tagIncest/TabooDutiful Daughter Ch. 02

Dutiful Daughter Ch. 02


This story can be read as it stands, but the context will be improved if you read Part 1 first.

A few weeks had passed since the initial incident when Catherine had 'relieved' her father, and Catherine noticed that her father's mood had lightened almost immediately. She often replayed the incident in her mind, and Catherine recalled how after the initial awkwardness had passed, she and her father had gone back to their normal relationship. The immediate aftermath had been strange, as her father had wiped up the sperm that his daughter had caused him to ejaculate and they both got dressed, but although they had not explicitly spoken about what had happened, Roger was noticeably happier.

For his part, Roger had been in ecstasy and turmoil in almost equal measure. He couldn't believe that his daughter had been so loving as to help him in such an intimate way, but the knowledge that it was wrong to take sexual relief from his own daughter both worried and excited him. He tried to rationalise it to himself – in ancient societies, it was normal for a daughter to take the mother's place if the mother died relatively young, he thought; he hadn't initiated it, Catherine had chosen to do it herself, he reasoned; but he still found himself masturbating more than he had for years, and always the memory of his daughter's tits, the taboo feel of her hand on his cock, seeped into his consciousness.

Three weeks later, Roger received a call from Catherine asking him if he could come round and do some jobs that Jack never had time for. Roger enjoyed helping out, and arrived on the appointed day with barely a thought as to what had happened the last time that he had seen his daughter. As soon as he arrived, however, Roger found himself drawn to Catherine – it was a warm, sunny day and she was wearing a fashionably patterned short flared skirt and a black vest top. I wonder if she's wearing a bra, Roger thought, and his eyes swept over Catherine's tight little hips and pert bottom before he mentally chided himself.

Roger distracted himself with work. Time raced by, and he decided that he just had time to mow the lawn before lunch. The day had become warmer, and Roger stripped down to just his shorts, enjoying the sunshine on his bare chest and back. Catherine was preparing the salad lunch, and glancing out of the kitchen window she was suddenly struck by how good a shape her father had kept himself in – he hardly carried any excess fat, and his chest was still strong, even if the once black hair had become increasingly grey. Catherine watched Roger work for a few moments, and felt that she ought to somehow reward him for his hard work.

Roger finished the lawn, and he and Catherine settled down to lunch in the open sunshine. It was something of a family tradition that Roger would prepare the salad dressing with his own careful balance of oil and vinegar, and as Catherine handed the items to him Roger once again found himself taking a surreptitious glance at his daughter's freckled chest, conjuring up the memory of her naked breasts. Roger prepared his concoction, and had just started to shake the mixture of oil and vinegar when, with his concentration affected by his illicit thoughts, the liquid splattered out of the jar and all over Catherine's top. "Shit!" she exclaimed, feeling the vinegary mess soak through her thin top on to her skin. "I'm going to have to change," she told her father as she walked towards the house.

Feeling foolish, Roger followed Catherine into the house, intending to apologise. Reaching the top of the stairs, however, he stopped in his tracks – Catherine was in her bedroom, and had pulled off the stained top. Roger watched as she reached into the wardrobe for another top, staring at her naked tits. They are so beautiful, he thought, small, apple sized breasts, sprinkled with freckles that he found so arousing and tipped with pink nipples. Almost in a trance, Roger entered the bedroom and stammered "Ca – Catherine, I'm sorry about that..."

Catherine looked up at her father in surprise, unaware that he had followed her in. She instinctively made to cover her bare tits, but saw that not only was her father staring at them, but that he had a bulge in his shorts. Suddenly, the air crackled with sexual tension – and she knew how she could thank him for the work that he had done.

Following her gaze, Roger suddenly realised that his cock had swollen. "I – I'm sorry Cathy," he started, and then carried on. "Do you remember what you said? About wanting to make me feel better? I'm sorry Cathy, I think I need a little help again..." Roger trailed off, again caught in the classic dilemma of lust and guilt.

"It's OK Dad, don't worry," replied Catherine, tenderly. "I remember what I said, and I meant it. You're a wonderful father, and it's the least I can do. Now take your shorts off."

Roger did so, standing naked and unembarrassed in front of his daughter, his erection jutting out in front of him, strong and firm. Catherine paused for a moment, wondering what to do, before walking over to him and grasping his cock in her hand and bending her blonde head forward to lick his nipples. She felt more in control this time, without the buzz of the wine, and realised to her surprise that her father's penis was big, bigger than her husband's. She caressed it gently, before moving away and leading her father to her own marital bed.

Roger lay on the bed and propped himself up on the pillows. Hesitating only for a moment, Catherine slid down her short skirt and before she could think about it too much, also slid off her girly pink panties to stand naked in front of her father for the first time. Roger let out an involuntary gasp as he feasted his eyes on his daughter, sexily slim and with her cunt only covered with a few sparse hairs. He could just discern his daughter's cunny lips hanging down a little between her legs, and the sight was incredibly taboo and arousing.

