tagChain StoriesFAWC 1: The Phoenix

FAWC 1: The Phoenix


(Moderator's Note: This story is a submission to the first Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge (FAWC). The true author of this story is kept anonymous, but will be revealed on June 22nd, 2013, in the comments section following this story. Each of the stories in this challenge are centered around the common theme of the main character being an author who then experiences the erotic and/or unusual events he or she writes about. There are no prizes given in this challenge; this is simply a friendly competition.)

(Author's Note: This story includes the theme of marital infidelity. All characters are 18 years or older.)

* * * *

Ted leaned back in his chair but his gaze remained fixed on the picture perched on the desk separating him from the man desperately trying to communicate the strategic nature of his managerial skills. The man's name was Jason and he was a candidate for a senior management position. To ease his anxiety Ted avoided eye contact which Jason likely appreciated even though he knew Ted was only an interviewer. It also provided an excuse for Ted to stare at the picture strategically oriented to impress visitors with the attractiveness of Jason's family, and especially his late thirtyish wife.

Of course, that wasn't why Ted was staring at the man's wife at all. Though she was pretty, and the full height picture showed that she also had a nice figure, Ted wasn't even imagining having sex with her. At least, not directly. No, Ted had developed a more complex and ultimately more satisfying way of entertaining himself. He pictured the woman being seduced by a young man while her ambitious husband pursued his career for both of them, of course.

Ted's proxy wasn't a younger version of himself. Ted had, on many occasions, imagined seducing his friend's mothers and was often the recipient of teasing flirtations from the objects of his dreams. However, as strong as his desires were, and as playful as his friends' mothers became, Ted never worked up the courage to make a pass at any of them. In effect, the young Casanova in Ted's daydreams made up for his failures as a young man.

That night in his hotel room Ted would commemorate his impression of Jason's wife in a story. Lance, the name Ted used for his proxy, would confidently seduce Jason's wife and throw a large bone deep into her pussy in many ludicrous positions, often across the desk in his home office in front of a picture of him with smiling with a senior VP. Ted often used the real first name of a candidate's wife, or sometimes substituted it with the name of one of the favorite mother's from his past. Either way, Lance would fuck their brains out with his larger-than-life tool amid a cacophony of squeals, moans and groans.

Ted was starting to get noticeably hard as Jason neared the end of his story. He shook his head to rid it of the picture of Lance's long cock disappearing inside Marsha's skirt, its sensitive head scraping several times off the inside of her tender thighs. He waited for Jason to finish talking.

"Can you give me another example of that?" he asked.

Jason looked momentarily confused but quickly recovered and launched, first tentatively but then more confidently, into another regaling tale of his managerial prowess. Ted made Lance push Marsha forward onto Jason's desk from the left side and face her husband as he spoke. Lance lunged forward, slamming against ass and rocking Marsha ahead several inches, withdrew and slammed forward again, then again, and again. In his mind, Jason's eyes followed his wife back and forth, as if watching a tennis match, but he didn't miss a single beat in his bid for the vice-presidency.

Ted shook his head and both Lance and Marsha dissipated into thin air. He hoped this blowhard would shut up soon so he could get back to the hotel early. He was in the mood now and really wanted to write this one up. Marsha was a very pretty woman with a hot body. In the next half hour, under the pretext of reading a message, he managed to snap a couple of pictures of the family photo, zooming in to focus on Jason's sexy wife.

* * * *

Ted sat at the desk in his hotel room, rubbing the front of his underwear as he always did once he got well into a new story. News splashed across the TV screen but Ted could hardly hear it because he was so engrossed in the words spilling onto the screen of his laptop until a disconcerting thought burst into his mind. Before he left home he had hired a young nerd to clear his old laptop at home which he suspected was contaminated by a virus. However, he had forgotten that his secret repository of "family" pictures, and worse, the videos he recorded of his wife while he was away, were accessible through the laptop. He felt safe letting Linda use it but a computer-savvy kid might stumble upon the pictures, stories, and videos.

Long ago Ted had installed security cameras to cover the front and rear entrances of their home, both inside and outside. On one of his trips he had encountered a candidate with a wife that looked eerily similar to Linda, his own wife, and it had strangely excited him to imagine Lance trying to seduce her.

