tagIncest/TabooDaughter's Gift

Daughter's Gift


This holiday season felt a lot different than usual. For one, it was the first time that my daughter Nicole and I would be celebrating alone for Thanksgiving. The second reason was that she was just a few short weeks away from moving out to college.

At 18 years old, Nicole was very mature for her age. She had always excelled in school and was on her way to attending one of the best universities in the country. And although she was shy at time, she always showed a big heart and was kind to anyone she's ever met.

Her moving out was a bittersweet moment for the both of us, and so we were determined to make our holiday extra special...

Daughter's Gift

"I can't believe this day is finally coming," I said to my daughter as I stood her doorway, watching her pack some of her things in boxes. "You're all grown up now and ready to be on your own."

She was still kneeling down on the floor when she turned to me with a heartfelt look on her face. "Aw dad, you make me want to cry whenever you talk like that."

"I know, but I'm so use to seeing you and your smile everyday. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm incredibly proud of the young lady you've become," I professed to her.

"Dad, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, of course. Anything," I replied.

She sat on her bed and patted a spot right next to her, signaling me to sit there- which I did.

"If I ask you this, will you promise not to get mad or upset with me?" she asked in a serious tone.

"Of course Nicole. You're my daughter and I'll always love you."

She took a deep breath. "I'm really nervous asking you this, but here it goes...I've never went 'all the way' with a guy before. I know it's going to happen eventually at college, but I want it to be with the right person. I my first time to be special, with someone I love, and who I know loves me back- not some jerk who's only looking for sex. That's why I want it to be with you. I want you to make me a woman."

I was immediately taken aback by my daughter's request. I felt shocked and utterly confused at the same time.

"Did I hear that right," I asked skeptically.

She nodded, "You did. I want you to take my virginity. I love you. And I'd rather it be you than some guy who's going to turn out to be a total creep like some of the boys I've already dated."

"My god, Nicole, I'm your father! How could you even ask me such a thing?"

"You promised you wouldn't be mad," she replied, in a hurt voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm not mad," I told her as I calmed myself down. "It's just that something like this isn't normal. I'm you're father, and you're my daughter, and there's a line that should never be crossed between us. God, if anyone ever found out..."

"But no one will find out," she interjected. "I would never tell anyone, and I know you obviously wouldn't tell either. My virginity means a lot to me dad."

I sat there shaking my head in disbelief. "I don't know about this Nicole. You know I love you and that I would do anything for you, but this..."

"Will you at least think about it?" she asked. "Can you give it a serious thought for me?"

I gave her kiss on the forehead and tried my best to avoid her question. "We better get to bed, it's late. We'll discuss this in the morning."


I could barely sleep that night after that conversation with my daughter. How could she ask me such a thing? How could she want me to do that to her?

But what bothered me the most was that I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to accept her offer. For the first time in my life, I thought about what it would be like to hold her petite little body in my arms as we made love. I imagined the arousing notion of me being the first man to truly, as she put, 'make her a woman,' as I looked deep inside her large and innocent eyes.

I then did the only thing I could do at that point- masturbate thinking about her.


We had lunch together the following afternoon, and to my surprise, it was as if nothing was out of the ordinary between us. She never brought up anything she mentioned the night before and there was no sense of tension or awkwardness between us. She was all smiles as usual and we had a great time enjoying each others company.

"Mmm...that was delicious," she said as she cleaned the left-over turkey and mashed potatoes from her plate. "I'm really going to miss your cooking."

"And I'm going to miss sharing these meals with my wonderful little girl," I replied with a smile.

She smiled back and winked, "Thanks dad. And that reminds me; I woke up extra early this morning to bake us some desserts. I'll be right back."

In a flash, she got up from her chair and rushed to the kitchen. I heard the oven open where she had hidden them ,and she returned holding a plate full of carefully arranged baked goods.

"I hope you like cupcakes," she said in a upbeat voice, while striking a model pose with the pastries as if to advertise them. "I made them with holiday decorations, and they're just for us."

"Of course, I love them. And the fact that you made them makes it even more special."

"You're so sweet," she replied. "Now eat up while they're still warm and fresh."

She then placed a single cupcake on my plate. The cupcake itself was chocolate, and it was topped off with a white colored frosting, along with red and green sprinkles.

"This really does taste amazing," I told her truthfully after I took the first bite.

"Well thank you. The cupcake I made from a package, but I made the frosting from scratch," she said proudly.

"I can tell. I've never tasted anything like it before. I could literally eat anything as long as this frosting you made is on it."

"Anything?" she asked with a naughty grin.

She slowly moved her chair back and stood up. Her fingers wrapped around the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up over her head, and she placed it comfortably on her seat. She wasn't wearing a t-shirt underneath, just her bra. My eyes became glued to her chest, watching it move as her arms reached back to unclasp her bra to let it fall to the floor.

I gasped a little at the sight of her bare breasts. They were small, b-cups, and they looked firm the way they pointed straight forward. Her areolas were small, but her nipples were visibly large for a young woman with her body size. They were bright pink- which made a nice contrast to her pale skin color.

