tagIncest/TabooEros Extended Ch. 09

Eros Extended Ch. 09


Chapter Nine: The Trial: Angela, Megan, and Christina

The family drove in silence all the way to Justin's and Katie's apartment. The entire time Jack stared out the window despondently. It was his first real loss and it threw askew. Hope suddenly turned to despair and pride was shame. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to anymore, or so Jack thought. Fighting at all seemed absolutely pointless.

Everyone else in the car reflected Jack's poor mood. For the most part they didn't understand the true gravity of the situation. If Jack failed to maintain enough numbers in his religion he would lose his powers. That was all they knew. Like Jack they didn't know how many he had to maintain or even how he was to maintain them.

They believed in Jack; Jessica more so than anyone else. Yet it seemed hollow to offer him words of support. His ego was a fragile thing then, and one wrong word could shatter it. So they remained quiet and safe. None of them dared to destroy their very own master.

They arrived at dusk and pulled up before a large fountain. Justin and Katie lived in one of the nicest parts of the city and their apartment reflected it. The building was huge, well-lit, and looked absolutely brilliant in the snow.

When the car came to a stop Jack remained motionless. He stared out the window, not seeing the world around him. All he saw was the blackness of his own defeat.

Jessica nudged him gently. "Bubba, we're here."

He jerked into alertness. "Oh? What? Oh, we're here? Good, then I guess I'll just..."

"Jack," his mother said. She turned in her seat to look back at him. "Listen, Jack, my master and my lovely boy, don't try to take Justin. It'll be too dangerous if you do and it may very well end up as James did."

"Then was coming here a mistake?" Jack's former confidence was gone. Suddenly he thought it was vital to listen to his mother's advice.

"No," Victoria said. "I recognized something of myself in Katie. She wants to be controlled, just like I do. I think you could give her that."

"Without my giant cock though..."

"You controlled me without a mammoth cock," Julie cut in. "I mean, seriously, I'm a total size queen and you have me on your leash. It's not all about size, bro. It's also about control, confidence, and flat out knowing how to fuck. Normally you've got all three of those things going for you." She grinned back at him from the passenger seat. "Just get the confidence bit back and you'll be fucking her in no time."

Jack allowed a half-grin to form on his face. He looked tired and battered. The week was taking its toll on him emotionally and physically. He nodded. "Okay, Katie," he said.

"Be careful," Victoria said. "I don't think Justin is here right now, so it'd be a good time to go."

"Where is he?"

"Justin works late, Bubba," Jessica explained.

"He'll be home soon though," Victoria added. "Don't wait around too long or things could take a turn for the worst again.

Jack nodded once more and pulled the minivan's door open. A sharp blast of cold air hit him in the face and forced him into wakefulness. "Right," he said with some level of conviction. "I'll be back soon and when I return, I'll have another slut!"

"That's the spirit," Julie said.

"Go get them, Bubba," Jessica said.

"We believe in you," Victoria said.

Jack smiled back at them and stepped out onto the snowy asphalt. He closed the door behind him and looked up at the apartment. It looked almost like a fortress in the dull, purple glow of the dusk. He shivered and pulled his coat tight to his body. Destiny wouldn't wait for him to seize it and if he was going to remain a God he would have to do so by force.

Jack's adventure hit a snag early on. He couldn't enter the building without being buzzed up and so he waited at the front, trying to think of a way inside. He knew Justin and Katie's apartment number, but he didn't know if Katie would permit him inside.

The cold was biting at his flesh. The thin jacket he wore did little to keep him warm and the snowy air was draining him quickly. He sighed and the warmth of his breath swirled in front of him in a puff of steam.

He looked up at the building again. The sun was setting fast and if he wasn't careful he wouldn't even get the chance to talk to Katie. He scowled. Another follower lost to him. It wasn't a pleasant idea.

He buzzed her apartment, and she picked up almost immediately. Her dazed voice came through clearly on the speaker box saying, "Hello?"

"Katie," Jack said into the box.

For a moment she didn't respond. Then there was some heavy breathing on the other end and her voice was racked with fear. "Y-Yes?" Obviously she recognized his voice.

"This is Jack."

"...I know who it is..."

"May I come up?"

There was silence for a short time, and then she said, "I'm not sure that is a good idea. Justin is very angry about what happened and..."

