Durand's Story Pt. 02


Over long minutes she built, he had to cover her mouth with his own to keep her quiet, and when he slipped a thumb to rub on her clit, she clutched at him screamed her pleasure.

He kept moving until she quieted, then his hands left her to lower his hose.

"Bite me," she breathed.

"No, no blood. Not now, not tonight. Let us just be a man and a woman."

She pouted until he tugged down her bodice to reveal her small, curved breasts. Suckling on one he used his fangs to tease her with the promise of a bite, and when he lifted her tiny frame, there was no protest.

He sank his cock into her violently, drawing a gasping breath when he was seated. Desperate to feel whole, to feel alive once instead of the inhuman monster he was, he pounded into her. Malaya bounced in his arms, arching her back to rub her breasts over the rough material of his tunic.

He could feel his pleasure growing, building, the orgasm almost upon him, and knew she was far behind. Determined not to bite her he pressed Malaya further into the wall and worked his hand between them once more. With the heel of his thumb over her clit he pressed her against the wall and ground his hips into her.

She gasped, tightening in her pussy and her hold. The sensation was less for him but he kept going until she was close, and once Malaya tumbled over the edge, Durand resumed his violent thrusts. His orgasm was quick behind hers, and when it passed, his knees buckled.

The fell to the floor in a graceless heap, and his pretty young Malaya laughed.

He felt his years melt away then and joined her in the laughter, rolling around, righting themselves until they lay clothe and sated on their backs.

"So you'll come with me to Spain?"

His mirth died. "If the king allows it."

She sat up and loomed over him, her hair a curtain between them and the rest of the world. "Why wouldn't he?"

"He does not like me. Come." He stood and held his hand out to her, and Malaya took it, reluctantly following him into the room.

Leviticus, the king's man with the silly name, stood once more, prepared to announce the King's arrival.

Again, Braeden strode into the room like a human emperor, but this time Hagos the seer trailed after him, and behind them, all twelve of the ancients walked in shackles.

"What is going on?" Someone yelled in the crowd.

Leviticus stepped forward to answer but a command made every vampire in the room sit immediately at the nearest bench. All but the ancients.

"See! They have broken from my command, they refuse to bend to my will. They will not serve their king, and so, conspiring against this ancient form of leadership, for this act of treason, they will die."

Durand's eyes met Hagos' and she looked away quickly, confirming her guilty conscience.

"No!" Shouts rose from the crowd and the king stole their voices, dazing them with his power. He found himself mute, unable to speak, shocked to his core.

"Those who wish to join in the death of the ancients may do so by voicing their objections, silently, to me." Braeden's eyes canned the crowd left to right, returning to the center with a smug smile.


It was a group of humans who answered the call, bringing in broken benches and tables, other scraps of wood. By the time the vampires realized what was happening, the pyre had been built and a human lowered a torch to light it.

With their inborn fear every vampire desperately tried to recoil, imprisoned by their king's will.

The human guards tried to urge the ancients forward, but the vampires were infinitely stronger and refused to move. Braeden laughed, and to everyone's shock, raised his hands, and opened a portal.

Something only a Binder could do.

It was blue light, swirling. The wind from it blew hair and clothes back, but pulled on their souls. The ancients screamed as their souls were pulled into it, or so Durand assumed, as they fell like dominoes.

The human guards close by tried to run, but a few fell lifeless to the floor. Then, as soon as it had begun, the portal closed.

"Move them, now!" He ordered the remaining guards.

Two stopped to check on their fallen brothers and Braden roared. "Leave them! The vampires, now!"

Their living but motionless bodies were dragged by the shackles across the floor to the edge of the flames, and then one by one, they were picked up and awkwardly tossed into the flames.

Durand felt a tear fall as Avestan's body joined the others', screaming wordlessly. Centuries of wisdom, power, and history, all gone in a moment. Vampires did not burn like humans, they went up like paper, almost instantly, leaving a putrid but brief smoke in their wake.

Durand had counted in his mind less than forty five seconds since the portal's opening until their deaths. Ancients, all of them over a 1,000 years old. The oldest vampire left was not yet half that.

Something shifted, something in the magic of vampire, something nameless they all felt. A loss coursed through them and around the room, many, like him, cried pink tears.

"Now the power is mine. Our leaders will be Binders, just as I am. We shall possess such power! Now, to celebrate, you may all drink from the guards until they are dead."

The living ones cried out and the king released them. Hungry vampires grabbed the men and subdued them. "I shall give my consort the honor of choosing which of you will sire her, Turn her into my queen!"

Hagos looked ill, trembling. Durand understood. Had he been given a choice, he would never have chosen the life he lead. He stood. "I will do it."

Several people who knew he had stood with the old king gasped. The new king scowled.

"I wish to curry your favor," Durand added, knowing what would happen. He would grant Hagos a peaceful death, and then join the ancients on the pyre that still burned sickeningly.

Braeden smiled. "Hagos, meet your death." He laughed at his own private joke as Durand walked to the dais and held a hand up to the slim woman.

"Sir, may we...do this somewhere private?"

The king grinned. "You may have my chamber. We shall await your rising on the next evening tide, my love."

Durand felt the woman recoil from the endearment, even as she stepped down to him. He bowed to his king and led her to the stairs, following her from there.

The king's room was large, the bed high. Hagos was trembling as vampire guards closed the doors on the orgiastic screams of terror coming from the great hall.

"There is no escape from the king. I must Turn you, or you must die, but I leave the choice to you."

She turned from the bed, and he saw she held a dagger in her hand, a small one he knew the Scots called a dirk and wore in their tartans. "Durand, I see the future. The woman with the golden hair? She is a Binder. Do not let her be Turned, guard her with your life. She will end the misery that is to come."

He realized what she meant to do before it he could stop her. She raised the dagger to her neck, and slit it quickly.

He screamed stupidly, alerting the guards, enraged more than anything that she had taken the choice of his death from him. And death it would be.


The portal was nothingness. An endless black. Braeden had pulled his soul from his body with an evil roar, and now Durand waited.

Was this death? Was this purgatory? He could hardly imagine God would give him anything of a chance. His was a soul destined for hell.

Suddenly he was collapsing into himself, and light burst over him. He came to back in his body, laying on the dais before the crowd of vampires. Two guards held Malaya, whose face was stained with pink tears. The stench of the dead guards assaulted his nose and he turned to face his king's boots.

"Rise," Braeden ordered in a growl. When Durand did he faced his executioner. "You did not kill my consort, but you failed to stop her from taking her own life. Her value to me, to our entire kind, was immeasurable. Still, our people insist your crime was not treason, but a failure to act. And so in concession for the carnage and shifting we have witnessed today, I give you a choice, Chevalier.

"You may die, or suffer banishment." At the puzzled look of his subject, Braeden scowled deeper. "No vampire will speak to you. No vampire will side with you in a dispute. You will have no standing in our new society. Now which do you choose?"

Durand debated, pondering traveling amongst humans alone, and then he noticed the sly smile on the king. "Oh, your banishment will force you a land the humans know not of, populated sparsely by a people never heard of. There are no vampires there, no languages you know. No cities as we understand them, societies far to the south more brutal than you've ever seen. Now choose wisely, for neither choice can be changed."

Durand imagined it. Centuries alone, waiting for the golden-haired Binder, waiting for the mysterious prophecy to come about. Death, an instant release into the hell he imagined awaited him.

"I have decided."

The last thing he heard was Malaya's shriek.

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