tagIncest/TabooEros Extended Ch. 11

Eros Extended Ch. 11


Chapter Eleven: Athena

Jack woke fairly early the next morning. The bright sunlight filled the room, blinding him as he opened his eyes. He was still dressed from the day before, and when he woke he felt more or less the same. He felt, though it shamed him to admit it, hopeless.

The trial was truly and finally over. Whatever he became over night was final, and that worried him, because he didn't feel particularly like a god. He felt vulnerable, weak, and empty. Even as he sat up and stretched his body he felt very much like a mortal who had failed.

He went to the bathroom and splashed water in his face, hoping to wash away the fatigue and the defeat. It didn't work.

He rested against the sink and stared at himself in the mirror. His reflection was the same as it has always been. It had dark eyes, long dark hair, a handsome face, and a slender frame. It didn't look at all divine. It looked, to him, altogether human. That was disappointing to him.

Sighing, he stood up straight and pulled his pants from his waist. His penis looked, he lamented, like a normal human penis. It was a nice penis, that he had learned over this week, but it wasn't the penis of a god.

It didn't help to dwell on what he potentially lost. So he left the bathroom and the master bedroom, and was greeted by the smell of bacon and eggs. It occurred to him then how hungry he was. In all of his drama and his concern he had forgotten eating or drinking. He had almost forgotten living.

His mother was making breakfast in her underwear and the sight of her cheered him. Whether he was a god or not, he was still her master, and he still had some power. Even if he couldn't change the world, he had changed the lives of those close to him in generally positive ways. That was enough to be proud of, he decided.

"What's this for," Jack asked as he walked into the kitchen. A veritable buffet was set out for him. Pancakes of different kinds were stacked high on a plate, and waffles were set beside them. There was an enormous plate of eggs in the center of the table, wreathed by crispy red bacon and large, oozing sausage links. The sight alone was a bit overwhelming.

"It's a celebration," his mother said as she finished up a bit of oatmeal to add to the display. "It's a breakfast fit for a god!"

Jack smiled weakly and tried his best to ignore the pain in his chest. There his mother was, being wonderful, being happy. She wanted the return of her god, and Jack doubted that just being himself would be enough.

He took a seat and kept his mouth shut. It was best to keep his bad news to himself, and he hoped an answer would come to him before she figured it out.

"Is this all for me? Because while I appreciate it, I don't think I can eat this all on my own."

"Of course it's not," Victoria said with a wave of her hand. She smiled as she set the oatmeal down. "I'm going to go get the girls, master. Then we'll eat like a family!"

Jack nodded and watched her go. The way her ass moved as she walked was hypnotic.

Alone in the kitchen, Jack was surrounded by his thoughts. His head was filled to the brim with doubt and sorrow. All of that effort and time was wasted. He thought that it was, perhaps, the only logical outcome. After all, he was a human who was reaching above his station.

He sighed and rested his head in his hands. It seemed unfair, undeserved. Fate was cruel to give him such a gift and then take it away. Perhaps he made mistakes, but he also worked hard to fix them. In the end, he thought, he was a good person.

In a last, desperate attempt, Jack tried one thing he hadn't yet. He searched his mind as his heart for the light of Eros that once burned within him. He looked for the flames of lust and love that he instilled in those around him, and he tried to connect them one more time. It was a vain attempt, a futile struggle, to prove once and for all that he was still a god.

Alone in the kitchen, blinded by the brilliant morning sun that reflected off the melting snow outside, he closed his eyes tight and sought out the familiar warmth of love that once permeated the house. He reached out for the heat of lust that once radiated from his family, and he looked desperately for the rose pyre that signified his strength.

There was only darkness as he sought, and it seemed even more pointless, but he refused to relent. He refused to let it end there, that easily, and he closed his eyes so tight that it hurt a little, and he strained for anything, even a single spark, and he...

He found it. Fire, bright as the sun, burned inside of him. It was an enormous flame, writhing pink and green light that danced about him, engulfing him and becoming him. It existed within him, godhood, and it had been hiding within his doubt and his self-loathing.