"Justin's not here right now," Jack said quickly. "Listen, I just want to talk, okay? That's it. I want to talk about it, just me and you. I mean, it was you that I...So I think it's important..."

"I see," Katie said. Her voice was still distant, but not in the dreamy way of norm. Instead she just sounded dispassionate, as if holding something back. "Maybe we could have a nice chat..."

"It would be a nice chat," Jack said emphatically. "Please, just let me in. I'll be gone before Justin is even home and, if you want, you can just pretend I never even came by."

"That...That sounds agreeable," she said. There was a buzz at the door and it unlocked. "There you go. Be quick about it. Justin will be getting off work in a bit under an hour."

"Right," Jack said. "Thank you." He rushed through the door into the apartment hallway and toward the elevator. Already things were looking up, but Jack had learned not to think too far ahead or else he could lose everything.

Jack found the door unlocked when he reached the apartment. He stepped in and was greeted by warmth and light. The apartment was mostly bare but did a lot with what little bit they had. There was one couch in their enormous living room and a small coffee table before that. A shelf sat in the corner with books that they read. They had no television in the living room.

Katie was waiting on the couch. She was dressed in a sweater that was tight around her chest and blue jeans. Jack pondered briefly if her sweater was meant to draw his attention but couldn't come to a conclusion. She looked anxious at his approach.

"Hello," she said weakly.

"Hi," Jack said with a wave. "Do you mind if I sit down?"

Katie motioned for him to seat beside her on the couch. When he took his seat she moved to the far end of the couch, as far away from him as she could be.

They sat in silence for a while. Jack was trying to gaze her expression and read her body language. He didn't know her very well. Katie was always quiet when she visited, always reluctant to speak. That was normally fine enough, as Justin was sure to speak enough for the both of them.

She had her gaze averted, unwilling to look Jack in the eye. Last time that was where the trouble started.

"You said you wanted to speak with me," she said. "We'd better hurry. Justin won't be happy to see you."

"R-right," Jack said. He rubbed the sweat on his hands against his pants and took a deep breath. "Well, I wanted to talk to you about Christmas...What happened at Christmas, I mean, and what happened at Thanksgiving, as well." He looked at her and noted that her gaze was still averted. "...Do you know what I'm referring to?"

Katie blushed. "Y-Yes, when you..."

"Exactly," Jack said. "Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about?"

Katie now looked him in the eye. She was still blushing, but she had a strange expression written on her face. Her eyes were wide with...hope.

"...Wh-What did you want to say?"

"I wanted to tell you that..." Jack swallowed his trepidation down. He didn't know how to say the words. The last time he did this he had nearly gotten killed, and though he felt sure that Katie wouldn't react the same way he couldn't get Ai and James off of his mind.

"What did you want to tell me, Jack?"

"I don't know exactly how to say it," he admitted bashfully.

Katie licked her lips and made a v with her arms before her. This wedged her enormous breasts together, creating a deep slash of cleavage even through her shirt. "W-well, you should probably hurry. Justin will be back soon..."

"Yes..." Jack sighed and stood. "Rather than use words, how about I show you?" It was a test. How she reacted would shape his behavior from there. If she showed interest then he would proceed. If she was repulsed then he would retreat.

She looked directly at his crotch and licked her lips again. When she realized that he was staring she looked up into his eyes, smiled, and blushed again. "...If you think it will help," she said softly.

Jack smiled over her reaction. "Yes, I think it will work just fine," he said an he approached her. He stood with his crotch just before her face and undid his pants. Dropping drawers, underwear and all, he exposed his mortal manhood to her.

Katie was taken aback by the sight. She gaped, wide-eyed at his size. "I-It's normal," she murmured, and she frowned at him. "I thought..."

"It's hard to explain," Jack said. "Suck on it though and it will get bigger."

She smiled then, delighted. "That's right," she said hotly. Jack could see the swell of her hardening nipples through her blouse. It occurred to him then that she wasn't wearing a bra. She moved forward, causing her enormous breasts to slosh about with fluid motion.

He took hold of her head, an act that made her smile up at him, and directed to his cock. She kissed the crown before taking it between her hot, wet lips and bobbing on him. Her lips were soft, like a silky vice on his hardening shaft.

