She cast a spell to record those moments for me, but I was young, too young to make my own memories so they were never clear until now.

"Blackfoot attacked, wounded her guard, and then killed my mother in his rage. I was concealed and he missed me, leaving. Either the guard reached someone or survived long enough, but someone found me and took me to the orphanage to hide me.

"Blackfoot, in grief and rage, found my mother's sister, Julia Nightstar, a married woman. He raped her, used his magic and left her with child. This unnatural child was born with such great glamour I can't honestly say if the real form was male or female, but as a female this was Rhiannon Nightstar.

"My father was painted a villain and forced into exile, and Blackfoot rose higher and higher. He never acknowledged his child who grew up warped and twisted, perverted. He befriended your father to secure his position, and used your father. The world thinks it's your father who hates mine, but it's Blackfoot, and Blackfoot poisoned his mind, using your father as a shield so the world would never know just what happened, just why broke up my father's first coven.

"Your father and Blackfoot used you too, when you were little. So many lies, so many deceptions. It all would have stayed hidden but for the miraculous fact that you are my soul mate and I am yours.

"You saved me that night, guided me to June and Michael. Through them I survived, learned, and gained the knowledge I needed to get into a witch school after graduating from a human college.

"Because of that knowledge only one witch in all the schools in the world would take me on, your sister. Rhiannon knew me for what I was when I showed up. She did her best to belittle me, try to drive me out, force me to return to the human world.

"At some point in her twisted mind Rhiannon came to her own father in her male form. She became his henchman, kept him apprised. All those times I felt someone watching me...it was her.

"Then I met you. I met you, we married, and Rhiannon got scared, but no one knew who my father was. That night at the solstice she tried to grab me, disguised as Hugh. Hugh was no good, but he didn't deserve to die like that. Then at your parents, your mother saw who I was, who I really was. She knew what was at stake, and she tried to kill me.

"Blackfoot tried to kill my father and yours, he almost killed Sigrid. Now he's dead, Rhiannon is dead, and that's all I know."

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