Educating Nita Ch. 5


I held her sweet pussy just above my waiting cock and instructed; "Now I want you to take my cock all the way into you but don't rise off of it for a while ok?"

She looked in my eyes and mumbled, "mmhhmm" I guided the head of my cock into her welcoming vagina, then grabbed her hips and forced her down onto me.

Nita screamed in ecstasy as my cock buried itself deep in her. She started to lift herself off when I pushed her hips back down and told her, "Wait a few minutes darling, but try something. Instead of moving your hips up and down me try moving them side to side and forward and back ok?"

She mumbled, "Mmm, whatever you say".

She began gyrating her hips around me and I reached out and held her to me, kissed her mouth like it was ripe fruit then whispered in her ear, "now pretend you have to go pee real bad and you're trying to hold it in. Let your muscles do the work for you baby."

She was so tight already but when she started to squeeze her PC muscles I almost lost it for a second. It was like a huge fist wrapped around me everywhere and was literally squeezing the whole length of my cock.

After a few minutes of this I thought she was ready to try a little friction, so I asked her to slowly ride my cock and continue with the other motions.

The result was pure heaven, her tight little twat enveloping me like this. I bent down and sucked her left nipple between my lips and started to suck and nip at it with abandon.

She was slowing riding, up, down and around me, we continued this for about 11 minutes. Nita was experiencing small orgasms occasionally, her continual soft moaning with every downward motion would be interrupted with a louder gasp and I could feel her muscles spasm around my cock.

I slid my hand down her flat stomach, using my thumb began gently massaging her clitoris. As her tempo increased so did the pressure, I applied to her clit; her smooth, velvet like cunt riding on my hard shaft was sending us both to oblivion.

Her breaths were coming in gasps as she rode down harder onto me; I was lost in the sensuality of the moment. Her wet hair was thrashing around my face as she clung to me in the throes of her fulfilment. I took her by the shoulders and pushed her body from mine, and told her, "Lean back and rest your hands on my knees but keep riding me darling." As she did this I had to close my eyes, because I could not believe this young vision of loveliness was actually astride me.

Nita began taking very deep breathes as she forced her way on me, I opened my eyes, she had thrown her head back, her hair reaching into the water, her mouth open but the only sound was her breathing, her eyes closed tightly and her hands like a vice on my legs.

Pulling her off me, then plunging back down again I increased the pressure on her fully engorged clit. She was riding me but then stopped in mid thrust, her muscles convulsed around me and she let out a mighty howl that she was coming, coming like never before. I just held on and used every ounce of determination not to cum with her, but I somehow managed.

Her orgasms raced through her while I was still buried deep; her muscles were in a wild spasm mode, contracting every second around me. All control was lost for her as she sat down hard on my cock, filling herself completely. She came again in a wild orgasmic rage, her arms wrapping around my neck and her mouth biting my shoulder as she shuddered once, again, then a few more times until she was finally spent.

I held her like this for almost two minutes as the sensations finally began to subside. When she felt I was still inside her she slowly began riding in and out of me when I said, "Nita, I want you to suck me until I cum okay?" She kissed me again and said, "Yeah, please, right now"

She raised herself off my cock as I got up on the deck of the tub; she knelt in front of me and took me in her right hand as her mouth descended onto me.

She gingerly licked the head of my cock for several seconds, then ran her tongue down the length of my shaft. After she ran her tongue up the underside of me, she slowly engulfed the head in her full red lips.

Her mouth slowly worked its way down me, until I realized she was trying to swallow my whole cock. I let her continue but expected the gagging sounds any second. As her mouth slowly, very slowly descended onto me her tongue started to undulate along my shaft, my first thought was "Tactical advise" damn, my wife had told her daughter how to suck a cock too perfection.

As she swallowed more of me, it became apparent she needed more practice. Before she gagged on the end of my cock, I put my hands across her face and slowly lifted her head back. She swept the hair from her face and looked up at me somewhat disappointed but I said, "Don't worry darling, I'll show you an easier position to do it in."