Jack moaned and moved her however he pleased. She had her eyes closed and was focused on his pleasure. While she sucked he reached down, cupping one of her breasts and lifted it by her erect nipple. She mewled around his now hard dick and continued sucking hard, determined to have him reach full erection.

After sucking him to a near orgasm she stopped and looked up at him with big, disappointed eyes. "You're not..."

"That's the hardest I get for now," he admitted.

She looked down at his cock and frowned. It wasn't even as big as Justin's now. It wasn't the cock that had dominated her. She looked up at him again and swatted his hand away. "You're...You're different now!"

"No, I'm the same," Jack said even as she stood. "I'm a god still, or I will be, but I need your help!"

"No," Katie said. "I betrayed Justin for what you were, but I won't now." She shoved at him, keeping him at bay. "Leave now. This was a mistake. You were a mistake."

"I'm not a mistake," Jack shouted. "I'm your master!"

"You're my master?" She looked down at his dick and scoffed. "Hardly. You're not even a man."

"I'm a man," he said firmly, though his confidence was shaken. "And I AM still your master. You can fight it. You can deny it, but it won't change the truth, Katie. You'll realize it. I promise you."

"You're a joke," she said sourly. "Now, please leave. I used to like you a lot, and I'd hate to see Justin kick your ass." She looked at him sadly once more and said, "Please, just go before it gets bad." Then she retreated to the bedroom and locked the door.

Jack returned to the van with a look of defeat clearly written upon his face. The girls crowded around him once he was in the car and comforted him in their own way.

"Come on, don't give up, Bubba," Jessica said as she hugged him close.

"Yeah, she's not worth it. I mean, you've got a whole crew of finer girls who all want to fuck your brains out," Julie added.

"There's no point is giving up now anyway," Victoria said. "Something this big won't be given to you, master. You'll have to earn it, and I believe in you. Just keep forging ahead."

"Yeah," Jack said numbly. "We'll just keep on going..."

Victoria sighed and turned the car on. "Well, I think we should head out now, before your brother gets here."

"Where are we going," Julie asked. "I mean, Jack hasn't exactly given us a command or anything."

"We're going to the next place on our list," Victoria said. "He already has us, his grandmother, Paige, Jimmy, and Xion, right? Then next we'll try Christian, Christina, and the girls, and we'll hit up Ambrosia and her family on the way back."

"Do you really think that aunt Christina and uncle Christian will turn out any better than the last two houses," Jessica asked while continuing to hold her brother closely. "I mean, there's not exactly known for being sexually open and exploring."

Victoria smiled. "You might be surprised with what your aunt will do," she said. "Christian won't be supportive but think about it, would you have thought of either Julie or myself as sluts?"

Julie and Jessica traded glances. "I guess not," Jessica admitted.

"So what makes you think your aunt will behave any differently than us? She's just repressed, like all of us were. If anyone can pull this off then Jack can."

Jack laughed bitterly. "Yeah, I'm doing well so far."

Julie rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on, Jack. You messed up twice and you're that depressed about it? I forgot how much of a big damn baby you can be."

Jessica giggled. "You kind of are a defeatist, Bubba."

"Hey, aren't you two supposed to be my sluts?"

Jessica glowered at him. "Excuse me," she said.

"Er, well, followers?"

Julie laughed. "You tell him, munchkin."

"Bubba, you didn't even mess up with Justin, James, Katie, and Ai. You did your best and probably got out of the situation better off than most would. I mean, think about it, you've taken the better part of your family and made them your loyal followers WITHOUT magic. So a few didn't automatically bend before you at first sight. Fuck them, you're doing great."

Jack sighed. "You just don't get it."

"No, I don't," Jessica said. "I don't understand giving up when things are still in your favor."

"We all believe in you," Julie said. "Just get the fuck out of your head for a little while and believe in yourself."

"You act like it's easy."

Julie chuckled. "It is pretty easy for me." She smiled at him. "And I know a way that I can make it easy for you." Jessica giggled.

Julie turned in her seat and pulled her blouse over her head, revealing a mesh bra that was nearly transparent. He could make out the shape of her dark nipples quite clearly. The sight gave him an immediate hard-on.


"Don't say you're not in the mood," Julie said as she crawled into the back of the van.

Jessica cupped his manhood through his pants. "We know otherwise, mister." She massaged his bulge slowly. "And we're more than happy to help you relieve a little bit of stress."

