tagIncest/TabooEducating Nita

Educating Nita


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when my stepdaughter Anita (we call her Nita) came out into the yard and asked if I could take her and her friend Amy to the mall later and Amy's dad would take them home. I said sure no problem what time? She said about 8pm as they were going to walk around the mall and then see a movie.

I went in and showered and got dinner ready as my wife was at the opening of a new store, as the national manager for a chain of lingerie stores it took her away about one week per month and she wasn't due back for 5 days.

Nita said she'd get some dinner at the mall. So I ate in front of the TV. The doorbell rang and Nita's friend Amy was there. We made small talk for a few minutes then she ran up to Nita's room.

It's a strange relationship, my wife had Nita when she was just 16, so my wife is 34, Nita is 18 and I'm 27 so I treat Nita more like a friend than a daughter.

About 15 minutes later her and Amy came down and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was wearing a dress that I bought for her mother. (a very form fitting white lycra dress, with long sleeves, a low neckline and very short hem that shows off my wife's gorgeous body to perfection) She kind of stammered that it was okay she'd talked to her mom earlier and she said she could wear it.

My wife has a body to die for, but Nita has a body straight out of Playboy or Penthouse. She has long, full strawberry blond hair, long, shapely legs, tight little ass and the most fantastic breasts, at least a 38D, to my wife's 36C. She stands about 5' 6" in her stocking feet, and wearing a pair of 4" stilettos she was easily eye-to-eye with me.

I let her know that it wasn't a problem. (I was just having a hard time keeping my eyes off her). She had never dressed like this before usually just jeans and t-shirts. She just looked so damn sexy in that dress with white pantyhose and a pair of her mothers white stilettos.

I thought it best if I just take her and Amy to the mall now so we piled into the car. I kept stealing glances over at her as we drove, but wasn't too obvious about it. It's when Nita turned in the passenger seat and was talking to Nita that the hem of her dress rode up to reveal she was wearing white thigh high stockings not pantyhose.

My heart leapt into my throat. I thought Christ she must be meeting some lucky little bastard tonight to dress up like that. I wasn't worried I know she and her mom went through all that talk and stuff ages ago. I just kind of hoped that she knew what she was doing.

I dropped them off at the mall and went home and spent the next few hours in my office doing paperwork. I decided to have a quick sauna and then showered and put on my robe and went down to watch TV.

I was just watching the news when I heard Nita's key in the lock. In she came looking gorgeous. She said hi and sat down on the sofa opposite me. And then she almost gave me a heart attack. She said "David I was wondering if you could show me how to do something important"? I said "sure Nita you know I'll help you with anything". "Good because I want you to teach me how to make love!!"

After about 30 seconds I regained the power of speech and said "Now Nita that isn't a very good idea is it"? I love your mother and something like that would tear our relationship apart wouldn't it?"

Without a pause she said "But it was Mom's idea that you teach me?" Now Heather (my wife) and I are pretty free and open when it comes to sex, we experiment a lot and even done a couple of threesomes, (me, Heather and her best friend Allison and me, Heather and my best friend Bill). Though neither Bill nor I engaged in the same games as Heather and Allison. (Heather likes the feel of another woman now and then)

We have an agreement that it's only cheating when you try to do it in secret so we've both enjoyed multiple partners with no risk of commitment and generally fuck like mad after the other has had a dalliance.

But this was altogether different, it's one thing to tell my wife that I'm going to make love to someone from the office, but to tell her that I'm going to coach her daughter in the ways of lovemaking is another story entirely.

So I was actually rather annoyed that Nita would say such a thing, so without showing my disappointment at her boast that Heather suggested it I decided to ring Heather and ask her about it. Frankly I was a bit worried about Nita.

When Heather answered we went through the usual pleasantries then she delivered the line that I dreaded. "So has Nita asked you yet?" Asked me what I stammered? "Well, silly didn't she tell you that I told her the best person to teach her about good sex would be you" was the reply. After a few seconds I stammered, "Heather are you insane! She's your daughter".

