Dutiful Daughter Ch. 04


After a few minutes of steady action, Catherine pushed Roger away. Turning onto her back, Catherine spread her legs, inviting him back in. Roger paused, regaining his breath, his cock glistening with Catherine's secretions. He white thong was by now a little ragged and stained, the tardiness making her look even more appealing. Catherine drew her father towards her, opening her mouth to kiss him lovingly, using her soft tongue and delicate lips to please her Dad.

Without breaking the kiss, Roger re-entered his daughter, his penis sliding in easily this time. Catherine was aware that her cunt was receiving her Dad's big cock more easily now…if I get used to this, she thought, I won't even be able to feel Jack properly. Roger's thrusting was gentle now, and Catherine moved her hips expertly to match him…as Roger thrust forward, Catherine would raise her hips to maximise the sensation for them both. Roger stroked Catherine's hair, still in girly braids, as they continued kissing, gently now, sensuously. It struck them both that this was more like making love than fucking, they could no longer keep up the pretence that either one of them was 'relieving' the other.

Catherine felt her orgasm building, and the insistent penetration of her father's large penis brought it closer with each thrust. Wave after wave of pleasure built up, her senses overloaded with the soft, loving kisses and the feeling that her father was so deep inside her that he almost touched her cervix when he thrusted. Her clit rubbed on her Dad's cock-shaft…and then her orgasm exploded, pulse after pulse of ecstasy, her entire cunt throbbing. She looks beautiful, thought Roger, as Catherine features contorted, a deep red blush spread down her chest, and her cunt clenched his cock again and again. And now he was close.

"Catherine, darling…" breathed Roger. "I'm almost there, Catherine…"

"Do it, Dad," whispered Catherine lovingly. "Mum would have wanted this, you know…we love each other so much, it's only natural to do this…" Catherine cajoled her father. "I've given you my cunt, Dad, give me your sperm…make me into your woman, not just your daughter."

Time stood still for Roger. His whole being centred on his cock…he knew that he was a fit, fertile man and that he was bare-cocked in his young, fertile daughter…and that this time he wasn't going to withdraw.

Holding Catherine down gently by the shoulders, Roger made the fateful last few thrusts. Then it came – Catherine raised her hips and locked her legs around her Dad as Roger held his spurting cock as deep inside her as he could. Roger knew that he always produced a generous amount of sperm…his cock jerked out shot after shot of rich sperm into the velvet grip of his daughter's vagina, splashing against her cervix. At last, it was over…father and daughter held each other in a loving embrace, Catherine tilting her hips upwards to retain the precious seed.


They didn't have sex again after that evening, although Catherine did make sure that she allowed Jack to cum inside her one more time. As she expected, Jack's cock was beginning to now feel inadequate, neither stretching not penetrating her as much as she wanted. Again, as she expected, she didn't have her period. Two weeks later, Catherine confirmed what she suspected, hoped for – she was pregnant.


I hope that you enjoyed this story. I know that the plot is moving away from what some readers wanted, but to others it is what they hoped for. In the next chapter, Catherine remains the dutiful daughter by ensuring that her father's needs are not left unmet whilst her belly swells…

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