"We're god damn fucking ecstatic," Julie said as she kneeled between his legs. "Where can we start?"

Jack sighed and leaned back. The two of them were not ones to take no for an answer. "Well, if you insist, then I guess you could start with a blowjob."

Julie cupped his balls through his pants and looked up at him, a defiant gleam in her eyes. "You guess? Is that any way for a master to talk to speak?"

"I suppose you want me to tell you to give me a blowjob?"

"I...suppose...that it wouldn't hurt."

Jack grinned at his older sister. "Fine then, slut. I demand that you give me a long, loving blowjob."

"It'd be my delight," she said as she undid his pants and pulled his extremely hard cock out. As soon as she saw it her eyes gleamed. "There it is..." She kissed the crowd reverentially, as she always did when he was a god, and then started sucked him into her throat smoothly.

Jessica smiled and caressed Jack's arm. She rubbed her large, round breasts against him and said. "Don't leave me out. I want to do thinks with you."

Jack grinned. "I thought you wouldn't want for me to order you around like that."

"I wouldn't," she said. "It wouldn't hurt for you to ask though, would it?"

Julie, who was making lewd gagging noises up to that point, pulled her mouth free from his manhood. "What? Can't order the little princess around like you do me?"

"Oh, Julie, don't back talk him," Jessica said.

"I just think..." She choked as Jack shoved her back down on his dick. Normally Jessica would expect Julie to bite his dick off. Instead she looked up at him with growing lust and continued to suck. Admitting that she was a slut really opened Julie up to a whole new facet of her personality.

"Jessica," Jack said once Julie was satisfactorily occupied. "Would you mind helping your sister with my dick?"

Jessica smiled. "I would love too, Bubba."

While Julie sucked Jessica took hold of his shaft and massaged it. She also kicked his neck and ears, periodically venturing to his lips.

Jack held onto Julie's head loosely, not pacing her but keeping her under control. She liked being at his whim and desired being his slut above all else it seemed. The way she attacked his cock seemed proof enough of that.

Without his godly stamina Jack couldn't handle the assault for long. He jerked while Jessica whispered into his ear and came in Julie's throat. It wasn't the torrential burst that his godhood once made, but Jack's mortal ejaculations were thick and tasty all the same.

Julie swallowed it while looking up at him with her big, dark eyes. Jessica giggled. "I never thought I'd see her so submissive, did you?"

Jack, who was breathing heavily, chuckled as well. "Honestly, no, I didn't." He patted her head. "She's doing well though. I'll give her that much."

Julie waited while Jessica squeezed the last bit of cum from his now limp dick and then released his cock from her mouth. She smiled up at him. "I'm glad to be of service, master." She leaned down and kissed his cock while still holding his gaze. The sight was nearly enough to harden him once more.

"If I could interrupt," Victoria said from the front seat.

Jack jerked into awareness and put his dick away. "Oh yeah, of course, mom, what do you need?"

"It's getting late, and I'm getting tired. We should find a motel or someone should switch me."

"Do we have time to rest," Jack asked.

"We may," Victoria said with a shrug. "We could also drive longer. I know you don't have much time and compared to you the three of us don't need as much rest."

"That's true," Julie said as she climbed back into the passenger seat. "I could take over if you want."

Victoria glanced back at Jack through the rearview mirror. "Your orders, master?"

"Well, if you don't mind, Julie."

"I don't," Julie said with a big smile.

"Then I'll pull over at the next gas station and rest. This way we will arrive with plenty of time to seduce Christina and the girls," Victoria said. Everyone smiled at that notion.

Jack tried his hardest to stay awake but the ride to his aunt's house is long. Part way there he fell asleep with his head resting on Jessica's lap. She had been toying with his hair in the familiar way that lovers do when he couldn't handle it anymore.

He woke to his mother prodding him. Jessica was in the seat behind him resting now. She had, at some point, taken over driving duties for Julie, who now rested in the front seat, and eventually switched out with her mother as well.

He muttered something similar to words but also noticeably different and wiped his mouth. "What time is it?"

"It's fairly early in the morning," his mother said. She looked about as tired as he felt. "It's still night out but we arrived early." She smiled. "Now's the time to make your move," she said.

"Like how," Jack asked while he sat up. His head felt heavy, and his body felt dead. "Do you want me to break in?"

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