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Door To Door


My name is Crystal Pearson. I'm a pretty girl, I know, with a slender, pale-skinned body and short, thick, strawberry-blonde hair that I dye a bright platinum color. I think it complements my green eyes. I've got little tits, but they're damn perky, with thick, puffy nipples. And I keep my copper-colored pubes trimmed to a 'V.' Guys get a charge out of seeing my little trimmed cunny.

Anyway, I have this strange hobby. I live in a big southwestern city, with lots and lots of apartment complexes scattered here and there. Hundreds of them. So what I do is pick one of the communities and look for the buildings where most of the units are one-bedroom apartments. Then I start knocking on doors.

I always wear clothes that show off a lot of skin and make me look cute and bubbly. Even though I'm twenty-two, I get carded all the time for cigarettes 'cause I'm so petite (five-one) and look so young. I guess my freckles and dimples really accentuate that. I always get checked out when I wear my tiny little jogging shorts and half-tops that show off my tattooed navel and perky boobs. I love catching guys giving me wondering looks, like they're thinking, 'is she legal?'

If a girl answers the door, I always pretend I've got the wrong place, and apologize. Then I go to another door. I carry a little clipboard with me. It's all part of the act. And it goes something like this:

A while ago, I went to a pretty nice complex, where the parking spaces were filled with upper middle-class vehicles with Lexus, BMW, and Infinity logos on them. I parked my little Honda, my heart fluttering with anticipation. I always loved that moment, when I began my little trips. I never knew what I would find.

I picked a building, knocked on a ground-floor apartment. No answer. It was about three in the afternoon; the tenant was probably at work. Okay. Next door. A girl, pudgy, Hispanic, giving me an annoyed look.

"Oh, sorry," I said. "Think I got the wrong place. Sorry," I said again, and bounced away.

I went upstairs to the second floor. Knock, knock.

I heard some moving around behind the door, then it opened. I smiled, feeling a little color rising to my cheeks. He was a tall, skinny black guy, handsome enough. There was some hip-hop playing from a stereo, something more than a little suggestive of sex. My kind of music.

"Hi!" I said with a bubbly smile. "I'm with CHG, and I'm doing a little survey. Can I ask you some questions? It'll only take a couple minutes, promise."

The guy looked me over with interest. He noted how tight my shorts were, showing off my camel-toe (I never wore panties), and my tight top through which my nips poked. Unless he was gay, he wasn't going to turn me down.

He didn't. The sexy brother, dressed in a loose shirt and baggy jeans, gave me one of those practiced, seductive looks. They really didn't work on me, but I pretended it did, and smoldered my eyes a little, biting my lip.

"Sure, go ahead, girl," he said. "Ask me anything you want."

I grinned, and held up my clipboard, clicked a pen. I had about ten sheets of blank paper on the clipboard, which he couldn't see.

"Well, first, do you live alone?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, still checking me out.

I smiled, scribbled a little. "Are you involved in a committed relationship?"

He smirked slightly. "Not at the moment," he said.

Perfect, I thought, and scribbled again. "On a scale of one to five, five meaning that you most agree, how would you answer this statement: 'I would be willing to have a casual sexual encounter with someone I don't know.'"

He seemed a little startled by the question, but smiled, blushing a little. "Um . . . let's say . . . four. Gotta be a little careful, you know."

I smiled back, letting my eyes flash. I lowered my clipboard, glanced around briefly to make sure we were alone. I looked back to him. "What's your name, handsome?" I asked.

He arched an eyebrow. "Theo," he said.

I gave him a direct look, staring right into his eyes. "Theo," I said. "Can I suck your cock?"

Well, he was definitely surprised by that question. He blinked, shook his head quickly, staring at me with a dumbfounded expression. "Wh-what was that?" he asked.

I giggled, glanced to his crotch. "Cock, mouth, yum-yum," I said playfully. I blinked, smiled. "I wanna give you a blow job. Cool?"

Theo suddenly breathed out, disbelief obvious on his face. "You serious, girl?"

I nodded, licked my lips. "Very."

He suddenly narrowed his eyes. They sometimes did this. "Hey, do I gotta give you anything?"

I giggled again, swiveling on my feet. "Just your dick," I said teasingly. "So, come on. Yes or no. Suckee-suckee or no suckee-suckee?"

Theo visibly shuddered, his eyes glazing with lust. I knew his answer before he gave it. "Um . . . sure," he said.

I grinned. "Goody!" I exclaimed. I stepped closer. He didn't move, just stared at me, probably thinking, freaky white bitch. Is she even old enough to vote? I gave him a look. "So, uh, you want me to come inside, or you just want me to get on my knees right here?"

