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Daughter's Friend


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My daughter is at that legal age of 18 where her body is maturing. She is a good looking girl and has a few good looking friends. Meg, one of her closer friends, is just maturing into her body as well. She spends a lot of time at our house swimming, sun bathing and spending the night. She has turned into quite the beautiful woman.

She is still at the age where she doesn't know what her body does to boys. As she did five years ago, she still hugs me, has tickle parties with us and we play like kids do.

We were all piled together tickling and screaming one night. It was just before bedtime and we were all in our night clothes. I had lifted Meg's over-sized shirt up to blow raspberries on her belly. She threw her head back and I opened my eyes. There was the nicest pair of tits you've ever seen. These were not little girl's but a woman's breasts. Her dark brown areola were dimpled and led to little hard dark brown nipples. I quickly grabbed her shirt and covered her up as fast as I could. She laughed and tickled me as if my world hadn't just crashed down. The image was burned into my mind.

When I shut my eyes those perfect orange sized, olive skinned tits were all I could see. Her mother was Cuban and her father was white. She had beautiful skin, jet black hair and light green eyes. This perfection with the body of an athletic teen really made a stunning beauty. They all continued playing but my mind was elsewhere. I couldn't get those tits out of my head! I had a burning erection in my pants. I went to the bathroom to calm down. Luckily my wife and kids hadn't seen my condition.

I sat on the toilet fully dressed. I was trying not to think of that beautiful girl in my living room. I had to keep telling myself she wasn't a woman but a girl. But those tits, those are not the tits of a girl! She's just a girl. She is just a girl. Oh god I want to suck on those tits. She was old enough. It would be legal. I closed my eyes and shook my head to get rid of the thoughts. That would never happen. I'm a married man and she's my daughter's friend.

When my erection finally went down I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I walked out into the living room to find everyone calm and almost sullen.

"What's going on?" I asked and walked up.

"Oh, Mr. Wayne!" Meg ran up and hugged me. Oh no, not now. I just got it down! I could feel those beautiful tits up against my chest as she hugged me. I bent and picked her up in a bear hug still trying to play. My hands went down to lift her. They went under her night shirt and onto her butt. I pulled her up so her legs wrapped around me. Oh god, I couldn't feel her panties! My hands were on her bare ass. There was no material there. I moved my hands, maybe there was. It was a thong. My erection dug into her pelvis. Oh god! I swung her around trying not to think about it.

"What is it sweetheart? Did someone step on a toad?" I laughed. She hugged me harder and pulled her legs together behind me. This crushed my erection against her teen mound.

"Stop, honey. Stop." I heard my wife say from the other side of the room.

I stopped twirling her around. The smile falling from my face.

"What is it?" My erection deflated.

"My dad was in an accident. My brother just called." She told me.

"Oh, no." I let go of her. She slid down my body onto the floor to stand in front of me. She hugged me and I hugged her back.

"Go get dressed. Everyone! We'll find out where they took him and get there quick." I said assuring. I released her. She looked up at me.

"Go on. Go get dressed." I nodded, grinned and blinked. One of those, 'it ok, we'll get through this' nods.

Everyone busied themselves getting ready. I changed into some sweats and a long sleeve shirt. I wanted to be comfortable. There was no telling how long we would be there. I got my flip flops on and walked into my daughter's room to see if they were ready.

There was Meg bent over her duffle bag with a sweatshirt on and nothing else. I looked directly into her bare ass. Her legs were barely parted. She was ruffling through her bag. I stared, slacked jawed. There was a natural gap between her legs right where they met. My mouth dropped open. Her head turned towards me. I stared. I could see fine dark hairs covering her womanhood in the gap. I could see the puff of her outter lips and the slit in the middle of her hair. My dick immediately got hard and tented out my sweats. I jammed it into the door so she couldn't see. Was this girl trying to kill me? What the hell had she gotten undressed for? Why hadn't she jumped and covered herself?

I forced my head away to the other side of the room. My daughter wasn't in there.

"Are you almost ready?" I croaked. "We know where they took him. Everyone is downstairs in the kitchen." I could see in my peripheral vision that she had turned to face me and had covered up her nakedness with something. I looked back at her. She was holding a pair of shorts in front of her.