In response, she started to suck my cock like a wild thing. Her mouth going up and down about 4 inches a time and she was really sucking hard. She was licking the underside of my cock with every downward motion of her mouth and I was ready to cum, I put my hands on her face, and said, "Nita I'm going to cum, keep sucking my cock like that for another few seconds."

She responded by humming into my cock, reaching back, sucking with a fury. I lasted under this onslaught for about 74 seconds, I grabbed Nita's hair and pulled her mouth up to the head of my cock and shouted, "Nita, I'm coming, right now!!"

Nita's lips were wrapped tightly around the head of my cock as the first jet hit the roof of her mouth, she then began to greedily suck and swallow at the same time.

After about 30 seconds, I had shot all I had into her hot young mouth and she was leisurely licking the tip of my cock getting all the semen off me.

After the last drop of semen was sucked from my now limp cock Nita looked up at me and smiled. "God, that was incredible" I said, "Where did you learn to do that?"

"Oh, mom told me what to do, you know, the basic stuff" Nita replied rather nonchalantly.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply.

I stood up, helped her from the tub, held her in my arms, and looked into her eyes as if peering in on her soul.

She looked up at a slow grin spread and me across her lovely young face. She just said, "Wow"

I gently caressed her cheek and said, "The feeling is mutual, trust me."

I then took her by the hand and led her out of the room. She enquired, "What are we going to do now?" My reply was as deadpan as I could make it and said, "We're going to have a shower together."

I turned on the shower in one of the pool house bedrooms and waited until it was the right temperature then Nita and I got into the stall and stood under the jet of water, savoring the warm feel of the spray on our cool skin as we held each other closely and kissed again.

We slowly separated and I looked deeply into Nita's eyes as I lovingly caressed her face with my right hand. She took my hand in hers and stroked first the front then the back and raised it to her sultry lips and slowly licked then kissed the palm. She then took my hand, laid it to rest on her left breast, leaned forward, and gently kissed me on the chest, then the neck and finally our lips met again and we kissed slowly, our hands exploring each others bodies.

Before we got out of control, I thought that we should finish what we came in here for. A shower, and on my part, a debrief of sorts.

I reached for the shampoo and Nita reared her head back into the shower, I slowly worked the shampoo into the hair and asked, "Well what have we learned this morning?"

As she reeled off the different thing that we'd done and how they related to some of her questions, I was amazed how bright this young lady was. She recognised how we covered bondage, sub-dom, even the subtle message on sado-masochism to which she replied, "Yeah I almost missed the irony of the fact that denial of instant pleasure could be construed as pain, ingenious David now I understand what you said earlier."

I had just finished washing the last of the hair on her head and asked her to rinse, then I liberally squeezed some shower gel on a sponge and began to wash the rest of her. After I had finished and she was rinsing off I again grabbed the shampoo and began washing her pubic area, I made sure I gently lathered all the hair and then asked her to rinse please. When she had rinsed I applied conditioner to the area.

Nita took the opportunity to begin washing me, and by the time she finished, we both had a good rinse and got out to dry off. I told her I had some things to prepare and could she meet me in the rec room in about 45 minutes.

We went back to the house in our towels (the pool house is connected to the garage and house) and made our way to get ready. I ran a comb through my hair, put on some deodorant and cologne and was ready.

I collected all the things I'd need, razor, with new blades, baby oil, towels, the basin for hot water and some soap. Then I thought of adding a little humor to the moment and headed up to the attic to find what I needed.

It was right where I left it, in a box labelled Barber Shop stuff. (I bought all the stuff at an auction because I wanted the old fashioned, red leather barbers chair and it was sold as a lot. The chair was down in the rec room, newly upholstered and my throne when the boys came over for Monday Night Football.)

In the box I found the old straight edge razor and the leather strap for sharpening it and took them along.

I made my way down to the basement. (Which is where the rec room is, we have a formal living/sitting room on the ground floor but Heather won't allow me or any of my friends in there because it's for "special occasions" she says. Translated we go in there about twice a year.

