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Divorced Brother & Sister Holiday


It all started a year ago when my sister and I decided to go on holiday together. I got married about 10 years ago to a long- standing school friend, we were both 29 at the time and the relationship produced 2 kids, boy and a girl. My wife was a good woman but not too adventurous in bed, during the marriage we just got in a rut, then started to argue a lot, not enough money and the usual family things, so in the end we just split up went our own ways and got divorced, with both our kids living with their mum.

So let me introduce myself, well my name is Tony I'm 39 about 5ft 11 and the usual beer belly! I go out a couple of times a week with my mates down the pub and just having a good time in general.

Now on to my sister, well she is also married and I must say very happy in her marriage, her husband is a good bloke and he also comes out with me at least a couple of times a month and we get on well.

My sister's name is Natalie 35 and she is 5ft 7, short brown hair and 34d boobs, (I know this because her husband told me when he was drunk) she likes a laugh but is quite shy but we are close, but not that close.

I was at home one morning looking at some holiday brochures when there was a knock at my door and when I answered it there was my sister Natalie, ' Hi how are you' said Natalie, ' Fine come in' I said, so Natalie came in and went to the living room and started to look at the holiday brochures while I was in the kitchen making us both a cup of coffee.

I went to the living room to give my sister her cup of coffee, Natalie looked up and said ' Thinking of going on holiday then'

'Sure am Sis' I said to her. 'So who are you going to go with?' said Natalie.

'On my own' I told her, 'Oh that's a bit sad you should find someone to go with you'

'Like who' I replied, 'Well I could go with you' said Natalie. 'You must be joking, what do I want my sister to go on holiday with me for?' Natalie a bit put out by my reply said 'I was only joking, keep your shirt on Tony'

' Sorry Natalie' I replied.

After an hour Natalie left to go home and to pick her kid up from school, which left me at home alone again and some peace, we do get on Natalie and I but I do like my peace, but I did feel sorry how I put my own sister down about her going away with me, but really why would I want to go on holiday with my own sister anyway, Christ the last time we went away was with our parents when we were both kids.

So the weeks went by and I was trying to see if a few of my mates were available to go on holiday with me, trouble is all my mates are married so their wives were not prepared to let them go with one of their single mates!

I was invited to my sisters BBQ one Saturday afternoon, I got a taxi to her house knocked at her door where my 14year old niece let me in, 'Hi uncle Tony' said Kelly, 'Hello cheeky' came my reply, She's going to be a stunner when she gets older I thought to myself.

'Tony glad you're here' shouted Natalie in the garden, 'Go and put your beers in the fridge', which I did and took one of Mikes (Natalie's husband) cold beers and went to join the rest in the garden.

So the beer was flowing and we were all having a good time Mike doing all the cooking, Natalie playing the good hostess, about 10pm must people were starting to go home which just left Natalie, Mike and myself, Kelly had gone to stay over with one of her friends.

'So who's going on holiday with you then Tony' said Natalie, 'No one yet sis' I replied, ' Why not' said mike, 'Well all the lads are not allowed to go with this single man' I said with a laugh, 'Want to come Mike, or will my sister not allow you as well'

'Sorry Tony work commitments, but would loved to go with you, all those bikini clad women' said Mike with a grin.

'I told you Tony I would go with you' said Natalie, 'Mike would not mind me going would you Mike'

' No Natalie can go with you Tony, I trust the both of you' said Mike.

So with all the drinking and having a good time I agreed that Natalie could come away on holiday with me.

So the months went by until the day came for Natalie and me to go on holiday together, after many hours flight and transfer to our hotel we finally got to our room.

The hotel was quite and not too crowded with people or kids! Natalie was pleased with our room, which had your usual bath, shower and thank you, single beds.

I sorted out my clothes and Natalie sorted out hers. 'So are we ready to explore the area' I said, 'Sure let me change first Tony' said Natalie.

So both of us went to explore the area around our hotel, we found some shops in which to get our water and food and just took in the sights.

During all this Natalie was wearing a white top and she did not have a bra on I can tell and also a pair a shorts, and I must admit she did have a nice pair of legs, all those years of going to the gym had definitely worked on my sister, I could not see an ounce of loose fat on her.

So we went back to our room to get ready for our evening meal out on the town, I showered first got ready and said to Natalie 'Natalie I'll wait for you down stairs in the bar'

'Ok Tony see you there' said Natalie.

So after my second bottle of beer Natalie turned up wearing a stunning outfit, tight red top, which was also of her shoulder and showed of her ample boobs, and a short white skirt, which made her legs, look great.

'Natalie you look great' I told her, 'Thanks Tony I hope I look ok' said Natalie.

Well the evening went really well, we had a good meal and just chatted about our family and things we used to do when we were younger.

So the next day we both decided to spend the day around the pool just relaxing, I found us a couple of sun beds and I took my top of and laid down, and watched my sister take her top of to reveal a perfect pair of boobs held in her bikini top and Natalie bent down to take her shorts of to show me her bikini bottom, Natalie then got on her sunbed and laid on her front, 'Tony do me a favour and put some lotion on my back, I don't fancy getting burnt' Natalie then untied her bikini straps, while I took an handful of lotion had started to rub it all over my sisters back, glimpsing a side view of her boobs in the meantime.

