tagLoving WivesDouble Lives: Lori

Double Lives: Lori


**Keep in mind that this is totally fiction. I hope!**

Steve kissed his wife, Lori, and left for the office. Lori leisurely sipped her coffee while reading the newspaper. She cinched her robe around her waist and walked to the bedroom. From her lingerie drawer, she selected a pink satin and ivory lace bustier with matching panties. After laying the ivory-lace stockings and stilettos on the bed, she took a shower and changed into her lingerie.

She carefully slid the thigh-high stockings over the curves of her legs as to not snag the lace on her manicured fingernails. After slipping into her stilettos, she admired herself in the full-length mirror. When she emerged from the bedroom, the terrycloth robe she had been wearing had been replaced with a sheer pink one.

She returned to the bathroom to fix her hair and apply makeup. After brushing and teasing her long auburn hair, she applied thick eyeliner and smudged black eye shadow. She hated pink and red together or she would have applied her usual deep red lipstick. Instead, she opted for pink gloss.

She went to the kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee. Soon after she turned the coffeemaker on, the doorbell rang. "He's early," she thought. She began to pull her sheer robe around her body on her way to the foyer until she realized how pointless that was. After looking through the peephole to verify her visitor's identity, she smiled and opened the door.

"You're early," Lori said to the man in the conservative, gray suit.

"I'm not that early. Just a few minutes. I have to go out of town this afternoon, but I didn't want to miss a minute of our time together," the man explained.

"Well, come on in, Robert. Let the games begin," she giggled.

Robert, a distinguished gentleman with salt and pepper hair stepped inside the foyer. After Lori closed and locked the front door, he grabbed her waist and pulled her close. He swept her hair from her neck and kissed it hard.

"Careful! Don't leave a mark," Lori warned.

He pulled her closer and kissed her plump, pink lips. His fingers traced the edge of her bustier along her breasts while they kissed. Their kisses grew in intensity until he pulled away.

"I've been looking forward to this all week," Robert said.

"Not on Sunday morning, I hope," Lori said teasingly.

"No," he chuckled.

"You wanna go to the bedroom?" Lori asked.

"Now, you know how I feel about that. That's another man's bed," he said.

"Ahem, but..." Lori stopped herself from exploring the sensitive subject.

"I know. It's hypocritical of me. I don't pretend to make perfect sense. Well, I guess I am forced to pretend to be perfect most of the time. But, dear, continue to indulge my imperfections like you always do, okay?" Robert said.

She kissed him and took his hand. Walking in her stilettos as sultry as possible, she led him to the sofa. When they reached the sofa, she turned so that he was in position to sit. She kissed him then playfully pushed him back on the sofa. After removing her robe, she selected a throw pillow from the sofa and placed in on the floor between Robert's feet.

Lori put one foot on his chest. She nudged her stiletto on his chest, gently encouraging him to lean back. It also encouraged him to stroke her shapely calf. His thick fingers caressed the lace stocking up to her knee and down the back of her leg. When he stopped, she kneeled on the pillow before him.

He leaned into the back of the sofa and slid his hips toward her. She smiled and opened his pants. She brushed her fingertips along his stiff cock. Carefully, she released his cock from the confines of his boxers.

After spitting on the head of his cock, she ran her tongue over and around it. With her one hand gripping his cock close to the base, she sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. With each bob of her head, she managed to engulf more of his cock until her lip gloss smudged on her hand. She removed her hand and deep-throated his cock. He grabbed a fistful of her lush auburn hair and guided the dipping motion of her head. She could feel the head of his cock against the back of her throat. When he groaned, she took that as his usual sign that he was ready for phase two.

After sucking him into her throat several more times, she licked his cock and stood up from the pillow. Slowly, she slid her panties over the curves of her legs to the floor. Robert removed his pants and boxers without getting up.

"Bustier, on or off?" she asked him.


She removed the bustier and let it fall to the floor. Her full, perky breasts proudly displayed her erect nipples. Still wearing the stilettos and stockings, she walked towards him while fondling her breasts. Leaning forward, she gripped the back of the sofa while thrusting her breasts in Robert's face. He caressed one nipple and sucked the other. She moaned as he flicked the nipple in his mouth with his tongue.

Gently, she lowered her wet pussy onto his hard cock. As she rocked her hips, he pinched and pulled her nipples. She moaned between their heavy kisses. The taboo enjoyment thrilled her. He could feel her wetness seep down to his balls.

He thrust upwards, forcing loud moans of ecstasy from her lips. Slamming his cock harder into her wet pussy, she gripped his shoulders and shuddered as her orgasm overtook her body. Fueled by her climax, he pounded into her and grunted as he came. They embraced each other and kissed. After several minutes, she retrieved her robe to cover herself.

"Would you like some coffee before you leave? I just made a fresh pot," she offered.

He was already standing and zipping up his pants.

"No, I really must be going," he said as he straightened his tie. He leaned downward and kissed her forehead.

"See you in church on Sunday, Father," Lori said as she escorted him to the door.

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