Durand's Story Pt. 03


He pulled back and licked the wound closed even as her blood saturated his body. He felt magical, he felt like a God. The sex had been fast, too fast, but satisfying, but the blood was beyond words.

He rolled her to her back and pulled out, removing the mess from their bodies as her eyes looked at him, bright but dimming.

"Ilona, you must take some of my blood, or you will die. This will not make you vampire, I swear that."

She nodded, unable to speak. He ripped open the artery on his arm and pressed it to her mouth. It pumped in of its own volition then she sucked. The sensation of it was her hands and mouth everywhere, stroking his cock to rapid hardness. With a cry he reached the pinnacle once more, and his dizzied mind could only revel in the sensation, spilling his seed across her thighs.

He yanked it away quickly and licked the wound closed. As a vampire his artery could remain open longer than a humans, but she had still taken a large amount of blood. As he watched the magic of vampire took over, making her hair softer and shinier, her eyes tawnier, her body more lush and glowing. With great satisfaction he noted she smelled like him, he had left a mark in her deeper than any human could. Impossibly his cock hardened again.

She looked at him and laughed. "The colors are amazing."

He was breathless as she pushed him to his back and took his cock into her hands. With one firm grip she began to stroke him slowly, her other strong hand cupped his balls gently and pulled slightly away from his body as the other hand stroked down. The sensation made his toes curl.

"Yessss," he hissed out between clenched teeth and she laughed. He heard her mind then, a steady stream of her hunger for his body, her pleasure from the bite, how different he was from the local farm boys.

Durand tried to block it out but her very nature as a Binder and his blood inside her made the connection maddeningly strong.

He didn't want her thinking of local farm boys, and so he pushed back and slid down to her sex. He'd taken his fluids from her but she still smelled of him. The scent, combined with her own juices, whirled into his mind.

He didn't want to lick her cunt, he wanted to devour her. He placed his mouth over as much as he could and sucked sharply, drawing a jerk in her hips as she felt him with vampire senses. A strangled moan rose as he began to lick her sex slowly, reveling in the texture against his tongue. Durand reached up to cup her breasts, forcing her legs onto his shoulders, and pressed his face deeper. With a smile, he thought there was one great advantage to not having to breathe.

He licked until she was on the edge, then he suckled her clitoris until she writhed, and then he began to fuck her with his tongue. Holding back on his magic he made her come half a dozen times until his ego was satisfied, then he climbed up to share her taste with Ilona.

She kissed him like a wild animal, clinging to him, fevered and hungry. When he slid inside she was dripping wet and more than ready for him. He held there for a moment, enjoying the feeling, the pure sensation of her snug wet sex around his cock, her fevered skin against his, the plushness of her breasts against his chest.

Her eyes were closed, her head tilted back in a very feminine look of surrender, and he surged into her rapidly. Again and again and again he speared her, drawing out her moans, and he had to restrain himself from biting her.

They found the peak together and tumbled over, her mind clear to him. Even as she was coming down from the pleasure she was wondering if being Turned would be so bad, if vampires could marry.

He rolled to the side. "You must forget me, I cannot Turn you, it is too dangerous."

She turned towards him and snuggled onto his shoulder. "I would make a good vampire."

He thought of her promiscuous nature and somewhat agreed, but as a Binder she needed a strength he did not sense. He opened his eyes and caught her gaze. "Leave here and forget me."

She laughed and he could only frown. His powers always worked, they even worked on her own father. "I live here, if anyone must leave it is you."

He stood, unnerved, and dressed with magic making her pout. "Your life depends on forgetting me. Should you ever meet another like me do not tell them you see colors around people. You must carry that to your grave or you will be tortured and live a short life in anguish. Forget me now." With that, he teleported from the barn.


Assembled in the dark, damp hallway were four vampiric Binders in fine clothes, three werewolves with weary, glowing eyes, and two armed regular vampires aside from Malaya and Durand.

"Glad you could join us, Durand," Malaya purred. "Here is the plan; the Binders join portals, remove Layla's soul, then the wolves will tear her apart and drag her body outside. Binders, release Layla's soul to possess Durand while you discover how to contain her power. Durand, you must let her share your body but fight for control until a Binder can remove her, is that understood?"