"You should wear something warmer than those. Get some jeans or sweatpants on. Make sure you're comfortable, we may be there awhile." She nodded at me.

"I'll be right there." She assured me. I couldn't help myself. I looked down her body trying to get another view of her bush. I left the room and closed the door. The poor girl was thinking about her injured father and all I could do was stare at her beautiful body. Why now? This girl had spent years here. I had noticed her body was taking on curves, sure. I had never seen her tits or her other parts though, why now? I admired her in a swimsuit, sure. Nothing like this though. She had never given me a hard-on before. Now two in an hour. Why was this happening? My god she had a smoking hot body.

I wanted her so badly my erection hurt and strained against my sweats. I slowly walked downstairs and towards the kitchen. I could hear voices. I stuffed my hand down my pants and straighten my prick so it was sticking straight up towards my belly. I could feel the wetness I had dribbled out. The tip crested the top of my pants and the elastic held it against my body. I pulled my shirt down to cover it up. At least I wouldn't tent my sweats.

"How long do we have before we go?" I asked my wife as I entered the kitchen. She was still dressed in sweatpants and the tie shirt she had on earlier. She had put on a light jacket.

"Five, maybe ten minutes." She looked up at me. Most of the kids were ready in the kitchen. The boys sat at the table eating scraps.

"I want to talk to you for a sec." I motioned towards the laundry room.

"About what?" She asked, not moving.

I motioned with my head towards the laundry room again.

"I guess you'll find out, won't you?" I said and put my hand behind her back in her midsection. I pushed her towards the room and walked in behind her. I shut the door behind me. The kids kept talking as if nothing had happened. She turned to face me but I still had my hand on her back. I pushed her up against the washing machine and yanked her pants and panties down with one motion.

"Oh!" she squealed.

I bent down and slobbered my mouth over her slit from behind. My nose was buried in her ass. She arched her back to give me better access. I could taste her juices. I licked her until she was good and wet.

I stepped up and dropped my sweats. I never wore underpants. My aching cock sprang out. I sighed a bit and drove it into her hard. She groaned and pushed back into me. I looked down and grabbed her hips. I closed my eyes and saw Meg's perfect olive skinned ass with wisps of hair. My hands would be much closer together on that ass, I thought.

I drove into her over and over with long, full strokes. She whimpered and I knew she was having an orgasm. I shortened my strokes and drove upwards into her with quick short strokes. Bam, bam, bam. The washing machine skidded forward and hit the wall. I didn't stop. I slammed into her trying to get my release. I was so close. I thought about those beautiful tits and ass that were burned into my memory.

I saw the light from the door opening. I turned my head. There stood Meg, her mouth open. I was nearly all the way out. She looked at my face and then down at the full length of my cock. I must have been a sight with my sweats around my ankles. I shut my eyes and turned back towards my wife. I drove into her hard, finally starting to cum. I drove into her over and over trying to get deeper. I finally felt the release. I blasted my seed into her. I opened my eyes and looked. The door was closed. I pumped a few more times and then grabbed a towel that was on the dryer. I pulled out and wiped myself clean. My wife was still holding the washer. I wiped up her slit and ass with the towel. She groaned and turned to kiss me.

"That was nice! Thank you!" She kissed me again and bent to get her pants up. I thrust my deflated pecker at her. She grabbed it and sucked in all the remnants of my cum. She kissed the head and released me. I bent and pulled my pants up. I spanked her butt playfully. She jumped, laughed and hopped towards the door.

Meg had seen us. Well at least I wouldn't have to worry about getting another hard on when she hugged me. She had no idea what she had done to me. We left the laundry room and herded all the kids into the mom-mobile. I drove us all to the hospital.

We found his room. He couldn't be in too bad shape I told everyone. He wasn't in the ER or ICU or in surgery. Apparently he had been broadsided in an intersection. He had cuts and bruises from the door and glass. They wanted to keep him over night because of the concussion.

When we got to the room, everyone piled in and tried to get on his side of the curtain without much success. We were all silent and awkward. We looked down at him in the bed. Meg made her way to the front and hugged him.

