tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 07

Fey World Ch. 07


I woke to the morning light, timid and new, and felt warmth next to me and voices at the door. Suddenly there was a pop and I was alone in the bed, naked. I turned on my side as my ladies came in with a tray of food, chattering. My wrist ached and I looked down and froze.

The dream.

Heat suffused my body. It had only been a dream, but there were marks on my wrists. Dear god, had I broken my word as I had given it only hours before? Shame and guilt suffused me as my ladies fluttered in with grins.

"Today you'll be married to a King, made a woman right and proper," one said with a blushing smile.

If she only knew.

The preparations were long and thorough, and as my dress was fastened up my back my "mother" arrived.

"Anni. Today I'll be rid of you forever."

"I never hurt you, mother."

"You killed my sister." She hissed the last word out at me.

"And she killed my mother." It was an old argument. "By even the laws of Angorland she was mine to avenge, your sister's life was forfeit the moment she slew a queen."

She made a move to slap me but her own lady stayed her hand. "Please my queen, do not mark her this day, not on her wedding day."

Mother smiled cruelly. "It pleases me greatly to see you married to a fey. You can never bear his children, you know. Only his soul mate can. With you dies your people."

Something in my heart settled like stone. I had always wanted children, and hadn't, in his vow, Elfgwyven promised I would have them? "Mother if you seek to wound me you shall not on this glorious day. Today in the eyes of your people and your God I will be married."

The dress was on tight, now I was set down so my hair could be attended to.

"I have many more years with Pietyr, and you will be so far away. Shall I use the time between now and your next visit to make him hate you?"

"I love my brother and he knows that. I would die for him, do anything for him."

"He is my son, of my blood and flesh, not yours!" She hissed and lunged again for me. My lady Saran stepped in front of me and took the blow. I steadied her as she stumbled and narrowed my eyes at the queen.

"I have long stood your insults, your petty jealousy. I have no idea what it was that made father marry you but as you are queen I respect you. I too, am a queen, and by tonight I shall be queen of two people, you of one. Should I wish to crush you like an insect, not even father would stand in my way."

"But Pietyr would hate you."

She was right; she knew it, and she smiled. "Leave me now, mother. Leave me and let us never speak again except in the pleasantries of court."

"Yes, go to your loveless marriage, barren of children while I dote on my son and perhaps even have another."

I said nothing as she turned and left with her ladies. I stroked Saran's arm and she smiled at me. "She is jealous of your great beauty, jealous that you resemble your mother closely, the only woman our king has ever loved."

"Thank you Saran. I am very sorry for that."

"No matter. We shall make you so beautiful the King will fall in love with you upon first morning's sight. And mind her not. I was speaking with Bornagold and he has told me should you be the king's soul mate you will bear his children."

I kissed her cheek. "You have always been a great friend to me, Saran. And thank you again for volunteering to come to fairy with me. It is my greatest hope we will both find happiness there."

They returned to chattering until I was coiffed, my hair large and coiled intricately off my shoulders. I wore, for jewelry, the crown jewels of my station. My mother's diamond tiara, her pendant necklace, her ring upon my right hand. The earrings were a gift from my father and were diamond as well, all matching my white gown.

I looked like what I was supposed to be; a virgin queen. Only my husband and I knew that was not the case.

Just thinking of him filled me with heat. It was unseemly to want a man this much, I thought. Even in my childhood where I'd seen men and women pair off at will I had never seen a woman lust for a man like this.

Was this love? I had no idea.

Pietyr came running in and threw his arms around me. "Don't go, Anni! Please don't go!"

I hugged him back and carefully removed him from my skirts. "Pietyr, don't be silly. I shall ask my husband for a spell to give to you, a spell that will let me know if you need me. We will never be far apart, brother."

I bent down and wiped a tear from his eyes. "I am a princess of our lands, and it is my duty to marry a king. The alliance we make today will keep our home safe. You want this, right?" He nodded. "Someday when you are older you will marry a girl for the same reason. Just make sure she is beautiful and smart and adores you, all right?"

Again he nodded as my ladies smiled over us. "Now go and get dressed. You must be the little prince I know is under all this sadness. Today is a day for joy, little brother."

His nanny came in with an apology and grabbed him, leading him out. My sisters both came to wish me well, as well as my brother-in-law and nephew. The only family that didn't come to me was my father who was busy with Elfgwyven hashing out the details like two men bartering for a horse.

I was fed and cleaned again, and then it was time.

My ladies led me to my father's chambers and when he emerged they went to my mother and her women to take their places. The ceremony was to be outside for the public to view and the noise from out there was deafening.

Father was dressed in his royal clothing, a suit of purple, his crown sparkling gold and inlaid with rubies. He was covered in gold trim and I knew he must be wearing forty pounds of clothing.

