Educating Nita Ch. 5


She then put her arms around my neck and gave me a deep, long kiss, her extremely erect nipples pressing into my chest and both our sexes resting on each other.

The feel of her genital skin against mine sent a quick spasm through us both; I knew she was expecting me to enter her at any moment but I had other ideas. I kissed her on the lips and asked her to "turn around and get on your hands and knees please."

She seemed a little perturbed, but again she thought I might be trying a new position with her. As she turned around, she unbuttoned the remaining button on my shirt, took it off and threw it across the room.

As she settled herself, catlike, into position, her legs were spread wide but she had crossed one ankle over the other. Curious but not bothering to question it I got ready to enter her. I positioned myself appropriately and with the tip guided in the right direction, I moved forward with abandon and plunged the length of it into her in one masterful and powerful stroke.

She reacted by screaming, "Oh, you bastard, you cheated." I then slowly pulled out and plunged my tongue into her luscious cunt once more.

With her gorgeous ass in my face like this, I couldn't help myself, I wanted her to have another orgasm while I licked and fucked her with my mouth.

So, with reckless determination I started tongue fucking my gorgeous 18-year-old stepdaughter from behind.

I was furiously plunging my tongue in and out of her gorgeous cunt, my nose nudging into her little ass. She had reached back with one hand and was vigorously massaging her clit. We continued this for a few minutes and she was now backing her sex into my face, I decided to use a finger also and inserted my right index finger alongside my tongue. I then replaced my tongue completely with another finger and started to meet her backward thrusts.

Knowing she was going to come soon I slowly stood, my fingers still in her, I used my other hand and guided the head of my cock towards her. I deftly removed my fingers as I pushed the head of my cock into her and my forward motion met her backward motion as I buried myself deeply in her.

She let out a loud gasp then breathed, "Oh yeah!!" This was no time for subtlety, we were on the brink of thunderous orgasm and I wanted to try one more thing before I came this early afternoon. I grabbed Nita by the hips and drew out of her almost completely, slowly, and methodically repeating the process over and over again. The site of her inner lips almost resisting when I pulled out captivated me, they were easily two inches outside her every time I pulled out.

Nita was breathing very heavily, moaning and mouthing something that I couldn't make out. Knowing she was close, as was I, I increased the frequency of my thrusts, praying that I could hold out. In less than 30 seconds, Nita was on all fours again and was slamming her hips into mine, by hairless balls slapping off her shaven pussy. She was mouthing, "Yes, yes, god I'm coming" and as my pace continued she let out an almighty howl as she was gripped by a massive orgasm. The best way to describe it is she was writhing on the bed in front of me, throwing her head from side to side as I kept up my assault on her.

As one orgasm was fading, another was just about to explode through her. Just as she was beginning to gain some control she was off again, lost completely in ecstasy. I stopped any motion on my part completely and waited for her orgasms to subside so we could move on.

Nita eventually collapsed in a heap before me, and lay on her side. I lay next to her and propped up on an elbow just looked down on her face. Her eyes were still closed, her lips were slightly parted and she was still breathing very heavily. Her long, curly hair was strewn on the futon like a crown, god she looked wonderful.

Two minutes later, she had settled down considerably and must have sensed that I was staring at her. She turned her head, looked at me from the corner of her eye, and immediately rolled over into me.

As we were laying side by side I gently put a hand to her face and kissed her lightly and said, "You alright sweetheart?" She gave a very deep breath and replied, "Oh God I've never been better." Then she threw her torso onto mine, half rolled on top of me, and started kissing my face all over saying, "thank you" repeatedly. As her kisses became more sensual she then moved her hips and legs over mine, effectively laying on top of me. When she pressed into my erection she raised herself onto her hands, her hair trailing down into my face and said, "David, you're still hard! Didn't you cum?"

"Not yet"

"Well we'll see about that" Before I could react she suddenly pulled her knees forward straddled my hips, her outstretched hand grabbing my cock. I let her continue; after all, it was the right position just the wrong location.

She expertly guided me into her and slowly sat down on me. I reached up with each hand and gently massaged her glorious breasts. As she slowly gyrated her hips on me, I raised myself to face her and asked her to, "Wrap your arms around my neck", and using my legs and backside worked us to the edge of the futon.

When my feet hit the floor, I told her to "throw your legs around my waist as I stand and hang on."

With my arms holding her tight little ass, I began walking across the room with Nita impaled on my cock.

