Dori Comes to Visit


Slowly, very slowly, their rhythm began to increase. With each stroke Dori sat up until only the head of Peter's cock was inside of her, then she would glide downwards until she felt it slamming against her cervix. Leaning forward she offered her tits to his mouth and he greedily accepted sucking them one at a time into his mouth.

"That's it, baby. Suck my tits. Bite them if you want," leaning backwards she looked down at Peter. "In fact I want you to give me a hicky right here," she said pointing to a spot on the underside of her left tit.

"What about Brad?"

"Don't worry about him. We only do it in a dark bedroom so he'll never see it, but if he does I'll tell him that he must have done it the last time we were together. He was a bit drunk that night."

Peter's mouth quickly descended to the tit and began to suck on it while his other hand played with the right tit.

Dori's breath became more and more shallow as her orgasm approached. Arching her back she tried to drive Peter's cock deeper inside of her hot pussy. "Please fuck me ... Fuck me hard ... Push your cock inside my pussy ... Fuck my pussy ... I want to feel your hard cock deep in me ... Fuck my hot, tight, wet pussy ... Push it in, baby ... That's it baby ... Yesssss, baby, yessssssss ... Mmmmmm, so fuckin' good ... Let me feel your cum shoot in my pussy ... Fill me with it ... Oh, my god, Peter, your cock feels so good inside of me ... I can feel it getting bigger ... Oh god you're stretching me ... Come on, fuck me ... Fill me with your cum ... Oh god, yessssss ... That's it, baby ... More ... Just like that ... Cum in me ... Ram your cock in me ... Fuck me, lover ... Fuck me.

Peter held on off for as long as he could, but finally realized that he couldn't hold off any longer. "Dori ... I'm gonna cum ... I can feel it all that way down in my balls ... I'm gonna cum deep inside of you ... now ... noooOOOWWWW ... ARGGhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Dori felt Peter's searing-hot cum splash against the walls of her pussy and it triggered her orgasm. "OH MY GOD ... YESSSS ... FUCK ME HARDER ... COME ON SHOVE THAT BIG, FUCKING COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY AND FUCK ME HARD ... OH GOD YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM ... GET ME PREGNANT ... GIVE ME A BABY ... GIVE ME YOUR BABY."

Peter shoved his cock upwards and slammed deep into her. Spurt after spurt of his cum coating her insides. "I'M CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY, BABY ... I'M FILLING YOUR PUSSY WITH MY CUM ... I HOPE I DO KNOCK YOU UP ... AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Slowly they came down from their orgasmic heights. Wrapped in each others arms they sat there enjoying the afterglow.

Dori was the first to move, slowly standing up and holding her hand over her cum-filled pussy. "I need to lay down and give this a chance to do its work," she purred.

Peter stood, gently took her hand and lead her to his bedroom.

Dori climbed onto the bed, never once moving her hand from between her legs, and placed a pillow under her hips. "I was told that this helps the little fellows swim upstream to get to my eggs."

Peter stood there looking at her. Her hair was sweat-plastered to her forehead and the rest seemed to be going every way at once. Her make-up was smeared, and there was now a small dark mark on her left tit. Her hand was covering her pussy and the inside of her thighs were coated with their fuck juices. She had never looked better to him!

Climbing in bed next to her, Peter pulled the covers over them and cuddled next to Dori. "I never believed that this day would land up like this."

"Me either, and next time will be even better."

Peter fell asleep with Dori's words floating through his head, " ... next time will be even better."

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