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Erotica In The Park


As he leafed through the pages of his magazine, he looked over at the beautiful blonde reading her book. He smiled as he muttered to himself, "I wonder if she knows?"

His stare was now firmly fixed upon the erotic sight before he, as she lay on the grass, her knees drawn up to her chin as she read her book. He wondered if she knew that she was revealing her pink panties, not that he wanted to her close her legs or move on.

"They fit so tight and snug," he muttered once again to himself as she smiled, pretending she was unknowingly showing off her lovely charms.

He continued staring at the beautiful sight before him, while Glenda leaned back against the base of the old oak tree, still reading her book, supposedly unaware that a strangers eyes were ogling her.

Pausing for a moment, Glenda peered over the top of the book, looking around to see if he was watching her. She could see him as he sat on the bench, no further than 10 feet away.

They were only separated by the pathway that split the pieces of park grass. She could see his eyes were transfixed on the show she was allowing him to see. She looked, through her dark sunglasses, as she watched his reaction to what he was seeing.

She had seen him before on her visits to the park, and wondered why he always came alone, and just sat reading his magazine. Glenda liked going to the park, and relaxing under the old oak, to read her books and people watch.

What she liked most of all however, was accidentally exposing her panties to an unsuspecting on looker. Sometimes it was a woman, but most of the time it was a man.

She was amused by those who thought they were being so coy, peeking and looking thinking no one knew what they were up to. She had a sixth sense about people, and could usually tell if someone was safe or if they were someone to steer clear of.

Naturally there was always that chance she could be wrong. Of course that's what made it all the more exciting, the element of danger. Seeing that she still had his undivided attention, Glenda teasingly moved, turning over, and allowing her legs to open a little further as she turned onto her stomach.

"Jeez" he whispered to himself as he watched her move, watching as her legs parted slightly opening even further, as he saw her pink panties dig deeper between her pussy lips.

He felt his cock beginning to rise in his pants, from the arousal of his excitement. Glenda chuckled to herself as she brought her toes off the ground, bringing her heels to her buttocks, with the full knowledge that the action of her doing that, would yet again let him see her panties, only more so.

She wanted him to see her, she wanted him to get hard, and to think of her as he stroked himself whenever he got the opportunity to bring himself to orgasm thinking of her, and her pinky panties.

Glenda was an exhibitionist at heart, and nothing excited her more, than to see someones arousal as they looked at her. "Fuck," he muttered under his breath as his hand moved to his groin, his fingers clutching his cock.

Nervously he looked around, finding there were far to many people walking around to do much of anything. To many people for him to do what he wanted to, which was take his throbbing cock out of his trousers, and stand over the hot blonde by the tree, and being stroking his cock while she watched him cum all over her panties.

As he fantasized about what he'd like to do, Glenda kicked her legs up and down again. It all seemed so innocent, but it was designed to have the desired effect of showing him her pink panties, the ones that were now wedged snugly into the folds of her pussy lips.

Glenda flipped through the pages of her book as if she was reading, albeit reading sparsely, not really taking the words in to her mind's eye. Her mind's eye was too busy, conjuring up her next move.

What she really wanted to do was expose her pussy lips to him and see his reaction. She also wanted him to see the wet spot that was forming or her panties. Her nipples were stiff, and aching as she thought about him seeing her wet panties.

Her nipples craved attention, soft touches, followed by harder touches, like when a lover twists, or nibble on them, all of which makes Glenda so fucking hot. Glenda turned over onto her back again as she held her book high as she laid there, her knees started to part, as her dress slipped higher on her thighs.

She smiled to herself from behind the book thinking the affect she must be having on her admirer. He watched as Glenda turned, watching the way her knees parted as she lay there.

He made sure there was no one close by as his fingers closed around his cock that was now as hard as a rock. His cock was begging for release, begging to be stroked and sucked.

His cock was throbbing, and begging for some sort of release from all this sexual tension that had welled up inside him from looking at this hot blonde across the way. He continued to watch her, the teasing actions she was going through, the way her knees parted a little more, her dress, exposing more of her thighs.