"That's right, and I love her and she wants to learn about sex and she's far too mature for boys her own age, and she wouldn't know how to approach someone older and wiser so I said the best solution is to have someone you know and trust teach you". So I said the best lover I've ever had is David, the things he can do in bed defy description, and you know he loves and cares for you so he wouldn't hurt you, he loves and respects me so he wouldn't get unduly attached and besides he's got a cock of steel and a tongue that sends me into orgasmic convulsion just thinking about him." So you see David don't you agree you're the obvious choice? "Besides it was you who told me about learning to make love from an older woman when you were 18 wasn't it?" You're mothers best friend who you used to do yard work for, didn't you tell me that you spent 3 months before going off to college learning how to pleasure a woman?" "And trust me dear you learned the lessons well and you are fantastic in bed." "What better way for Nita to learn about making love than from you darling? You know I love and respect you and I would be grateful if you could teach Nita what you know."

I said "Heather I love you and would do anything you ask, but are you sure about this?" "As sure as I've been about anything, you're sensitive, you respect a woman's mind as well as her body and you're the most thoughtful lover in the world so yes I am sure" she replied.

"All right darling I'll do my best", I stammered. Still very unsure of this, all of a sudden I had to think of Nita as a lover and not a friend or my wife's daughter and the task was rather daunting. Heather and I said our goodbyes and I went back into the sitting room where Nita was perched on the edge of one of the sofas.

My confidence, regardless of the reassurance of Heather, was flagging. I was being asked to become a sex tutor to my wife's lovely daughter for god's sake.

I sat down beside Nita and took her hand in mine and said "Listen sweetheart are you sure about this? She repeated pretty much what her mother said about boys her own age and I must admit she was so breathtakingly gorgeous that I could understand a man if he became obsessed with her.

She looked me in the eye and said, "Besides judging by the sound that you and Mom make you both are really enjoying yourself"

"What do you mean?" I demanded. "David, this house has air conditioning vents, haven't you noticed, nearly every night I hear my mother moaning and talking to Jesus so you must know what you're doing".

I say, "okay Nita, I'll do it and I look forward to it as well. You're so beautiful and I've fantasised about making love to you every now and then I would consider it an honor to show you how to make love."

"Nita one question? Has your sexual experiences been that bad that you feel I should teach you?"

"David I'm still a virgin, well technically. I've had many orgasms with that dildo that you and Mom use and many times while you were both out I fucked myself silly with it. But it's not the same as making love to another human being is it? I was sitting under the vent last week as you and Mom made love and that's when I got the idea. So I talked to Mom about it and she agreed that it would be a great idea."

"David I love you and the happiness you bring to my mother I really appreciate you for it, but you and I could never have a relationship could we? I want someone to make love to me and experience what it should be like, then when I find someone that I really like, if they're not the greatest I have some sort of lesson plan I guess to show them how to be a good lover. You wouldn't deny me that would you?"

I take your hands in mine and kiss both in turn and look into your lovely green eyes and say "Nita I appreciate your candour and admire your maturity. I'm glad you realise that this is about ensuring pleasure in the future. I admire you for your forthrightness. I stand and hold your precious face in my hands and kiss you gently on the forehead.

I say "come to my bedroom in 5 minutes please"

I cross the room and take the stairs to the bedroom level. Upon entering my bedroom, I start to light candles in the room. The bedroom is just that, there is nothing but a king sized bed a small sofa and two nightstands next to the beds. Heather and I designed the house knowing that this was a special place and should only be used for sleeping and making love. Which we tended to do in equal measure.

As all the candles are lit, I turn down the lights and put some soft music on very low. I sit on the bed and ponder what has happened in the last 45 minutes!!!

There is a gentle knock on the door and Nita comes in looking radiant in the candlelight. The flames of the candles seem to glow off her lovely hair. Her pale skin is translucent in the light of 40 candles.

I rise and walk to her; she turns and closes the door. I open it and put my arm behind her neck and say, "Who's going to come in here, we're alone in the house darling?"

I gently take her face into both my hands and stare into her eyes for a long moment. I know she is nervous and I've got to be very patient and attentive.

I take her close to me and just hold her for a few minutes, when her breathing becomes more normal I step back and cup my hand under her chin. It's then that I notice her lips for the first time. Having never been so close to her before for this long I notice that she has the lips of a goddess. Full and red, almost swollen.