She picked up her cupcake and pressed the top of it against the center of her breast; twisting and turning it so that the frosting covered her nipple. Once she was done coating one nipple, she did the same to her other breast so that both of her intimate areas were covered.

"You would eat my frosting off of anything?" she asked again, but this time referring to her nipples.

I struggled with nearly every sense in my body and mind as my exposed daughter came closer to me. I should have stopped her, but I couldn't. Because deep down I didn't want this to end. And she damn well knew it as we looked into each others eyes.

Her hand rubbed through the back of my head and hair for a moment before gently pulling me towards her chest. The first thing which entered my mouth was the frosting. I gave it a nice lick and swallowed it. But the next lick, however, was my daughter's nipple. It felt alive in my mouth, with it's softness becoming even stiffer and harder with every touch my tongue and lips inappropriately gave her.

I looked up to see her watching me in action, with her mouth parted as she lightly bit her lower lip, showing me just how aroused she was. Knowing that she was getting as much pleasure out of this as I was gave me more than enough encouragement to fulfill my promise that I would eat her frosting on anything, and I moved my mouth over to her other breast to suck and clean both nipples.

"You kept your word," she said with a loving smile.

"Of course I did. Why wouldn't I?"

Her smile immediately turned into a grin. "So this is the part where I have to return the favor. Now make yourself useful and help me take your pants off."

At that point, I didn't care how wrong this was. My daughter reached down and unzipped my pants and I sat up for a moment so that she could pull it down to my ankles, along with my underwear. I was completely exposed in front of her and my cock immediately came to life.

She got on her knees and held my erection still with small hand and fingers, and used her other hand to pick up the cupcake on my plate. She smeared the frosting all over the head of my cock and across my shaft, coating my penis with her dessert before putting the dry cupcake back on the table.

Her blue eyes looked so large and inviting, so innocent while she was holding me. But her tongue however, seemingly had a mind of it's own as she began licking the frosting she made off of my hard penis. She looked so innocent licking me, as if my cock was just an ice cream cone and served no other purpose. And that's what made this moment so incredibly erotic, that my own sweet daughter would make such a naughty sex act look so casual- as if nothing was unusual about this.

Feeling and seeing her tongue on me sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. With every lick on my skin, she would briefly stop to swallow the icing. But when the sugary glaze was gone, I was able to feel her bare tongue licking up and down my shaft, just like a lollipop, rolling her tongue freely around my shaft and head.

Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore erotic, she looked me right in the eyes and slide my hard cock in between her lips, entering her mouth. Soon, nearly the entire length of my shaft disappeared inside of her mouth as she leaned forward to take more of me in. The suction she was making was so tight I could see the round shape of my penis around her hollowed out cheeks.

After several slow and sensual bobs of her head, she took only the tip of my cock in her mouth and began jerking me off with her hand.

"Oh god...that feels so good Nicole...I'm almost there..." I moaned.

Her eyes lit up as soon as I said that. Her small and delicate hand gripped my manhood even tighter and she stroked me even faster. Her mouth increased her suction and her tongue swirled around my head with even more enthusiasm.

"I'm about to cum...I'm about cum..."

She wrapped both of her hands and all of her small fingers around my throbbing hard-on and she began pumping my cock furiously. Her tongue stopped swirling while mouth focused on sucking my head; getting ready to catch whatever was headed her way.

I couldn't take it any longer and shot a huge load of my cum in the back of my daughter's throat and onto her waiting tongue. The thought of stopping or slowing down never crossed her mind. She just kept at it, stroking and sucking my cock, while our eyes remained locked together. She didn't stop until every last stream and drop of my cum was released from my body.

And when it was over, my topless daughter stood up so we were nearly face to face, and she stuck out her tongue like a small puppy to show me the pay off of all her hard work- my cum. She closed her mouth afterwards and made a loud *gulp* noise, swallowing it before opening her mouth and smacking her lips together to prove to me that it had all been devoured.

"All gone. You taste better than the frosting I made," she said with a smirk, licking whatever traces of my cum remained on her lips.

"I can't believe any of this just happened. You were amazing. Are you sure you're really a virgin?"

She blushed, "Well...I never said anything about giving oral sex."


I was on my computer late that afternoon working on a project for my job. But of course the main thing on my mind were the acts of incest that me and my daughter had committed just a few short hours ago. And I didn't need to wait much longer to get that awkward discussion out of the way as she knocked the side of my bedroom door.

"Still busy?" she asked. "Can we talk?"

She looked more innocent and youthful than earlier today. Her light brown hair was neatly combed and tucked behind her ear. She wasn't wearing any make up. And she wore a thin night gown despite the fact that it was far from her bed time.

"Sure," I replied. "I've been meaning for us to talk about what we did; I just couldn't think of the right words yet."

"I've been going through the same thing myself. I just wanted to see if you were mad at me or anything because I know I went a little far. It was a spur the moment thing to be honest."

"How can I be mad at you for something we did together? I know it was absolutely wrong for that to happen between us, but frankly, I haven't felt that good in a really long time. It's been a while since I've been with a woman."

"I could tell," she smiled. "Since we've been living alone together, I've noticed that you sometimes check out my legs whenever I wear shorts. I thought it was weird at first, but I also found it to be kind of hot that my own dad would be looking at me like that."

