tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 04

Fey World Ch. 04


"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you King Elfgwyven Marcusius Seelie, King of the Seelie court, Prince of all Fairydom, wielder of the hands of flesh and and light."

Okay, that sounded ominous.

I rose like everyone else and my great height let me see over my father's chair. My heart stopped. Elfgwyven. Elfgwyven was the king!

I felt weak, my breathing became erratic and I kept my smile frozen knowing the court was watching closely for any signs of fear on the face of the great warrior princess.

He shook hands with my father, kissed my mother's hand gallantly, shook hands with Pietyr who bowed openmouthed. And then there was me.

My father turned to make the introduction but I couldn't hear him. I didn't have to curtsy as I was a queen of my own right and so I stared into his eyes as he bent to kiss my hand, causing murmurs in the court at his seeming supplication.

He held my chair out for me and I mechanically sat, shocked silent. Fey had left their own king, with one guard, drunken in the forest? What if I had never stumbled upon him? And how could he not tell me he was a king?

I did not tell him I was a queen. But then I had great fear of outsiders and kidnappers. I suppose one could argue that for him, but how on earth could have thought I and a small boy fleeing in terror from monster would kidnap him?

"You ran away yesterday," he said quietly after my father let him go in conversation.

"I didn't know who you were. It was imperative I find a guard and get Pietyr to safety."

"As his guardian, most admirable. Well, it seems you were hasty. You were, in fact, not promised to another."

I blushed and looked away choosing to speak with the Duke of Falstaff on my right. He was old and hard of hearing so that kept the conversation long.

The food came and I ate with great hunger but barely tasted anything. I was too nervous and aware of the stares of the court and the fey guests. At last came the break between dinner and dancing when the women left to freshen up and the men could discuss whatever it was men discussed.

I scooted my chair back into the waiting hands of a footman and Elfgwyven stood with me, taking my arm. "Allow me to escort you, Princess."

I looked to my father pleading for help but he just smiled. "As long as you're back before the first dance."

I squeaked as Elfgwyven escorted me off the dais and into the hall. We left the crowds at a fast clip until we came to a T of halls.

"Where are we going?"

"Where's the private garden?"

"Left," I said automatically, too nervous to do much else.

He found the way by signs and helplessly I wondered where the hell the guards were. Then I remembered; all patrolling the perimeter of the palace and the grounds where the public was camped for the wedding.

My wedding.


To this man.

I squeaked as we came outside. He looked around for a moment, selected the darkest corner and ducked into it. He found a bench and sat, drawing me across his lap.

"What are you doing?" I noticed that even on his lap I still looked up to him. Quite odd for me.

"Not wasting time," he said and then he kissed me. It was just like the dream and I eagerly bent into it, clutching his odd white suit as I parted my lips. He sank right in and instantly I felt the moisture between my legs, my nipples in hard aching points. Against my hip I felt that hardness grow and I moaned.

"Goddess, I must have you. I cannot wait, or I'll die."

I had no idea what he meant but somehow I agreed. I found myself turned and straddling him now, and just like in the dream I felt his mouth upon my breasts. This was all happening so fast, I meant to pull away but he felt so good and smelled even better. I swore his skin began to glow and then he suckled and conscious thought left me.

His hands were busy, one pinching and pulling to my delight, the other snaked beneath my skirts to fumble with my satiny shift. The fabric was so delicate it shredded and I gasped.

Then he bit gently and I cried out. I felt something in the air and realized the crickets and sounds of the party were gone. A silence spell?

His fingers felt me then, delving inside until I felt a peculiar near pain and he froze. "I knew humans had such barriers but I have never personally encountered one. I am told this will pain you but I can remove the pain."

"Please," I begged mindlessly.

And then his fingers sunk in without any pain, only pleasure. I mewled and bucked, desperate for more. He curled them and I felt something deep and hot burst like a damn, even more wetness spreading now.

He groaned and captured my mouth in a kiss and his fingers left me to fumble. Seconds later I felt something much wider than a finger and infinitely harder press against me.

I started to panic but he sucked my tongue deep and then I felt the hardness sliding inside me. I clutched at his shoulders as even newer sensations assaulted me, overloading me.

I felt full in a place where before I'd only ever felt emptiness and the pleasure was overwhelming. My heart felt something too, a sense of rightness that all the years of a strict finishing could never erase.

When our hips met I cried out his name. He tugged my face to him and I opened my eyes to stare into the bluest pair I'd ever seen.

"You are mine, by law of fey, my wife and the bearer of my children, the piece of my soul the goddess scattered at my birth. And I am yours, your husband and the father of your children by law of the fey."

I felt something whisper though the air then and I realized the fey do things a little differently then we do.

"Are we married?"

"Yes." And then he kissed me.

To my sheer delight he began to move in and out and his mouth returned to my breast. I felt anxious and free, tense and expectant, unsure and blissful. The sensations from the dream came roaring back and I felt myself climbing and tightening. He seemed to feel it too and his moans and grunts matched mine.

When it broke I screamed out his name and heard my own in a hoarse shout. It lasted an eternity, delicious shivers inside and out, and when I came down I felt his penis was softer than it had been, but still inside me, and he was kissing my face.

"It's come to my attention, that perhaps I should educate on the fey."

I blushed and hid my face, embarrassed I'd let myself be deflowered in the family garden. Married by fey or no, I didn't think it right.

"I should tell you, we are a very sexual people."

"You mean, you'll want to do that...often?" It didn't sound like a bad idea at all.

"Constantly, love. You must not feel shy with me, for no man will ever adore you like I do."

I blushed deeper when he made me look into his eyes and he smiled.

"Surely it was that way in your childhood home?"

I shook my head. "In my homeland men and women do as they please, before and after marriage."

He seemed shocked. "And you?"

"When my birth mother married my father, she loved him with all her heart, in a way she never loved my birth father. She would never betray love nor would I."

He had no response to that so I made motions to...dismount? He waved his hand as he pulled away and there was no more wetness or sweat, my hair was orderly and so were our clothes. It was as if nothing had happened, and then he took my hand.

"I will make you happy, Anni. I will make it my life's mission if you so desire."

"Do all fey talk like you?" I asked nervously.

He just smiled mysteriously and led me back to the ball.

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