The fantasy had proved to be addictive and on several subsequent trips Ted enjoyed watching his wife online as she moved about the house through the additional cameras he installed in his study, the living room and kitchen, and even their bedroom. He particularly liked seeing her undress as she got ready for bed, completely unaware of being observed. Eventually he tired of it but the cameras remained installed and active, producing motion-triggered videos that were automatically saved on a large-capacity, wireless-accessible hard disk.

Ted logged onto his home security account and was relieved to find that everything was quiet on the home front. Linda had already gone to bed. He checked the login time and noted it so the next time he logged on he could verify whether or not anyone else had accessed the account. When he got home, he would check the last-access time of his "Linda" recordings.

Satisfied, Ted returned to the Marsha story. Lance was about plunge his huge cock deep between her widespread legs. Through his proxy, Ted grasped Marsha's ankles and pushed, lifting her ass off the bed. Ahhhhhh, the expectancy on her face was beautiful, simply beautiful. Lance sunk his meat into her hot, hairy hole.

* * * *

Ted was pleased when he arrived home several days later. It had been a good trip with two more finds as good as Marsha. Everything seemed normal so if Gary had found the pictures or videos he hadn't informed Linda. She greeted him the same way she had on a hundred other occasions: outwardly happy to see him home but not overly so, with a feigned interest in how his trip went that quickly passed. Ted forgot about the computer until they were getting ready for bed.

"How did the young fellow make out with the computer?"

"He said it has a 'boat load' of viruses and one that is particularly nasty."

Ted stopped halfway under the covers. "Did he fix it?"

"Not yet."

"Did he take it with him?"

"No, but he said he'd have to come back to finish cleaning it up."

Relieved, Ted slipped all the way into bed. "Kind of nerdy, isn't he?"

"Ted. That's not nice."

"I know. It's just that he reminds me of me at that age."

"You weren't that bad."

"You didn't know me in high school."

"He's not in high school, dear. He was in Scott's class."

"Really? I didn't know that. Well, I was almost as geeky as him when I was in school."

Linda reached out to touch Ted's face. "Then I guess you had changed by the time I met you."

"I guess so but you wouldn't have given me the time of day if you knew me then."

"I would so. That's not fair."

"I'm just kidding. Actually, the kid does kind of look like I did at that age but I wasn't that shy and didn't have as much acne."

"Shy? I didn't think he was very shy. He was at first, I guess, but once he got on the computer he babbled like crazy."

"Really? He hardly says anything at work."

"Hmmm. Did you know he gives lessons to Mrs. Ashton?"


"Yeah, on how to use the computer and various programs, email and stuff."

"Mrs. Ashton?"

Her husband was Ted's boss two levels up. That was impressive. A good word from her couldn't hurt Ted's career.

"Do you think he could help you?"

"I can handle myself okay on a computer."

"Yeah, but this kid is a real whiz, Linda. If he can help Mrs. Ashton, imagine what he could do for you."

"Nice try, Ted. Do you really think it would impress her husband to hire the guy that's helping his wife?"

Ted laughed. "How can you think I'd be so devious?" He reached for the bedside lamp. "I'm just trying to do what's best for you," he said in the darkness.

"Goodnight, Ted."

* * * *

Ted found the files in order the next night. He reviewed a few of his favorites, ones where Linda undressed in such an erotic way he could have sworn she was putting on an act. If the clips had been uploaded to a porn site most guys would think it wasn't amateur. She entered the room languidly after her bath—Why hadn't he thought to put a camera in there?—with her open robe flapping across her front, briefly exposing first one breast and then the other, and constantly displaying the neatly trimmed tuft of brown fur covering her freshly washed pussy. He had forgotten how sexy she could look. If only she was as sexy as she looked.

Linda was awkward in bed, or rather, she make him feel awkward. Everything had to be perfect. She had to be comfortable and never lost herself to passion, neither his nor hers. Whenever he started to get carried away she would complain, sometimes by a displeased grunt or a motion or just a stiffening, and he would lose it. He always finished, of course, but it was plain Linda was eager for him to be done.

