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Fertility Drugs


All characters involved in sexual acts are over 18


Like a dutiful wife, Jessica stood on the front porch smiling and waving goodbye as her husband George drove off to the airport for his business trip. As he turned the corner and exited the cul-de-sac, the forty-year-old suburban housewife went back into her house.

Standing right inside the door was her son Mike. Before the door slammed shut Mike had already seized his beautiful mother in a tight embrace and gave her a long, passionate kiss. He ran his hand through her short bob of blonde hair and smeared her bright red lipstick. He reached down to massage her big, firm breasts through the low-necked sundress that showed off her deep cleavage.

Mike unzipped his jeans and his dripping cock shot up out of his fly.

Jessica froze. "Here? Now?" She remembered the last time she and her son made love in the living room, which was right inside the front door. It had been during another of George's frequent business trips. George had forgotten a suitcase and came back while they were fucking. Mike barely managed to pull his cock out of his mother and stuff it inside his pants as the door opened. As George had entered, Jessica was still bent over the couch, her skirt riding up over her round bottom, with her son standing behind her. Both were out of breath. Jessica had barely managed to stutter an excuse about looking for the remote. She remembered the feeling of Mike's seed running down her inner thighs as George walked through the living room to retrieve his suitcase. A stray glance would have exposed her unfaithfulness.

"We should wait a little longer," Jessica said, not wanting to relive that embarrassing situation. "We can do it tonight, I promise."

"I've waited a month for this!" Mike exclaimed. Jessica refused to have sex with her son while his father was not on a trip, even if he was at work. Sometimes it took all Mike's willpower to not grab his mother and rape her on the dining room table in front of his father. With a young man's strength, he grabbed his mother and bent her over the couch like he had the last time they were almost caught. "I'm not waiting any longer!"

Mike pulled his mother's panties down around her ankles. 'Oh fuck!' thought Jessica. 'I wasn't wearing panties last time. If George comes back now, how will I explain having my underwear around my ankles?'

Her son was having no such hesitations. He stared down at her pale, round ass. Hoping he would finish quickly, Jessica stuck her bottom out, presenting it to her son. Overcome by a powerful primal rage, Mike thrust into her exposed cunt. He stuffed his large, thick cock into his mother and up towards his birthplace, pumping in and out tirelessly.

"Ohh..." Jessica moaned, pleasure overcoming her nervousness. As her son pleasured her crotch, she groaned and gasped at the satisfaction that only her son's large, filling tool could give her. "God, Mike, give it to meee..."

Tormented by unfulfilled lust for days, Mike's thrusts became eager, almost violent. "Oh Mommy, Mommy I'm gonna cuuuummmm. I gotta cum, Mom!"

"Do it baby! Do it now! Cum in your Momma's cunt!"

Mike's hips became a blur as he brought himself and his mother to climax. "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMMING! I love you so much, Mommy!"

"I love you too, baby!" Jessica screamed back as her hips spasmed in orgasm, her cunt gripping and sucking her son's shaft.

"Mom! I'm gonna get you PREGNANT!" Mike roared out loud as he unleashed huge spurts of seed deep into her womb.

"Oh YES!" Jessica threw her blonde head back, arching her back. Mike reached around her and grabbed her breasts. As their orgasms finally faded, the two incestuous lovers collapsed onto the carpet.

Mike cuddled against his mother, lazily massaging her breasts. He put his lips to her nipple and began sucking like a baby, imagining that there was milk coming out. It was their favorite fantasy. Getting Jessica pregnant with an incestuous baby and tricking George into raising it. It was just so wicked. But it was only a fantasy. George had had a vasectomy and Jessica always used birth control pills.

"Mom?" whispered Mike. "I want to make you pregnant. For real."

"Wouldn't that be nice, baby?" she whispered back, grinning. "But we can't. It's just too risky."

Jessica dozed off as Mike continued to molest her sleeping form. A grin spread across his face. Little did Jessica know that Mike had replaced her birth control pills with sugar pills.


For the next two weeks, Mike and Jessica spent almost all their time locked up in the privacy of their home, indulging in incestuous pleasures. Oblivious to the ineffectiveness of her pills, Jessica let her son empty his balls directly into her fertile, unprotected womb. She had no idea of the risk she was taking. Mike, spurred on by the thought of seriously impregnating his mother with his own younger sibling, took her frequently, dumping his cum into her womb. The thought of secretly getting her pregnant never failed to get him hard.

