tagIncest/TabooEducating Nita Ch. 5

Educating Nita Ch. 5


(It was a sunny Indian summer Saturday morning; it's been a week since our last adventure.)

I had never attempted this with a woman like her; I slowly, quietly crept up behind her. She was totally unaware of my presence, I didn't know if I would be rebuked or not. Still, I was here now behind her as she sat at the dining room table, freshly showered, made up and perfumed wearing black lace underwear and a silk bathrobe. I know because I secretly watched as she put these items on, she was totally unaware of how much I knew.

I crept up behind her and reached out my right hand, without a pause I slid it down the front of her robe and let it rest on her gorgeous right breast. It was now or never!!

With my left hand, I seductively put the glass of mango-papaya juice on the table in front of her; Heather tilted her head back and looked up into my eyes.

"What do you think you're doing" she exclaimed. "I almost spilled my coffee you nut. Come here and give me a kiss"

I sat on her lap and had a quick kiss then jumped up and said, "Try this, you'll love it." As I sat beside her she just said, "god, David you're too much, what is it?"

"It's just some juice I made, try it."

She took the glass to her full lips and drank a small amount and mouthed, "mmmmmmm, its fantastic, what's in it?

So I told her and she had a quick giggle about "boys and their toys" and finished off the glass of juice as we ate our breakfast.

I'd awoken about an hour earlier feeling a strange sensation in my groin. I thought I was dreaming of course, but as you do when you know you're not dreaming you quickly realize what's actually going on.

I opened my eyes, looked down, and saw the top of the plushest head of auburn hair rising up and down on me. I thought, "What a way to wake up, having your gorgeous wife giving you head first thing in the morning."

When I stirred, she swept the hair from obstructing my view and looked up at me. What a view to behold, the site of Heather's mouth around me sent shivers down my spine.

I reached down and pulled that face, that glorious face, which I can never get enough of, to mine for a slow, luxurious kiss.

As we were kissing, Heather straddled my legs and mounted me, reaching back and guiding me in.

For the next hour we made, slow, passionate, love to each other. When we were spent, we showered together, I spent a long amount of time washing her hair, pampering her and shaving her legs; making sure the shave was perfect in every way. Once we were finished in the shower she left to get ready.

She was off to D.C. to meet old friends of hers, a bi annual ritual that I wasn't allowed to attend. When I was bringing up her second cup of coffee that's when I looked in without her realizing and spied what she had on.

These are Heathers oldest, dearest friends, she has known them since kindergarten. They have no hidden agendas, no one-upmanship with each other; they are, outside me, her sole confidantes in this world. (Thankfully, I have the same "band of brothers" though we never shop, rarely see shows unless there are nude women involved and almost entirely subsist on football games, poker or outdoor activities for our enjoyment.)

Heather cherishes these weekends, as I do mine, it gives us a chance to miss each other. A trait we found early in our marriage with my frequent absences due to business.

"Leaving home was hard, coming home made it even harder!" was Heathers favorite phrase.

I offered to drive her to the airport but she slowly said, "Noooo David, you need to be HERE, Teacher."

Inwardly I kind of groaned, though I had had a discussion with a close friend who was a psychotherapist. I gave him free, confidential investment advice; he traded his expertise with me on the same terms. His conclusion was, "Why not."

So I should have had a clear mind but didn't. I was still a bit unsure about this course of action and Heather and I had talked it to death. Her advice being, "Why not."

So I finished my homemade, fresh from the freezer Belgian waffles and said, "Ok, what does she have in mind?"

Heather chirped in, "Quite a lot actually, she even has binders with pages and pages of notes and stuff that she downloaded from the Internet."

"AARRGGhh", I said. "What kind of stuff has she got?"

"You name it she's got questions on it, though I did help you out on a few pointers here and there last night while you were out."

Exasperated I asked, "Well what did you cover?"

"Oh, nothing strategic, purely tactical, trust me you'll know."

"She's being brought along just right, just you wait and see." Heather offered as she got up to get dressed.

"Great I thought, I was about to be attacked by my gorgeous, strawberry blond stepdaughter and she was armed with enough information to frustrate me for about a year."