For years now, Ted had obtained greater sexual gratification from his stories. He wasn't unfaithful though he couldn't say he hadn't tried. His success in launching an affair was as dismal as the attempted seductions of his friends' mothers. Looking back, he believed that he didn't know how or when to make it plain what he wanted, or lacked the courage to do so, and might have otherwise attained his goal. Oh well, it was too late to cry over spilt milk.

Gary returned the next day to clear the laptop of the virus and Ted engaged him to teach his wife how to use the computer better. She wasn't as adept as she thought she was so it was easy to leave Gary with a challenging array of things to show her, especially a complicated photo application that he knew she would enjoy. He wanted to keep Gary on long enough to be sure he mentioned to Mrs. Ashton that he was also working for the Nelson's.

The following week Ted traveled to two regional offices and conducted a dozen interviews, four of which produced some very juicy stories. He could hardly wait to review and submit them to Lit. First, he would review his favorite "Linda" files to see if he could add some intimate feminine movements to improve the stories. Details really spiced things up and raised his scores. He was glad he had hooked up extra cameras. However, he wasn't happy about what he found when he returned home.

* * * *

Linda met him with her usual greeting. She praised Gary's tutoring and mentioned that he had told Mrs. Ashton about them. All was well and good until Ted reviewed the past week's files to see if there were any gems he could use in his stories. He was hoping Linda had masturbated again with the translucent red dildo she kept hidden in her bottom drawer, or rubbed her breasts with oil before pushing her slick fingers into her pussy and sucking on the smaller dildo as she had done on several occasions.

But there wasn't any of that; only a couple of hours of boring video with Gary showing Linda how to use the Control Panel and Task Manager, how to configure Outlook, and then on to the photo program he had suggested. Ted skimmed quickly through most of it but slowed when the photo app lessons started. Linda was more interested but wasn't what caught Ted's attention. It was something about the way he spoke.

Gary was quite formal, consistently referring to Linda as Mrs. Nelson, but that wasn't it. He did most of the talking and after a few minutes Ted realized that despite his shy demeanor at work the young man spoke to Linda with great confidence. It wasn't just about computer things but also in the way he told Linda how to sit. Linda automatically resisted Ted's suggestions whenever he tried to show her how to do anything and quickly became impatient. She always insisted on doing things her own way. But with Gary, she was very compliant and did everything exactly the way he said to do it.

Ted peered at the video, suddenly noting what Linda was wearing. He paused and skipped back, stopping at several places until he saw her opening the front door to let Gary inside. She was wearing a pastel colored tank top with a thin, white cotton shirt, unbuttoned, over tight black leotards. As Gary followed his wife up the stairs to the office Ted could see in his gaze that the thin cotton didn't hide her ass as intended. Poor Linda. She would have cringed if she was aware her outfit was so blatantly sexy.

Gary returned to the photo program at a point beyond where they had been before he skipped back. Linda was hunched over, peering at the screen.

"This is one of Mrs. Ashton's favorite programs."

"I like it too," Linda said.

"She spends hours on it every day."

"I can see why. It's fun."

"Yeah, well you have to be careful not to overdo it. People have a tendency to hunch over the screen like you're doing now."

Linda nodded, only half listening, as she manipulated a photograph on the screen.

Gary got up from his chair and moved to stand behind her.

"That's good," he said. "You're getting better."

Linda smiled but didn't look up. She shrugged her shoulders which were probably getting stiff.

"Mrs. Ashton says it helps if I massage her shoulders."

Ted was surprised when the lanky nerd rested his hands on Linda's shoulders and started to knead them. He was more shocked when Linda didn't resist. In fact, she didn't seem to even notice. Her only response was to lean closer to the screen. He followed her in, fingers working her shoulders. Soon, his hands were moving from side to side as well, from the edge of her shoulders to the crook of her neck, and even sliding upward an inch or two along her neck until the edge of his fingers grazed the lobes of her ears. Linda tilted her head away. She hated having her ears touched.

Gary had been sliding his hands back and forth and part way down her arms by the time she finally sat back and took a deep breath. Here it comes, Ted thought. She's going to shut him down. Gary's hands became still but remained on her shoulders.

"Are you hungry?" Linda asked.

"Yeah, kind of."

"Should I make us some lunch?"

