tagIncest/TabooFamily Camping is Fun!

Family Camping is Fun!


Deb, 19, and her brother Greg, 18, were quietly and happily following their parents Mike and Silvie down the trail towards their campsite. They had just hiked up to the waterfall about a mile away, and ate a nice picnic lunch there. The Nelsons loved camping, especially as a family outing, and hiking was always their favorite part.

They were an active family, always out doing things and keeping busy. Mike and Silvie took a two mile run every morning and kept in great shape. Greg was on the wrestling team in his senior class, and was bulking up quite nicely. Deb had been the track star before graduating, and she was nice and lean from it. She and Greg had a friendly sibling competition between them often, trying to be healthier and more fit. She was the older one, but he always seemed to best her.

After getting back to camp, the sun was starting to go down and it was getting colder. Mike and Silvie were ready to curl up in front of the fire, but Deb and Greg had a tradition about this time of night. All their parents really knew was that they played some sort of hide and seek game, and they were happy to let them go off and enjoy themselves while they themselves had some alone time by the romantic fire.

After the fire was roaring, Greg elbowed Deb and smiled, and then took off into the trees. Deb cursed under her breath and was quick to follow.

"Have fun!" their parents called.

Mike smiled as his wife cuddled up to him, wrapping a big blanket around them both. He nuzzled his face into her neck and she moaned.

"How long will they be gone?" he asked.

Silvie smiled. "Long enough."

She sighed as she felt his strong hands reach up and cup her breasts underneath her flannel shirt. He squeezed gently, massaging them and enjoying them.

"Clothes on, right?" Mike said as he unzipped his pants.

Silvie's hand searched for his penis, and found it poking up against her buttocks. She grasped it and gently rubbed her thumb on the sensitive underside, making him groan.

"At this angle, you'll have to make due with my ass," she answered, lifting her hips a bit and pulling her sweatpants down to expose her rump.

"Damn," he joked, and spit heavily onto his fingers before rubbing them around his cock.

This was old hat for them, and in just a few thrusts he was buried completely inside of her. They loved just sitting like this, connected and enjoying the fire. Mike would softly rock against her and eventually he would squirt right up into her ass. She would idly finger her clit and cum a few times herself. This was definitely their favorite part of camping. And if their kids returned for some reason before they were done, the blanket covered everything and no one was the wiser.

"Go slow," Silvie said, turning to kiss Mike's forehead. "I just want to enjoy being filled up tonight."

Mike nodded, and held himself deep inside of her butthole while they snuggled.


Always the faster of the two, Greg hauled ass through the dense forest until he came to the grassy field on the other side, about a quarter mile from camp. He knew Deb was right behind him, so he ducked down low and hid in the waist-high grass. He lay perfectly still, making sure he didn't make a sound.

Deb came bounding after him, but once she reached the field she stopped. Panting slightly, she looked around in the dim light for her brother. She couldn't see him, but the field was large enough that she knew he was here somewhere.

"Greg!" she called, although she knew he wouldn't answer her. "Hurry up! I have to go bad."

Greg found the thought amusing, and he stifled his laughter as he listened for her approach. She sifted through the grass blades, and eventually she came close to him. Greg leapt up and roared at her, trying to scare her. Deb just shook her head.

"I saw you there," she said.

"Yeah right," he said. "Can you make it to the stream?"

Deb nodded, and they jogged off together to the end of the field where a small trickling sound could be heard. After a minute of jogging, they reached a narrow stream that would eventually lead back to the small lake where the waterfall was. They came right up to the water and stood on the rocky embankment.

"Ready?" Greg said, turning to his sister.

Deb nodded, and anxiously reached her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down. Her panties came next, and within a few seconds her clothes were down around her ankles and she was thrusting her pelvis forward to angle herself towards the water. Greg wasn't taken aback by it, in fact he did the same and pulled his shorts and underwear down to expose himself. He grabbed his penis and lifted it, pointing towards the water.

"Go!" Deb said anxiously.

The two siblings simultaneously began to urinate into the stream. Greg had no problem hitting the water, but Deb had to pull up on her vagina to get her stream to cooperate, and was splashing the rocks at her feet for a second before getting her stream to match his. But after a moment, both of them were pissing happily into the water together.

