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Date Night


I get a call from you late in the afternoon. You have arranged for the kids to sleep over with a sitter and we are going out for a nice date night. You've even picked up a new dress for me.

I'm quite excited for dinner at a nice restaurant and take my time getting ready. You drop off the dress and pick up the kids so I can finish getting primped. The dress is short, and black. It's strapless with some soft layering at the bust and a loose, flowy skirt. Just my style and I love it! I just finish getting dressed when I hear you return.

"Let's see how the dress looks," you say in your Sir voice. Oh, this is how the night's going to go? Even better. I give you a little twirl and remark that I love it.

"In position" you order.

I drop to my knees, spread my legs wide apart and put my hands behind my back. I stare down at the floor while you inspect your property. It seems I've been waiting forever when I feel your hands gently pull the top down, exposing my tits. You touch them softly at first then roughly tease my nipples. I do my best to stay quiet but this is one of my favorite forms of foreplay. There's something about that feeling of pain and pinching on my nipples that reminds me that you are in charge. You often seem to know just the right amount of pressure to cause pain that isn't unbearable, but it's just enough that I feel like I am enduring it for you. And that gets me hotter than anything. You pull out two nipple clamps and tighten them around my nipples. You give me a few seconds to adjust to the pain while you admire your handy work.

"Let's keep those on tonight, so you remember to behave."

"Thank you, Sir."

You pull out your phone and take a quick picture of my clamped nipples.

"Now I know you'll behave, or I'll have to accidentally leave my phone out on the table for anyone to see."

I swallow hard.

"Thank you, Sir."

You gently pull the top of the dress back into place. The layers of fabric completely conceal the clamps underneath. Ah, now I understand the dress. You normally wouldn't buy clothing for me, but this wasn't really for me.


I rise to my feet but keep my eyes downcast.

"We're not finished," you remark casually.

"Bend over the bed. Head down, ass up."

I comply.

You lift my dress and pull down my panties, exposing my ass to you. I grip the edge of the mattress and brace for the smack that I know is coming. See, learning to anticipate your desires benefits me, too. You give me a few nice slaps on the ass, then ... nothing. What are you doing? I don't dare look back. After an excruciating few moments of waiting, I feel your fingers softly caress my pussy. You take two fingers and slowly stroke up and down the outer lips. I can feel my pussy swelling under your gentle touch. I catch myself wanting your fingers on my clit instead of just enjoying the sensations you are giving me and remind myself to be patient. Be grateful. You know how hard it is for me to be patient. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter and I'm dying for more. Eventually, I feel you spread my pussy lips apart and just hold them there. It's like you knew I was impatient and you are dragging this out longer. Hell, I'm sure that's exactly what's going on. You pause a bit longer, then take your other hand and slide your fingers along my wet slit, not inside and still holding me open and exposed. Then you slide those wet fingers up to my asshole and gently probe it. More teasing. Now on my asshole. God!

"I have another present for you."

"Oh? Thank you, Sir."

You produce a new butt plug. It's bigger than the old one. You rub it along my wet pussy. Not in it, of course. Just along it. Getting the plug lubed up without ever putting it inside my pussy or releasing the spread of my lips. You slowly work the plug into my ass, pulling it in and out a few times before nestling it in my ass.

"You wanted your pussy filled?"

"Yes, Sir," I admit. No sense in lying.

"I know," you remark nonchalantly, spreading my swollen pussy wider but still giving me no relief.

You softly stroke my ass with your fingertips, then deliver 8-10 nice slaps. I can't see them, but I can feel your reddened handprints on my ass. Another pause, and I hear the distinct click of a cell phone camera.

"You like your gift?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. You can thank me by sucking my cock. Get back in position"

I slide off the bed and onto my knees. My panties are still pulled down so I can't spread my knees the way you like. I kneel down lower to get my face at cock level and take you into my mouth. You grab the back of my head while I suck you off, pulling my hair as you control the pace of your blow job. You occasionally tug and twist the clamps beneath the fabric of my dress. I can feel that quick throb in your cock before you come. You grip my hair harder as you cum and I swallow it all.

"Thank you, Sir."

"You're welcome. You can touch up your hair and make-up before we leave. The clamps and plug stay where they are."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

I freshen up and follow you out to the van. You get in the driver's side and I open my passenger side door.

"What are you doing?" you ask sharply.

"I'm ... getting in the car?" What could I have done wrong? I can't think of anything.

"You don't ride up here with me. Get in the back."

I open the side door. The back seats have been removed and there is a blanket on the floor of the van.

"On your stomach. Ass in the air. Panties down. Skirt pulled up. I want to see that lovely present I got you. You do appreciate it, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes, Sir."

I assume the position as you've ordered and we back out of the garage.

"Finger your pussy. You better cum before we get to the restaurant," you threaten and pat your cell phone with the latest pictures. I work my pussy for you. Cumming won't be a problem with all the teasing I've endured plus those clamps still on my nipples.

"And work that plug in and out, too."

I ease the plug in and out of my ass while fingering my clit. My ass is sore from the extra girth and I wonder how I'll be able to sit still at the restaurant.

"Don't forget to ask permission before you cum."

"Yes, Sir."

The windshield has never seemed so big as we pull out of the driveway. I feel like anyone on the street who looks over could see me. It doesn't take long for me to feel that tingly chill that tells me my orgasm is near.

"Permission to cum, Sir?"


The orgasm is powerful and I can feel my muscles spasm ... a little too hard. I can't keep the plug in my ass. I try, but it's too late. Shit!

"Well you've gotten yourself into a pickle, haven't you? You don't appreciate your gift?"

"I ... I do! I couldn't help it!"

The car turns sharply. This isn't good. I hold my position and wait. Eventually, the sound of the road changes and I know we are driving on gravel. We stop at a secluded picnic area and you open the door.

"Get out. On the table. On your back. Now."

I do as I'm told.

"Your ass misbehaved and now your ass is going to get punished."

You push my legs back far giving you access to my asshole. I close my eyes and wince. I know you aren't going to be gentle with my lesson.

"Open your eyes and look at me. Don't go into yourself for comfort. Keep your eyes on me."

I look into your face as you force your cock into my sore asshole. I want to close my eyes and go somewhere else but you won't allow it. I can see you studying my face as you fuck my ass. I keep my eyes locked on yours even as you increase the pace and pound my ass harder. A few more thrusts and you shoot your cum into my ass. You pull your cock out swiftly and immediately replace it with the plug.

"You'll keep it in, won't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

You softly stroke my thighs and give me a minute to adjust to the sharp burn in my ass combined with the dull throb on my nipples from the clamps. Soon your thumb starts working my clit in little circles.

"You can close your eyes and enjoy it."

And I do.

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