tagNonHumanElla's Compass Ch. 03

Ella's Compass Ch. 03


Ella woke as the afternoon was fading, the golden sunlight still shone off the think snow and reflected through her window, but it was weaker much weaker now. It gave her room a warm amber glow. She was wrapped in her blankets and Kellen's strong arms and the heat of laying next to another left her feeling comforted and safe.

It occurred to her suddenly what had transpired between them and although a part of her felt the need to spin wildly out of control a greater part of her soul burst forth in elation. A great weight that had born her down since the dark days of her youth was lightened, and she looked in awe at the arm that was draped nonchalantly over her belly. Ella closed her eyes as she memorized the feel of him, like a torch in the darkness he brightened her memories.

"Are you awake at last Ilyaina? You slept so peacefully I did not wish to wake you." His lips were beside her head and his breath stirred her hair. She could tell by the crisp pitch of his voice that he had been awake for some time, she was filled with warmth that he would stay beside her while she slept and embarrassment that he had, had to.

"Thank you Kellen." She stuttered nervously over her words, her body felt strangely new to her. The awkwardness of her skin had lessened and she found she longed to touch him again, to caress her lover.

She giggled softly to herself that she should have such a thing, she had never entertained the hope of laying with someone the way she lay next to Kellen now. She thought of his home and frowned, it was not in her nature to be jealous and she tried to push the thoughts aside as she focused on sound of his voice in her ear.

"I assure you it is my pleasure Lady, you speak as though you are unsettled. Do I frighten you?" He kissed her shoulder, just above the large scar that ran across it.

She considered how to answer that, and decided it was a two way street, that question. Yes he terrified her, down to her core, even now, even as he lay next to her looking delicious. But in truth it wasn't really Kellen that frightened her.

"No, not really. This is just very new to me."

"Are you going to tell me about these Ilyaina?" He spoke gently as his fingers traced the lines that ran jaggedly across the back.

Ella tried not to stiffen under his touch, choosing instead to roll over onto her back where she could look at him. She did not know why seeing him should make what she had to say easier. She glanced twice at his face, it surprised her that she did not wish to look away. Ella could not say if the change was just in her eyes or if the hard lines of his face had softened, but he was dear to her now, and it made him irresistible.

"My father gave them to me Kellen. Those and many deeper ones you can not see. I do not know what your childhood was like but mine had nothing I want to remember." She shuddered involuntarily and blocked her father's drunken face from her mind, she thought about all the years she listened for his footsteps down her hallway.

Kellen was silent for a moment before he rolled her bodily to face him. His smooth face was unreadable but his cool eyes were sorrowful and sympathetic. He brushed her hair out of her face and pulled her to his chest. "No wonder you tremble when I touch you."

She breathed in his scent and was grateful that he didn't ask her any other questions. "You smell like the outdoors" she told his strong shoulder, where her chin rested. She considered briefly whether she should clarify that she meant the deep smell of the woods as opposed to any of the less savory smells of the outside but she guessed that he could gather that.

"That is a elven trait, Ilyaina. It reminds me of my home, You would like it I think."

"Tell me what it is like."

He rolled onto his back and pulled her into the space his body made for her. Ella put a hand nervously against his chest and watched the way her fingers drummed restlessly on his skin. "The village I was born in was not a large one. When last I was home two hundred and twenty lived there. It is in a great forest, the tree's are old and strong, you can feel the power in the deep woods. One could travel for weeks without leaving the boundaries of that forest Ilyaina, and when I left the summer wind was warm. The water is a blue I have not a name for and the air is sweet to breathe. The air in this world smells bitter to me, tainted even in the deep of the wood."

Ella wished that she could ease the longing she heard in his voice, she impulsively kissed the hard plane of his chest. "Do you have family waiting for you Kellen?"

He sighed deeply, in what seemed to Ella to be regret. "No Ilyaina. I am a guardian for my homeland. I traveled often, for many days at a time and had little time for a wife although I have had my share of lovers."