Gary nodded and Linda got up. Ted gritted his teeth while he watched Gary ogle Linda's ass through the thin cotton shirt as they left the room. Her hips had widened in the last couple of years and that forced a gap between her upper thighs which created an intriguing, rolling gait that drew attention to her ass. When had that happened? He noted that Linda's tummy pout had also disappeared. Was that because of exercise and diet or had the widening hips also made her stomach more taut? Whatever it was, it made Linda's walk markedly sexier than he remembered.

Nothing happened in the kitchen. They talked about a variety of things but not about the computer except when Gary mentioned how much Mrs. Ashton appreciated his massages, neck and otherwise. Linda didn't pick up on it and Gary didn't expand on what he meant by 'otherwise' much to Ted's chagrin. Was there something potentially scandalous he could use here?

Gary seemed to appreciate Linda's slower ascent of the stairs. Her ass swayed more than it had on the way down but she seemed unaware of it or Gary's attention. Perhaps she moved more slowly because she was climbing the stairs rather than down, or maybe because she had just eaten. Halfway up, Linda stooped to pick up a white thread that must have fallen off her white shirt. Gary almost collided with her. His hands flew out but stopped an inch from her butt, palms turned toward her and threatening to mold the curvature of her buttocks. Ted wondered what would have happened if he had actually touched her. Nobody seemed to notice the thread fall from Linda's hand near the top of the stairs, but Ted did.

When they reentered the office Gary pulled the chair away and replaced it with the wheeled stool he had been sitting on. Ted didn't understand the purpose of this and thought it might be a posture thing until Gary started massaging Linda's neck within two minutes. He noted that the stool was backless, allowing Gary to see his wife's entire back, including the bare waist showing under the tank top, the thin cotton shirt acting like a veil more than a cover.

It was fifteen minutes into the afternoon session when Gary started edging the shirt off Linda's shoulders. Five minutes later he had worked it halfway to her elbows. Linda didn't protest when he slid the sleeves over her hands, pulling them one at a time away from the keyboard or mouse, and seemed unaware that he was removing her shirt. She sat, engrossed, in her cleavage-dipping tank top and now bared arms which Gary proceeded to massage, or from Ted's perspective, stroke and caress.

Ted watched in anger, biting his lip, awaiting the moment when Gary would go for his wife's breasts. He was mad at Linda for allowing this outrageous behavior. Gary leaned forward from time to time to say something. Linda always made an adjustment on the screen in response but didn't appear to question his need to be so close and that made Ted fume even more. Ted knew he was peering down Linda's top and a couple of times the front of his jeans bumped into Linda's back when he straightened up. To make things worse Linda didn't even lean forward to get out of the way.

In the end, Ted's angry scrutiny was all for naught. Gary limited his caressing strokes to Linda's neck and arms. Not once did he attempt an inappropriate scrape across the sides of her breasts and, though his mouth came perilously close to her ear, his lips never made contact.

They wrapped up their lesson and Linda led the way from the room. This time, Gary hung farther back and it was clear why. He stared at Linda's ass which, resplendent in the absence of the cotton shirt, seemed to have a life of its own. The flat shoes Linda preferred to wear accentuated the roll of her buttocks and Ted knew that if he had been in Gary's shoes he would have hung back too. Linda stepped slowly down the stairs as if unsure of her balance. She didn't look back which was unfortunate, Ted thought, because she would have caught Gary ogling her butt.

At the door, Linda asked if he could come the next day or if he was working for Mrs. Ashton. Gary assured her he would be there at ten and then made a startling comment.

"Mrs. Ashton always wears a nice dress for our lessons."

Ted knew the cameras didn't have the resolution to show it but he was convinced his wife blushed. Gary strode away as if a response wasn't expected.

* * * *

Ted quickly opened the next file. Why hadn't he examined these online when he was away? He wouldn't have been able to come home but at least he could have called to make sure Linda was alright.

The first thing Ted noticed was that Linda was wearing a light brown dress. Why had she humored the little prick?

Though plain, the dress hugged Linda's figure, emphasizing the difference in the width of her waist and her hips, and also the difference between her tummy and the extent of her bosom. She wasn't big but had more than enough for her frame, especially when not hidden under baggy clothing. Ted noted that the dress was sleeveless and featured an open neck, leaving Linda's tanned shoulders and arms bare. As they started up the stairs, Gary spoke.

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