Her panties, and the way their were digging into her pussy lips. How he wanted to get closer to her but how? Glenda lifted her book slightly higher, enabling her to sneak a look at her admirer.

She saw his hand moving as he started rubbing his crotch. She gasped, for even at 10 feet away, she could see that his bulge was huge. Glenda continued to watch as his hand began, groping, gripping and rubbing his big cock through his trousers.

She felt herself getting wetter, her nipples aching even more than before. Now she wanted to expose her breasts, and let him see just how hard her nipples had become just from watching him tease his cock through his trousers.

How she wanted him to stand over her, while she watched him stroke his cock. She wanted to watch the cum spurting from his cock and then raining down onto her breasts, coating her aching nipples with his cum, but even better yet, she wanted that huge cock in her pussy.

She parted her knees further, and dug her ass harder on the grass, trying to rub the dull ache between her legs. All she managed to do was to wedge her panties tighter and deeper into her pussy lips.

She let out a low moan as she watched him. His hand moved over the bulge in his trousers, as his fingers gripped his cock while he continued to watch her. This hot blonde laying no more than 10 feet away from the bench he sat upon was beyond beautiful, making him want her all the more.

It was so incredible the way she was laying there, her legs open, her panties hugging her pussy lips, allowing him see her panties sneaking inside her lips. He watched her teasing ways, the way she wiggled her ass, the way the panties slipped, revealing her dampness.

His hand continued rubbing his engorged cock, as he felt the blood pumping through making it even harder. He looked around to see if there was still anyone around that would see him if he did what he wanted to do so badly.

Seeing it was safe he unzipped his trousers, still looking left, and right as he slipped his hand inside, covering himself with the magazine he had been reading. He knew it was still extremely dangerous, and he knew he could have his ass hauled off to the jail, but even so, the risk was going to be worth it.

He had to feel his cock, he had to stoke it as he looked at her beautiful pussy. With his cock now free he started to move his hand slowly, up and down his throbbing cock. His eyes were fixed firmly on her pussy as he continued his self pleasure.

Glenda looked at the magazine he had strategically placed on his lap. She smiled as she realized why he had done so. She had visions of him stroking his cock as he watched her.

She wanted to watch him as he tugged and stroked his cock. She placed her book on the grass, and sat up looking directly at him. She smiled as he made no effort to hide what he was doing under that magazine.

She smiled at him as she too looked around to see if there was anyone nearby. Seeing it was safe, there was no one looking at her as she slipped her hand inside her legs.

She watched his eyes fix on her hand as she moved her hand to the inside of her inner thigh.

Then she watched his face turn red as her fingers began stroking her lips, and pressing the material of her panties deeper inside her pussy.

She watched him lift the magazine revealing his cock. His cock was so big, it was as if she could almost see it throb. Glenda gasped, and smiled as she stared at his magnificent cock, while she watched his hand moving up and down his rigid shaft.

She winked as she pulled her panties to one side, revealing to her admirer, her bare pussy lips of her freshly waxed pussy. He watched her eyes staring at his cock, while running her tongue over lips. He let out another moan as he watched her slipping the panties to one side.

He watched as her pussy came into view, while she slipped a finger inside herself. His hand started to move faster while he looked on as she began moving her finger along her creamy slit.

He wanted to cum so bad, but not yet, not until he was ready. As he watched her working her finger along her pussy, he found himself wanting to slide his throbbing cock into her pussy, the pussy that he was watching as she worked her finger in and out of her hot pussy.

He wanted to fuck her in the worst possible way. His hand moved faster, as he squeezed his cock while he continued to looking at her, at the show she was giving him as she performed for him.

Glenda continued sliding her finger in and out of her pussy, feeling herself getting wetter and more aroused with his every stroke. Her finger was now matching the pace of his hand.

She found herself fantasizing about sucking his cock, the very same cock she wanted to fill her pussy. Yet she wanted to watch his cock as it erupted all over his hand when he came. His hands look so strong and powerful.