" I have never had any other lovers, but I can tell you have! I mean, that was great." Ella frowned in mortification at her own words. She wondered why she could she never say exactly what she meant.

He laughed softly, it was a light, twinkling sound, like the wind chimes that hung on her porch, and for a reason she could not identify, it effected her deeply.

Kellen met her eyes and they were bright and mischievous, Ella thought it must be an echo of what he had been like in his other life. " My Lady, I am honored to be the first." He rolled on top of her in a smooth motion that made her stomach flutter, she looked up at him at him with amusement, and could not suppress the small giggle that escaped her as he straddled her waist.

Ella could feel the pressure of his thighs as they pressed against her sides and she could see, in the reflection of his face that she was singular to him, the experiences between them private and exclusive. Ella basked in the knowledge that regardless if he returned home, regardless if he had one hundred lovers after her, part of him would always remain with her.

Ella expected him to be uncomfortably heavy on her belly, but she felt nothing beyond a slight pressure. She wondered if it was his own type of magic, or perhaps simply her own desire. Kellen's cinnamon hair spilled down his shoulders and shone in the fading light as he leaned over her, his hands traced her collarbone and as she looked up into his eyes she felt as if the path of her life was changing.

Ella considered herself down to earth, from early on she had been forced to deal with reality in a way that many could not understand, she had judged herself often and found it wanting, she was so ashamed of her past that she had hardly lived a moment of her life. It would seem strange to her later, strange and wonderful, that it seemed to change for her, that she became clearer in her own eyes as she saw Kellen's.

His brandy eyes caressed her just as his hands did and Ella could read no recrimination in them, as she expected to see, rather she saw an acceptance that she was at a loss to interpret.

She was still naked and she shivered from the combination of his strong hands and the cool air she shook her head scandalously at the singularly wicked look crossed his face as he began to move down her body. " Allow me to warm you Ilyaina?"

He moved very quickly, and again without a sound. If it had been the first time he had touched her it would have frightened her terribly, but Ella had the knowledge of him inside her now and could not look away, though this information, glorious as it was, did not stop her from blushing rosy pink when he appeared at the edge of her bed and snaked his shoulders smoothly beneath her thighs.

Kellen felt her thighs tremble around his shoulder and hecould easily sense her nervousness. He slowed his actions long enough to drop a single soft kiss on her smooth thigh before he used his forward motion to push her legs apart.

Ella watched in amazement as he advanced forward between her legs, she admired how the muscles in his body rippled when he moved, the sensation of his skin brushing against her thighs made Ella think of the kiss of cool water on hot summer days. She speculated as to his intentions from the moment he had appeared at the foot of her bed and she covered her face with her hands teeting wildly between mortification and anticipation.

Already the magic of all that he was had changed her, or perhaps just returned her to herself, because she peeked between her splayed fingers to watch him, something she had never even thought of, in the privacy of her most erotic daydreams. Ella found it highly arousing and she giggled softly at the way his silky hair tickled her toes.

Kellen waited patiently, as he looked to her face from between her knees, he met her shy eyes boldly, his breath was warm upon the center of her and his eyelids fluttered restlessly as he breathed in the sweet, strong smell of her and of their recent joining. "Ilyaina, I can smell my scent on you." he reached up with one hand and placed it upon her stomach. It must have been awkward for him, the way he was crouched on her bed. But it didn't look that way to her, nothing Kellen did looked awkward. " Watch me."

She did watch him, she could just see the way his fine lips curved up into a smile when he was sure she was ready, his dark head dipped back to between her thighs and Ella's body rebelled against her rational mind arching towards him of it's own accord as the fingers of his other hand spread her most intimate area and his tongue found her inner core.

Any hesitation she felt was banished with the first wave of sensations he wrought upon her, a great molten heat blossomed from the sensitive area that one of his fingers tapped. She thought she heard him chuckle, low, just as he pushed his face shamelessly onto her. All that she could see of his head then, though she watched a moment longer, were the tips of his pointed ears and his mane of dark hair that spilled up onto belly.