Then came the day Jessica was supposed to have her period. It never came.

'Pills aren't one-hundred percent effective,' she thought. Inwardly panicking, Jessica fought to keep calm. "Honey?" she called. "I'm going to go run some errands, okay?" Knowing that Mike would want one last fuck to tie him over until she returned, she hurried out of the house and went to the drug store for a pregnancy test.

When Jessica got back home, she opened to door quietly, not wanting her son to know she was back. She heard the sounds of a familiar porno movie coming from his room so she knew she'd have some time. She snuck into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

She pissed on the strip and waited for minutes that seemed like hours. When she looked at it again, she heart almost stopped. It was positive. She was pregnant.

Jessica sat down on the toilet seat, burying her face into her hands. There was undeniable proof of her infidelity growing in her belly. George would divorce her and, since she cheated on him, he'd get everything. She'd be left with a son (who George would probably also disown) and an inbred child/grandchild who would probably be deformed somehow.

The thought of abortion crept into her mind. Perhaps that was the best idea. The more she thought about it, the more appealing abortion seemed. But she couldn't tell Mike she was pregnant or he'd try to stop her.

She jumped as she heard a knock at the door. "Mom?" said Mike. "Is that you?"

"Y-yes, honey," she answered. She hurriedly opened the door.

"I didn't know you were home," said Mike.

"I'll, uh, get out of your way."

"Actually," Mike placed his hands over Jessica's breasts, gently pushing her back into the bathroom, "I was thinking we could take a shower together." He paused as he saw the pregnancy test lying beside its box on the bathroom counter.

"Mom," he whispered, not taking his eyes off the counter. He swallowed. "Are you...pregnant?"

Unable to find a way out, Jessica nodded.

Mike's hands tightened on her breasts and he kissed her hard on the lips over and over, almost knocking her off balance. "That's..." he said between kisses, "so...fucking...HOT!" His cock making a tent in his pajama pants, he tried to push her into the shower. Reluctantly, Jessica pushed him away.

"Mike, son," she said, gasping. "This is bad. George will know I cheated on him."

"Let him know," growled Mike. "Let him know you're mine." He pushed her into the shower. He threw off his clothes and pulled her shirt up over her ample breasts. He undid the fly of her jeans and pulled them and her panties around her ankles, revealing her cunt.

"We can't! What we did was irresponsible." Her objections faded as Mike's cock pushed its way into her.

"Oh!" she gasped lightly. Her eyes glazed over as lust once again took over her mind. "Mike...we can't. We have to...oh God yes...NO! We have to stop."

"What's the point? You're already pregnant. Might as well enjoy it." Mike's thrusts sped up as he approached his orgasm.


"You have a nice one," Mike said with a lewd grin. He reached under his mother and squeezed her buttocks. Waves of pleasure surged through Jessica's lower body.

"Oh, fuck it!" Throwing her guilt away, Jessica humped back violently, amazing even her sex-starved son and giving him several orgasms before she finally went off. Mike emptied what felt like gallons of spunk into his mother's already filled womb, soaking his unborn child in his seed. For that moment, Jessica forgot George, forgot the hellish consequences of her infidelity, and gave in to the wicked pleasure of mother-son incest.


At five o'clock in the morning, Jessica lay awake, her sleeping son's softened cock still buried inside her, leaking its seed. Placing a hand over her still flat stomach, she got up, Mike's cock sliding out of her with a slight popping sensation.

She had made an appointment at an abortion clinic but, up until now, hadn't been sure she would keep it. Mike would be angry but he simply wasn't responsible enough to understand what having a baby meant. And if he stopped fucking his mother, then so much the better. Jessica needed to get over her addiction to incest sex.

She drove to the clinic and returned home with tearful eyes and an empty womb.


Mike had woken up in an empty bed and assumed that his mother had gone to run errands. He now sat in front of his computer, his hand, thighs, and carpet soaked in his copious amounts of sperm. On his monitor was a picture of a pregnant woman caressing her swelling belly with one hand and fingering herself with the other.

Mike had gone through several erotic pictures of pregnant women but this one was his favorite. In the caption, it said that the woman had four babies in her belly. She was barely into her second trimester but looked like she was well into her third. Mike knew right then and there that after his mom gave birth to their first child, he wanted to give her a multiple birth. He couldn't wait until she was showing. Her knocked-up belly swelling with child and knowing that he fucked it into her. For the fifth time that morning, he masturbated to orgasm with that image in mind.