Theo blinked, then blushed and stepped back. He let me into his apartment, which was pretty tastefully furnished. He had a damn nice stereo system that dominated one wall, and a big, 36-inch TV in an entertainment center. The place smelled of incense and, faintly, of marijuana.

After a quick glance around, I faced my new stud, smiling up at him. "My name's Crystal," I said.

"Nice to meet you, baby," he said, trying to be suave.

I giggled, then brazenly reached for his crotch, groping it. I kept my eyes locked on his as Theo melted a little, letting me massage him. I could feel his python growing. "I'm hungry for some dark meat, Theo," I said meaningfully. "Wanna feed me?"

He sighed, shaking his head slowly in disbelief. A cute little blonde girl knocks on his door, and less than two minutes later is groping his dick. Bet he thought he must have been so hot that I just couldn't resist.

"Oh, girl, you can have it any way you want," he said.

I bit my lip as I started undoing his baggy jeans. I lowered myself to my knees as I pulled his jeans down, then reached for his boxers. They had little smiley-faces on them. "Well, I want it in my mouth, baby," I said sultrily, tugging down his boxers. "And just so you know, I don't turn on the faucet without drinking."

Theo groaned with anticipation, staring at me with a look of such absolute lust that my ego soared. I pulled his boxers down to his ankles, and there it was: a mighty, uncut black cock, hanging down from a tiny little trimmed patch of jet-black pubes, heavy, round smooth-shaved balls hanging beneath. I grinned, and wrapped my hands around the ebony shaft. He had to be at least a good eight inches long.

"Oh, girl," he moaned, placing a hand on my head. "You some kind of angel, or what?"

I giggled, stroking his dick as it stiffened to full-mast. "Yeah," I said, and licked the dark pink head. I swiped away a bubble of pre-cum, found it very sweet. "A cocksucking angel," I said, then slipped my lips around him.

Theo groaned, breathing out as I sucked his thick dark cock into my mouth. I was turned on by the musky aroma of his crotch, the sounds of his sighs. Theo was a moaner, I realized. He kept making these grunting, groaning, 'oh, baby' sounds as I worked my mouth back and forth, getting his dick wet and swirling my tongue around the head. I rolled his foreskin back, chewed gently on the exposed head. Theo trembled.

Mmm, what a yummy cock, I thought as I sucked more and more of his thick serpent, feeling my lips stretch and mouth bulge. I pumped back and forth for a while, working up a good lather, slurping and licking and sucking hard. I loved how he just kept oozing that oily, sweet pre-cum into my mouth. That made me shiver with anticipation. Guys who juice like that almost always gave me a big load.

Theo's hands threaded through my hair and his legs buckled slightly. He rolled his hips a little, trying to get in my throat. I kept him back for a while, wanting to tease him, then suddenly plunged down on his cock, opening my throat and working him in. My throat bulged, wrapping tightly around his shaft. I loved that feeling, especially when the cock that I swallowed was as thick as my black lover's.

"Oh, fuck, baby!" he cried out, his body shaking. "Yeah, bitch, swallow my cock!"

I trembled, feeling my pussy juice. I didn't find his words rude or degrading. Theo was worshipping me, realizing full well that he had a true goddess of oral sex on her knees before him.

I kept him in my throat for as long as I could, squeezing it tight, then pulled back, needing air. I sucked off my spit, swallowed as Theo sighed and panted. I pulled back, sucking his throbbing rod, looking up to his passionate face. I smiled around his wet dick.

"You like that, baby?" I asked him, slipping my lips from him for a moment and stroking his shaft. My other hand gently fondled his swollen balls.

"Oh, baby, I can't believe you can go that deep," he said. "Ain't no girl ever done that before."

I grinned. "Really? Hmm . . ." Then I went down on him again, pushing his mighty cock all the way into my throat once more, until his heavy balls rest on my chin and my nose pushed against his abdomen. Theo made a grunting, choking sound, and dug his fingers into my scalp.

"Oh, fuck yeah, bitch, eat that fucking cock . . . ."

His words spurred me on, and I throat-fucked him for a few moments before slipping back and working hard on just the head of his dick while jacking him as fast and as hard as I could. I alternated between that and deep-throat for several minutes, until he was shaking and moaning, staring at me with an almost painful expression on his face.

"Oh, Crystal, baby," he choked. "Baby, don't stop!"

I eased my mouth off him, stroking his stiff dick hard, squeezing the head with my hand. "You wanna just shoot it in my mouth, baby, or you want me to jack you onto my tongue so you can see it?" I asked heatedly.