Ella called his name out to the pale ceiling, as she listened to the soft sounds of their body's as they strained against the cotton sheets. With her fingers wound his shining dark hair, Ella wondered if he wasn't a healer of some kind. Perhaps this world so long starved for magic had called him forth, like a totem, or forgotten god of the old world. She wondered breathlessly as his lips anointed her and purged her memories with each heart stopping lick, if Kellen's purpose in coming to this life and this world was to save her from the life of hesitancy and fear that she had, until these last few days, so willingly embraced.

Regardless, of her slowly increasing confidence, as she felt the newly familiar wave of pleasure approach her Ella tried to push his head away, she felt her cheeks warm at just the idea of it, yet the hand that pushed down upon her belly increased the pressure it exerted, and she stopped struggling. She could feel the strength of him and his certainty and with all of the courage she had, she let him have his way.

The spring that was inside her was wound tight, and yet the tension grew until her head swam and she was sure she would come apart, his long warm fingers slid into her, where moments ago his tongue had been and Kellen closed his lips around that tiny area that brought her such great pleasure. The soft scrape of his teeth was all that was needed for her to thrust her own hips against him as golden lights danced before her eyes and she felt her legs tighten involuntarily around his shoulder.

Kellen murmured something she could not understand into her left thigh, while she shivered and bucked. When Ella was finally able to focus on him, even though little waves of pleasure still ebbed through her and the winter wind buffeted the bedroom window, she saw he was kneeling between her knees.

Kellen fingers trailed idly through the small, soft patch of dark hair that covered her mound and his lips and his nose held the sheen of her sex. His smile was seductive, more comfortable, a truer reflection of him, and Ella felt her heart leap in her chest as she looked to his eyes. Everything about him was ethereal.

He leaned towards her and she opened her arms to him, eager to embrace him, eager to feel him in her again. Kellen kissed her and she tasted herself on his lips, tangy and almost familiar. Kellen chuckled softly at her fascination with his smooth hairless chest.

His arms closed possessively around her and she felt his erection rubbing at the center of her. He pulled away from her kiss long enough to meet her eyes, to be certain that she was with him there on her bed, and not far away in some distant memory before plunging into her.

He was faster, this time and not quite as gentle, and like the deep winter cold, or the strak beauty of the woods it left her breathless and panting. Ella had not seen his face last time, and had not been able to appreciate the way pleasure, softened the hardness he had conditioned into himself, the way his glittering eyes flashed as they roamed across her body, they reminded her of summer storms.

Ella wrapped her legs around his body and lifted her hips to meet him but mostly Kellen moved her to his own desire. His sweet breath on her face was so different from the terrible, frightened nights of her youth that they bore no comparison and as she had come to accept in his presence, she was borne away by the way he knew how to touch her.

It may have been minutes or hours or perhaps years, for time had lost meaning from the moment he had touched her, but at last Kellen's handsome face tightened in a way that Ella easily identified and she shifted her hips to allow him to penetrate deeper into her. She felt she might split apart each time he thrust into her core. His breath was ragged and he made a single soft needful sound as his he brought her with him to his peak, a far off part of her was pleased in an absurdly feminine way, that he should receive pleasure from her body.

Ella watched the dawning of Kellen's orgasm from the depths of his eyes, it crossed his face even as he thrust deep into her, his arms becoming a vice around her and she had to clench her teeth as a strange chill ran from the back of her neck to her toes it caused the core of her to clench around his shaft. Kellen turned his head, and bent forward to press his lips into hers. He swallowed her cries as he they rode the wave of pleasure together, he offered a soft groan of his own as their bodies strained, tense and sweat slicked, until the crest of it broke and left Ella breathless, and, she noticed with great satisfaction, even Kellen's was breathing as though he had exerted himself.

They showered later, and Ella laughed at the skeptical way that Kellen examined the shower stall before stepping in behind her. He face screwed up so, when she offered him the water slick bar of her citrus soap that Ella felt obligated to go streaking through the bathroom down the hall to the linen cabinet where she returned with an unscented version.

