tagNonHumanElla's Compass Ch. 02

Ella's Compass Ch. 02


The morning was very cold and chilled her despite the many layers she wore as Ella worked to shovel the snow off to the side of the drive. She of course had a snow blower, like every good, winter climate dweller, but had again forgotten to fill the little red gas container that had been riding around in the back of her jeep so she was stuck shoveling.

The little birds chirped and chastised her for making noise while they swarmed around the bird feeder that hung on the large oak tree beside her house. Ella wondered if the birds in Kellen's world sang the same songs that these little ones did. Unbidden, like a ghost haunting her, his image rose in her mind and she struggled to suppress the embarrassment she still felt at having him see her in such a compromised way.

Ella was guarded about her past, and she had good reason to be but she knew it would only be a matter of time before he would ask her about it. Eventually though she could not delay any longer. The cold air had long since made her fingers numb and she hurried through the rest of the job and was forced to enter the house and the possibility of facing him again.

If Kellen was awake when she entered the house..she did not see him, and she fled to the shower where she might wash the sheen of sweat off of her body. Ella shaved her legs and washed her long dark hair. As she stepped out of the shower, with the water falling from her body like rain, she looked in the mirror hoping to see someone beautiful standing where she was. But she saw only the image of a woman approaching her late twenties, with very dark hair. The image in the mirror reflected a woman moderate height who was somewhat under weight she turned her head before she could examine in detail the scars she knew were present. She felt them.

Kellen was sitting on the floor of her living room, his legs were crossed and his face serene as his lips moved silently. He acknowledged her with a nod of his head while Ella walked into her tiny kitchen to make something for breakfast wondering if there was anything that he couldn't eat. She also wondered if the got extra clothes he wore had been packed in his bag or if he had simply made them.

"How is your knee?" She asked finally, hating the sound of her own voice as she brought him an omelet and a piece of toast. Kellen looked at the food curiously before he nodded and tentatively tried the food.

"I am feeling much better, you have my thanks. I will leave tomorrow." He looked down at the tips of the strange, soft leather boots he wore, his voice still harsh and hurt. He must have not minded what he was eating, or he as very hungry, because he ate with gusto. After a second thought she snuck back into her kitchen and brought them both orange juice, she nearly laughed at the way his nose wrinkled at the first sip. Ella wondered what he must have been like when he was happy. She found that she did not like the idea of him wandering like a lost puppy out in the national forest.

"You can stay longer if you need to Kellen, there is more than enough room here, and it is my fault you are hurt."

He made a graceful little flourish with his hand, he opened his mouth to speak, then as if he thought better of it he closed it again and shook his head hard. A softness came to the corners of his eyes that reminded Ella of the first thawing of the ice.

"You are kind Ilyaina, I am not accustomed to that in this strange world, you remind me of my home, of my people."

"Is it rude to ask what you are? I have never seen anything like you, the way you move, and well your ears." Ella tried hard to be direct and friendly sounding, but her voice trailed away shyly while she examined her fingernails.

His fine thin lips pressed tightly together in a strange parody of a smile. " A query for a query, my Da once said. I do not know if you will know this term, there is so little magic left in your world, I can scarcely feel the pulse of it through the soil. I am an elf, a Sylvan elf."

Ella fought the urge to ask if he knew Legolas. She nodded to his words as and glanced out the window to see if Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny were going to drop by as well. When she met his eyes again, she was struck by the fierceness she saw in them. As if he had opened the door to her mind and seen her thoughts and sought to contradict them with his eyes.

She struggled quickly for words for him. "I have never met one of your kind before Kellen. I am a human, I guess, but you knew that." She was at a loss for how to elaborate that and turned the television on flipping to the weather channel to see if there was more snow in her future, it never occurred to her that Kellen had never seen one before until he vaulted across the room cursing in a elegant song like language. He connected with enough force to knock the pictures from the wall and he had somehow produced a small dagger like knife from under his neatly tailored shirt. He held it before him tossing it from hand to hand with his eyes fixated on the television as if he expected it to attack him.

Ella spent the next hour explaining to him over tea what exactly television was and what purpose it served. In the end she was not completely sure he understood but she did the best she could.

As Kellen looked warily at the silent television, he looked perhaps more dejected than he had when she brought him home and Ella could hardly stand it. "Look, why don't you stay here a few more days Kellen, if you have no where you have to be. I can show you some of the things you might encounter while you try to find your way home."

He looked down at his hands and then to her eyes. For once she did not see the fierceness, she did not feel as if she was facing a cornered tiger, his brandy colored eyes were accessible, doors to his thoughts. She could read his surprise like a book. " You are a gracious hostess Ilyaina, and for such an ill tempered guest. I had not expected to find kindness in this world, I will accept your offer."

