tagNonHumanDevil's Rebellion Ch. 01

Devil's Rebellion Ch. 01


Special thanks to DevilPlay for this incredible story idea and to AsylumSeeker for editing this story for me.


After the world economy collapsed, people clung to faith in their dark world. The need to work together was thrust upon them. Goodwill fostered more of the same. Soon, crime and moral infractions were despised by all. A new brotherhood among mankind arose which paved the way for the establishment of the Reformed Puritan Order.

Sins, criminal or otherwise, were punished by public humiliation as stocks were returned to town squares. The moral landscapes of large cities changed drastically. Bars and clubs were viewed as evil and therefore, ceased to exist. Las Vegas was relegated to ghost town status. Cities of immoral repute scrambled to transform their images lest they meet a similar fate. The great transformation spared no geographic location. Small town America was no exception.

Hours after the construction on the new church had ceased for the day, a sleepy town lolled in the quiet dusk. Mothers read their children bedtime stories and tucked them in for the night. After distributing gentle kisses on the young foreheads, mothers retreated to their empty bedrooms to briskly change into their nightgowns. Fathers sat in their dens, not smoking pipes as one may imagine in a moment of reminiscence for smoking was deemed evil for all involved. Instead, they read their newpapers in front of fireplaces. Dogs laid by their masters' feet. An alien visitor may guess this scene to be salvaged from history, but this was the way of things all over the world after the rise of the Reformed Puritan Order.

Mothers may go about their womanly duties in their households after dusk if they are careful not to interrupt the fathers. More indulgent women spent time reading novels. Before the fathers tired at an early evening hour, the mothers were often within their space on the marital bed. Hidden under nightgowns and mounds of blankets, their shapes were indiscernible to their husbands. Husbands, dressed in pajamas of paisley or plaid, gently joined their mates in bed, careful not to disturb them.

If a married couple was attempting to conceive, they methodically partook in intercourse. There was no sex. Sex was for tawdry pleasure. It had no place in the Reformed Puritan home. Intercourse was a means to procreation. It was seen as an unfortunate necessity. The best husbands were skilled at hardly inconveniencing their wives at all during the deed. A woman might be tempted to brag that her husband was so skilled at not disturbing her during the act, that she could continue reading her novel, for certain only the most indulgent woman would ever consider bragging at all.

Far from the pristine veil of humanity, Evandar gripped the neck of her lover. The heat of ecstasy competed with the hellfire and brimstone surrounding them. Her ebony hair cascaded across Attan's shoulders and back as she kissed his neck. With Evandar's back against the graphite wall, the muscular Attan held her thighs suspended besides his hips. Evandar bit his neck as she clenched her thighs around his waist.

He drove his monstrous shaft deep into her hot slit. His passion evoked ungodly shrieks that echoed through the chamber. Evandar's black nails pierced the thick skin of Attan's neck. Their burnished skin glistened with sweat. Evandar clawed at his shoulders and back as he shoved his cock into her wetness. Attan lifted Evandars thighs from their grip around him, throwing Evandar against the wall. With his hands under her thighs, he held her in position against the wall by pressing her thighs upwards. His powerful thrusts left Evandar a shuddering mass void of her own will. Only Attan ever made her feel so powerful and powerless in the same orgasmic instant.

He grunted as he pummeled her in animalistic lust. Clenching her legs, he groaned and filled her. She reached forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his sweat-moistened chest. With one claw-like fingernail, he marked a line down her back before lowering her to the ground. Attan's seed ran down the insides of her thighs. Evandar scooped the creamy flow from her thighs and licked her fingers clean. She kneeled before her lover and cleaned his cock with her reptilian tongue.

While she licked him clean, Montoch, their master's aide, ran to them.

"Attan! Evandar! The master wants you immediately!," Montoch called to them.

"Where are they?!" the devil yelled as he paced in his lair.

The portal to the mortal world was a molten mirror. The devil turned his attention to the images of the other side. An image of a sunrise silhouted loving families walking into churches angered him more than the previous image of a son caring for his elderly mother. Kindness and goodness polluted his lair in image after image. He felt as though his senses were assaulted. Cringing from the fruit of his failure, he stepped away from the viscous portal. Satan took a seat on his dark throne and waited for Attan and Evandar to appear.

Attan and Evandar ran ahead of the stocky Montoch and entered the devil's lair. They hastily took up a position before him and bowed.

"Attan and Evandar, my faithful servants, I have grievous news. People have turned from me and lesser demons have failed to reconcile them to me. Therefore, I am sending you on a quest of great importance," the devil addressed them. "Attan, you demon of lust, I'm sending you to the mortal realm. Seduce them. Awaken them. Make them crave sex once again."

"Yes, master," Attan agreed, accepting this challenge.

"Evandar, seductress of the night, you shall go into the world and turn men into the horny creatures that used to make me so proud. Teach them. Mold them. Then, unleash them to prey on the prudish women. Lead them to lust once again."

"Yes, master," Evandar said solemnly.

Evandar knew that their new quests would mean that she and Attan would be separated for quite some time. They must not only be apart, but they would have to be intimate with humans. Tinges of insecurity and sorrow pained her.

Attan took her hand and led her to the front of the portal. Attan embraced her, kissing her goodbye. Evandar clung to him as she sought to secure the memory of this moment. After Attan broke the kiss to avoid the impatient wrath of their master, she sighed. They held hands as they stepped into the portal.

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