Heather came down and my breath caught in my throat!! She looked divine! Dressed in a short hounds tooth wool skirt and a one-piece bodice I almost stopped her there. Her legs were encased in black nylon and she wore a pair of black stilettos, that she knew drove me crazy to see her in.

I quickly spoke, "Who are you trying to impress?"

"Hey, if you've got it flaunt it right?" she said sarcastically as I swept her into my arms and kissed her greedily.

"Have a good time my sweets, but not too good a time okay?" I said. As the cab pulled up outside, we walked out and I opened he door for her as the driver put her bag in the trunk. I leaned in for a quick kiss and we said our "I love you's and goodbyes".

I watched the cab as it disappeared down the drive and made my way back into the house. I cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher. I decided a run through the woods at the back of the house was in order so went and changed.

As I was coming down the stairs I hadn't heard a peep from Nita so I thought I might just be able to postpone the inevitable. WRONG!

As I entered the dining room I found her sat at the table with notepads and binders all spread out in front of her. I was busted! She looked up as I entered and this great big smile illuminated her whole face. She got up ran over to me, gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "This is great I can't wait to get started." She then launched into how much she had thought about it and the amount of time she spent looking things up.

Inwardly I reasoned that I wasn't going to physically run away, I might as well stay mentally. It was hard not to be impressed with her enthusiasm and devotion so I figured I might put at least 50% of the effort in that she did.

So I sat her down again, trying to calm her and, asked, "Would you like some juice, or another drink before we get started?"

"No, I'm fine you go ahead though." So I went into the kitchen and downed a fifth of vodka, well I got a glass of orange juice really.

So as I sat down, at the side of the table, since Nita was in my chair. I said, "Right, where do you want to start?" As Homer would say, "DO", wrong question, Nita launched into a diatribe about every subject, from A to Z and in between.

I leaned forward and thought I'd let her play it out and realize that we needed to cover a few subjects at a time. After 8 or 9 minutes on what web sites said this; the books from the library that; the women's magazines another thing; the light bulb finally went off in her head and she sort of sat back and said, "Oh".

"I guess we should pick a few topics and go over them huh?"

"Great idea darling", I agreed, "How about you pick the first topic that pops into that lovely mind of yours."

She seemed to concentrate on this for a moment, "Ok I got it, Pubic Hair," she exclaimed, quite proud of herself. Very calmly and coolly, though utterly confused, I replied, "Sure, what about it?"

"Well that night we made love I shaved earlier in the day, I thought it was a pretty good job but after I touched where I had shaved I realized mine kind of felt like my legs do when I haven't shaved for two days. There were places I missed and it was only the lower part that I paid attention to. Well, I asked Mom about it and she said you'd be able to show me how to do it better than her."

Which was true Heather endured the pain of hair removal with a laser instead of the daily shavings that I subjected myself to so I fielded the question.

"Did you have a bath before you shaved", I asked. "No a shower", replied Nita. "Did you use shampoo and conditioner on the whole area before shaving?"

"Uhh, well no I used a washcloth and soap like normal."

"Relax, just establishing the facts to be honest I didn't notice at all." (true, I was otherwise preoccupied mentally I think)

"Did you trim the hair before you started shaving?"

"Well no just sorta started shaving."

"Why, is that important?"

Trying to be as gentle as I could I said, "Would you try shaving your head without trimming your hair first?"

Thankfully she just giggled and said, "Oh yeah, never thought of it that way." Ever the pragmatist, "Ok how do you do it?"

She was quite intent when I leaned towards her and started to explain, she was actually taking notes. So, in my best professorial voice I started with, "First the hair to shave needs to be as short as possible. Two, hair is hair; it needs the same treatment as the hair on your head if you want it to be soft. Three by having a long, hot soak in the tub you open the pores and make it easier for a clean shave. Finally shaving cream isn't lubricated enough to deal with something like this, I tend to use an oil of some kind, usually baby oil."

Writing furiously she suddenly realised I had stopped, looked at me and said "Ok but how do I shave it?"

"Nita it would be much easier if I just showed you how trust me."

