Elk Lake Nymph


"And we will continue with this on Monday."

"Thank God," thought James. This week had been way too long. He had survived three major exams, the most recent taking place that Friday morning. That last class seemed to take forever as he watched the clock slowly wind it's way to three. His eyes were either on the clock, or the hot nursing student in the row ahead of him for the entire period. He never caught a word the instructor said. Every Friday he kicked himself for signing up for that class. James was a sophomore chemistry major with a pre-med option. He had a tough schedule that did not allow him to go out and party as much as his roommate and their friends. Most of his dorm floormates were done by noon on Friday. They would all be down at the campus bar getting an early start on the weekend. Normally he would join them, but this weekend he had other plans. He had recently been told about a hidden lake, deep in the woods a couple of hours away from campus. The owner of the local bike shop said that it was easily accessible by mountain bike, and that he should have no trouble finding it.

James flew out the door of the chemistry building to the bike rack where his mountain bike was locked up. He had just bought the bike used from the local bike shop. The previous owner had raced it, so it was a fairly nice setup. James had never raced, but he loved to explore the mountains that lay a few miles to the west of the campus. The bike also served as transportation, so James could justify the expense.

The summer had supposedly ended, however, the weather had warmed into an unexpected Indian summer and the early October sun was warm on James' face as he coasted down the hill to his dorm. He wore no jacket, and the breeze felt heavenly on his skin. He stopped by his dorm long enough to throw some clothes into a backpack, grab his sleeping bag, and enough supplies to get him through the weekend.

The old truck's motor came to life with a roar that James had been waiting to hear all week. He pulled out onto the highway and rolled the window down, letting the cool autumn breeze blow the troubles of the week away. An hour later he was in the mountains. He pulled off the highway onto an old logging road, threw the truck into four-wheel drive, and floored the accelerator to make it up the first hill. He wound his way through the wilderness, taking roads that grew tighter and rougher with each turn. Occasionally he stopped and checked a hand-drawn map the owner of the bike shop had given him.

Finally, he his odometer told him that he should be nearing the trailhead. As he crested the next hill, the logging road came to an abrupt end. If it had not been for another vehicle parked nearby, he would have thought he was lost. In a way, he was disappointed to see the little red jeep parked there, he was hoping to have the trail to himself. He felt a sense of relief, however, as it did provide him with some assurance that he was in the right place.

After a little searching, he found the trail. The sign had been blown down. It was full of bullet holes and hardly legible, but he could barely make out the name "Elk Lake", the name of his destination. By the time he hit the trail, the sun was low in the sky. The trail was about nine miles long, but judging by the topo, it was easy terrain, and James figured he could be at the lake by nightfall.

The trail took James up a few switchbacks to the top of a ridge. It then followed the ridge for a few miles, providing him with some magnificent views of the surrounding forest. A hawk soared overhead, and he caught glimpses of squirrels, chipmunks, and even a few whitetail deer. After about an hour of riding, a small lake came into view around the ridge. James followed the trail down off the ridge towards the water.

The lake looked like a perfect blue gem from the ridge. As he arrived at the water's edge, he could see that it was crystal clear. A water snake skimmed across the water a few yards out, and he could see minnows darting about below the surface.

James set up camp as the sun set, and then set out to walk around the lake before dark. His flashlight beam briefly picked up the eyes of several small animals before they darted off into the brush. Upon reaching the opposite side of the lake, he came to another camp. Nobody was at the camp, but an unattended fire was crackling cheerfully in a well-made fire pit. He was thinking about calling out to see if the occupants were nearby when he heard a splash in the lake a little ways ahead on the trail. He tiptoed along the trail, so as not to startle his neighbors. As he reached the bank, his flashlight caught a flash of pink on the ground. He looked back to find a towel lying on the rocks by the water. He shut off the light, deciding to see who his neighbor was before greeting them. He snuck through the bushes until he had a good view of the lake. He could just make out someone's head poking through the water in the fading twilight. As he watched, the form rose out of the water and waded back towards the bank. James gasped when he realized that the form was that of a woman, and she had been swimming in the nude.