I couldn't help it. I looked at her ass. What was wrong with me? We were in a hospital. My memory wouldn't let go of the naked image of that beautiful ass. My imagination laid the image over her sweats as I stared at her up turned ass. I could imagine the wisps of hair I had seen earlier in her crack. I licked my lips and then felt a stirring in my loins. Ut, oh.

I looked away. Meg was sniffing and trying not to cry. He reassured her with a rubbing hand on her back. Her mom walked in with a pitcher of water and greeted everyone with smiles and loud hellos. This broke the tension. This seemed to free everyone from the silence. Everyone was talking freely now discussing a multitude of different things. We were laughing and carrying on when a nurse walked in. She barked at us and got everyone quite.

"There is another person in this room you know?" She indicated the other side of the curtain. "And people down the hall sleeping. Rules say, only four people to visit at a time." She turned and stormed out.

For the next hour we rotated in and out. I sat and watched the TV. The kids were on the floor playing cards. They had taken the cushions off a couple couches and laid them on the floor to sit on. Meg came out with my wife. My wife took a seat on the floor to take my son's place in the card game. Meg sat on the couch next to me. She took her shoes off and curled her feet up on the couch. She put her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her.

I rubbed my hand up and down her side just comforting her. She sat like that for some time, not moving.

"He'll be fine. Just a couple scrapes and bangs. No big deal." I could feel her head nodding agreement on my shoulder.

"I'm just tired. Mom said I should go back to your house when you go. She is going to sleep here." She whispered this more than spoke it.

"Of course. When you're ready, we can go."

She raised her lips to my ear. I could feel her breathe on my neck. Gooseflesh ran down my left arm from the warm air. My dick jumped.

"I'm sorry I barged in on you earlier." She said hotly in my ear.

I nodded my head and continued looking at the TV.

"It's ok. Don't worry about it." I half turned my head, not making eye contact. I smiled and nodded. I looked back at the TV. Her moist lips touched my ear lobe. A shiver ran down my back.

"Were you doing that because you saw my naked bum just before?" She said exhaling hotly into my ear. The gooseflesh ran down my back and legs. Her warm breath on my ear was driving me nuts. I closed my eyes. How had she come to that conclusion? I didn't move. Thinking back, I felt a stirring in my sweats. Uh, no.

"Were you thinking about me when you were in her?" She breathed into my ear. My prick jumped in my sweats. I looked down at my wife playing with the kids. They were all smiles and laughs. They had no idea what was going on.

What the hell could I do? I stupidly nodded my head and stopped rubbing her side. My hand had stopped right next to her right breast. I looked down at it. I couldn't move it now.

"I had gotten you that excited and hard?" She said and dropped her hand into my lap. My prick jumped at her touch. She squeezed it. I looked down at my wife and then back at Meg. She looked down at my wife and then let go of me. She got up and grabbed a blanket from the end of the couch. She spread it over herself and lay back down on my chest, covering my lap with her blanket. She put her hand right up into my crotch and put her hand on my hardness through my sweats. Oh god, this is so wrong. She is too young and I'm married with my wife right there! My cock didn't seem to care; it was straining to get out.

I looked down at my wife. She looked up at me and smiled. I must have had a bad look on my face. She cocked her head sideways, questioning me. I shook my head and smiled. She went back to her game. My dick was tenting up my sweats. What the hell was going on here? I looked down at Meg. All I could only see was the back of her head on my chest. She started squeezing and rubbing my hard dick through my sweats. I rubbed up and down her body on the outside of the blanket keeping pace with her. When she stopped, I stopped. Oh, good. She's done. I smiled. She had me worried.

I felt her hand creep under the elastic of my sweats. Oh, no. I felt her exhale when her hand met my pubic hair. She must have been expecting undies. I felt the tips of her fingers hit the root of my manhood. I quickly looked down at my wife and kids and then back up at the TV. I shut my eyes when her hand gripped my naked dick near the base. She wagged it back and forth within the confines of my sweats, testing its rigidness and weight. The sensitive head ran along the cotton on the inside of my sweats. I opened my eyes and looked down. The stirring under the blanket could definitely be seen on the outside. I looked back at my wife again. She was engrossed in the game. My temperature was rising. Was I sweating? I looked back up at the wall near the TV. I didn't want to shut my eyes in case someone walked over.