Catherine stood still, allowing her father to enjoy the sight of her body, aware that the simple act of showing off her naked body would be exciting him. Again, Catherine wanted to put on a performance for her father, and to take it further than before. Climbing on to the bed, she straddled Roger's lower legs and pushed her breasts together. Catherine knew that she only had small tits, but as she had learned in her younger days, it was what she did with them that mattered...looking up at her father, Catherine nestled his erection between her tits and started to gently move up and down. Roger grunted with desire, his gaze alternating between his daughter's pretty face and her freckled cleavage as she performed her sex act upon him. His precum lubricated the passage between her breasts, and he matched Catherine's rhythm with his own gentle thrusts. Incredibly, he had never had a tit-wank before and he savoured the fleshy softness of his daughter's tits stimulating his penis. After a few minutes, Roger was relieved when Catherine climbed off him and lay down beside him, as he was close to cumming and he wanted to make this last.

Roger turned to his daughter and started to suck and lick at her tits. The faint scent of the vinegar that he had spilled on her earlier remained on Catherine's skin, and to his surprise Roger even found this arousing. Moving from one breast to the other, Catherine lovingly cradled her father's head as she once again experienced the combination of power, lust and a little shame as she provided her father with what he so clearly needed. He seemed to lick and suck her tits for ages, and Catherine was happy to allow him his enjoyment.

Eventually, Roger lay back on the bed. Catherine looked over to him, aware of the contrast between her own young, lithe body and the older man lying next to her – but more potently, the realisation that father and daughter were laying next to one another, illicitly naked. For a moment, she wondered how to finish her father off, and was just about to reach for his erection when she remembered all of the things that he had done for her over the years. He deserves this, she thought, and leaning over, Catherine muttered "I love you, Dad" before cautiously taking her father's cock into her mouth.

Again, Catherine was aware of how much bigger her father's cock felt in her mouth than her husband's, and she knew that he was close to cumming from his groans and the twitching of his cock in her mouth. Aware that she was ostentatiously meant to be keeping this functional and providing relief, Catherine held back from giving her sexiest blowjob and just held her father's cock in her mouth, using her tongue to feather the sensitive underside. "Oh yes, I'm cumming!" hissed Roger, as Catherine hurriedly lifted her wet mouth from Roger's penis and jacked it firmly, his sperm hitting her face and dribbling down to her tits.


Jack drove home from work, thankful for the air conditioning in his car given the temperature outside. It had been a glorious day, and he was looking forward to getting some nice evening sunshine with his wife.

Pulling up outside the house, Jack noticed that his father-in-law's car was parked up. Jack remembered that Catherine had invited him over, and hoped that she had been able to cheer him up a little – Jack was all too aware of how much Catherine loved her father, and would do anything to revive his spirits. Instead of going through the front door, Jack decided to walk around the house and get straight to the large garden.

Noticing the recently cut lawn, Jack smiled to himself – one less job to do, then, he thought. He noticed Catherine sunbathing at the far end of the garden, and was just about to call out to her when he noticed that she was topless – and that Roger was crouching down next to her. Jack was surprised that Catherine was so casual about lying with her tits on open display to her father, and a sudden instinct led him to hide behind a large bush that was handily situated in the middle of the garden. Jack had a partially obscured view through the leaves, and was close enough to hear the conversation.

"I'd better go then, darling," Jack heard Roger say to Catherine. "Thank you for a lovely day."

Catherine propped herself up onto her elbows, and Jack's penis involuntarily started to stiffen as he looked at her perfect petite tits, and noticed that rather than bikini bottoms, Catherine was wearing a pair of thong knickers that showed off a lot of her pubic region. Hardly appropriate in front of her father, Jack thought.

"OK Dad," replied Catherine. "And thank you for your help – there's no need to thank me, you were marvellous," she said.

Strange, Jack thought, but relatively innocent, as he prepared to make as if he'd just arrived home – but before he could move, he was stopped dead at what he heard and saw next.

"You'd better be careful, sunbathing with your tits out like that," Roger said to his daughter. "You don't want to burn."

"Don't worry, Dad," Catherine laughed. "Anyway, it might help me get some more freckles, and I know how much you love them!"

With that, Catherine leant up to her father and gave him a goodbye kiss – but to Jack's disbelief, it was no father-daughter kiss but a full, open mouthed passionate kiss, tongues clearly sliding into each other's mouths.

Pulling away, Roger laughed. "I'd better go before I need your help again," he said, pointing at the bulge in his shorts. "I won't forget what you've done for me, dear," he said tenderly, before walking towards the house to leave.

Jack stood, stunned. He couldn't believe what he'd just seen and heard, but at the same time it was undeniable. Catherine, his wife, had clearly displayed her body to her father...had clearly kissed her father with her mouth open, as passionately as she'd ever kissed Jack...and Roger had intimated something about receiving 'help' from his daughter! Jack was outraged, disgusted...and turned on. Erect.

Jack waited for his thoughts to clear (and his erection to subside) before trying to stroll casually towards his wife, now on lying on her front with her back to the sun.

"Hi hon," said Jack, his voice surprisingly natural, he thought. "Have a good day?"

