tagIncest/TabooEros Ch. 01

Eros Ch. 01



Come to me, embrace me. I will make this world as you want. A world where you are never alone, never afraid, never under someone else's control. Come into my ever accepting embrace, and I will make this world for you...

Before everything started Jack was an average kid. He was of average height, with a somewhat flabby frame. His hair was long, thick brown that matched his eyes and his Native American heritage.

Really, he might've been considered cute by some. His eyes were deep, intelligent, as was he, and his face was accentuated by a masculine jaw-line. All-in-all he was average all together, though.

The only real downside to him was that his life was going nowhere, fast. While still sixteen he dropped out of high school and hadn't done anything sense. His parents didn't push him towards anything and at the age of nineteen, he was wasting his life away in his home, which he rarely left, if ever. He had no job, no friends, and no life.

As with all things, these facts were subject to change. At mid-summer when Jack was nineteen, he had a strange dream. A figure draped in clouds of pink smoke, which billowed from him and around him. He came to a sleeping Jack's form. At Jack's slumbering side, the man stood, preaching in a language unknown to the world.

Once his speech was finished he leaned down, kissing Jack's head. This kiss was a promise, a promise that Jack did have a future.

The next day Jack woke feeling refreshed and good about the world. His dream was just a bleary haze of pink and gold, yet he could recall two things. The words "Beauty" and "Power" came to mind to him.

After waking he found himself feeling less lethargic. He stood, stretching, and for the first time in his life he found he had something which had hadn't had in years: a sex drive. In reality, he really wanted to have sex with someone.

Being a virgin, Jack was normally almost asexual in his approach. He never really craved any sort of physical intimacy or sexual contact of any sort, and being a virgin never bothered him. At least, until that day, at that morning he felt like he really wanted to fuck someone. It wasn't a shame that he hadn't, just a desire to do it that was very great.

Later that day, Jack's stomach was turning unbearably. His sister had skipped by him with a low-cut top, never suspecting any glances and he couldn't handle it. He felt cramped and out of control, and rushed to the bathroom to take care of himself.

As soon as his pants were down he found something very different. Jack was never exactly small in the crotch department, ranging just barely above average. That was until his pants came down, revealing yet another amazing change from the dream. It wasn't even hard, yet his penis was extremely large, far bigger than it had been when it was hard before the dream.

When he jerked it to hardness, the fully erect thing was longer than a foot and thicker than his wrist. He also found that his testicles had grown, too, to accommodate his new tool and were at least three times as large as they had been before.

With his erection in hand, Jack stared at the mirror, amazed by his new equipment. It was more than just the size, though; Jack seemed to have a strange aura radiating him. If he could give it a color, it would have been dark pink, like rose, and embodied both masculine and feminine qualities. It was a paradigm in creation, as he was a construction of the best of both qualities.

With his new sex drive Jack jerked off five times that day. Every time he lasted at least thirty minutes, if not more, wearing his arms down and he always shot off a massive amount of ejaculation.

Over time it became more and more difficult to hide his activities. His sheets were stained, as were his underwear, and he went through tissues and toilet paper too quickly for comfort.

Even worse, his scent was everywhere. It was like it had a mind of its own, lingering in places where Jack had been, and he was almost certain his family could smell it.

To cover his tracks Jack made sure to do all of his own laundry, especially towels and sheets, and underwear after one case where he found his mother clutching his boxers admiringly. He also went on to spray air freshener after every time he would masturbate.

As time went on, Jack noticed his family acting strangely towards him. His mother and two sisters were very accommodating towards him. The three women would always do nice things, such as doing his chores, trying to do his laundry despite his complaints, cleaning his room, and going out of their way to fix him dinner. Furthermore, whatever he wanted to eat they wanted to eat, and what ever he wanted to do on the weekend, they agreed.

Meanwhile, his male family members, specifically his father, were less demanding of him. Whenever speaking his father was quick to reply, and did respond with as few words as possible. General, he deterred his gaze away from Jack's eye-line and was always eager to listen and aid Jack in any way.