Ella half wished he had declined. Something about every hard line of his composition invaded her thoughts, and pulled at her. That was not something she welcomed at all. " I have to work tomorrow Kellen so you'll have to manage on your own. I will be back around five." She groaned as she thought about another long day at work. But she had not yet figured out a way to survive without eating.

"Work my lady, how particular! Have you no family to support you?" Like fall flowers after an early winter storm everything that she was seemed to wilt before him and Kellen half rose from his seat, seeing her so strongly affected. "Ilyaina?"

She should have laughed, he had not meant any harm by the comment, there was no way for him to know. After all the time in therapy, she had thought she had come past this. Ella made a short indecisive sound before she forced an inelegant laugh. " I have no family left Kellen. I was raised by my father, although he died some time ago. Still I do not think that you would have liked him well." She met his eyes as calmly as she could but when he said nothing she pushed back her chair. Then noise of it made her jump

"Excuse me." She said, much too tightly and fled to the safety of her room.

The snow was exceptionally pretty as she looked out her bed room window, it was not marred by the road, or by footprints of any kind, pure and unbroken, like clean paper, the way it coated the bare trees was especially quieting to the fluttering of her insides. She often sat on her bed and looked out this window when she felt like she might fly apart.

"One so lovely should not have such despair Ilyaina" She heard the pause in his step only in the way the floorboards creaked as he hesitated at the threshold of her room before entering and advancing slowly towards her. She could feel his eyes upon her back and her skin came alive with prickles.

His hand came to rest lightly upon her shoulder and she almost started up off the bed. He did not remove his hand and she felt obligated to sit beside him.

"I might say the same thing to you, but I don't know if lovely is a word I would usually apply to you Kellen."

"What word would you use?"

She smiled in spite of herself and looked at her ragged, chewed fingernails. "Oh, I don't know, handsome maybe, or elegant."

His fingers trailed lightly down the path of her shoulder to her arm where it ended the hand that was fidgeting beside her thigh. He covered her small hand lightly with his much larger one. Ella looked at it, she was surprised to see that his skin, was not only very pale, but had a weathered look, as if he was accustomed to spending long periods outside, his fingers were long and his nails well kept. His palm was smooth but hard, as if he had done hard work during his lifetime. He did not speak for some time, but held her hand as if they were old friends.

He was the only person she had ever met that she could sit comfortably in silence with and she liked that about him intensely. She turned to tell him so and he kissed her. His lips were gentle and dry an she was so surprised to be looking into his face that she kissed him back, flicking her tongue against his lovely white teeth, for a long, wonderful, terrifying moment before pulling her lips away and resting her forehead upon his chest.

He was solid, and he did not pull away from her or try to make her speak, one of his hand traced the small patch of exposed skin that her long sleeved shirt revealed as it crept up her back. "Kellen" his name was a plea muffled in the deep brown fabric of his shirt.

"I am a traveler far from my home Lady, but even I am not as lost you. There is no need for words."

He laid her down on her bed then, leaning over her as her stomach made great nervous flops. She was surprised to see the way his eyes shone as he looked at her. She felt a blush rise in her cheeks as his hands slid under the thermal shirt, his warm fingers traced her soft skin and made her squirm. He had it up and over her head in moments.

He smiled when he saw her bra. He had never smiled properly that she could see and Ella thought that the sun was shining down on her for that brief moment, so bright was the light he cast. She wished now, uncomfortably that she knew that this would be happening...she would have worn her pretty underwear. He traced the pink straps with a long finger and shook his head.

"Such undergarments Ilyaina, I want to see you."

She sat up long enough to hook her fingers behind the clasp. "What do the women in your world wear?"

He silenced her again with his lips, they were moist this time and his kiss more insistent, "You would find it amusing, I am certain, if it will please you, I will describe it. When we are done." His words were slurred slightly, for when he spoke it was into her mouth, as if he could not bear to stop kissing her long enough to speak. The effect gave Ella chills and she let her bra slide down her shoulders until his clever hands could tug it off.

He laid her down again, and his eyes darkened as he caught sight of her breasts, his hands trailed up her trim sides to her breasts Where his fingers trailed lightly over her skin and his serene face dipped as he lowered his mouth to her.

His lips closed over her nipple, and his mouth was warm and wet, like summer rain. His kiss released a strange tension that had been building in her and she jerked once hard against him before her fingers wound into his dark rich hair.

From one nipple to the next his warm mouth trailed although he stopped to kiss the smooth valley between her breasts while she made strange noises she would not have recognized as her own.

She knew he had never maneuvered jeans before although his clever fingers had little trouble with them once he pulled his head away from her skin long enough to examine the button. She laughed nervously as he unzipped the fly and he gave her another of his rare, beautiful smiles when he saw the little green panties she wore beneath them.