"Cool, what should we do first, should I go run a bath and get in or what?"

I hesitated for about a second and replied, "How about this, we'll be able to kill two stones with one bird, (a favorite saying of mine). Nita you go and get the barbers scissors and a comb, then trim all the hair around the area but remember to keep the comb between your skin and the scissors, try getting it as short as you possibly can okay?"

"Oh yeah, sure I can do that, that's one dead stone where's the other?"

"While you're doing that I'm going to get the hot tub going, take all your notes and questions with you we can spend an hour or so in there going over all this while we have a good soak okay?"

I sat back as she quickly took it in and she said, "Yeah, great idea, Mom was right, you are a genius." She collected her things and strode off upstairs. ` Shell-shocked is a word to describe it I guess? What would you be feeling now? I just promised to show my wife's daughter how to shave, for want of a more delicate phrase her "nether regions".

Well I was committed to it now; beside I started to think about the benefits associated with it. I got to do things with this young woman most men would bite their own left testicle off for. She was young and eager and there was a lot of ground to cover, plus Heather asked me to do this, gave her blessing even, so like any sane adult male whatever made my wife happy made my life easier!!

I started my run, from the dining room to the pool house, where the hot tub is located it lasted almost 17 seconds, only because I had to stop to open doors. Whew, that was some workout, 60 yards in that time, a new record.

The pool house is obviously next to the pool but it's a somewhat large affair with 2 changing rooms, two bedrooms and a hot tub and sauna inside. Not to mention a big pool outside, hence the name pool house.

I threw the switch for the hot tub, not too warm it up because we keep it at a constant temperature, but to get the jets rolling.

I figured Nita would be another 10 minutes or so and I went into the male changing room and took off my clothes and donned a pair of the sexiest most revealing pair of cut off sweats that I always wore when in the hot tub or flung onto the deck when Heather took them off me.

I stepped off the deck into the hot tub and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of the water jets around my body. If I'm honest, this hot tub was about 5 times too large for our needs, only Heather and I used it regularly but you could fit ten people in it easily.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I had a face full of water and Nita sitting across from me saying, "Wake up sleepyhead."

I opened my eyes and slowly peered across the steam from me. There she was with all the notes, binders and everything but instead of a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants she was in an impossibly tight bright yellow bikini.

For the first time since I awoke with Heathers mouth around my cock I was starting to get aroused.

Nita looked fantastic, as she should. She exercised more in a day than most people did in a year; she was a member of her high school swimming team and swam about a mile a day, and she could run me into the ground. I always knew this but only just thought of it, she was a serious hard body and what I saw in front of me was definitive proof to that.

She had the mind of an athlete, her biggest complaint being that her breasts were too large for her to compete at the Olympic level but she had the body of a goddess; curves in all the right places and hard lean muscle everywhere.

As she eased herself down into the tub opposite me, piling all her notes on the deck I put this thought from my mind because she wanted to know the meaning of certain "sexual" terms.

I replied rather nonchalantly, "Shoot"

She looked at her notes and said, "AC/DC?"

Easy one, I told her the meaning.

She went through a few more then said, "Ok, Analingus?"

Quick as a flash, "Uhh Kissing, Licking And Penetration Of The Anus By The Tongue"

"Ok how about", she shuffled a few pages.

"Ahh, BDSM?

"Well BDSM isn't a term as mush as an acronym"

"Well what does it stand for?"

I rather hesitantly replied, "Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & submission and Sadism and Masochism

"Okay David but what does that mean?"

Deciding to go in order I said, Bondage, being tied up or restrained; Discipline, well like being spanked and sent to your room but for adults. Dominance and submission involves one partner ordering the other to perform acts that cast them in a submissive light.

"Ok like one ties the other up and whips them or makes them lick their shoes that kind of thing?" Though it was a lot more complicated that hat I agreed with her basic premise so we could move on.

"Ok what is sadism and masochism then?"

Giving my history lesson I started "Sadism was a term coined after the Marquis de Sade who lived in the late 18th and early 19th century. He wrote a large amount on the subject of the pleasure of inflicting pain, I suppose Webster would define it as "the love of cruelty" basically it's someone who gets sexual pleasure out of causing pain to others.