At first Jack didn't know what to make of it. His dream had said beauty and power, and he was considering that it had somehow applied to real life. But that was a ridiculous idea, that a dream could affect reality in such a way. At least that's what he thought.

His full potential and the reality of the situation hit him months after these events. Having adjusted to his new life, Jack just lived in a set, undeviating pattern. It all started on the week that his father was away for business, as usual, and his youngest sister had gone with him before school started. His elder sister's college had already started, leaving him alone with his mother.

That is how his journey began...

Chapter One: Taming Mother.

Jack awoke late on a Wednesday, during the week that his father and sister would be gone. Looking at the clock on his computer desk, he found it was about twelve P.M., which didn't bother him. He didn't have much to do.

Sitting up, he found his cock pressing into his torso. It wasn't a surprise, he always had an erection whenever he woke, and he quickly went to handling it. Sometime later he ejaculated, spraying his semen all over himself and his bed. Letting it liquefy on his body, he felt disgusted, and rushed to shower.

Since he was home alone until his mother got back at around two P.M, he didn't bother to bathe. His room was located at the far corner, with a guest room right across the hall and the bathroom next to that. Right across from that bathroom was the game room, and right next to the bathroom, close to the kitchen, was his younger sister's room.

He went into the bathroom and showered, washing his body clean of the thick, white cream which he loosed. As he washed, he found himself responding and his penis grew again, lurching out and high, as it always did. So he jerked off again in the shower, a long session which left him spraying all over the shower.

Once he finished showering he cleaned up his mess and sprayed air freshener, just to be safe. Once finished, he dried and decided to let his gargantuan growth breath, rather than confining it in clothes. It would be a while before his mother got home, so he didn't have to worry. Unabashedly he stepped out of the bathroom, the towel around his shoulders, and his shlong bouncing between his thighs.

Victoria, Jack's mother, wasn't really a nice woman. She was commanding, demeaning, and insulting a good majority of the time. When she wasn't screaming at her kids, she was whining about her husband to them. So, when on the way home she decided to stop by a fast food place to get Jack dinner, it wasn't in her normal behavior.

At the time she had been increasingly considering of him, and she was always looking for new ways to please him. Whenever he was around, his happiness seemed to be the most important thing to her, even if it meant that she had to give up her little free time off work. She would go however she had to if it meant that he would smile.

Spending an extra fifteen minutes waiting in line, she came back with his food in hand. Parking out front of the garage, she locked up her SUV and went in through the chain-link fence, walking up to their brown and black one story house.

Pausing at the door, she took in a breath. For some reason the thought of being around her youngest son had her heart throbbing. It was all she could do to contain it. Again she breathed, and then went inside.

She passed through the living room, excited to show Jack what she did. It was like she was a dog, rushing to her master with what it brought back. She wanted to see him happy, praising her for what she did, rewarding her for her selflessness.

She entered the kitchen through the archway that connected the two, and peered down the hall way. She was getting ready to shout down the hall, to tell her son that she brought home dinner, when she froze. Heat washed over her, as a flush came to her face and she stared wide-eyed and in shock. The food left her hands, spilling onto the floor.

Jack, too, froze in the hallway, having just gotten out of the shower. Still drying his hair casually with the towel around his shoulders, he looked up, finding his mother standing there, staring at him in complete awe.

Casting a glance at the clock, Jack was shocked to see that it was a little past two o' clock. He had spent the day jerking it off, wasting away any personal time.

Victoria's youngest son, second youngest child, was completely nude. It was a sight unlike any she had ever seen before. Her little boy was the most graceful, beautiful person on the planet. He wasn't a firm bodied young man, but had soft skin, looking cute. His hair, long and wet was a beautiful chocolate color, while his face was lovely and lightly curved. Catching sight of his eyes, she stared, finding herself lost in their depth. The cosmos was inside of his stare.

Jack gazed back at his mother, unable to move. As their eyes were locked, he thought that he could see into her. It was a flash of light, a brief connection, then it ceased. His cock lurched below, rising slowly toward the sky.