Greg smiled as he watched her struggle, never growing tired of seeing her do that. She mostly ignored him, except for getting an eyeful of his dick before directing her attention back to what she was doing. She had to go more than him apparently, because he trailed off after only a matter of seconds. She kept going and going until she was empty finally, and he waited to piss shake until she was finished.

"Shake it off," he said, and he did so while she trickled the last bit out and then reached down to splash some of the icy cold water up into her crotch to clean herself off.

"Whoa, that's cold!" she exclaimed, and they both started laughing.

"I bet," he said, still smiling.

They both just stood there like that for a short while, their clothes down around their ankles and their privates on display. They enjoyed the free feeling, and the cool air blowing past felt rather nice until it grew too cold.

"It's gonna be tough to race tonight," Deb said, feeling goosebumps up her arms.

Greg nodded. "Yeah, do you wanna wait and do it in the tent?"

Deb thought for a moment, but the cold water on her pussy answered for her and she shivered. She pulled her shorts back up, and Greg took that as a cue and did the same.

"No problem," he said. "We just have to be quieter is all."

"I know, I know," she said, with playful sibling irritation. "I can't help it sometimes."

He laughed at her, and they started back for the camp.


Mike was starting to move more urgently into his wife's behind, thrusting sharply upwards and letting his hips settle back to withdraw just a bit before thrusting back upwards. Silvie was groaning now with each thrust, and her fingers were moving rapidly over her clit. It was starting to build to a crescendo when they heard twigs snapping. They turned their heads to see their kids returning to camp.

"Don't budge," Mike whispered into Silvie's ear, "or I'm gonna lose it."

She smiled devilishly, but she didn't think that making her husband fill her ass with cum in front of their children was a good idea. They just stayed like that, the blanket covering everything that was happening beneath.

"Done already?" she said to them.

Deb rushed to stand in front of the fire, warming her hands and legs. Greg was right behind her.

"Yeah sorry," he said, rubbing his hands together. "It's just too cold already."

"Get a blanket and come sit by the fire," Silvie said, and instinctively she squeezed her ass around Mike's cock. She heard him sigh in pleasure, but he was holding it together.

Their kids did so, and soon they were all four around the fire. Deb was almost shivering, and her panties were damp now from where she had splashed water onto herself. Greg sat directly across from his parents, and Deb was right next to him. He pretended to stare at the fire, but he was actually trying to guess whether his parents were having sex or not. He could tell by the way his mother's shirt was slightly disheveled that they were probably fooling around, and since she was sitting on his father's lap practically, they might be doing other things.

Without being too obvious, he nudged Deg in the arm and nodded toward them. She followed his eyes and watched them for a moment. Then she smiled, looked back at him, and gave the smallest hint of a nod. She agreed, they were definitely doing something sexual.

Silvie was perfectly content to sit like this until they were all ready for bed. She got off on teasing her husband, and it was so naughty for them to be connected like this in the presence of their children. Mike was flexing and throbbing inside of her, just begging for release. She wondered if he would burst and have to hold back his grunts, and the thought made her even wetter. Her hand was still buried between her legs, playing with her cunt. She very slowly began to masturbate again, wondering if she could keep her orgasm a secret.

One of the reasons Greg knew his parents were fooling around was because they always were, especially during camping trips. They insisted that her children sleep in their own tent, and he knew it was so they could have sex. It was fairly obvious anyway, because he could usually hear them going at it quietly, or so they thought. Deb could usually fall asleep during it, but he was too horny listening to them. Still, it did give him and his sister some privacy to play games and stuff, which they usually did well into the night.

The fire was beginning to die down, and it was getting even colder out now. Silvie was dying to climax, and kept pondering rubbing one out without her children noticing. She kept waiting for them to go to bed, but of course they enjoyed the fire just as much as she and Mike did. Poor Mike was still rock hard inside of her, but there was no way they could disconnect and put their clothes back in order without their children noticing something.

She leaned back into Mike's chest, and nonchalantly whispered back to him.

"Can you finish quietly?"