From there he searched, and he found them all. He could literally feel his mother as she woke Julie from a deep slumber. Her light burned brilliantly for him, brighter than it once was. She accepted him entirely, in her heart, mind, and her soul.

His sisters burned with similar intensity, as did Mrs. Kernberry a house over. He could feel them, all of them, burning up. Their heat coalesced with his and augmented his flame, making it even brighter. It eclipsed all the shadows of his doubt and galvanized his resolve. He was a god again.

When he opened his eyes he saw a world much brighter than before. Colors were more vivid and sounds were more pleasant. The light of joy and pleasure was everywhere in the house. Lingering sensations lined every counter in the kitchen and every fiber of the carpet. He could feel the love of his family in the air and see it in the light.

The flood of pleasure surged through him, hardening him. Passion returned to him in a flood of sensation. His dick, his normal human dick, swelled and strained, and ached inside of his pants. It was growing beyond human standards, harder and larger than he was over the entire week.

Jessica stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. When she saw Jack she froze. Her brother looked different to her. He was more handsome, more sensual, and he was more than all of that. Just the mere sight of him brought a small orgasm to her. Enough to shake her but not break her; the orgasm was just a taste of what was to come.

She glanced at his crotch, which was swelled with need. Immediately she knew what had happened. Jack had returned to full power. He was a god again, and his presence alone was enough to infuse her with a deep, unquenchable lust.

"Master," she said breathlessly.

He didn't respond. He didn't have to. All he did was slide his chair back and spread his legs. Jessica's body remembered the rest of it. She moved smoothly into place, kneeling between his legs, and cupped his swelling cock through his pants.

His musky scent was strong so close to his privates and it was insinuating its way into her. Everything felt more real, more alive. Her flesh was hypersensitive. Even the scrap of her swollen nipples against her skimpy blouse was enough to make her shudder.

Slowly, reverentially, she undid his pants and released his enormous godhood. It was nothing like his mortal dick. Fully erect it stood over twice as long and easily twice as thick. His balls were swollen to match its enormous size, and the smell of it was thick and stuck in her head.

Seeing this beautiful cock again was pure bliss. When Jack was a mortal Jessica clearly preferred his normal human dick, but now that he was a god she couldn't understand that logic. Everything about his godhood was better. Its length meant that the deepest parts of her could feel him. Its girth meant that it would take her, reshape her to his service. Its rigidity was a symbol of virility and power.

She traced her fingers along it slowly, awed by its size. Its heat suffused her, starting in her finger tips and moving throughout her body. She shook and hungered for him. Nothing else in the universe mattered now. Only Jack was important, only his pleasure mattered.

Victoria and Julie flanked her, each consumed by their own lust. Jack reclined in his chair, letting his beautiful family fall into service as they once had. It almost felt like nothing had changed. He was a god, they were his sluts, and everything was normal again.

Julie grasped his enormous balls and held them in her palm. She looked up at him with lustful eyes and, slowly as she could, leaned in and licked his testicles. The contact of her tongue with his right testicle was even more intense a pleasure than Jack thought was possible. His entire body felt like one enormous, throbbing cock that ached for release.

Victoria caressed his thigh and kissed her way up his leg. Slowly, she lifted his shirt and kissed her way up his side. Her breasts pressed against his leg and stomach as she moved, her nipples were hard through her bra.

She kissed her way up to his chest, lifting her shirt as she went. When she found his nipple she captured it with her tongue and sucked on it, eliciting a sharp intake from Jack, who began to buck against his women. His body quaked all over.

By now Jessica had joined the fun. She took hold of his cock with both hands, marveled at his immense size, and then plugged him into her mouth. Jack was thrusting gently into her, which she didn't mind. It felt wonderful to strain and suck on Jack again. Choking on his enormity was like a dream come true.

It felt empowering, having three women worshipping him like they used to. It was a return to his throne, a homecoming of sorts. Victoria grasped some free space on his cock and joined in jerking on it with Jessica as she continued to suckle on his nipple.

Julie took turns nursing on each testicle. She sucked on each deeply, with her eyes closed, luxuriating in the pure, unyielding presence of her brother's love and sexuality. It was all around her, encompassing her, and holding her gently like a lover might.

