tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 06

Fey World Ch. 06


I opened my eyes in a land like Elfgwyven's home, but there was no rainbow. Everywhere I looked was black, silver, or blue. It was eerily beautiful, less inviting than tempting. I felt hot but it seemed like it was cold, like there should have been a howling wind but the air was still. The moonlight almost felt like ribbons on my skin as it filtered through a tree.

"Anni." He appeared like magic and I jerked.

His face was like Elfgwyven's, but broader, his skin tone not gold but almost silver. His hair was just as long but inky black. He was broader all over, I noticed, just as tall as Elfgwyven but his muscles weren't sleek and catlike, but bulging and perfectly formed.

"Who are you?"

He stepped closer and brushed some hair from my face. I meant to flinch from his touch but his smell was the opposite of Elfgwyven's, yet just as intoxicating. He smiled.

"I am King Angoralt, your brother-in-law."

Gulp. Meeting family, already. "How strange."

He stroked my cheek and my body felt heated, traitorously as much as Elfgwyven had made it. "Quite. Do you know what a sensschat is?"

"A-a," I gulped, "a mate."

"Something like that."

And then he cupped my cheek and kissed me. Elfgwyven was all gentleness with iron will behind it, this man was brute strength with sensuality behind it. In his kiss was a kind of knowledge; as our lips touched I felt a sudden burst of light inside me as if I knew things I had not before; furious ways of coupling between men and women I had never imagined. Ways I now ached for.

When his tongue touched mine I saw men and women en masse, in groups of three or more, whole chains of them in combinations never before dreamt. I wanted to see it; I wanted to be part of it. There was more as our bodies drew closer together, in his taste and touch I saw men together, women together, fey with animal like things. I gasped in need and then he drew back.

I was still in his arms, reduced to a panting thing of desire. He smiled at me like a cat cornering a pigeon fat and slow of wit.

"Innocence. My brother has touched you, with great need I can tell, and still you know so little of the world. I have tasted of your hunger and it is great, so great that he can never fill the void you carry, not in a thousand years. You need me."

"What?" I felt foggier still, suddenly unsure of who "he" was. There was only me, and the black and silver apple tree, and this man standing in front of me like a satyr bent on conquest.

I felt cooler and realized I was naked. His hand dropped from my arm to cup between my legs and I backed away instinctively. He followed me, step for step, until I backed into a wall.

I expected him to stop but his fingers delved inside me, curled forward, touched the spot I had only just discovered I possessed. It was nothing like Elfgwyven's penis, his fingers touched it more directly, the pleasure almost pain. I moaned against my will and heard his chuckle.

He moved, I wasn't sure how, but in one, two, three breaths I exploded into cold, cruel pleasure. The pitch of ecstasy was higher, sharper than I'd known and I cried out wordlessly. All the while he watched, detached, his eyes a glittering silver.

When I came down he was naked too, and I found myself pushed to my knees. Before I could protest his penis was hard and he slid it into my mouth. At first the awkwardness held pain but I heard words, felt a shift in air that indicated a spell, and then it felt good.

"Lick it," he grumbled and I worked my tongue. I tried to clasp his thighs but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the wall. His hips pistoned and his penis slipped in and out.

I should have been angry, but the feeling was pleasurable. He tasted like salt and sweat, and the raw power of him was beyond anything I'd ever imagined. He pumped thickly against my lips and I suckled, licked, and soon realized I held the power.

He moaned and closed his eyes when I licked, swirling around the head, and grunted in displeasure when I let my mouth go slack. The muscles of his body were gorgeous, perfectly formed like cold marble come to life; the sounds he made were like harsh but beautiful music.

At long last he found the hill, the crescendo that I had already found, and when he broke a flood of moisture spilled out from him. He was so large, so wide, that I had no choice but to swallow it.

My wrists felt bruised when he let them go, and Angoralt went slack, leaning against the wall.

"Blood of the Goddess, I don't want to let you go."

There were no tender caresses between us as he pulled away and I found my feet. When he looked at me in his eyes I saw myself not as a woman, shy and scared, but as a warrior.

"You will come, Anni, when it is time."

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