When we got to my barber chair, I straddled the footrest, put one then another knee onto the seat cushion. The seat back was already reclined as far as it would go and I told Nita to spread her legs over the arms of the chair while nudged us forward.

Once her legs were spread across the arms, I asked her to, "Put your arms on the back of the seat and keep your hips at this height." As she did so I slowly sat back on my ankles, my cock withdrawing as I did so. She immediately got the idea and a wry smile crossed her face.

Once I had reached the right spot, I rested my elbows on the arms of the chair and hesitated for a few moments. Just the head of my cock was in her and Nita tried to force her crotch down but the way she was positioned prevented it.

Using the leverage from my elbows, I slowly stuck my cock in until I was deep inside her. She reached a hand down to my face and gently caressed it as I slowly, meticulously, pushed in, and pulled out.

I carried on at this pace for a few minutes, always mindful of the fact that in this position you have about 10 minutes until you start getting muscle cramps.

Nita then moved her mouth and slowly sucked her index finger while she murmured, "Mmmmmmm."

She then reached down and with a wet finger began to caress her sensitive clit. As she worked herself into frenzy, I increased my pace. I pushed my cock into her with an abandon, ignoring the groans of my muscles as my cock slid smoothly in and out of her young, tight cunt.

Nita was near to climax and so was I as I finally pushed in as far as possible, lifting her legs off the armrests. She suddenly stopped, suspended by my cock buried deep into her, the only thing supporting her was my cock. She began wriggling her hips around me and realised that she could now literally spin on my cock.

As she began gyrating wildly, her hot, tight little cunt was able to rotate slightly around me, I pulled out and her legs once again hit the arms of the chair but I instantly pushed up again and repeated the process. This time I held her there, supported only by her one arm and my cock buried in her.

Her orgasm must have started at her toes; She immediately swung her legs from the arms of the chair and wrapped them around me. She was still resting on one arms so I leaned forward, grabbed her hips and forced my cock all the way into her. Once my cock touched her cervix, she lost all control and fell back into the chair. As her orgasm raced through her, her PC muscles gripped my cock, I could no longer control myself and started pounding into her like a wild animal. Each thrust, harder and faster than the last.

When I started to come; I buried my cock in to the limit and pulled her into me as I shot jet after jet of hot come deep into her.

The sounds of our orgasms would have made anyone cum; we were both transported to a different realm as we each enjoyed the sensations.

As her loud moans died away and I regained my equilibrium, I leaned forward and rested my chest on hers. Nita and I were still breathing heavily, so I gently kissed her breasts, then her sternum, neck, cheek and finally her mouth.

When I licked her mouth, she greedily grabbed my tongue with her lips and sucked it in.

After a few minutes of this, she began stroking my hair and then pushed my face away and looked me deeply in the eyes. Her stare was incessant and she finally said, "Could it ever be better than that?"

I reached out and held her to me, gave her a long embrace. Kissed her on the mouth, neck, and each ear and whispered, "It can be better, much better."

She looked at me wide eyed, then replied, "That just isn't possible! I have never come like that."

To which I instantly responded, "Well you have more to learn don't you, besides wait until you're with someone and you each feel the way you're Mom and I feel abut each other."

I kissed her again then said, "Now wrap those legs and arms around me again, we're going to try getting out of here if we can we have lots to do."

"Like what?"

"Just do as your told " I smiled, as we somehow got out of the chair alive and stood shakily.

Nita then demanded, "What have we got to do?"

"Well we need to have another shower I guess, then I'm going to buy you lunch, and you are going shopping!"

"Shopping, for what?"

"Well you are having a romantic dinner for two tonight with a handsome gentleman, it's a black tie affair and you need to be dressed properly."

"Ohh, who might this gentleman be?" she asked anxiously. Leaving her in suspense I responded, "Just wait and see."

She tried another parry and asked. "What's on the menu?" TO which I said, deadpan, "YOU!"

She was still a bit nervous, thinking that I had another man coming to make love to her so she asked, "David, what's going on tonight?"

I hesitated for a while, and then said, "Nita, the guy who just made love to you would like to not only teach you but seduce you. Is that alright?"

"Oh, okay cool, are you coming shopping with me?"

"Not likely I don't even shop with your mother. Why don't you call Amy, we'll pick her up in an hour and I'll drop you off at the mall?"

"I'll also spring for lunch."

So, we set off for lunch and an incredible night of passion.

Tune in here for the next selection from Educating Nita Part V.2 and discover what happens tonight!!

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