The woman made her way to the bank where she toweled off; taking a long time to dry off her long, slim legs. James could feel his erection growing has he watched. She was a brunette, and looked to be about thirty, with fairly large breasts and a nice ass. The twilight was bathing her gorgeous body in a purple glow. As she dried, she pushed up her ample breasts, and turned towards the bush where James was hidden. She tilted her head back and gave a moan as she played with her nipples. It almost seemed as if she was putting on a show for him.

Finally, she wrapped herself in the towel and started to walk back towards her camp. She got about halfway down the trail and stopped. She turned back, looking directly at James, and said "Like what you see?"

James' heart raced as he slowly crawled out of the bush where he thought he was hiding. "I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...I mean...,"James stammered.

"It's all right," she said. "I guess you can't expect to have the trail to yourself these days".

James didn't know what to say. He stood there dumbfounded, gawking at her poorly covered body.

"When you're done looking at my tits, would you like to have a beer?" said the woman, bringing James out of his trance.

"Uh, yeah, sure, I guess," mumbled James, trying to decide if he should accept, apologize some more, or just run away.

"Well come on then," she said, leading the way back to her camp.

As they walked into her camp, she pulled two beers out of her backpack and handed one to James. As she was bent over the bag, the towel slipped a bit, and he couldn't help but stare at her cleavage. She caught his stare, and smiled.

"You already saw them, I guess there's really no point in hiding them now."

With that, she let the towel drop away from her body, and threw it over her pack. James' jaw dropped as she sat down cross-legged on her sleeping bag. James could see a perfectly trimmed bush between her spread thighs, and he was instantly hard again.

"You're in the middle of a beautiful forest, and all you can look at is my jungle," she chided him, giggling. "Sit down and enjoy your beer."

James sat down on a log on the opposite side of the fire. He could just see her magnificent breasts over the flames, which gave her tanned skin an orange glow. He watched her drink her beer without ever taking a sip himself. When she was done, she motioned him over to her.

"You've been feasting your eyes on this body all night, now I want my turn," she said. "Now strip."

She didn't have to ask twice. James' clothes were in a pile next to the fire in about five seconds flat. She rose to her knees and took his hard dick in her hand. She stroked it for a minute, watching it throb in her warm grasp. James couldn't believe what was happening. Here he was, in the middle of nowhere, being jerked off by a beautiful woman he had just met. His surprise grew as she leaned forward, taking his cock in her mouth. He groaned as her lips moved up and down his shaft. Each stroke, her tongue would play with the tip for a few seconds before she would bury it in her throat again.

It was not very long before James felt a climax building. He grunted a warning before coming hard into her mouth. She swallowed a little, and then pushed him away. She let the cum run all over her breasts, and then laid back on the sleeping bag.

He lay over her, and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him to her. He felt the warm, moist lips of her pussy against his shaft, and he was instantly hard again. They kissed deeply as he slowly rubbed his shaft back and forth over her clit. She gave a slight moan, and he slid into her.

He fucked her slowly at first, but she started pushing against his thrusts. Her hands grasped his buttocks and pulled him into her, faster and harder. She started moaning so loud that birds began to flee the surrounding trees. They were oblivious to the fluttering as another climax built inside the two of them. They came together, both screaming their pleasure to the trees. Their moans echoed off the surrounding cliffs and in the distance, some wolves howled an answer.

They lay there together in silence for hours, enjoying the afterglow. They exchanged small kisses from time to time, then slipped into a deep sleep.

The next morning, James awoke to the feeling of cold dew against his skin. He sat up and looked around. He was lying naked in the grass. The dying embers of last nights fires lay smoldering in the fire pit and in his groin. The woman was gone. James' clothing lay in a pile nearby, but her belongings were nowhere to be found.

James got dressed and found his way back to his camp. He was oblivious to the scenery during the ride back to his truck as he tried to make sense of what happened. On his truck he found a note.

"Thanks for a wonderful night. I hope we can do this again someday."

James returned to that lake many times throughout his college years, but never saw the mysterious woman again.

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