Earth to Anna


"Yes, yes it is."

"I wish there was something that I could do to make you feel at ease. Or do I make you nervous?" he said, losing his grin. "Or maybe you don't want me as I want you, like I thought you did―hoped you did."

Anna felt anxious that he'd leave. "While I do feel nervous, it's not because of you or what you're thinking," she went back outside, stepping closer to him. "I want you too."

"Listen Anna, I'm not like those kids that bullied you in school. There isn't anything in me that is cruel like those boys you used to know. I'm much more mature than them, I'm thirty-two and have responsibilities with my family's home building business doing the landscaping."

"Oh," she said in surprise, he guessed her issues. She misjudged him and found she could trust him too. "Well, I—"

"We have things in common," he interrupted. "And that's what's over there. It's a greenhouse with plants you'll be interested in for Earthlinger."

Now she felt embarrassed. "Greenhouse?" she asked weakly, realizing that he wanted her for a friend and not a lover." She pulled her kimono closed, "Sure okay, I'd like to see it. Let me put some clothes on."

Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and swung her up into his arms, "Oh, I want that with you too," he laughed, carrying her down the deck stairs over to his side of duplex.

Anna giggled, "I can walk." She did feel comfortable with him.

"I'm sure you can, but it's more fun this way."

# # # #

Seeing Anna up close like this and holding her was more than Jase had hoped, for it to happen so soon. He thought it would take a long time to convince her. Perhaps she was ready for a change and trusting him would be her first step. If that were so then he would make sure it was worth letting him into her life.

Around the corner he set her down on the stone walk then opened the greenhouse door. "All for you, what do you think?"

Without hesitation, she entered the greenhouse, looked around. She gave a yelp of excitement seeing certain hard to find perennials, ones with vibrant colors he knew she searched for in vain.

"I really can't believe all this. This is amazing, really," she smiled, eyes widening as she picked up a butter yellow mountain top shrub. "How did you get this?"

"Ochre Sungazier Officinalis, a Golden Sugazer. Trust me, it was hard to find," he recalled a cliff stubbornly rooted and him acquiring it with rocks falling into deep canyon. "It's an obstinate little shrub."

"Yes it is," she laughed, setting the plant down. "This is all for me? Why?

"Yes, for you and I don't really know why other then wanting to do something for you, get to know you. As I said, I like you and the word 'like' is such an inadequate word for I feel about you."

"You hardly know me."

"I know you more than you think. We have common ground. I think I'm starting to understand and really do have something to share with you."

"I can see that. Are you a stalker?" she teased.

"Maybe, but I'm yours and harmless."

"Yes," she smiled invitingly. "Just so you know, I want more than a show this time." Anna dropped her robe.

Jase stared―feasting on her nakedness then joined her, stripping off his t-shirt. He took her in his arms for a bare chest to breast embrace. Holding her tight, felt the rapid beats of their hearts. With one hand, he undid his pants, letting the drop. His cock butted against her stomach as he held her tighter and kissed her. Her lips were a cool in contrast with her hot mouth of which his tongue explored. He tasted sweetness, a dewy spring morning—her innocence.

Then he found she really was.

Anna whispered into their kiss, "Just so you know, I'm a virgin."

Stopping, he looked into her eyes―they were dark pools of desire. He wasn't entirely surprised with the bullying she suffered. Of course she was a virgin. How else would she protect herself from the insults and assaults of her teenage years?

"I'll be so gentle you won't even realize when you're not," he touched her cheek, stroking it, trailing down to her breasts. He rubbed her nipples making them harder. "Then I'll have you again."

"God yes," she bit her lower lip. "Again and again."

Although trembling, she kissed him, causing him to also shiver along with her. Aroused beyond any time before this, he slipped down to his knees, tongue trailing the same path as hands had done then further, past the plane of her stomach to her hip bones, kissing them as well. A short tuft of blond hair protected her mound with an inviting fragrance. Petting her softly, he parted her fleshy lips, exposing her glistening sensitive center where the tip of his tongue licked the hood of her clit in long, lazy strokes.

"Ah, yes, yes...that's, god," moaning, her fingers wrapped in his hair. "That feels amazing."

# # # #

The sensation of his wet tongue sliding against her clit had her melting. It was so much better then touching herself. The silky light brown were like silky feathers in her hands as she tried not to be too forceful into showing him how much she liked what he was doing to her. Although he did get it, jabbed at her nub giving her a rhythmic pleasurable throb making her hips thrust to him each time his tongue let up.

"Oh, ohh," she moaned.

"You like this, huh?" he mumbled, laughing a vibrating thrill.

"Ya, god yes."

With excited little gasps, she knew there was no way she could hold back as she liked to do, delaying orgasm made for a more explosive one. She came before she knew it, going on tiptoe for how intense it was, which he followed, holding her as she climaxed

"Oh yes more," she called out greedily. "Give me more."

Jase's tongue stroked her until her spasms subsided. Though what she really wanted was more of him, to suck a real cock for the first time, specifically his. Standing, he gave her a long kiss with her flavor lingering in her mouth. Wanting to oblige him in return, she eagerly pushed him against the work bench where he potted plants. Surprise registered in his as her aggressiveness was unexpected as a virgin.