They ate very late at night, she was charmed to discover he had never had chocolate chip cookies and from the way he looked at it when he ate it she could tell he liked it. She wondered if the sky in Kellen's world was as blue as his eyes. When she finally did go to bed that night Kellen came to her room as well.

She wondered as she watched him disappear briefly into the spare bedroom, only to reappear with the small dark bag she had picked up alongside of the road, in what seemed like a lifetime away, if she minded his boldness, for he had never said a word regarding his changing locations. She decided, as she watched him place his bag neatly in the corner, that his boldness was one of the many things she liked about him.

Kellen stayed with her that long winter, although to Ella it did not seem long after his arrival. Shortly after the first time he touched her he took Ella to the great cave that had brought him to the National forest, and thus to the snowy road, and the unfortunate introduction to her car grille, the cave was impassable, snow covered and frozen.

Ella assured him, as she looked at his crestfallen face, that the spring thaw would perhaps allow him to return home if he wished. But Kellen was brooding and bitter for several days after that.

As the days marched by he would often take her walking, out in the cold, at night, when the air was especially crisp and breathing sometimes chilled her lungs. He would tell her what the trees whispered to him, or what kind of animals slumbered in the dens below their feet. She for her part taught him how to play yahtzee and solitaire, and thought it was hysterical that he should become so enraptured with the games, he was very clever, and enjoyed any game where numbers were involved, he filled up books of suduko while she was at work.

At night, and in the early mornings Kellen taught her about her body, and how the joining of two was actually the creation one thing. Ella learned with some shock, that he was not always gentle, but as she allowed him to lead her farther and farther down the path they had started together, she discovered that he had an innate sense for what she needed, and when.

Make no mistake, this is not a happily ever after sort of thing, for the best things, the most life changing, rarely end perfectly. The best that can be hoped for is that they end well.

Ella still had nightmares, sometimes terrible ones, even as Kellen lay beside her, stroking her hair in the dark. There were times also, when Kellen was distant and hurt, and he would sing strange, haunting songs to the woods and then lay his head in her lap and not speak for hours while he missed a life more familiar to him. A life this world could not replicate. But regardless of those times, for the most part these two, so different from one another found a balance.

Like a scale and counterweight each pulled upon the other until they could not help but be on even ground, and be better for it. Ella felt for the first time in her life that she was truly living.

Spring came slowly, like an awakening in the National forest, and with none of the fluster or cold reverie of winter. The snow melted away and although the air was still cool, the world knew it's place and began to wake.

Ella knew Kellen was restless, she had sensed it with the first warm wind of April, she could see it in him when he moved, and feel it in him when shared her bed. It was infectious, and it caught a hold of her, pulling her with him until it stirred her soul. The feeling made her want to run and it made her wish for the wind to blow, it made her thing of the deep untamed sounds of nature. Kellen spent increasing amounts of time staring out the windows, going out for ever longer walks.

She didn't wait for him to ask. She loved him and didn't want to humble him that way. So she came to him one evening and wrapped her arms around his waist as he stared at the new grass and the waking forest.

"When will you go?"

She felt his surprise in the way he stiffened, followed by his relief as he turned against her to wrap her in his arms.

"Gracious indeed Ilyaina, I feel the need to wander again, even in this tainted world. I will wait until the last of the snow has melted in the forest. Perhaps a week" He shifted uncomfortably. "I'm Sorry."

She snorted into the soft fabric of his strangely tailored shirt, she had bought him others from the store but finally had to buy fabric so he could tailor his own. The Ella of three months ago would have wept at his words, but she was older now, and he deserved more than her tears. She would weep when he was gone.

"Don't be, I knew this would come, I have been grateful for every day I had with you. Will you try to go home?"

"Yes, though I think that path has ended for me. For now I feel the need to move." His face became distant and he turned his brandy colored eyes to the window and sighed before kissing her dark hair. "It is my wish to see you again Ilyaina. You are this world to me."

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