Staring unwaveringly, Victoria became even more flustered as she watched him swell up. It was large, much larger than any other penis she had seen in her life. It pulsed, giving off an aura all its own. Together her son and his penis seemed to come to life, manifesting as perfection, in perfect harmony and beauty.

As his mother's eyes examined him, Jack examined her back. For the first time in his life he considered her as a sexual being.

Jack's mother was a highly attractive woman. Like him, she had thick, dark hair, but it was longer, hanging to her waist. Her eyes, too, were dark like his and her skin tan. She had a soft, smooth face, full lips, and an incredibly toned body. This came from a lot of hard work and exercise, as well as good genetics from her father's side of the family, which is where the family got its Native American ancestry.

She had adopted something from her mother's side. Despite her incredibly trim figure, she had two full D-cups hanging from her chest. They seemed obscenely large for five foot six frame, which was athletically designed, yet they were incredibly arousing none-the-less. At that point Jack had yet to see them bare, only ever catching glimpses of them from the few times they had went to the beach. Victoria was more of a tease than a tramp.

Something swelled up along side of his penis, something inside of his soul. Jack felt overcome with sexuality as he molested his mother with his eyes. Suddenly, for the first time in his life, he desperately craved sex and not just sex with anyone. Jack craved sex with his mother. Never had he felt like that before, especially not for her, yet in his mind he couldn't get rid of the idea of taking advantage of his mother.

It was a primal feeling. He didn't want love, he wanted devotion. Not equality, but control. The thought of dominating his mother, who was always the controlling one, was something which he couldn't shake. His cock throbbed obscenely at the mere hint of his mother worshipping him, serving him as if he were her God.

Standing still, deciding on his next course, he wandered if his mother could read his thoughts. She shivered as he stared at her and the moment of her deer in the headlights look had fled. Eyes locked, she stared at him in adoration and acceptance, no desire to flee in sight. Jack moved towards her, one step, two, and he closed in, and she didn't move.

When he got to her, his penis pressed against her firm belly. It was thick, grotesquely large, and beautiful. His mother's gaze never left his eyes, but her hand grasped him bloated erection and held it firmly. When he finally stopped they were face to face, and his tool was pressed tightly against her abdomen, he hand holding it.

Gazes locked, they didn't waver. She made no move to stop him as he leaned in until their lips pressed together. Instead, she pulled him in, allowing him access to her gaping mouth and gave impassioned breaths.

Jack's knees felt weak as her hands began gliding along his organ. It was something completely different, like masturbation with another person. He hand was so soft, so firm, working him in complete dedication. It was submission, which flowed through him and her.

The kiss broke and she pulled away, staring down at him in a daze. She looked so pretty, her face flushed, her hand still working his crank. "I...I shouldn't..."

Jack had never seen his mother look so feminine. There she was, her hand sliding along his shaft, drawing pleasure from deep within him. Her face was flushed, her eyes staring wide, in complete disbelief in what she was doing. It was the complete opposite of her usual, self-centered behavior. Instead she was acting for him, rather than herself.

Her mouth came open, as if to speak, but no words came. All she could do was stare at his red-hot prick in amazement. Her mind kept telling her to stop, kept censuring her for still jerking on her son's meat, but she couldn't stop. It was like some sort of mysterious force was compelling her body, pulling her strings. Something inside of her was telling her to act, and she had to obey.

In her soft hands Jack swelled up, as pre-cum bubbled out. It oozed out of his urethra, spilling down onto her hands and smearing. She seemed to become even more enamored with her actions as the clear liquid met her flesh. It was an aphrodisiac, which made her more flushed, more aroused by what she was doing.

Victoria pulled her attention from his prick, back to his eyes, and became lost. She seemed to fall into him, becoming a part of his psyche, and she swore that she felt everything he did. The pleasure of her hand gliding along his gigantic cock, the throbbing of his tool, the feeling of a normally domineering woman becoming a weak-willed slut jerking on his cock, it was all passing through her as it hit him, too. They became physically one, and her head swam with the feeling of it.