Mike groaned, and covered it by clearing his throat. He answered by thrusting sharply up into her ass, and very carefully undulating his penis up and down inside of her. The feel of his cock massaging her rectum was so exciting, she knew she was going to cum any second. She wanted to wait for him to burst so they could go at the same time. With a final glance at her kids, satisfied that they were distracted by the fire, she flicked her clit hard and came on her husband's cock deep inside of her.

She managed to keep it silent, but her face would have given everything away had anyone been paying attention. Her eyes fluttered and went back in her head, and her mouth opened slightly as her jaw jutted out. She enjoyed the wonderful wave of pleasure hit her, and when she felt Mike's sperm fire up into her anus, she nearly doubled over from the sensation. It felt so good!

Mike just held her against him as he fired away into her body, filling her tight ass with his cum as he quite often did. They both miraculously kept their orgasms quiet, but they were intense. Somehow having their children there, a forbidden audience, made it more exciting and he just kept shooting off into Silvie's ass. Finally, they were both satisfied and relaxed into each other.

Greg had a hard time keeping his boner down as he watched his parents fuck. Deb couldn't see much but she suspected they had just finished. That was actually very exciting, even though they were her parents. She should have been disgusted at the thought, but in fact she was getting wet from the thought. She could see Greg's hands under his blanket holding his crotch down. She smiled, and thought she would give her parents a break finally.

"I'm getting cold," she announced, and stood. "I'm going into the tent for the night."

"Goodnight, dear," Silvie said, relieved.

"Me too," Greg said, and carefully kept his blanket around him to hide his erection.

After their kids disappeared into their separate tent, Silvie pulled her ass off of Mike and turned to kiss him. She reached down and grabbed his slimy dick, massaging his swollen head and enjoying his groans.

"Let's go to bed too," she said. "I'm not finished with you."

Mike smiled, and hurried to put out the fire, his pants still open and his dick hanging out.


"This isn't going to be a fair race," Deb said, settling on her sleeping bag.

She was wearing her pajamas now, which consisted of sweatpants and a tight long sleeve t-shirt. It looked very nice on her tight, lean body which included surprisingly ample breasts for her build. Just like their mother, she was skinny but with some curves too. Greg had just a t-shirt and shorts on, since he had a hard time sleeping in lots of clothes. He always slept naked of course, but it was much too cold here for that.

"Why is that?" he asked, laying on his side propped up on his elbow.

Deb smiled. "I've been really horny all day."

Greg chuckled. "I see. And seeing mom and dad fucking didn't help?"

"Ssshh!" Deb hissed, and hit him on the leg. "They'll hear you."

"Did you realize that they were doing it anal?"

Deb's eyes widened. "What? How do you know?"

He shrugged. "The angle. Unless dad has a really long and curvy dick, there's no way he could reach her cunt sitting like that."

Deb blushed, both at the thought of their parents doing something so naughty and from the language Greg was using. They were so completely open with each other, though, that it didn't bother her.

"So," he said, "you think you can beat me tonight?"

"How about this?" she offered. "I'll close my eyes. Then you'll have the visual advantage."

Greg thought for a moment, and then sat up. "Ok, you're on."

Deb smiled excitedly, finding their little race amusing. She sat up on her knees facing Greg, and pulled her sweatpants down to her mid thighs, exposing her pussy to him. He also sat on his knees facing her, and pulled his shorts down. His dick was half hard already, and he grabbed it.

"Ready?" she said.

He nodded. "Go."

Deb closed her eyes, after quickly taking in the sight of her brother's cock again, and began gently rubbing her pussy mound. Greg began stroking himself, getting his penis stiffer until it was sticking straight out fully erect. He watched his sister masturbate with her eyes closed, and it was kinda sexy. They always did this on camping trips, seeing who could cum first. She almost always won, and of course with their agreement he was sure to let her.

Whoever came first had to pose erotically for the other person. And specifically if Deb came first, then Greg got to cum on her body wherever she chose. It was almost always on her tits, which Greg really enjoyed seeing. So of course when he heard her talk about being horny all day, it was like a guarantee that he was going to get to shoot off onto her tonight.