He stopped and stared. "My God you're beautiful. You look so much like your mother, on her wedding day."

I brushed a tear from his eye and we embraced. "Thank you, father."

He pulled back but kept his hands on my shoulders. "I have chosen well. King Elfgwyven is a good man, and he will treasure you and treat you fairly."

"Thank you father. You are the best father I could have hoped for."

Another tear fell and I cried as well. After a few minutes we'd righted ourselves and followed the servants down to the front hall. At our arrival a cry went out and the people rose. I saw the fey were there in force, all of them tall, their hair wild colors not found in our world. None of them red, though, and I wondered if I'd ever see another person who looked like me.

Down the long carpet was Elfgwyven. He wore a strange suit with a tunic that seemed fitted, tucked into his trousers and another tunic over it that was thick, open, and buttoned low. He did not wear the hose of the Angorlandiands, but loose trousers. His suit was light grey and against his hair it was breathtaking.

His crown was large and silver as well, inlaid with gleaming stones of all colors. He smiled and I almost tripped. My father steadied me and we walked down as my ladies and their escorts finished and took their places by the dais.

My father set me on the dais and I bent down to kiss his cheek. His kissed mine and whispered "good luck to you" in my ear. Elfgwyven took my hand with a smile and my heart flipped over.

The ceremony was long, with lots on kneeling and standing normally, but the prayers were cut short in respect that I was marrying a pagan, and perhaps in respect that I was a pagan myself.

We agreed to the vows set forth and at long last the pronouncement was made. Elfgwyven kissed me and it was long and slow, just the right side of proper, and a cheer went up. The fey, I noticed, were quite loud as he lead me down the carpet.

It was the tradition of Angorland that we be given an hour to become officially man and wife and then rejoin the feasting. Someone, I think it was the Duke of Arnour, lead us to the chamber and closed the door.

My mind was swimming and my husband smiled gently at me as he removed his crown, and then mine. "I am told it is your custom that we mate now, and produce a bloody sheet. I must tell you, human ways are strange."

"It shows that I came to you pure."

That stopped him. "Whose business is it other than ours?"

"I am a princess. Were you a king of this world and I was not pure, you could cry foul. I would be executed and you would be paid three times the bride price."

He looked at me in horror. "They would kill you for this?"

"They could, but my father loves me and I was raised in a land far different. I would most likely become a Bride of Christ like my sister."

He shook his head, his hair loose around his face, flowing like silk. "How different. I shall take care of the sheet, do not worry about that. Shall we talk more? I would love to know more about-"

"I'd like to, um, ah," I bit my lip, too shy to get the words out.

I looked up and he was on me, his lips against mine, his hands sliding into my hair. I kissed him back and grabbed his shoulder, delighting in the fact that his passion was as fueled as mine.

He backed me up to a wall and then suddenly I was naked. Magic, I thought, and his hands smoothed down my body to cup my behind. He lifted me and I had no choice but to wrap my legs around his waist. His trousers were open at the top and he brought one hand around to guide his penis inside me.

I was pressed hard against the wall and even as he was seated deep the hand stroked the little nubbin of flesh that brought great pleasure. I arched and cried out, and Elfgwyven's mouth fastened on a breast.

He moved me in a rocking motion again, and his penis found the spot inside. Faster than I would have thought possible I found the climb, the hill, and raced to the top. I peaked and he kissed me, swallowing the sound.

The second it ended he started to thrust and the feelings turned needful and violent. I clawed at him and my nails left marks on his shoulders. He glowed brighter and brighter until we found a peak together. I swallowed his cries this time as much as he did mine.

When my heart felt like it was finally slowing down he carried me to the bed and laid me down, following me while our bodies were still locked together. "I think I will find marriage most agreeable."

I couldn't say a word.

Suddenly my body was not touching cloth but skin, and it was warm and rough all over. I opened my eyes to find his looking directly into mine, the color so deep a blue I smiled.

He kissed me, slowly, and it was far more tempting than his hungry kisses. Inside me I felt him rouse again until he was hard and I moaned, moving my body a little to feel him better.

He stopped me, pressed his weight into me, and I opened my eyes again.

"Tell me, how do your people marry?"

"A chieftain pronounces the words, and then a priest seeks the blessing of Freyja."

"And who is she?"

"She is the Goddess of beauty, women, home, and fertility. If the marriage has her blessing, many children will result."

"And if you have no priest?"

"You pray to her and await a sign of her blessing."

He shifted his hips and made my breath hitch. "What kind of a sign?"

I smiled and thought of the second night we'd traveled together. "She sends a dream."

He chuckled at that and began to thrust again, and I gave myself up to the pleasure he offered.

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