After about half an hour Natalie looked over at me and said 'Tony I feel awkward asking you this but do you mind if I go topless, I know I'm your sister but would that bother you'

'Natalie if you want to go topless then be my guess, you might be my sister but your also a woman with a bloody good figure so why not show it of' I told her.

So Natalie rolled over on to her back sat up and took of her bikini top to show to all her boobs, and they did not disappoint.

So this was how it went Natalie always going topless, me putting lotion on her back which she also did for me and looking really good when we went out in the evening.

Our holiday was soon coming to an end with only two nights left, nothing happened between Natalie and myself, me just getting horny with seeing my sister topless having never seen her boobs before, what with all the sun and beer it was having an effect on me, on Natalie I just don't know.

The time had come for our evening out, Natalie looking fantastic as usual. We got to a bar after our meal and Natalie said to me 'Tony thanks for letting me come away with you, I've really enjoyed myself'

'Natalie its been my pleasure to let you come away with me, but I must admit I've enjoyed seeing you topless' I replied a bit embarrassed with my last comment.

'Tony! you been looking at my tits' said Natalie laughing, 'Well there not really small are they' I said, '34d Tony and I'm glad you like them, it's the first time that I've ever been topless, and Mike would never let me do it, like he never let's me do lots of things'

'Like what' I replied. 'Well he always moans if I go out with my friends and other things' said Natalie. 'But why would he moan about you going out with your friends' I said, 'Well I suppose it's because I dress a bit too raunchy for Mike I do enjoy showing a bit of flesh Tony but I don't get my tits out, you know what I mean' said Natalie.

I bought us both another drink and we soon decided to make our way back to the hotel, this time Natalie wanted to hold my hand to which I did not object too and very much enjoyed having my hand held by a good looking women, even if she was my very own sister.

We finally got back to our hotel and stopped to have one more drink in the hotel bar. And slowly we made our way to our room.

We got to our room and Natalie said to me 'Tony another drink'

'Sure sis why not' I replied.

'So what is it with you and Mike' I asked my sister, holding a nice cold beer in my hand.

'Well it is all about sex, I like to try things but Mike is such a drip, he never wants to try different things' Natalie told me. Hearing this from my own sister made me get really horny but also embarrassed, Natalie would never say things like this perhaps it was all the beer we had drunk that evening.

'What things are these then sis' I asked Natalie. 'Tony when you was married did you and Sarah (my Ex) enjoy sex'

'Yes we did Nat we did all sorts of things' I said to my sister.

Natalie got up and came over to me 'Tony can I cuddle up to you if you don't mind' my sister asked me; I stretched out my arms and put them around my sister and gave her a strong cuddle.

Natalie looked me in the eyes and said 'Tony you're a good man why have you not found a good woman for yourself' I squeezed Natalie tight and said to her 'Tonight I have a very good woman in my hands' and with this I kissed my own sister on her forehead.

Natalie looked at me and kissed me on my lips I then opened my mouth and put my tongue in my sister's mouth, which was met with no resistance, and both our tongues were entwined has one, we finally stopped this after a few minutes both of us embarrassed. 'You kiss good Tony' said my sister, 'Not bad yourself sis I told her, giving Natalie a tight squeeze.

Natalie kissed me again but this time put her hand on my cock and really squeezed it, 'Wow hold on here sis, what's all this about. I don't mind a good kiss but grabbing my cock that's different'

'Tony I know but I just want to enjoy myself, who would ever know I want to do things that I know Mike does not want to do an if I'm ever going to do it I would sooner do it with my own brother than some stranger' Natalie told me

'Well if that's what you want Natalie I'll do it with you but what do you want to do, please tell me it would be a great turn on for me sis'

'I want to have anal sex and for me to swallow cum and also to have cum over my face'

'Natalie bloody hell is that what you want, Anal sex and a face splattered full of cum, you never had Anal sex or swallowed cum'

'My sweet brother if you knew what a sheltered life Mike and I have well, No I've never done Anal or swallowed cum, so if I'm ever going to do it this is it, Tony will you be the man to give it to me and I must admit it would be the biggest turn ever for me to fulfil my ambition to do this and for it to be my very own Brother, well I know it would be Incest who cares because I don't', I was really shocked at all this, my own sister, it must be the drink that was making her say these things.

I took a mouthful of my beer and looked at Natalie and said to her 'Natalie if you really are sure then yes lets do it.'

Natalie rolled over to face me and slowly started to kiss my face and I started to rub my hands through her hair, my sister then placed her lips on mine, I opened my mouth to allow Natalie to place her tongue in my mouth and she soon started to push her tongue deep into my mouth, I then started to feel for my sisters tits which were still not in a bra, and gave them a slow squeeze, Natalie broke away from our kiss and got up and reached for her top and pulled her top over her head to show me her tits, which were now brown due to her topless sunbathing.