Jack's orgasm quickened, and they could all feel it. The tension built inside of the room, escalating each touch, each lick, each breath. They pulsated together, one massive life form of conjoined pleasure. Each moment drew them closer to rapture.

"I'm going to cum," Jack said finally, and his words were like one massive release in and of itself.

The women all fell into position, the three of them kneeling before them. They were all panting and flushed; their pussies were soaked with lust and need. Jessica held him, twisting him and massaging him as he swelled larger and larger. They were at the tipping point as well, their own orgasms preparing

"Cum for us, bubba," Jessica begged. She hungered for his orgasm and his cum. Before she appreciated his normal human dick, but now that he was a god again she longed for one of his enormous orgasm.

Julie cupped and massaged his balls, priming them. "Coat us, cum on us, baptize us again! It's been so long," she cooed. The feel of him in her hand, so large and hot, was a reward in and of itself, but she needed his cum and his orgasm. Though he satisfied her as a human, he enhanced her as a god.

Victoria cupped her breasts for her son, giving him a target. "Please, cum on your horny mother, Jack, please! I've needed this since the beginning of the week. I've needed you, and now that you're back I have to have it. Coat your mother in your divine seed. Mark her as your slut again so that there's no doubt!"

And so Jack came, and it was like a revelation. Time spent without a godly cock and divine pleasure seemed, now, a waste. Divinity was all around him, coursing through him, exploding out of him. His presence escaped his body and filled the room, illuminating every crevice with light.

As he came he felt a pulsation of power. All the flames that were joined with his erupted in brilliant euphoria, each of his followers were seized in their own orgasm with him. These orgasms sent out their own waves of energy, their own passion, and collided and grew off of one another.

Jack shuddered and spewed. Sperm rained down on his sluts, covering their faces and their breasts, marking them on their very souls. Their pleasure was amplified, at first doubled and soon tripled. Their orgasms joined with the rests, building upon them, increasing their power.

All of reality faded away. Jack's physical body was nothing now. All he felt was white hot pleasure as it suffocated him. Pink flames burned inside of his soul and deep inside, sleeping, was Eros, bound in a golden web of chains. Jack held the key deep in his heart. This power wasn't Eros' anymore. It was Jack's, and it would be forever his.

Reality came back slowly, like the change of the tides. He ebbed gently back into being and found himself in the kitchen. The scent of hot food mingled with the scent of sex and musk.

He was without pants, with an enormous, limp cock between his legs. His younger sister held it, coaxing the last bit of cum from the tip and onto her outstretched tongue. She was covered in his sperm and looked ecstatic.

Next to her Victoria, his mother, was lathering herself in his sperm. Her face and breasts were plastered with his essence. Her nipples were now exposed, free form the confines of her bra. She rubbed his semen into her nipples and quaked. A fluctuation in her light showed that she had a small orgasm.

Julie suckled on his testicles now and cleaned them of errant sperm. She was coated in a viscous white layer as well, and her eyes showed her depravity and joy. She licked longingly at his balls.

Jack smiled at his sluts and, breathing heavily, said, "I'm back."

"We can see that," Jessica said with a giggle. The light in her eyes was brilliant. She kissed the head of his cock and said, "Welcome back, master." Immediately after Julie and Victoria kissed his cock and said the same thing.

"I'm glad to be back," he said, and he picked up a piece of bacon. He sluts continued to pet his cock as he bit into it. "Now, you three need to clean up and get something to eat. It's not over, not yet. I have one more thing to do before I can assume control for real."

They all obeyed, rushing from the room to grab quick bathes before they could eat.

Jack put himself away and, now sexually satisfied, began eating his breakfast. Though lukewarm it was still delicious.

As he ate he contemplated his godhood and the final battle ahead of him. Athena wouldn't submit without a fight, and he would need a plan if he was going to win.

After breakfast and bathes Jack rallied his mother and got a ride. He dressed casually, in a hoodie and jeans, and went straight to the library. When he got out he stood before the library doors.

He was still nervous. Though he had apparently passed Athena's test the library still felt foreboding. It was her territory. Her presence permeated the very stones that built it. All she had to do was simply be there and it gave her power. Besides, she was a being that existed throughout centuries. What did Jack know about defeating gods?

