Dear Julia


Dear Julia,

Daughter, I'm writing this letter to you to tell you to get off your high horse. You really seem to think that as a young adult that you have really got things worked out. I feel sorry for you when you realize how wrong you have been and have no one to turn to. I thought I taught you better. Unfortunately, you seem to have gotten on your first big dick and rode it out of town. Upon reading your latest transcript in response to our mourning over you and placing a picture of you on a milk carton for the world to see, I was deeply saddened by the note relayed to me from the milk carton company. As an adult, you should know better than to assume things. I guess I should have exposed you to more of the world but you can't blame a mother for wanting to shelter her little girl from un-do amounts of pain.

However, simply put, I do not want your man. They sent me a copy of your letter because they honestly thought it was a prank that you weren't missing. What kind of ignorant black skank did I raise? You are whoring yourself out to a white man who will do nothing but make you a sexual object and steal your sweet nectar. Not only that, but you deem him more worthy than your father. Mind you, your father was the one who put food on the table for years while you were running around town spreading your legs and trying to get a fix.

The neighbors told me about the time they caught that little peckerwood boy, Kyle, sneaking out of your window buck naked as the day he was born. Even as a young eighteen year old, you couldn't get enough. I knew I smelt your cunt that night but I still wanted to believe that my baby was a good girl. He was white too I might add.

So, I'm writing you to let you know not to snub the black cock. I was raised on black cock and it made me the woman that I am today. Oh and black men sure do eat some good pussy. Where that white boy might be nice and gentle, a black man will get all up in there until he has to catch his breath. I mean your father would go down on me for hours when we were in out twenties until my toes were curling and he was losing his breath. My pussy was so good that your father would come home on his lunch break just to get a taste. Oh how I'd love it when he would peel me open revealing my flower.

Maybe when you saw your dad naked, he wasn't hard. I don't expect you to know the difference since you obviously think he is small, but he is a grower. Your father's cock is massive and I love ever inch of it as it grows between my walls. I'm still moist after all these years too. Where other women have given their bodies out over and over again, I preserved. Your father and I have had some amazing times together, like the time we made your good for nothing ass.

You were a mistake by the way if you were wondering. We were visiting his mother and I had forgotten my birth control pills at home. Neither I nor your father was prepared for you, but we put everything aside for when you arrived. Yet here you are throwing everything in our faces as if we kept you from some life that you thought you were entitled to. Well, honey child you are entitled to just what you signed up for, to be a slave to some poor white man.

You will never know pleasure like a black brother wading between your walls like you are the mother of the earth itself.

Sure, we wept for you when you left because you were a young adult and we wondered if you would be able to find your way back home from whatever hell snatched you up, but you got yourself snatched up. You made a decision, and now you have to live with it. I'm just glad you sent a return address with your letter, so that you can receive this and know exactly what I'm thinking. Don't come crying to me when it doesn't work out either because I could care less.

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