I reached up and grabbed both tits with my hands, 'Tony suck my tits please I want you to suck on them', I lifted my face up to my sisters tits and slowly started to lick and suck on Natalie's tits, making sure to get her nipples hard and erect.

Natalie lent forward and put her arms behind my back and grabbed hold of my top and pulled it off over my head, my sister then bent down to kiss me hard on my neck and made her way down to my nipples where she started to bite them, 'Christ steady Nat you will bite them off in a minute' I said to her.

My sister slowly made her way down my body all the time I could feel her naked tits rubbing on my bare chest, her hard nipples making their way on my naked flesh when she got to my trousers she just grabbed them and pulled them off, I was now naked in front of my sister. Natalie placed her hand on my cock and slowly started to move her hand up and down making me harder and harder, 'You like that brother, I can tell' Natalie said to me with a smile on her face, then my sister did what I never thought would ever happen to us, she took my hard erect cock and slowly placed her lips on it and slowly kissed and licked my cock, running her tongue up and down my shaft and gradually started to feed my cock down her mouth until her mouth was touching my pubic hair, I could feel my cock go down my sisters throat, not once has any woman given me deep throat, I now know what I have been missing. A couple of times Natalie gagged on my cock while deep throating me but she never said a word all the time, she just enjoyed my cock, 'Nat you'll have to stop I'm not ready to blow my tubes yet girl' I told my sister.

I took hold of Nat's head and pulled her of my cock, 'Lay down sis I want to see your pussy', Natalie rolled over onto her back with her legs over the side of the bed, I got up knelt down and pushed my sister's legs apart and took hold of her skirt and pulled it down her legs to reveal a white pair of knickers, I took hold of these a very slowly pulled them down her sun kissed legs, to finally see a beautiful shaven pussy, I moved my face and placed it at the entrance to Natalie's pussy, and with my tongue slowly lapped at this entrance, Natalie's response was to open her legs has far has she could and placed her legs over my shoulders, I was now looking down my sisters wet and gaping hole, I placed my tongue has far down her pussy and licked and sucked all the time using my thumb on her clit, 'Tony oooohhhh fucking hell, Mike would never do this to me, ooohhh god, just don't stop pleeeaase.'

My sister's pussy was now dripping wet and she smelt great, 'Fuck me Tony oohh just fucking fuck me NOW.'

I got up from my sister's pussy and stood up and took hold of my hard cock and walk towards my sister, I took hold of my cock and slowly rubbed it up and down the entrance to her pussy, 'Please Tony don't tease me just put the thing in me, I want my own brother's hard cock up my CUNT NOW', and with this I pushed hard and my cock was now up to my balls in my sister's cunt, God she was wet and surprisingly tight for a woman who has had a kid.

I slowly moved my cock in and out of Natalie's cunt and lent over and kissed and sucked on her hard nipples and then I moved up to kiss my sister on the mouth.

'Tony aahh Tony you are great, please just give it to me hard, Please.' I took my sister at her word and started to pound harder and harder, Natalie lent forward to grabbed my back her nails digging deep into my skin, ' YES YES you bastard that's' it make me come, but Tony you must not cum in my cunt has I have no protection', 'Ok Nat I wont cum in you don't worry.'

We carried on in this position for what seemed to me an age, When I told Nat I wanted her on top of me, to see my cock go in my own sister's cunt was the biggest turn on I have ever known.

'Tony I want you to fuck me up the ass now I want it up the ass.'

'Ok sis my pleasure.' Natalie got up of my cock and said to me 'Tony you know I've never done anal so what position do you want me to be in.'

' Just place yourself face down and put your head on the pillow like you would do doggy style' I replied.

Natalie got in this position and I moved forward and took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance to my sister's ass I slowly push the head of my cock in Nat's ass and very slowly pushed until Nat had taken the whole length of my cock up her ass.

'You ok sis' I asked her. 'Emm it hurts a bit Tony but don't stop.'

So I slowly pushed my cock in and out of Nat's ass and for her first anal experience I was surprised how she took the whole length of it up her ass.

'God Nat I going to cum soon girl, I can't keep this up, where can I cum in you.'

' Tony wait I want you to cum over my face, I want see what it feel's like to have warm cum over my face'

I pulled out of my sister's ass, Natalie rolled over onto her back and I moved over to her face and wanked myself until to my surprise Nat took my cock into her mouth, my sister had gone from anal to mouth God what a turn on, ' Fucking hell Nat here it comes girl', to which I felt my balls erupt and all my cum shoot out over my sister's face, in her hair on her mouth over her tits. Natalie then grabbed my cock and lick the remainder of with her tongue.

'Tony that was great well you obviously not had a shag for a while the amount you had there', Nat said laughing, 'well it's been a while sis but what a shag you are.'

So for the next night Natalie and I fucked until we were exhausted, and I also came in her mouth where Natalie swallowed the lot.

What our relationship will be like when we get home. Who knows but this is one holiday both my sister and I will never forget.

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