He swooned, holding onto my head for support. "Oh, honey, just suck it," he pleaded. "Ya gots to know how good that feels for me."

I grinned, then took him deep again, sucking hard, pumping my mouth back and forth as fast and hard as I could. Theo moaned and shuddered, holding my head, pulling me down so his dick plunged into my throat over and over. I gave in, letting him fuck my mouth. Sometimes, I really got off on that, and I felt my pussy seriously leaking. Theo was close to cumming, and so was I.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! OH, BABY FUCK YEAH!" Theo cried.

I jerked my head back, sucking just the first inch or so of his pulsing dick, feeling the head swell. I pulled hard, whimpering around his dick, knowing he was about to shoot off – oh, baby, yeah, gimme that cream! – and my cunt twitched and gushed in orgasm as I felt the sudden flood of warm, bittersweet cream that burst from his cock. Theo jerked against me, holding my head as his balls pumped jet after jet of thick, delicious sperm into my mouth.

My pussy spurted into my shorts, and I moaned as I tasted his yummy cum. I sucked and sucked, wanting it all – fuck, how I love it when they cum in my mouth! – and savored the rich, pungent taste and manly aroma of Theo's load. Pulse after pulse of semen swarmed over my tongue. His sperm filled my mouth, making my cheeks bulge. I moaned approvingly. I always loved a big load. The more cum, the better.

Finally, Theo spasmed and pulled back, gasping as my sucking became too much for him. He all but pushed my head away, and stumbled against the wall opposite the door, panting deeply. A line of his man-juice smacked to my chin. I watched his face a moment, then closed my eyes, savoring my mouthful of jizz. I swished it around, feeling it so thick and warm and salty and sweet.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed breathlessly. "Yo girl, you a cum freak, or what?"

I nodded slowly, relishing the flavor of him. God damn, I hadn't gotten a load that heavy and thick in quite a while. "Uhm-hmm," I responded, sucking my lips, rolling his sperm around in my mouth. The smell of it filled my senses. I almost didn't want to swallow it. I just wanted to keep that delicious jizz in my mouth forever, let it soak in so that my breath always smelled of cum.

But that wouldn't have been practical. So finally, I drew in my cheeks, licked my lips, then tilted my head back and swallowed down that creamy juice with one big gulp. I sighed, breathing out, smelling the wonderful heady aroma of his juice. I licked my sticky lips, sighed.

"Oh, fuck," I whispered. "Damn, that's good cream." My pussy was still twitching. I opened my eyes, stared up at Theo. He just looked back with an amazed expression. His cock, half-hard and glistening, dripped a little cum from the slit. I quickly grabbed it, and licked all around the head, squeezing the shaft to make a little more fresh sperm leak out. I savored every drop.

Theo gave me an amazed look, and slid down the wall, literally drained. I giggled, finally eye-level with him.

"Damn, baby, you gots to give me your phone number," he said.

I smiled, wiped the corners of my mouth, sucking my fingers. I pushed up to my feet. "That would ruin the fun, baby," I said. "But thanks for the snack." I eyed his spent dick, now soft and floppy. I giggled. "You look cute."

Theo laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Man . . . you something else, girl."

I rolled my shoulders, blinked girlishly. "Yeah, I know," I said. I rubbed my pussy through my shorts. "Well, gotta go. So many dicks, so little time, you know."

Theo laughed euphorically. "Come back any time, girl," he said.

I regarded him thoughtfully. "Hmm . . . maybe," I said.

"Hey, uh, Crystal," he said as I reached for the door. "What's 'CHG' anyway?"

I grinned. "Cum-Hungry Girls," I said. Then I gave him a little wave, opened the door, and stepped out. My tummy warm and full of cum, I toted my little clipboard as I headed to the next building, anticipating the next cock that would fill my eager mouth.


My second 'sperm donor' wasn't much to brag about; average dick, and he was so overwhelmed by my talent that he popped off in about two minutes, giving me a fairly decent squirt on my tongue. But it was pretty bitter. I figure he ate a lot of fast food. All those preservatives make semen thin and sour. He was a young guy, about nineteen I would guess, a little pudgy and really not handsome at all. He all but begged me to stay, and said he would go get condoms if I waited.

"Sorry," I said sheepishly, feeling bad for the guy. "I just came for the cum."

By the way he looked at me, and acted, I could pretty much tell he'd never gotten his cherry popped. It was pretty obvious he'd never shot off in a girl's mouth before. Well, one virginity was enough, I figured. I didn't want some guy telling me he loved me just 'cause I was his first fuck. I'd been through that before.