With his muscled ass against the bench, she leaned into him, leaving her own trail of kisses, though handling him first. The hard flesh she grasped confirmed what she suspected, he was larger than average, which gave her a slight tremor. As she snuffled in his salt tinged skin, she sighed reaching his maleness. Clear semen seeped making him slick for her touch.

Heat came off him in waves, making upper lip break out in beads of sweat, though mostly from nervousness. This moment would be a first for everything sexual since she had only ever read erotic stores and occasional videos on the web. Practicing giving head to a cucumber was nothing like a real cock except approximation of size she decided. With just the head, she took him into her mouth as she cupped his heavy, firm balls in one palm. The flavor was surprising appealing, definitely arousing. She gave him a tentative suck, swirling her tongue. Glancing to him, she saw a wide grin spread across his handsome face.

"That's it, babe," he nodded, encouraging her.

Anna grinned, she liked be called his babe. She licked the underside of his cock to the end in one long sweep, tongued the tip like he had done to her clit, paying attention to the oozing slit. He groaned his pleasure letting her know she was doing what he liked. With her free hand, she stroked the shaft from the base to where she lips wrapped around him.

"Ya, faster," Jase murmured, "Just like that."

Moving hand as he directed, she gave more pressure with her sucking. She did this for a while his hips flexed, straining until he made her stop. It was good he did as her mouth was tired from the effort to please him. Taking her hand, he pulled her to her feet then nuzzled her neck.

"You did so well I nearly came," he whispered into the crook of her neck. "Are you ready for more?

"Yes, very."

An erotic hot buzz pounded between her thighs, her juices made her slippery with need to have him. Nipping him on the shoulder, she moaned. He picked her up and turned, letting her recline on the bench with him between her wide open thighs. Even though she was already wet, he swirled his cock against her clit and spit on his palm, combining their lusty lubrication.

"Babe, the wetter, the better," he promised.

"I'm ready."

With gazes locked and his cock poised at her entrance, he slowly pressed into her. Never had she played with a dildo or any other sex implement had gone where he was, not even her own fingers. As he entered her, she felt the stretch to accommodate him and did hurt a little, but was more of burn.

"Are you all right?"

Anna winced, "Yes, but keep going, don't stop."

Bearing down like she read somewhere, she was able take his girth all the way. He paused here, grasped one of her ankles and wrapped it around his waist, prompting her to do the same.

Twitching his hips, he drew out an inch or two and pressed into her again, beginning his thrusts slowly. His thumb found her hard nub of flesh and caressed it sending hot exciting waves rolling throughout her body while he rocked against her. Although full of him, she squeezed since finally feeling pleasure replace the pain. She leaned onto her elbows, watching, fascinated with his thrusts, his cock disappearing and reappearing slick and wet.

"Masturbating is nice, but sex is better," she shivered.

"Yes it is," he laughed.

"Put me up against the wall and do me there."

Wrapping a strong arm around her waist, he did as she requested, pressing her into the class wall that was fogged with humidity. If anyone decided to come and visit Jase right now they'd see her butt cheeks mashed on the window. This image played in her mind and she giggled as he pinned her with slow, deep and relentless strokes.

"What's that babe?"

"Just having fun. God, this feels good."

"Mm-m," he agreed.

Unexpectedly, the timer on the misters turned on and a light rain, cool rain slicked their bodies. Slipping, he held her tighter. One hand at the small of her back with the other grasping her thigh and him pumping, pumping. The beginnings of another orgasm happened. She hadn't expected she would only have had them through stimulating her clit, but she was going to. The stroke of his cock nudged her ever closer, she squeezed those inner muscles she ignored for so long and the feeling strengthened. The sensation bloomed from within, slowly opening and unfurling from pussy to nipples, make them into points.

"God, I'm coming!" she called, not able to keep her grasp around his waist, she spread her thighs as he thrust through her orgasm. "Yes! Yes!"

Sliding against the wet glass and a slicker body, they went onto the ground, he still between her thighs. Jase increased the speed of his thrusts and her orgasm extended, flowing. Their sex sound wet, squelching with every drive then he went rigid, sucking in his breath and pinning her to the ground. He shuddered and also came.

"Damn, jeezus, ya," Jase groaned with after spasms.

Grinning, she said, "That was amazing."

"And hot."

"Oh ya."

"And wet," he rolled over onto his back laughing at the mist that coated them in a sheen.

"Amazingly hot and wet," she giggled.

"Anna, you had me going. I couldn't stop," he said trying to catch his breath.

"We'll be doing that again. It also means you'll have to cut the grass more often."

"Oh, definitely." Jase took a hold of her hand squeezed it, "Perish the thought the grass would grow an extra millimeter or so."

They laid there for awhile in relaxing silence. Giving him her virginity she realized was exactly what she needed to do. Jase had been her salve, kind and tender, obliterating every painful memory of high school. None of those boys had anything on him and most likely never would. Lost in thoughts of years ago, she watched a water drip fall from a hanging plant that landed squarely on her left nipple.

Jase licked the water off her nipple then asked, "Earth to Anna?"

"Mm, yes?"

"It's time to let go of the past and live."

"Oh, ya," she purred, reaching for him, wanting more of everything. "You're so right about that."

And so she did. She let go and decided to live and love, truly, deeply—starting with him.


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