He almost barked with laughter. "Yes, sure."

Malaya nodded and signaled. The binders powered up, calling small portals that crashed together with blue sparks as the wolves knocked the wall open.

Inside a beautiful woman with her own portal cackled.

It happened so fast Durand could barely track it, even with his unnatural speed and sight.

The disheveled woman in the simple, stained gown thrust her portal forward but the large once combined of four from the other vampire Binders sucked in her portal. The woman's body fell and the wolves descended, turning to true beasts in the fall. Immediately they were ripping her like a straw doll, spitting out chunks of flesh and bloody bone.

Then something slammed into him and he fell to the ground, darkness clouding.

He came to in a limbo of no color but a frost of all colors mixed together and muted. The laugh was familiar, teasing, and all around him.


Her laugh drew closer. He felt naked; there was no sword here, no way to protect himself.


She materialized in front of him, just as he remembered her. "My sweet little Templar...the centuries have been kind to you."

"Not you. What is this madness? What is going on?"

"I heard the story you were told. It's not true, my knight. I came upon Countess Bathory after they discovered her crimes."

"A village girl said..."

"She said there was a vampire with the Countess. Yes, there was, and it was Malaya. She did not make Bathory commit her crimes, but she knew it would draw me. She had heard I learned the secret to possessing another's body., and she knew I sought a powerful, untouched Binder."

"Why would you say such things? What does Malaya have to gain from killing you?"

Layla laughed then, his dark eyed gypsy demon. "You fool. They want my secret, the king does. I planted the idea that possessing Bathory was an accident done before she Turned, that to possess a vampire I needed one of my line. I could have anyone I wanted!"

"Why me?"

"They want you to learn my secret and tell them, you fool! The king knows how to steal souls and magic, but only I know how to steal bodies!"

"And so you're going to just tell me?" He asked this filmy apparition.

She laughed deeply. "I have already planted the seed of knowledge in your mind. No, Durand, I am going to take your body. They plan to have the Binders separate our souls, but I am going to merge them so they are one in the same. Take me," she peeled off her costume revealing her slim, lush body.

"No. No, Layla, this is not the way. You made me and abandoned me to fate. I have a prophecy to fulfill, and I will do it alone, no other soul but mine in place."

"I know about your prophecy, and you cannot complete it without me."

He reached out to grab her but she turned to mist and shifted. "Nothing is real, we are inside your mind. Only what you believe is real here."

"Why all this?"

"Why what?" she returned with that laugh.

"Let's start with why did you leave me? You made me and ran."

"I had to. I come from a people now dead, there is no name even for them. Like those in my family I too could see the future...but the more I looked the more the madness came. I saw you, saw your path, and I had to leave."

"And what is my path?"

"You will be great someday, and you must indeed meet a very important woman to achieve this fate. But it shall only be your body, Durand, it will be my soul that achieves glory!"

He lunged for her but again she was mist, echoing laughter.

"You had to come, this is all part of the plan. That girl, Ilona Antal, you tasted...her blood, it is the blood in her veins that you will someday taste again. That girl will be the key. She will also be the most powerful Binder ever known, and you will need me to handle her!"

Now she lunged for him and impossibly her strength was superior. He found himself on his back in the mist, struggling against his maker. Ropes appeared and bound him, burning like silver, and he cried out.

"Now, we must become one again, Durand. Kiss me, kiss me and grant me dominion over your body."

"No," he struggled, jerking his head aside. "No! You took my life, you took my sanity, you've had my body, but I won't let you have my soul!"

She laughed. "You need me along for the ride. In four hundred years you will meet her and she will set off a chain of events. You will need me then and if you are without me, you shall regret it! the secret I have planted in your blood alone cannot help you!"

"What are you saying?" He struggled.

Suddenly the mist began to turn blue and shine. Layla looked up and her dark eyes widened.

"No! They come. Help me Durand, I cannot die!"

He struggled against the ropes which were loosening, even as she clutched at him. "Why in heaven's name would I want to help you possess my body?"

"You will need me, when the time comes you will need me!"

"Why on earth would I need you?"

"Because I learned the secret, the secret that killed all the ancients."