He kept stroking though, not holding back as he huffed and thrust into his fist. Seeing Deb's tight stomach come into view as her tight shirt rode up was very nice, and sometimes she would ask him to cum on her stomach. He liked that, almost as much as her tits for some reason.

Deb was whimpering, rubbing at her mound and circling her clit with her fingers. She was close, he could tell. Usually it wasn't this unfair, but something had really set her off today. He wondered what it was, but not for long as she began to whine softly and grunt. To his delight, he watched his sister climax only a couple of feet away from him, her hips bucking into her hand as she clenched her eyes shut and submitted to the wave of pleasure. She finally opened her eyes, and was blushing as she smiled back at her brother.

"Told you," she said, and casually rubbed her pussy as the wave subsided.

"Ok, where?" Greg asked. "I'm not far behind."

Deb thought for a moment. "How about my back?"

That was a new one, Greg thought. When she turned around and laid on her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows, he groaned with pleasure at seeing her nicely round butt stay exposed. That was the real treat, even though he would pretend that her back was his target. He hobbled closer to her, straddling her legs as he jerked off above her ass.

"I'm almost there," he assured her, and rested his free hand on her ass cheek.

She turned and smiled, but didn't protest. They usually didn't touch each other, not so directly anyway. Sometimes their legs would intertwine if they were laying next to each other. Or if he came on her tits, sometimes he would "accidentally" bump into them with his cock. She always laughed it off though, knowing he was just playing around.

"Here it comes!"

Deb fought the urge to turn around and watch, not wanting to spoil the cumshot. She loved watching it shoot out, but feeling it all over her backside would be just as nice. Greg moaned a bit too loudly, and began squirting into the air above her. His hand on her ass cheek squeezed slightly, feeling her nice firm butt as he shot off onto it.

He squirted nicely onto her lower back, his first shot sailing over her and landing right on her spine. Her lightly tanned skin looked so nice with cum on it. He ejaculated the rest of his sperm right over her butt, and painted a few lines of his thick white seed onto her ass. He squeezed her cheek again at just the right time, spreading it slightly as his last few drops splattered down onto her asshole.

"Hey!" she said, laughing. "That's not fair."

"Sorry, sis," Greg panted, but of course he wasn't.

He finished jerking his dick over her, and then sat back and sighed. His penis was dangling out in front of him, his last drops drooling out of the tip and landing on her butt. She giggled, quite enjoying the feel of such an obscene display.

"That was nice," she said, glancing back to her butt.

"I'll say." Greg reached for a nearby towel, which was always kept handy in the tent, and wiped himself clean before toweling her off. He carefully cleaned her up, making sure even the cum on her asshole was wiped away.

"That feels kinda nice," she said as he wiped her butt. "I guess I see why mom likes anal."

Greg smiled, and felt emboldened. He moved the towel aside and very softly touched his fingertip to her butthole. She gasped, for the first time feeling her brother touch her intimately with purpose.

"Greg..." She started to protest, but then realized that she really liked feeling him touch her.

"I've always wanted to," he said, his voice barely a whisper. "It's not like I'm gonna get off again. Can I?"

Deb looked back at him, biting her lip. "Ok, but be gentle. Then we have to go to sleep."

Greg nodded, and leaned down so that his face hovered over his sister's ass. Even though he had just cum on it, the urge to lick her was just too strong. At least he had cleaned her up first.

Deb closed her eyes, anticipating the feel of his finger brutally invading her back there. It wasn't a pleasant thought, but since it was him, she wouldn't say no. Just as she wondered how far she would let him go, she was shocked to feel not his finger but something wet and warm slide against her hole.

WIth a long, deep moan, Deb felt her body give in completely as Greg licked her asshole. She hadn't expected it to feel so damn good, and for her body to respond so quickly. She felt her arms and legs melt, and her pussy quiver. Greg lifted his face from her ass briefly, and then came back for another lick. His tongue slid from the bottom of her asshole where it met her cunt up the hole and just a slight bit past, where it stopped and returned for another pass. Each time he did that, she swore it felt like a full minute. He was so careful and precise, his tongue finding every little molecule of her anal opening.

"Oh, Greg..." Deb could barely breathe, and she wasn't even sure her whisper had been audible.

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