Since she's wearing stilettos she's almost my height in . I lean to her and gently kiss those fabulous lips. I hold her gently and savour the taste of her lips. She responds by running her hands through my hair, then down my back.

She reaches my ass and grabs hold with both hands pulling our crotches together. She whispers in my ear "I want you to make love to me David show me how to please a man and show me what a woman needs"

I wrap my arms around her back and open my mouth onto hers and I let my tongue wander with hers. I hold her tight to me and run my hands down her back to her little tight ass. As I run my hands over her ass I realise that she isn't wearing panties!!

I pull back and tell her this. She looks into my eyes and smiles, she says " Mom told me that the last time she went out in this dress she didn't wear any and when she told you the two of you went into the cloak room and you fucked her from behind and she came so hard that she's sure everyone heard you in the restaurant"

"She said that it would turn you on!"

And my God it did, the thought of this beauty walking around without panties made me rock hard.

I pulled her to me again and attacked that fabulous mouth with mine, our tongues intermingling. I reached behind her back and undid the zip to that great little dress.

I peeled the dress down her arms, exposing her large breasts, encased in a white satin bra. I kissed her cleavage and ran my hands down to the top of her dress. I kissed my way down her hard, flat stomach.

I kissed and pushed the dress down her hips. I paused to look at the strawberry blond thatch of hair on her pussy. She had shaved qal the hair from her bikini line and around her vulva. I let out a hot breath on it and continued the journey down.

I slid it down her long shapely thighs and calves then bent to allow her to step out of it.

My wife's daughter now stood before me in a bra, thigh high white stocking, stilettos and a fuck me now look on her pretty face.

She stepped out of the dress and bent to remove her shoes. I said "no leave them on darling."

I stood and kissed her mouth again, pulling her to me and felling the heat of her womanhood through my robe.

I turned her around and undid her bra clasp. I kissed one then the other strap off her shoulders. I pushed her bra off and reached around and hugged her tight from behind and took her arms and crossed them over her ample bosoms.

Then I slowly turned her around and stepped back and said, "show me"

She slowly let her arms drop to her sides then held her arms out for me to come and taste of her ample bounty. I lowered my mouth onto her left nipple and licked and teased it until it stood erect like a little flagpole. Then I repeated the process on her right breast and teased and cajoled that nipple to mimic the left.

She was breathing heavy in my ear and holding me tight to her breast.

I straightened and stepped back and told her to take off my robe.

She undid my robe and let it fall open. My cock sprang out and I shrugged the robe off my shoulders.

I gently took her by the shoulders and lowered her onto the king size bed. I lay down above her and kissed her again. I then kissed her neck, her throat, her sternum and each breast. I sucked and teased each nipple until they were stiff and erect. Going from one then the other while she gently pushed my head further down.

I trailed my tongue down her stomach and to the top of her pubic hair.

I moved down and began kissing the inside of her thighs. The stocking tops against my cheek. I kissed and caressed her inner thigh until she reached down and grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her sex.

I slowly, mercilessly caressed her vulva, and then concentrated on her clitoris. Which was huge and engorged by her excitement.

I started to lick and caress her womanhood. At first she was a bit apprehensive having a man kissing and licking her, but she soon got into the rhythm of the dance.

As my tongue probed her she became even more aroused, her inhibitions diminishing and started pushing my head into her swollen pussy.

I licked and sucked while she trashed about and moaned relentlessly. Her cries of pleasure were a joy to behold, I ran my hands under her ass and pushed her into my face while I licked and sucked her gorgeous little cunt. Sticking my tongue inside and lapping at her vulva.

I then went to work on her clit again, nibbling on her hard little clit and pushing my middle finger into her hot little box... Man she was tight but good and wet so my finger went in easily. With my palm up I used my finger to look for her G-spot. I said, "Nita darling you might feel some pressure but don't worry you'll really like it". She murmured her agreement and I gently pushed my mouth and tongue back onto her swollen clit. My finger curled around her pubic bone and applied pressure to the vaginal wall, No luck on the first try but the second spot was the one!! She seemed a bit scared of the sensation but I assured her to just relax and enjoy it.