"Was I that obvious? I try my best not to look, but you've become such a beautiful young woman."

A heart-felt smile appeared on her face, "It's going to be our first Christmas apart and I have a special gift for you. Do you want it now?"

"Something tells me that I do, and that I'm really going to like it," I replied.

She reached down and started pulling her gown up. My eyes focused on the lower half of her body as it was being revealed to me; starting from her bare feet, to her calves, to her milky white thighs, and finally to her exposed cleanly shaven crotch. She held up her gown around her waist to show me her naked mid-section, but what especially stood out the red gift bow that covered her vagina.

"This is my gift to you," she said in a gentle voice. "Only if you've changed your mind of course."

I was speechless for a second. Here was a beautiful young woman with her private area exposed to me, asking me to deflower her. Most men dream of this opportunity, but I had quite the dilemma because this was my daughter of all people. But my lust and love for her got the better of my judgment.

"Nicole, I would be honored to be your first."

Her eyes lit up for a moment and she pulled the night gown over her head and stood completely uninhibited of her nudity. Her arms were by her side and she didn't say a word. She didn't look nervous, but she clearly wanted me to make the first move. So I did, standing up and walking over to her.

"You look perfect," I said to her.

A look of excitement came over her face. "Thank you. And I'm still waiting for you to unwrap your present."

I casually got on my knees; and with my face in front of my daughter's crotch, I pulled the red bow covering her vagina and tossed it to the floor. Her womanhood looked so beautiful. Her light brown labia was thick and ran straight down the middle of the opening between her legs.

With my fingers caressing her crotch and my hand behind her thigh, I leaned forward to return the feeling she gave me that afternoon by pressing my lips against her vagina. I felt the roundness of her clit on my lips, as well as the thickness of her labia. Her legs became weak for a moment when I stuck my tongue out and used it on her, and she had to press her hands on my head to keep herself from falling over when I performed oral sex on her. It was a wildly erotic feeling hearing her moan and feeling her small hands grab my hair as my tongue tasted every inch of her vagina.

"Wait..." she gasped. "I don't want to cum yet. I'm on the pill and I want you to cum inside me...I want us to cum together..."

I stood up and looked my daughter in the eyes, with me standing above her petite frame. We both had the same idea and we each leaned forward at the same time to press our lips against each others. Our tongues met and wrestled in our mouths during this sensual kiss. I could feel her breathing heavily on me, and at the same time, I felt her hands move to unbutton my shirt. We continued kissing as her hands worked to undress me, with me helping her along the way.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked as I ended the kiss, with both of us standing naked before each other. "This is a really big step in our relationship, and once we do it, we could never take it back."

Her eyes became filled with a look of complete sincerity. "Dad, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I want you to take my virginity and make me a woman."

I took her by the hand and led her to the center of my bed where she laid down comfortably with a look of calm on her face. She knew exactly what to do next as she lifted her knees and spread her legs open for me. I positioned myself between her legs, with my penis fully erect, and used my fingers to guide my hard on towards her small vaginal opening. The head of my cock rubbed against her labia, and that immediately caused a shivering reaction in her body. She reached down to spread herself further, and I pressed my cock against her flesh and began to enter her, causing her face to tighten and her eyes to squint.

"Should I stop?" I asked, as my daughter continued grimacing in pain.

"Don't you dare," she moaned. "Keep going...it feels so good."

I gladly obliged my daughter's request and continued pushing my throbbing cock inside of her tiny opening. This time, I didn't stop until I went as far in as I could go, feeling just how tight her womanhood really was. Once I felt her body adjust to my size, I slowly began to make love to her. And the more faces she made and moans she released, the harder I ravished her delicate little body and vagina.

We both lost track of time. My mind and body were overflowing with sexual pleasure from this incestuous coupling. She obviously had the same feeling as her arms wrapped tightly around my back, squeezing me, while she continued to squirm with every thrust I gave her. Her tight vaginal muscles suddenly came to life as I felt it pulsating. Her innocent young face twisted with pleasure as she clamped her teeth together and shut her eyes. She held my body tight as she had a massive orgasm while in my arms, and my body gave in to it's natural reaction as I shot a big load of cum inside my daughter's womb.


Several minutes had passed after me and my daughter had made love to each other. We laid side by side on my bed, looking at the ceiling, and enjoyed the special moment we shared together.

"That was unbelievable dad," she said as she turned her body to place her chin on my chest. "It was beyond anything I had ever expected."

"I know exactly what you mean. Of all the things I've wanted to try in life, incest was never one of them- and now I see what all the fuss is about."

"I'm so happy that I saved myself for you," she smiled. "I knew you were the right guy for me. Now if you don't mind, the sex we had really worked up an appetite. I'll go warm up dinner and I'll call you when it's ready."

She got out of bed naked and walked right past her gown which was still on the floor.

"Nicole, you forgot your clothes..." I said to remind her.

She turned around and smiled again, "I think we're officially past the point of needing to wear clothes around each other. And when you come downstairs for dinner, I expect you to stay naked. Trust me, I've got a really fun idea."

The End

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