After him was a fairly handsome guy named Eric, around thirty or so, who took a really long time to cum. That was fine with me; I like the act of sucking cock as much as I love the taste of cum, so I happily munched on his good-sized rod for about half an hour as he sat in a chair in his living room. He didn't make much noise during the suck-job, but his eyes told me everything I needed to know.

Eric jacked off and shot a nice, thick, heavy load of cream into my wide-open mouth, which I certainly appreciated, savoring it for a while as I always did with thick mouthfuls like his. He gave me an awed look as I kept my mouth open wide and made bubbles with his creamy semen, moving my gooey tongue around. I didn't mind as he took out his camera phone and captured a couple images of me with my spermy mouth.

And then . . . I met Jerry.

Knock, knock. The door creaked open, revealing a rather stocky man, not very tall, with thick arms and legs and a protruding, but not enormous, gut. He had wrinkled features and snow-white hair, and I figured he was at least fifty, probably even older. He was dressed typically for an old man, in loose khaki slacks and a short-sleeved, pin-striped shirt through which sprouted tufts of white chest hair.

I almost backed off. I'd met a few old guys like this and figured, no way. I didn't want to be responsible for giving an old man a heart attack just because I gave him a hummer. But there was something strong and distinguished about this man, something behind his soft brown eyes.

"Can I help you, young lady?" he asked. He held a half-smoked cigarette in his thick fingers. Classical music played from somewhere inside the little efficiency apartment. I felt very calm and comfortable in his presence.

I gave him a smile, feeling suddenly excited. The oldest man I had ever sucked off, I figured, had been in his late thirties. This man could be a good two decades older. "Um, yes," I said. "I'm with CHG, and I'm conducting a survey of single men. It will only take a couple of minutes, I promise."

He looked amused. "What makes you think I'm single?" he asked.

My smile faded, and I noticed the ring on his finger. Still, why would a married couple live in such a tiny apartment? I blushed. "I-I'm sorry, sir," I said. "Is your wife also at home?"

His own smile remained, tinged with a look of nostalgia. "My wife passed away six years ago, young lady," he said. "After nearly four decades of marriage."

I blinked several times, suddenly feeling like I was intruding. "I'm sorry for your loss, sir," I said, and feeling ashamed, turned away.

"What's this survey?"

I stopped looked back to him, giving him a sheepish smile. "It's really nothing," I said suddenly uncomfortable. "It's, um, geared toward, um, y-younger men, really."

His eyes narrowed, and he glanced to my clip board, the page on top covered with nonsensical scribbles. "What's your game, young lady?"

I shuddered, feeling like a bug under a microscope. "N-nothing," I stammered. I tried to stop being so nervous. "Really. I'm not . . . I don't want anything. I just . . . go door-to-door, that's all."

His suspicious look remained. "And . . . 'CHG?' Is that some kind of volunteer organization?"

I blushed. "Yeah, kind of," I said. "It's a, uh, private group. Anyway, sir—"

"So why not ask me your questions?" he asked, looking me over. He smiled warmly. "I'm just an old man. I've got all the time in the world."

I blushed deeply. I felt like I was being grilled by one of my college professors. There was a sense of authority about the man that prevented me from running away like I wanted to. "I really don't think that would be a good idea, sir," I said timidly. God, with any other man, I'd have the upper hand, I'd be in control, and I'd be on my knees right that moment with a mouthful of cock!

He pulled on his cigarette, looking so authoritative, so totally in control, as he did that, and slowly let the smoke trail from his lips. His eyes looked me over as if my clothes had suddenly become invisible. I almost wanted to cover up.

"What is it that you really do?" he asked calmly. "Why do you go door-to-door?"

I fidgeted. My heart was pounding, and my legs felt wobbly. I was aware that I was sweating. "Um, I-I think I should—"

"Tell me, young lady," he interrupted me, his voice stern. "No more stalling."

I gasped slightly. I couldn't help but feel almost dominated by him. I dipped my eyes, holding my cilpboard in both hands before me. I felt suddenly foolish. I was a little girl caught doing something stupid. His aura of command compelled me to answer.

"I give blow jobs," I said in a tiny voice. I barely even heard it.

He cocked his head. "What was that?" he asked.

I shuddered, sighing. I lifted my head, stared at the sky a moment. Not a single cloud to hide beneath. I finally lowered my gaze, feeling a moment's strength, and stared at his rather handsome, if leathery, face. "I . . . I give blow jobs," I said again, more distinctly.

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