Well as you know the results were explosive to say the least!! With the tip of my tongue giving butterfly kisses to her supersensitive clit and the pressure on her G-spot sent her wildly into an orgasm like she's never had.

She squeezed my head between her thighs like a vice, she was thrashing her hips up and down in my face, grinding her pussy to my mouth and hand: Screaming "oh god, fuck, Jesus Christ, I'm coming, god I'm coming oh fuck me with your mouth and a lot of oooohhhhhs. This went on for about 45 seconds and she was coming so hard she discharged her vaginal secretions right into my mouth.

She still held my head in her hands and thighs for about another 90 seconds, her breathing was so heavy, I thought she might pass out! She slowly relaxed her thighs and I could see her pussy was totally soaked from her juices. I looked up her belly and the look on her face was one of pure satisfaction.

I began to kiss my way up her belly, then lightly touching each nipple, this sent a shiver through her and she moaned lightly. I lay down beside her and rolled her into me and hugged her close.

After a few minutes she moved back from me and planted a deep soulful kiss on my lips, running her tongue around my mouth to taste her own juices. We held each other and kissed and cuddled for a while.

I asked, "you okay Nita" and she just smiled and said "Ohh yes, better than okay. God I've never had a feeling like that in my life, I was totally helpless, lost in passion and lust, I thought I was never going to stop coming. Oh David Mom was right, you do know you're stuff Thank You" and she kissed me again.

I gently took her hand and guided it down to my stiff cock. Her warm fingers touched the swollen purple head and slowly moved down the 8" of my rock hard shaft and finally she cops a feel of my hairless balls. She looks into my eyes ad I give her a wry smile. She giggles and starts to gently massage my balls and cock, while I trail kisses over her face and neck

I run my hands all over her now sweat covered body, my left hand runs over her tight little bum and across her hip down to her hot little cunt. I can still feel the heat emanating from her and gently trace my finger into her vulva. She moans lightly into my ear that she wants me inside her, I say soon my darling soon.

I insert one finger slowly into to her and thankfully she's still very, very wet. I slowly build up a rhythm with one finger and her breathing is getting heavier and her little twat is loosening up, so I insert another finger and slowly work them around her. She's almost ready as she starts to move her hips in small circles to savour the sensation.

I say," okay honey roll onto your back", I take my fingers out and bring them up to my face; I suck one finger then offer her the other. She pouts her luscious full lips and starts to suck my finger. (I think the part where I teach her how to suck my cock should be easy) She runs her finger in and out of her mouth, making humming noises and generally pretending she's sucking my cock.

I reach down and push her left thigh across the bed and roll over in between her stocking clad legs. I press the length of my cock on her vaginal lips and bend down for a kiss, I tell her to take my cock in her hand, which she does, and to guide it into her.

She doesn't hesitate with her hand guiding me she takes me by the base of my hard on and pushes it right into her hot little hole. I've only entered her about 2 inches and I need to let her get used to the size of my cock. But she looks at me with lustful eyes grabs my ass and pushes my cock all the way into her. She lets out a moan, very loudly OHHHHHHHH and I just let my cock sit buried deep inside her.

I'm holding her close to me kissing her and I gently begin to move in and out of her, maybe 2 inches at a time. She's pretty much totally relaxed now and starts to grind her pussy slowly into my cock, encouraging me to increase the tempo.

She wraps her long legs around me and starts digging the heels of the stilettos into my back, so I know we can now get a bit more adventurous. I pull my cock almost out of her, and then push in only the head for about 20 strokes. She starts a little whining moan telling me to give it to her so I bury my pole into the hilt with such force my balls slap off her ass. This sends her over the edge and she wraps her arms around me and screams, "I'm coming, ohh god keep fucking me I'm coming!!!!!!!!!"

I increase the force of my strokes and pretty soon I'm pistoning into her, driving her back down on the bed when she arches up to meet my thrusts. She's thrashing her head from side to side and she looks so gorgeous with all the blonde hair covering the pillows and her face. She climaxes yet again and I can feel her tight vaginal muscles massaging my cock as she achieves another earth shattering orgasm.

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