He removed her jeans, simultaneously stripping out of the shirt he wore. Ella was nervous to be so naked before him, she wore the uncertain look of someone uncomfortable in their skin. Yet as she saw his body, his smooth toned chest she felt a heat rise in her that had nothing to do with her own self consciousness.

No matter how warm she felt looking at him, it was still winter just outside her little cabin and she snuck under the pale blue floral quilt while she watched him slide the pants down his narrow hips.

Kellen wore nothing under his pants and his erection sprang free, pointing towards his belly. She had very little experience with such things, and what she had, had not been pleasant, but she still was amply impressed by the sight of him. Although she was totally unsure of how to express that.

He stretched out on the bed crawling towards her on his hands and his knees, stalking her. He moved so easily, fluidly that it made her lean back into her pillows. She watched the way Kellen's dark hair rippled as it cascaded down his shoulders, it obscured most of his face, allowing her to only see his heated eyes. Ella scooted over in the bed as he pulled back the quilt, rolling under it easily while his hand returned to their wanderings.

She found she wanted him to touch her, and she melted against his strong warm body. There was such and otherness about him that she felt giddy and wrapped her arms about his neck where her fingers traced the pointed tips of his ears. But as his hands trailed down her shoulders, his fingers trailed along the deep scars on her back she stiffened in his arms. Her manner changing so drastically that he stilled and spoke in his strange cool voice, it was husky and low in her ear.

" Ilyaina, you are beautiful, so different from me. I care nothing for your scars, I have many of my own. If you wish to tell me about them, I will hear you, but at this moment it is my wish to lay beside you."

She could think of nothing else he could have said that would have brought her back to him. She leaned over and kissed the smooth skin of his collar bone as a peace offering, and he murmured softly into her hair as she trailed little kisses down his chest to his own flat hard nipples. When she kissed them, sensing it was appropriate, he shuttered deeply, his hands momentarily stilling and she felt the first wave of feminine power that comes with being desired.

He rolled her on her side, his warm wet kisses worrying the soft hairs at the back of her neck, meanwhile her fingers trailed restlessly through his hair, tracing the outline of his ear as he lifted her leg moving his own knee between them.

"You smell like citrus Ilyaina."

"That's my soap, it smells like lemons."

"I wish you knew how you smelled to me, I can taste your desire" Ella shivered at the strange hunger in his voice.

Ella could feel his erection pressing between her legs, also she could feel the sweet dampness that had gathered there. For a fleeting moment she nearly panicked and fled from him, but his hand was steady on her hip and his mouth nipped lightly on her shoulder and she found the courage to reach down between her legs and touch him guiding him to her entrance.

At the first touch of her fingers he hissed softly and she felt him strain, the width of him made her feel both excited and nervous. He felt the slickness of her and stilled. " Be easy."

She was tense for another moment but then relaxed back into the cradle of his body just as he shifted his hips and suddenly and then he was seated deep inside her.

Ella gasped as he spread her, she could feel him all the way to her toes, and the path that he created sent her soaring. Kellen grunted softly as her body shifted to be closer to him. She rocked her hips backward to meet the continued thrusts from his hips while his arms wrapped around her, finding better purchase in which to meet her.

Ella gripped his strong forearm as their bodies moved together while she stared wide eyed at the print of Waterhouse's Boreas where it hung on her wall. She thought as he thrust into her, building a strange pressure, that she finally understood how the colors could blend so wonderfully to make something so beautiful. Until this moment sex had held nothing but fear for her.

It came upon her suddenly, so much that she shouted out pushing her hips back into Kellen as his arms tightened around her. Pleasure washed over her making her dizzy while she mumbled softly. She had never known that such a release could occur.

When she caught her breath he began to move again, stronger now, and faster as his hips moved in a smooth rolling way that seemed to hit every spot inside her. Kellen guided her leg up over his hip allowing him better access to her as his hands gripped her breasts kneading them in his palms as took her.

The soft grip of her insides, the little tremors he felt raging inside her brought him to his peak and he shouted something in his own tongue to the air above the bed and she felt the pulse of him inside her.

Kellen's breath was hot on the back of her neck and he settled against her, pulling her back into his body. He eased her leg down from his hip yet he stayed inside of her. She could feel the little shocks that shook his body through the part of him that connected them. He smoothed her hair once off her forehead before kissing her ear and resting his head beside hers.

Ella felt warm all over, both from the heat of his body and orgasm that had shook her body, she smiled lazily to herself as she felt his name slide from her lips. She watched the false winter sunshine as it streamed through the window, the scent of his body was the last thing she smelled as she fell into a warm and pleasant sleep.

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