The sitting room may be Heathers but the rec room is all mine. It takes up most of the space in the basement; it has cheap (ish) carpeting, several Lazy Boys, a couple of futon sofas that fold out into double beds (for Nita's slumber parties) a small kitchen, a bathroom, a huge plasma screen TV that hangs on a wall, surround sound stereo, DVD and Nicam video. The other accoutrements include a full size pool table, ping-pong table, Sony Playstation 2 (which is damn cool on such a large TV).

The room is large, airy, and warm for a basement and kept dry by a dehumidifier.

All in all the ultimate "guy" room, my friends and I liked it a lot.

I decided this would be best because the futons are the right height for a shave and for the other things I had planned.

I got everything set up and waited for Nita to come down. I figured she'd be about 10 minutes. It turned out to be 25, but that's a woman for you. The wait was worth it though; she had done her hair, and skilfully applied makeup and scent. She looked fantastic, if I didn't know better I'd have said she was in her mid 20's. She had on one of my white, button down dress shirts and nothing else apparently.

I got out of my barbers chair and met her, I gave her a big hug and kiss. I led her to the futon that I had folded down and showed her where to sit. I then asked her to place her feet sole down and knees bent onto the footstools that I'd put in place.

She complied though I could tell she did feel a bit silly sitting there like that, kind of like a gynaecologists exam. Well that couldn't be helped I need access to the right places after all.

The first thing I did was to pick up the straight razor and began slapping it up and down the leather strap, she stared at me in wide eyed bewilderment until I finished and as I began to approach her she stated pretty loudly that, "I wasn't coming anywhere near her with that thing."

I laughed and closed the blade and dropped it on the floor then knelt and picked up the real one and showed her that I would be using the trusty Gillette.

I crawled to her on my knees and gave her a quick hug and kiss and said, "Sorry, couldn't resist."

She was still kind of scowling but she grabbed my arm, gave me a hard pinch, and said, "Christ, you scared the hell out of me with that thing! I thought he can't possibly use that to shave can he, not down there?"

"Relax, first thing is a nice hot towel for the area, you've been dry a little while now and we need to open up them pores." I replied.

I then unwrapped a small hand towel that had been heated in the microwave and was about the same temperature of the towels you get on airplanes. I had covered the futon with towels so no nasty stains would be apparent.

I kneeled up to Nita's face and said; "Now just lie back and relax ok?"

"No way I want to see how you do it!" she replied.

Fine by me, I waited another few moments then removed the towel, liberally applied the baby oil and started by sculpting the pubic hair above her vagina. I thought about the shape I should create and decided on a patch of hair about three inches from top to bottom, and an arrow shape from about two inches wide down to a point.

I completed this while Nita watched, enthralled by what I was doing to her. The ironic thing being that it was a bit clinical to be erotic but it was certainly sensual.

I finished her mons pubis and then concentrated on her labia major. This took a bit more time but I was satisfied with the work. I then asked her to turn onto her hands and knees, as I had to finish with her perineum and anus.

This went a bit slower because she hadn't trimmed the hair, but 10 minutes later, this young lady was shaved totally and completely clean.

I rinsed of the razor, and cleaned her off with a warm washcloth and pronounced the job finished. "I'll be back in a minute", I said as I went to get rid of the water.

As I came back into the room Nita was sat on the edge of the futon slowly tracing her finger along everywhere I had shaved. She was obviously more turned on than I thought and I just stood there and watched.

My short was closed above her waist, but she gently, almost gingerly fingered the hairless parts of her anatomy. She was totally unaware that I was watching, she continued her journey until she reached her tight little anus.

She reached to her mouth, wet her index finger, and began circling her anus, then slowly dragged her finger until it was on her labia. She deftly probed for hair, but there was none.

I said from the doorway, "Shouldn't I be the one to do that?" Slightly embarrassed she removed her hand, which when I knelt between her outstretched legs I quickly replaced and said, "We can both try."

Her feet were not on the footstools but as I approached, she raised her feet onto her toes and arched her back so I had total access to her if I desired. I did so desire.

I approached slowly, almost cautiously; I knew the areas would be very sensitive to the slightest touch now that there was no hair to absorb any gesture. I stopped and admired the handiwork and was impressed that this was one of my best shaves.