She imagined his hands on her breasts, caressing them, and teasing her nipples, then twisting them as she squealed. She wanted his powerful hands not only on her breasts, but on her pussy as well, caressing and exploring her pussy as well.

She wanted to feel his fingers deep in her pussy, exploring her depths as she moaned and squealed from his touch. Then Glenda looked around again finding it was still clear.

No one looking, no one watching her apart from the the man sitting across from her still stroking his cock. She smiled at him, making a final glance left and right.

He watched as she continued fingering her pussy, adding another as it appeared as if she were trying to match his rhythm. He felt a if he were moving closer and closer to cumming as she watched him.

His hand was moving faster, and he drew closer to cumming. As much as he wanted to hold off, he knew it would be futile. He continued to watch and smiled as he watched Glenda continuing to pleasure herself.

He saw her looking left and right, as if she was checking to see if anyone else was looking. He matched her glances, and then his eyes opened wide as he saw her pull her panties down. He watched as she took them off, and placed them in her purse.

He smiled wide when he saw her totally bare pussy staring back at him. He watched her open her legs for him all the way. He thought he was going to explode right then when she parted her pussy lips just for him. His hand was a blur now as he stroked his cock faster and faster.

His breathing was becoming ragged, deepening, as his heart raced in his chest. The blood pumped into his cock causing the head to swell even more as he saw her slip still another finger into her pussy.

Glenda watched as his hand stroked his cock furiously, knowing that he was probably about to erupt, sending his warm cum into the air. She watched his reaction as she removed her panties, and stuffed them into her purse, closing the purse before slipping two fingers deep into her pussy.

She could heard the squishing sounds her fingers were making in her wet pussy as she began to move them in and out, twisting them as she slammed them back inside her pussy. She too was close to cumming.

The sight of his hand pumping his rigid cock was taking her closer and closer to the edge. She watched as she saw his thick cock head seemed to swell with every stroke of his hand.

She slammed her fingers in and out of her pussy, as she felt her body beginning to shake which meant she was about to cum. She growled as she watched his hand as he stretched out his legs, and watched her fingers pounding into her pussy.

He could see the wet juices from her pussy coating her fingers as he watched her facial expressions. He could see her legs and body as she began to shake, knowing that she was cumming. That was all he needed to see as he let out a throaty moan as his cock exploded.

He spurted his cum high into the air, his cum landing on his magazine, and his thighs marking a mess of his trousers. He watched as Glenda continue to shake as she slammed her fingers deep into her pussy.

He heard her moaning and hissing as her orgasms overwhelmed her. He watched her juices shot out, her pussy juice squirting from her pussy, her fingers firmly implanted deep inside herself.

He heard her moaning as she continued to plunge her fingers in and out of her pussy as her orgasm continued. Once each was finished cumming they smiled at each other.

Afterward Glenda stood up, smoothed down her dress, and then brought her fingers to her mouth, as she looked at him while he watched her as she cleaned her fingers, licking them, and tasting her juices. She walked the 10 feet over to him, and picked up the magazine looking down at his cock.

She smiled, as their eyes met his. Her hand reached down, and took his still hard cock that was covered in his cum. She bent down, and opened her mouth taking the thick head inside her mouth.

She began sucking him down her throat, her tongue licking and lapping over the head as she tasted him. After sucking the residual cum form his cock she stood up and smiled, and looked from side to side one more time.

They were in luck, the park for the most part was deserted. No one was anywhere near them, and with her pussy on fire Glenda wanted nothing more than for him, the man she didn't even know to return the favor, and lick her pussy right then and there.

She turned and sat down on the bench next to him, pulling her skirt up so that her pussy was in full view. He looked over and smiled at her, admiring her pussy up close now. Her lips were covered with her juices, juices from her orgasm.

Her lips were still swollen, and seemed as if they were still throbbing from her most recent orgasm. Her clit was thick and swollen as it too glistened from her juices. He moved from the bench, down onto his knees, and with one last look to make sure there was no one about, he knelt down between Glenda's legs and took in her aroma.