After Jack got up the nerve to enter the library he found it was a surprisingly short walk to Athena. Though she was surrounded by a labyrinth of books he walked straight to her, as if his heart was guiding him there. Everything was a blur as he passed it. Only she was there, and her existing in and of itself was frightening.

He found her buried in a book and completely oblivious to him. She looked very much the same, the host of Athena. She was beautiful, with dark brown eyes, impish lips, and glasses that gave her a sexy nerd kind of appeal. She dressed conservatively but Jack could still see the impressive swell of her breasts. They were close in size to Christina's breasts, if not a bit larger.

He stiffened. "Hello?"

The host of Athena set her book down and regarded Jack momentarily with disinterest. Then she looked at his bulge and said, "How crude," before ushering him over and offering him a seat. "Welcome, conqueror of Eros."

"Don't you mean, 'Welcome master'?"

Athena's host clucked her tongue in disapproval. "No, I mean no such think, fool. You passed a single trial-and barely at that-but you've yet to win the day. Should my host pass your trial-and I do believe that she will-I will remain free."

Jack took his seat and folded his hands in front of him on the table. "I see. All I did was keep what was mine, right? So I still have to find a way to put you in chains?" Jack looked over her body and smiled. "That sounds like fun."

Athena scowled and crossed her arms over her chest. It was an attempt to hide her figure from it. Instead it accentuated her bust. "Enough prattling, mortal, now it is time for you to announce your trial. I suggest you make it difficult, otherwise you will not have your aid, and you will be without my aid in the future."

Jack knew she was right. He somehow had to best a goddess. Defeating Eros was, by his own admission, something of a fluke. He simply charged blindly ahead and it all turned out because of serendipity. It seemed unlikely that Athena would be so easy. She was a completely different kind of enemy: cold, methodical, and patient. Her passions would never get the better of her, and he would wait forever trying to exploit her.

The body on the other hand, was entirely human. That was Athena's weakness, Jack wagered. After all, he was a mortal with a will strong enough to defeat a god. He wagered most mortals were not so strong. It seemed likely to him that Jillian would succumb to his will easily enough, and by doing so he would defeat Athena as well.

Jack motioned vaguely at Athena's host and said, "The girl, what's her name?"

"You are referring to my host, I assume."

Jack nodded.

"Her name is Jillian. Why do you ask?"

"Because she is my trial," Jack said. "I want you to leave Jillian alone with me. Let her have her body and her mind and see if she can resist me. If she can then I lose. If she can't then you're both mine."

Athena glared at him momentarily, and then she smiled. To Jack's surprise she didn't appear at all frightened. Instead she looked confident, even arrogant. "That sounds acceptable," she said at length. "I will leave the girl under your care. If you can subdue her then you deserve to own the both of us," she said and then she laughed haughtily.

"What does that mean," Jack asked, but the girl went limp. The daunting presence drained from the building, leaving it feeling empty in the wake. Athena was gone, and all that was left was the busty, nerdy Jillian. She jerked into wakefulness with a snort, as if she had been sleeping.

"What..." She looked at Jack curiously. "Who...Who are you?" She didn't seem shy or scared, just confused. This amused Jack. Her bewilderment would weaken her. This trial seemed almost too easy.

"I'm Jack," he said, and he held out his hand. When she didn't respond he said, "What are you reading there?"

"Nothing," Jillian said. She scooped up her book and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't even remember coming here. I'm going to go." She stood to leave, but Jack caught her by the arm. She tried to jerk away but his grip was tight.

"I'll scream rape," she said. She still didn't sound frightened. Instead of the fear that most people would possess she displayed overt defiance.

"I imagine you'll scream," Jack said. "But I doubt you'll scream rape." He stood and looked her in the eye.

Jillian's light burned behind her eyes. It was bright, so bright that it caused Jack to recoil. The intensity of her was staggering and left him momentarily stunned. Ambrosia's will had been enough to challenge Jack. Jillian's was enough to stop him in his tracks.

She tugged her arm free and backed into a shelf. "What in the hell are you talking about? Who are you and how in the hell did I get here?" She wasn't running now. She stood her ground and stared back at him.

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