"As for masochism, I suppose it's just the opposite, they get sexually aroused by either inflicting pain on themselves or by others doing it."

She looked at me seriously and said, "It sound pretty awful." I replied, "Not to the people who enjoy it, Nita, different strokes for different folks okay? You must remember that there are degrees to all of this, a lot, in fact most people have participated in bdsm to one degree or another."

She rattled on term after term and I did my best, I really did. Though I was thinking ahead to what today's and tomorrows lessons would be.

After over an hour of this she got to "foot fetishes". All of a sudden it dawned on me what to teach today. I asked her to repeat the question and she said, "What are foot fetishes?"

So I quickly said, "Humph, well it's easier to show you than tell you."

"Put your left foot into my lap please."

As she was starting to do so I reached out grabbed her ankle and pulled her under the water.

She came up spluttering, "Ohh I'm going to get you and splashed water into my face, then lunged at me and started to tickle my ribs, (which are very ticklish) and as she lunged into me I grabbed her to do the same.

She was leaning into me trying to avoid the tickling and I like wise. My mouth was resting on her neck and I started to nibble at her, and kept tickling her. After a few minutes I started to kiss, not nibble, and my hands stopped tickling but caressing.

My breathing became heavier on her neck, more passionate and she immediately responded to the lesson. She started to kiss and caress my neck and rubbing her hands up to my chest.

She leaned back and our lips met. We enjoyed a long, slow passionate kiss, our tongues wrestling and challenging each other. Nita backed away and with her hands on my chest whispered, "I want to feel you get hard."

So I ran my hands slowly up her sides and asked her to stand up.

When we were both stood facing each other I said, "Could you take my shorts off please?" She hesitated for a nanosecond and quick as a flash my shorts were at my ankles so I stepped out of them and threw them on the deck.

Then I moved towards her and reached behind her neck and undid the knot there, then moved to the one at the back and repeated the process. I dropped the bikini top into the water and then slowly reached down and slid the thong bottoms off her.

As I stood I noticed her nipples were reacting to the cool air and passion, her areola the size of a silver dollar were constricting and her nipples were erect and stiff with the cold and excitement.

She stood before me a willing student, I reversed and sat back on the bench in the tub and asked her to sit on my legs close to the knees, facing me.

As she sat I told her the rules, "This is called "The Touch", for the next few minutes we can only touch each other with one of our hands. No other body part is to be used. You can touch any body part you want, do anything with your one hand."

"We can start now, we'll both use our left hands."

I started at the top of her head, my hand straightening the wet hair until it was out of her beautiful face, then I trailed the back of my hand down her right arm. When I reached her hands I gently took it into mine and traced my fingers around its outline.

Her hand with her palm towards me caressed my face and moved slowly down my neck, to my chest and abs.

We were looking straight into each other's green eyes. Both smouldering, apprehensive, waiting for what was to happen next.

I then ran the palm of my hand up the outside of her thigh, and let it rest on her hard, flat stomach. She responded with taking her hand and moving it to my inner thigh and slowly running her long fingernails up the inside of my thigh until the back of her hand brushed against my balls and semi rigid cock.

In turn I put the nail of my index finger against her skin and tantalizingly slowly drew it towards her right breast. I continued until I reached her erect nipple and gently stroked it with my fingernail.

She let out a soft "Uhmmm" and closed her eyes, threw her head back for a moment and wrapped her fist around my penis.

I let my hand rub down her breast, then to her tight belly until it rested between her legs, the back of my hand on her short pubic hair.

My god I was getting aroused. I gently used my thumb to rub her clitoris, and she was instantly alive. Her hand tightened around my semi rigid cock and looking me straight in the face said, "Yes keep doing that, it feels soo good." As she began moving her hand up and down my shaft.

With the sight of this goddess before me, her hand wrapped around my cock I got hard instantaneously. As my hard on started getting more pronounced she reached down with her right hand to grasp it. She was cheating but I didn't care, I shot my arms out and grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her towards me.

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