I slowly let the underside of my tongue trail down the thatch of hair that remained. The slowly traced it around the newly shaven areas above her clitoris. I moved my head further down and Nita's hand returned to the area. We each took a side of her now shaven labia, I traversed my tongue south, and Nita's hand went north. We swapped sides and repeated the process in reverse.

As I reached the top, I stretched up to Nita's face and I gave her a gentle kiss on her soft lips. I then went to her cheek, kissed it, then her ear, and after a quick nip on the lobe whispered, "Lie back darling."

"No, I want to watch!" I quickly thought, what a clever girl. Then I looked at her face and saw the most devilish look there, so I asked, "Anything else you want to do?" Quick as a flash she said, "Make love to me with your mouth and fingers like the first time please?" Ahhhhh, the g-spot. I smiled at her and thought, wow what a quick learner. I kissed the tip of her nose and said, "For you babe, anything." Then I started kissing my way down from there.

When I reached the desired location a few minutes later, having spent sufficient time paying attention to other sensitive areas, I gently ran my tongue slowly up and down her inner lips several times.

Although Nita's legs were spread wide I used my right hand to gently separate the lips and repeated the process for a few minutes. Nita excitement level had moved up a notch or two by now so I withdrew my tongue and gently blew a cool breath onto her lips. The affect was immediate; she gave a quick shudder and throatily said, "Ooohhh." Perfect.

I resumed my licking to warm her again and after a little while of this moved up to her now completely exposed clitoris. I started by covering the whole area with my mouth almost touching her and exhaled on it for a few breaths. The with the lightest of touches slowly flicked it once with my tongue, Nita responded with "yes right there, that feels nice."

I continued in this fashion for several minutes, barely touching her engorged clit with the tip of my tongue, Nita getting more and more excited. I then put my right middle finger into my mouth and slowly inserted it into Nita while the tip of my tongue slowly increased the pressure on her sensitive clit.

"Mmmmm", she said and laid a hand on the back of my neck. I inserted my finger and worked it in and out for several minutes. Nita was certainly excited as my finger was quickly coated with her lubricating juices.

Nita's breathing was becoming shallower and quicker, so I turned my hand palm side up to search for the spot again. My mind thinking, it's about 3 inches in, a spot no bigger than a dime.

I curled my finger against her pubic bone, then started not only licking her clit harder put pressing my left hand into her pubic bone. She knew what to expect and when I found it she was immediately uncomfortable and tried shifting herself away, then must have remembered my last instructions and relaxed again

As I massaged the spot and licked, the effect was amazing, she was no longer breathing heavily; she began what can only be described as panting. She grabbed the back of my head, pushed it into her clit, and let out a low guttural moan. Taking this to mean that all was well I continued for about 25 seconds when suddenly the world exploded.

Nita's thighs clamped around the side of my head, at the same time both her hands grabbed the hair on the back of my head and she forced my face down onto her as she started a truly mind-blowing orgasm.

I continued what I was doing as best I could and sort of held on waiting for it to end. I could make out some of the sounds she was making but her thighs made great earplugs. One thing I did know was that she was in the throes of the first of many orgasms this afternoon. With my finger still firmly massaging her g-spot and my tongue mercilessly stimulating her clit, her orgasms lasted for what seemed like half an hour but probably closer to 90 seconds.

Her thighs finally released the death grip around my head and I slowly withdrew my finger but then started to slowly lick her now soaked vaginal lips. I could now hear her labored breathing, deep, short breaths from both her nose and mouth. God, I hope she liked that, and as I looked up, I saw that her head was thrown back and the only thing keeping her for falling over backswords were her hands on my head. (Thank God she'd stopped pulling my hair) Therefore, I surmised that she liked it.

After licking her for another minute or two, she moved her thighs from my shoulders and gently cupped the sides of my head in her hands and pulled me up to her face.

God, what a picture, her cheeks were ruby red, her lips were puffy and pouting and her eyes were smoky. When I lent in for a kiss my hard on brushed against her now very sensitive pubic area, the underside of my cock was now pressed firmly into her lips and Nita closed her eyes briefly and breathed a heavy sigh.

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