Then he lowered his head, and ran his tongue along her creamy inner thighs as Glenda gasped from the feel of his warm tongue on her soft skin. It was even better than she had imagined it would be, as she started moving his tongue ever closer to her labia.

Inch by inch until she gasped again as his tongue moved onto her wet lips. She closed her eyes as he parted her lips, running his tongue up and down her creamy slit, lapping up her juices as they started to flow once again.

She felt him wiggle his tongue over her opening and then enter her causing her to moan slightly. Then he began working his tongue deep inside her pussy, poking and probing as her heart started to race. It was obvious that he had done this before.

His tongue felt like a small cock as it probed and pleasured her pussy, taking her to the edge yet again. For a brief moment the pleasure stopped as he removed his tongue from her pussy, but was soon replaced with something else, his fingers.

He eased his fingers into Glenda's pussy, exploring her depths as he took her clit into his mouth. As he continued working his finger in her pussy, she found that he was equally adept at sucking her clit.

He alternated between flicking her clit with his tongue, and then sucking it, driving her mad with passion all while fingering her pussy with his talented finger. If that were not enough, she felt his little finger pushing against her asshole, and then gently sliding inside.

He was soon sucking her clit, and working his finger in her pussy as well as her asshole while Glenda grabbed his head, and thrust her pussy into his face. She was rocketing toward another orgasm as this man pleasured her like no other hand before.

Harder and harder he sucked her clit as she pulled his head as hard as she could against her pussy. She knew she should be checking for passers by, but at this point the whole world could have been watching and it wouldn't have mattered.

Finally her body started to shudder, and her legs started to quake as another, even harder orgasm gripped her entire being. Her juices were squirting again, covering her lovers face as he held onto her as her body continued to quake.

Finally her orgasm was beginning to subside, but not before she had experienced the best orgasm she could ever remember. Glenda lifted his head from between her legs, and began kissing her juices from his face and tongue.

She was going to let him fuck her, but there were voices, and they were getting closer. They both stood up, gathering themselves together. Glenda was about to turn, and leave before the people could see them, but her new lover had other ideas.

As the people drew closer, they walked by, oblivious as they continued their lighthearted conversation. He looked back at Glenda, and for the first time she hard him speak. His voice was deep, and so soothing as she said,

"It doesn't have to stop, not before we do what we both want. It'll be dark soon, and then we'll have the park to ourselves. There's a spot not far from here where there are no lights, and no one can see us. Are you interested, or do you want to leave this unfinished?"

Glenda thought for a moment. Any other time she would never have let it go this far, let alone hang around and have sex with anyone. Yet this man was special, there was something about him that was different from anyone she had ever encountered. She looked up and smiled,

"Alright, but only if it is safe."

He smiled as the two of them walked down the path. Neither of them spoke, yet then didn't have to. As they drew closer it was getting darker, and the lights had come on. After a few more steps, he pointed to the left and led Glenda down a narrow path that was lined on both sides by foliage.

Once they had gone a few yards Glenda could see that he had been right. It was very well hidden from prying eyes, and there was a cement bench that would be perfect for their needs.

He stopped and looked at Glenda, his eyes were so warm, and friendly as he lowered his head placing his lips to hers. As they kissed, the fires of passion returned to Glenda as his hands moved down her back to her ass.

His grip was so strong, and yet so gentle as he slowly moved his hands under her dress, and started caressing her ass. She had forgotten she had put her panties in her purse, the air feeling so good on her bare skin.

His hands were on her cheeks again, caressing and squeezing her ass, while she unfastened his trousers letting them fall away. Glenda felt his hand move between her legs, where she realized her fires of passion had not gone out.

His hand began caressing, and lovingly squeezing her mound, while his middle finger eased between her lips. As he pleasured her pussy, Glenda took his now fully erect cock in her hand, where she began stroking him.

She could here him groan as she squeezed his thick cock, while he added a second finger to her pussy. Glenda pushed the straps of her summer dress off her shoulders, allowing her breasts to be exposed.

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