tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 05

Fey World Ch. 05


I refused to say anything to my ladies who were guessing I'd been stealing kisses with my future husband. Future. According to the laws of his people we were married. I would not have a ceremony according to the laws of my people, but by Christian laws we would be married tomorrow.

I wanted to do...whatever that was again. Making love, Cissy had called it. She had explained to me terms she thought I should know, as well as some things I had never conceived of. Put my mouth where? Let him put his where?

I made everyone leave and then slipped out of my nightgown, sliding naked between the sheets. It was summer and the nights were hot. As a child we'd all slept naked with no shame. It seemed Angorland had been hording the shame for us.

I felt hot and feverish. Should I go to him? Would he behave like an Angorland man and tell me I was a wanton? But he did say he'd want to make love often. I wanted to know more, feel more, experience more.

I groaned and slid my hands down my body. Nothing like Elfgwyven's touch, a touch that seemed to make me mad with...desire. That was the word. I pinched and plucked but it was a mere shadow of the pleasure he'd given me.

I was sliding my hands over my hips when I heard his chuckle. The sound made me jerk to a sitting position and I found him at the foot of the bed. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

I blushed as he stripped off his clothes and came around the other side of the bed to slip beneath the covers. At once I was surrounded by light warmth, from him, my blush, and what I sensed was a spell.

"What are you doing here?"

"You are my wife. Should I sleep apart from you if I do not have to?" He raised one pink brow.

"Here we are not married. If anyone found you in my-"

"I have cast a spell. Should anyone open your chamber door or mine I will be in my bed."

"You can do that?" I felt my eyes widen as he relaxed back into the pillows, cushioning his head on his hands. It made his muscles flex and I swallowed, mouth dry at the sight.

"That is how I appeared."

"How is it you didn't just...make us appear here?"

"Pietyr. He is too young and would probably go mad with such magic."


He grabbed my arm and tugged and I found myself laying against his side, my head on his shoulder. The freed arm was now curled around me, holding me close. It was strange, but nice.

"I have been learning much of humans tonight."

"Oh?" I tried to sound calm but I don't think it worked. He brought the other arm around me and started to stroke my back in small, smooth circles.

"It is normal for you to be nervous around me. I am told it is common, for here it is also common for spouses to not know one another before they are married. Would you like me to tell you about myself?"

I couldn't speak so I nodded.

"I was born five hundred of your years ago."


He looked down at me and smiled. "Fey live almost forever, my love."

The endearment shocked me more than that admission, but thinking of that, what would we do? In my world if you lived past forty you were old.

"My mother and father ruled all of fey once, but they had a bitter feud when I was young. My father took my brother to form the Unseelie court, and my mother kept me and ruled the Seelie court. She died a human century ago and I have been king since then."

"Do you see your brother often?"

"No. Seelie and Unseelie live like my parents, in an uneasy truce. My father died not four years ago and my brother is constrained to the rigid rules he set down. My own mother was the same but I have had one hundred years to change things to my liking.

"Fey are different than humans in many ways, but once we were the same. The mothers and fathers of us all were the Tuatha de Dannan. It is so long ago no one remembers how we split but now we live below the ground."

"I had a dream..."

"Yes?" He looked at me with a knowing smile that made me blush.

"I dreamt about a cave with the night sky, and vibrant flowers everywhere."

"That is my home."

"How did I dream of it?"

He chuckled darkly at that.


"We can do many things by magic. It's better to show than tell so you'll see. Our people are much fewer than yours and we only live in our two courts."

"How are we more than you?"

His stroking hand stole lower, creeping closer to the swell of my backside and I bit back a sigh. "Humans can reproduce often, as often as every nine months. A fey can only reproduce with his or her sensschat, a mate."

"Oh," I said, not understanding at all.

Suddenly his eyes deepened so dark I thought they might be black. "I have been told it would be easy to overwhelm you. I have tried to restrain myself but I cannot."

I found myself on my back, pinned beneath him, his mouth on mine. As a warrior it should have offended me to be pinned so easily, but I liked it. His body was all hard muscle and even his penis was like marble, sliding with a small bit of wetness along my stomach.

I arched into the kiss, clutching at his broad shoulders, wanting to touch him and too scared to do it. I felt his hand between my legs, stroking along those nether lips until he parted them and delved in with an almost savage force.

I cried out and arched again, drawing him deeper until his palm was cupping me, his thumb slid to the nubbin and stoked. My whole body shivered with need, I felt that cresting wave approach like a shadow in my mind. Without conscious though I stroked my hands down, feeling his hard muscles, each quiver of their strength drawing wetness from deep inside me.

He stroked his fingers inside and out, rubbing the nubbin as he went, and my touch became more insistent. I scratched and clutched, darting my fingers against the bunched muscles of his backside. This drew a moan from him and a shiver of thrill to power answered in me.

I was so close to it, and then he bent and captured a nipple roughly with his teeth. In and out, so thick, so long, in and out. I drew a deep breath and held it as one hand cupped a buttock and the other wrapped around his penis. In surprise he bit me and I cried out in pleasure, the spike of pain delicious.

He moaned something in a tongue I didn't recognize and thrust his body into my hand, my palm sliding along him. It felt like velvet stretched across steel, too huge and long and hard to have been inside me, yet I yearned to feel it again.

In and out he drew it, matching the rhythm of his fingers, and soon I was caught in a whirlwind. I crested, I broke, I exploded into a thousand points of pure dazzling light.

I came down and realized it was not me; my husband was glowing.

His dark eyes met mine. "Fey glow when we're...aroused."

"Oh. I...see."

"No." He smiled. "You don't."

Then he pulled his hand out of me, ripped mine away, and sank inside. My muscles were still fluttering and the sensation was wicked, wanton, and deep. I cried out his name before he kissed me and moved one of my legs so that it curled about his waist.

The pitch was different and he changed from a sliding motion to a rocking one. Suddenly I felt a spot deep inside me that I had never known existed. The climb was faster than before but it was slippery, and when I broke it felt as if an actual wave of water broke forth from within me.

I screamed. My cry of "Elfgwyven!" echoed and in the dim of my mind I cared not who heard us, I cared for nothing but this moment of pleasure in this man's arms.

He groaned out some foreign words and surged heavily into me, coming to a stop buried to the hilt and panting in time with me. "It is good," he breathed out in a long sigh, "to have a wife."

I wholeheartedly agreed.

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