She raised her hand up to the tip and rubbed the end with her thumb. I could feel the wetness of my pre-cum getting rubbed into my sensitive head. Her hand came out of the blanket and she put her thumb in her mouth. Did that just happen? She just licked my pre-cum? Her hand went back into my pants. She straightened me out so the tip was touching my belly button. This way it wasn't making so much movement on the blanket. I felt the wetness of her spit on my dick. She stroked down my length and then back up to the tip slowly. I could feel the elastic on my dick on her down stroke. I was sticking out of my pants at least a couple inches. Her hand movement was restricted within the confines of my sweats. I kept my head up but looked down at the blanket. It was moving with her hand. If anyone looked they would be able to see it. I looked down at my wife and then back at the wall. Sweat rolled down my cheek. I wiped at my face and forehead.

Meg couldn't get a good stroke going inside my sweats. She didn't seem to mind though. Her slow stroking seemed good for her even though it was driving me nuts. My dick was so hard I felt like I was going to split through the skin. Her hand stopped halfway up my mast and she pointed me upward. The sweats slid down and I was completely outside my sweats. She shouldered the blanket up higher and dropped her head. I felt her hot breathe just before her mouth surrounded the tip of my dick.

I groaned uncontrollably under my breath. I realized my eyes were shut. I opened them slowly. I was looking directly at the ceiling. I moved my head a bit so it appeared as if I was still watching TV. My breathing was ragged. I could feel her tongue exploring the head of my dick. Her teeth dug into the underside and I felt a pain run through me. I squeezed her side, hard. She stopped moving.

That didn't last long. Her tongue swirled around my head and played with the tip. Her mouth went down again and her lower teeth bit into me, painfully. I squeezed her side again, hard. She stopped and released me from her mouth. She moved the blanket enough to look around and then up at me. I looked at my wife not twenty feet from me. I looked down at Meg's beautiful green eyes, olive skin and raven black hair. My cock jumped in her hand.

She looked at me questioningly. I mouthed the word 't e e t h' and then bit my teeth together a few times with my lips out, showing my teeth. She furrowed her brow and cocked her head. I looked towards my wife and then back at this beauty on my lap. I showed my teeth to her again and then put my lips over my teeth and mimicked a blowjob. She nodded and smiled. She turned and covered her head with the blanket. I felt her hot mouth encircle my dick head again. She went down a few inches. I didn't feel her teeth this time. I rubbed her side and patted her where I had squeezed before. She could be taught. She came back up to the top and swirled her tongue around licking and applying some suction. She stopped and I felt her hand go lower to the base.

She kept the tip in her mouth and grasped my nuts up into her hand. Luckily she rolled these very gently. I looked down at my wife and then down the length of Meg's body. Her bare feet were sticking out of the end of the blanket. I looked up her body and realized my hand was resting on her side just behind her right tit. Two could play this game.

I put my hand under the blanket and grabbed her sweatshirt. I slowly pulled it up and went back for more. I wadded more and more of her sweatshirt towards her armpit until I reached down and felt skin instead of cloth. I closed my eyes and just left my hand on the taunt young beautiful skin. My god it felt warm and wonderful. I spread my fingers out and moved my hand up towards her chest. It was awkward trying to keep the blanket covering my actions. I wanted to throw it aside and ravage her young lithe body.

My hand hit the bottom of her naked breast. Nice, no bra. She certainly didn't need one with these firm beauties. I felt her stop the attention she was giving my dick but she kept me in her mouth. My hand cupped her right breast. I closed my eyes, remembering what they had looked like earlier.

I could feel her hard nipple in my palm near my thumb. I lightly used the meat of my fingers to tickle up to the tip of her breast without touching the nipple. I encircled this perfect specimen lightly with my fingers going around and around it. I tickled up the sides with just my finger nails and then flipped my hand around and caught her nipple between my index and middle fingers. Her nipple was sticking out nice and hard even though it was quite small. I had it caught perfectly between my fingers. I rubbed the tip with my thumb.

She groaned around my cock. I could feel the sound escaping around my flesh. I looked down at my wife. Meg still wasn't moving her mouth. No one had heard. I looked back up at the TV.

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