Leaning in closer to him, she felt the heat of his body. It enveloped her, invading her senses. His smell overcame her. It was like shower and musk, and was most addictive. Drawing in more of his scent, savoring it as it fogged her senses, she continued to stare into his eyes, falling into their ocean like depths.

Jack thrust into her increasing pace as his mother became disoriented, separated from herself. She was becoming something different than before, an empty vassal for his will. A gasp caught in his throat as her efforts double; another hand was added to his service. His knees grew weak, so he steadied himself on her.

Impassioned by his reaction, Victoria jerked fasting, working her hands in unison. He was in pain, she realized. The giant erection growing from his crotch was hurting him, it was tense, and aching, and he needed to be saved, to find release. As his mother, his loving, obedient, adoring mother, it was her duty to alleviate him of such an affliction. Love swelled in her chest as she devoted took to her burden, fisting his cock with righteous intent.

Her fists were like a wonderful whirlwind, whipping along his dick professionally. Jack's breath became hot as he held onto his mother tightly. Her body was clung tightly to him, her breasts pressing against his torso and the tip of his pecker. He held tightly, wanting her, needing her to help him.

Only twenty minutes later Jack began to surge. Not sense he had gotten his new equipment had he reached an orgasm so quickly, not had it felt so intense. Inside of his balls he felt what had to be the biggest load of his life churning, boiling over. All of his energy was redirected to sexuality as he stiffened.

Shock hit her as the orgasm did. The first of many thick, ample wads splattered her coarse, red work-shirt, right on the bottoms of her breasts. Stumbling back, his second burst sprayed her stomach, and the third leapt up onto her breasts, soaking into the top. Forth and fifth hit her mid-torso, staining the blouse, and his orgasm continued for a good thirty seconds after that. When finished his cock oozed out the last remains into her still working palms, which all overflowed and ran down her arm.

He moved back, his cock leaking and slapping against his legs, and took in the sight of his juicy mother. Her top was sticky and dark with his jism, and clung tightly to her perfect body. Her right arm was sheeny, too, from the spill-over of his post-orgasm ejaculate.

Leaning against the wall and breathing heavily, he reeled from the pleasure. The tidal wave that hit him was dying down, but still he felt wonderful. His body felt healthier, more alive, and that was from one simple orgasm.

There was also an amount of pride in him as he gazed at his mother's sticky torso. Even his enhanced loads weren't quite that large on average. Being able to ruin a shirt on such a grand scale was something that he couldn't help but feel vain over.

His mother, too, was lost somewhere in a field of multiple emotions, one of which was pride. She also felt confused and, most of all, deeply aroused. In the doorway she stood, her body leaning against the frame, her torso hot and gluey from the sperm show she received.

The cream was extremely warm, in a wonderful way, and that heat was invading her. It seeped through her shirt, onto her breasts and stomach, and made everything it touched warm with arousal. That was coupled with the smell, which was incredibly powerful, intense, and scintillating.

What made it worse was that in her life she had only had two orgasms, both of which were with her husband before. Jack had, by simply having an orgasm and splattering with her, given her an orgasm of her own which was larger than either of those previous climaxes.

Standing in silent reverence, she stared at his thick, leaking cock in amazement and adoration. She was running of pure sexuality, and all her mind could register was Jack. Her pathetic husband was nothing compared to the beautiful young man who stood before her.

"I've never..." Words were lost on the situation. Only her steamy pussy could explain what she was feeling.

"Yeah," Jack said nonchalantly, still catching his breath. His stare ran over her chest, which was sticky and full. Her breasts really were disproportionate to her frame. "This is quite a load, even for me," he said calmly.

His mother smiled, not saying a word.

With out prompting his cock began to respond. Stretching out and thickening, it raised to the sky, and both were forced to stare at the very welcome surprise. Truly, Victoria decided as she watched it throb back to life, her husband was nothing.

"Again," she asked moonily. Her face was plastered with a jubilation Jack had never seen on her before. Seeing such happiness in his mother of all people made Jack smile.

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