His cock jerked back to life as he heard the front door open. His mother was back! Already recovered and horny, he ran to her, ready to fuck her brains out.


"I had an abortion," she blurted out.

There was a moment of silence.

"What?" Mike whispered.

"I had an abortion. The baby's gone."

Mike slapped his mother hard across the face. "You aborted my baby?" he shouted.

"You don't know the consequences of what we did," Jessica shot back. "You're not ready to be a father and I'm not letting you ruin my life!"

Unable to speak, Mike turned and shut himself up in his room. Suddenly exhausted, Jessica went to her own room and slept.


Jessica awoke to the feeling of cold metal closing around her wrists and ankles. She heard the clicking of locks and the rattle of chains. Opening her eyes, she found her arms and legs chained to her bedposts and her son standing over her, naked and his cock erect and glistening with precum.

Mike held up a small handful of pills. "You know what these are, Mom? Fertility drugs. You take all these and you'll have no less than three kids growing inside you when I'm finished with you."

Horror was etched onto Jessica's face. "Please, Mike," she sobbed. "You can't do this. George will divorce me."

"Good," Mike's lustful grin widened. "I'll finally have you all to myself."

"No! We won't have anyone to support the babies. Please stop!" Jessica cried. But Mike was beyond reason as he forced the pills into her mouth. He poured water down her throat, forcing her to swallow.

"I'm going to get you pregnant, Mom," he said in a droning, lust-dazed voice. He climbed onto his mother's struggling form. She tossed and turned, making her huge tits jiggle beautifully. Mike forced his erect cock into his mother's pussy.

"I'm gonna get you pregnant," he said again. He thrust himself into his unwilling incestuous mate. Jessica cried out in fear as she felt her son's virile cock moving inside her, pushing its way up toward her womb where several eggs were waiting for its seed.

"You bastard!" Jessica shouted at her son as his humping sped up. "You little piece of–of shit!" It was so hard for her to be angry at her son when he made her feel so good.

"I can't wait until your third trimester," Mike grunted between thrusts. "You'll be so fucking big. Your tits will be leaking milk and I'll drink it up. I wanna jack off and jizz all over your pregnant belly. I want you to give me blowjobs and feed our kids my sperm."

"You per-per-pervert!" Jessica shouted. She thrashed around, trying to buck her son off, but she only gave him a better ride, bringing him closer to his deadly orgasm.

"Yeah Mom! Just like that," he shouted. "Oh God yes! YES! I'm gonna fuckin' cum. I'm gonna fuckin' cum on your eggs. Here it comes Mommy. MY BABEEEEEEEEY!" In the most powerful orgasm of his life, Mike dumped the biggest wads of sperm in his life into Jessica's womb. Millions and millions of little sperm cells were splattered right against Jessica's waiting eggs. They found them with no problem.

"We're going to Hell," Jessica whispered, crying quietly. "I'm going to Hell. I'm such a slut."

"And that's why I love you," said Mike.


Mike kept Jessica chained in bed for the remaining weeks of George's business trip. During that time, he used her cunt as he pleased. Defeated, Jessica stopped resisting and let her son's seed into her uterus.

With her spirit broken, Jessica was easily convinced to confess her unfaithfulness to George after his return. As she expected, he divorced her and kicked her and their son out of the house. After living out of a car for a couple weeks, Mike and Jessica found a run-down apartment that they could afford.

By that time, Jessica was three months pregnant but looked closer to nine. It was getting to the point where she couldn't get out of bed, allowing Mike to fuck her and shoot his seed all over her pregnant belly without any resistance. She was completely at his mercy.

Mike made his family money by allowing men to come in and fuck his hugely pregnant mother. They delighted in her swelling belly and sucked the milk from her bulging tits.

At the beginning of her third trimester, Jessica's water broke and she gave birth to no less than six babies, two of which were stillborn. All of them were male and had, through inbreeding, inherited the deformity of oversized cocks.

Mike continued to charge customers to fuck his mother. He allowed Jessica to take birth control pills again. She hadn't gotten pregnant since their sons were born.

Eighteen years later, their money was tighter than ever. It wouldn't be long before they were living on the streets. Mike had to think of something fast. It was then that he noticed the lustful looks his adolescent boys gave to their aging yet beautiful mother.

'Hmm,' Mike thought to himself. 'Business was the best when Mom was pregnant...'

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