"Hi babe," replied Catherine. "Yes, Dad came over and did loads of jobs for us." And what did you do for him, Jack wondered. "He seems a lot happier these days".

"Great. Hey, you look stunning, hon," said Jack, quickly removing his jacket and shirt.

Straddling his wife, Jack started to gently massage Catherine's back and shoulders. He noticed her freckles more than before, remembering Catherine's comments about how much Roger liked them.

Catherine luxuriated in the feeling of her husband's strong hands on her skin. Her incestuous actions earlier had left her aroused but unfulfilled, not feeling able to bring herself off after bringing her father to orgasm. She soon turned over, hoping that showing her tits off to her husband would keep him interested. Jack immediately reached for her tits, feeling them up, squeezing them a little more roughly than was usual...

Jack mauled his wife, desire building inside him along with disgust. Had she let her own father feel her tits up, he wondered? What else had the slut done? So that was how she was 'cheering her Dad up', thought Jack, by using her body like a whore. Along with these thoughts, Jack's cock swelled and throbbed in his pants.

"Come inside," said Jack thickly, leading the way.

Catherine smirked, hoping that they were going inside for sex, and followed her husband indoors – but almost as soon as they were in, Jack, with dark venom to his voice, said, "Catherine, I saw you kiss your father. What the fuck have you been doing?"

Catherine suddenly felt cold, and it was nothing to do with the cool interior of the house. Her desire, so strong a moment ago, disappeared as she rapidly calculated what her husband might have seen or heard. She decided that lying would only make it worse.

Tears springing to her eyes and her voice trembling, Catherine said "Oh Jack, please don't be angry love...Dad has been so lonely, and it seemed such a simple thing to do for him to make him happy again...I only gave him a little, er, help..."

"What do you mean, Catherine? Have you been fucking your own father?"

"God no, Jack, all I did was give him a handjob and a quick suck!" she blurted out. "It was so simple! I didn't even get turned on, it was just like doing a chore for him," said Catherine, aware that she was lying a little now.

"What was all that about your freckles, then?"

"Jack, you remember that mum was covered in freckles. Dad obviously likes them, they turn him on...when he was feeling my tits, they must have reminded him of mum."

To her surprise, Catherine noticed a bulge in her husband's trousers. Unsure of what was happening, she decided to carry on.

"I gave Dad a tit-wank earlier, Jack...I don't think he'd ever had one before, and it was so obvious that he's rediscovering life", Catherine said softly.

Jack was in turmoil. His disgust and rage were disappearing as he thought about what Catherine was saying. There was, he had to admit, a perverse logic to it...wouldn't any loving, dutiful daughter do the same? And at the same time, Jack couldn't deny the powerful force bubbling up inside him...almost before he could process the thought, he spoke.

"Why didn't you tell me, babe? I – it – I want to see, it turns me on!"

Husband and wife stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. What had they got in to? A daughter was sexually servicing her own father, and her husband was aroused by it. The possibilities were endless, the sexual horizon broadening.

Passionately, fiercely, they kissed. Jack forced his tongue deep into Catherine's mouth, dizzy with the knowledge that just minutes ago, his wife had snogged her own father. Within seconds, Jack was naked, his hard cock rearing up. Literally tearing at Catherine's knickers, Jack tossed them aside as they collapsed on the sofa.

"Do it, Catherine, do to me what you did to your Dad," gasped Jack, aroused beyond reason. "Show me what a dirty little whore you are."

Catherine couldn't believe the situation that she found herself in, and felt incredibly sexual. Pushing her tits together for the second time in just a few hours, Catherine gave her husband the benefit of her cleavage.

"I did this, Jack," breathed Catherine, also now swept along with crazy lust. "Do you think he liked it? Do you think he liked rubbing his cock all over his daughter's little tits?"

Precum streamed out of Jack's painfully engorged cock.

"Did you suck it, Catherine? Did you give your Dad a blowjob?"

Catherine took Jack's cock into her mouth, bobbing her head furiously, saliva leaking out of her mouth and down his shaft. Lifting her head for a moment, she gasped -

"Oh I did, babe, I had Dad's cock in my mouth. But I didn't give him head like this though," said Catherine as she went back to her husband's cock.

Now she sucked slowly, languidly, rolling her tongue round and round the head of Jack's cock. He was close to cumming, she knew, and Catherine herself needed relief. Taking Jack's hand, she directed it towards her cunt and groaned as she felt three of his thick fingers pierce her. Looking up at her husband through her strewn blonde hair, Catherine said,

"Look at me, Jack, your wife – a Daddy's girl..."

Quickly, she slung a leg over Jack's lap and allowed his penis to slide smoothly inside her. She knew that she didn't have long, Jack was too close, so Catherine gyrated her hips wildly, making the most of the cock inside her. Jack was out of control, his moral reasoning gone as he conjured up lewd images of his wife servicing her own father...not only did he have an unfaithful wife, but she was also an incestuous slut! Just as Jack was cumming, Catherine remembered that her father's cock was bigger, remembered how it had filled her mouth more than Jack's ever had, and Catherine exploded in orgasm, her cunt clenching and twitching as she at last found her own relief.

To be continued...

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