He ripped the ropes off and she slipped against the sucking blue wind clearing the mist. She gripped his arms now and he held her for a moment, searching for the truth behind her panic. "The king killed them; I watched it happen."

"It's why he killed them. Once you learn the secret to possessing a body you learn the secret to the true Turn. The king wants me dead because I learned what they knew."

The wind was getting louder, approaching a roar and he had to shout to be heard. "What is it!?!"

"I know how to Turn a vampire back to human!"

In shock he let go and she screamed, her body raised now, legs behind her as the great blue wind pulled. She clutched at the sleeves of his fancy coat, scrambling to climb higher.

"It's impossible!"

"No!" she shook her head. "Think of it! The Binders would leave! A human Binder is more powerful than a vampiric Binder! They would leave in droves!"

Now they both had to scream over the thunderous vacuum. "Immortality is more valuable, the king would not fear losing them!"

"How easily the king could be killed if he was human. Think of it, Durand; you are older than him but not as a powerful. Can you do it? When you meet the girl that is your fate. Kill the king. Can you do it?"

He stared into the twisted gaze of his maker. Perhaps she did see the future. She certainly was mad.

He ripped her hands from him and cast her into the light. She disappeared into it, her body shrinking to a mere point and then a blinding white light took him.

Durand came to with everyone staring at him, the wolves absent, leaving a trail of gore.

"Are you all right?" Malaya asked. "We have a sheep standing by-"

"No!" He stood. "I am fine, it was just hard fighting one so...old. What took you so long?"

Malaya exchanged glances with the others. "It was merely a second. What happened?"

"She was raving mad, talking endlessly about the power she felt possessing a Binder. She kept trying to kiss me, then the blue light came and sucked her away."

Malaya looked at him, sniffing slightly. "Your blood seems different."

He teleported as quickly as possible, the only place that came to mind at first was the barn. It was almost dawn and he appeared where he'd last been, in the hay. No Ilona.

Shaking, he took a deep breath. If Layla was not completely mad there was a secret to the Turn that could be reversed. The first step was learning to possess a body, and the secret of this was planted in his blood.

Ilona's blood! That's what Layla had meant!

Without thinking he ran to the house and knocked. He could not enter without permission so when the door swung open he could nothing. It was empty of goods, only furniture remained. No fire, no smell of recently cooked food, no sounds of snoring from the bedroom.

He called her name over and over, loud enough to wake the dead, and nothing came. Instead there came the sound of a horse down the narrow private lane to the house and he turned, eyes darting to the horizon.

It was a small old man on a cart pulled by a goat. "I heard you calling for Ilona from the road, you must be one her young men," he said in friendly Hungarian.

"I'm sorry to say but they left, driven out. Ilona and her father were bitten you see, vampire. The villagers, an ignorant bunch, drove them out last night. They're long gone."

He caught on the wind the scent of werewolves approaching. Durand made no response, ran back into the barn, and thought of the longest distance he could teleport and imagined his hotel room in London.

He popped in and drew the curtains against the morning light, crying out as it singed him.

He had four hundred years to figure out what it meant to possess a body, Turn a vampire back to human, and divine how to use that against the king. All this had to do with a golden haired woman he now assumed would be of the Antal line. Considering Binding passed from mother to daughter, only very rarely from mother to son, in three generations the Antal tie would disappear. In four hundred years she'd be a needle in a haystack.

Of course as Hagos had said, fate was fate. Perhaps he could relax and let it all happen.

He fell asleep and slid into a familiar dream of the golden haired woman who waited for him. Now she smiled at him and raised a portal, and Durand felt his heart lurch. Somehow the fate of all vampires hinged on this dream woman.

Life, or whatever it was he lived, was certainly interesting, Durand thought as the dream began to take an erotic turn. It was always the possibilities that excited him most.


Author's Note:

This is the 3rd installment of Durand's Story, one of the prequels for a planned novel series.

To read in order:

Durand's Story 1-3
The Forever Ghosts 1-3
Swimming the Dusty River 1-3

The first novel "The Longest Midnight" will be released October 2011 on Amazon Kindle. The short stories will be released as 1 novella with more to them as well in that venue. Look for the link in my profile when they comes out!

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