tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 08

Fey World Ch. 08


The day had passed with merriment and in consideration to my family and the humans who were to come with we agreed to spend the night in my palace. In the morning we were to leave with not only Elfgwyven's twelve guards, but ten of my father's best men. They would see us to the edges of our land, after that lay magic.

Locked into my rooms alone with him I felt strangely nervous. Three times I had lain with him and yet he was a stranger to me.

He stood at the edge of the balcony, watching the sun set slowly over the surrounding woods. His strange over-tunic was draped across a chair back and the hard lines of his body were resplendent under his tighter tunic.

With his hair clubbed back the strong lines of his face were visible, the square jaw, the hard aquiline nose, the proud brow. The only softness to him was in his plush lips, and the look in his silver eyes when he turned to me.

"The sky is the color of your hair," he said softly.

I looked to it and thought of my mother's hair with a smile. "We were the Clan of the Sunset, my people. My mother and father had the same hair, so did all my brothers and sisters."

He stepped towards me so close I had to look up, still a disconcerting feeling. "Something I have been curious about, may I ask you?"

I nodded, unable to speak as his scent wound into me, sandalwood and cinnamon, intoxicating. "Why is it that a people once so strong, once so plentiful, all came down to you and your mother alone?"

I pulled away and wrapped my arms around my waist, assailed with painful memories. Thoughts and feelings buried for nine long years rose to the surface.

"We'd been at war with the Eastern Empire since before my grandfathers were born. We raided Angorland for supplies, gunpowder, ands strong men to add to our ranks. The legends are not true; we did not rape nor raze villages. There were some among us who did, but no more than any people have.

"It started with the Clan of the Starfish. They went east, into the northern lands terrorized by the Eastern Empire. They took three ships and none returned.

"The Easterners killed, but they always leave one to tell the tale. We suspected the northerners, thought perhaps they'd been breeding with Easterners. And so we sent the Clan of Blood Wolves, and then the Clan of the Kingfishers.

"None of them returned. My blood father was not a high king, but he was on the council of kings, and he was sent as an envoy to the East. I was too young to remember just how it happened, but it resulted in full war.

"Half the men we lost to battles in the sea, half the women and children to Eastern hordes, invaders. Disease followed and our population was down to fifteen clans.

"We were losing the war and banded together. My mother, widowed by then, took me here to Angorland to plead for help from a people we'd terrorized for years.

"My bond father fell in love with her on first sight, and they married. He sent forces and ships, supplies, but they said all of Norselund was empty. The scouts we sent after confirmed it.

My new father's envoy to the East was told they had never reached the western shore of Norselund, yet no one was left alive on the entire island.

"My father has sent emissaries to the north and south barbarian lands, but no other Norselundian has been found. When my mother was slain, I became the last."

I felt him behind me, his warmth encircling me with magic as much as his strength.

"Your brothers and sisters?" he asked.

"Two brothers fell in battle, the rest went missing along with the others."

He held me tighter. "You are remarkably strong."

I laughed but did not reveal my true thoughts. I was a queen of the dead, the lost. And I had a growing fear that's all I would ever be, that I was a mere pretender to the Seelie crown. If what my "mother" had said was true, I would bear no children married to a fey.

"You're worried about the future," my husband said patiently. When I didn't reply he gave a sigh that spoke long volumes of patience. "There is so much to learn from each other, to rush the knowledge would lessen it."

I smoothed my hands over his and softened into him, accepting, and I felt his...penis stiffen behind me. Beneath my fingers his skin began to glow softly and my breath hitched. In response my body softened and tightened at the same time, the tips of my breasts strained against my gown.

I lost myself to his scent and sensation, closing my eyes, and my body felt as if it were dancing to unheard music. His hands broke apart and fell to grasp my hips.

"Stop, my love, or I'll lose control," he rumbled.

"Would that be such a bad thing?" I asked breathlessly. We both stilled and then I felt magic.

I closed my eyes for but a second and there we were, not standing clothed on the balcony but naked on the sofa. In the dying light of day he was magnificent, his skin not tan but truly golden.

His eyes watched mine and I felt as if he touched my very soul as we kissed. His lips were firm but soft and when I moaned against him, aching to feel more, he responded with his tongue.

The feel of it inside my mouth shocked and delighted me, and I tasted it with my own. Elfgwyven rewarded me with a groan of his own longing, and the press of his chest against the very hard tips of my breasts.

I rubbed against him like a cat and he slanted his mouth against mine and sank in more deeply. I stroked along his arms, feeling the lithe muscles dance beneath my fingertips.

His mouth left mine to slide along my skin to my neck, and my nails dug into his shoulder when he found a sensitive spot and nipped. I cried out and the warmth of a silence spell enfolded us.

I arched into him, sliding my fevered flesh along his as he suckled and soothed. The kiss itself was so innocent but with Elfgwyven it was sheer decadence.

He moved over my collarbone and down to the swell of my breasts. I cried out in a gasp when he suckled one tip deep, and his name sipped out on a desperate plea.

"Anni, anything..." was all he said as he kissed over my stomach. The muscles there, honed from training, fluttered now like helpless butterflies as my addled mind struggled to comprehend what he was doing.

"Anni," he whispered and I had to raise my head. When I saw him my face flamed with embarrassment. His pink-topped head was between my thighs, his eyes looking straight into mine, his lips a scant inch from my nether ones. "I have so much to teach you, if you'll let me."

Confused, unsure, but aching with need I nodded and his head descended. At the first press of lips I jerked. One strong arm stretched up until his hand rested over my heart and he held me down, gently but with firm pressure.

His other wicked hand spread me until I felt cool air, and then the press of his tongue. I was at once lost to the sensation, mewling wantonly as he licked, moaning as he nibbled, and shouting as he sucked.

With that clever tongue he wound a twisting path to the peak he'd shown me before, and though it took longer when I found it I shattered beneath his hand and mouth. My body lit apart as he suckled the nubbin of flesh between my thighs, and I knit back together to find we were on the bed.

He rolled us until I straddled him and when I raised my eyebrows in confusion he used one hand on my hips to guide me, the other encircled his large penis.

I sank down onto him and this way he felt larger, thicker. Throwing my head to moan I seated myself as far down as I could.

I opened my eyes to see his filled with wonder and lust, his skin was glowing bright throwing shadows of light against the wall. "I don't know what to do," I confessed softly, and he smiled brightly.

"I'll show you." Both hands on my hips now he moved my body up and down as if I weighed less than a feather. The novelty of that was lost as I felt the pressure oh him where I hadn't felt it before, and the nubbin of flesh that gave me such great pleasure was almost being rubbed.

As I built higher and tighter, I leaned forward, bracing my hands on his shoulders. When I did so the nubbin blossomed with pleasure and the peak came swiftly for us both.

After that I felt little shyness as we explored each other's bodies, feeling textures and discovering tastes. At long last, curled into my husband's arms, I only found sleep in the wee hours of the night, and there a dream waited for me.

At long last, curled into my husband's arms, I only found sleep in the wee hours of the night, and there a dream waited for me.

Darkness again ruled but there was a beauty to it that simple blackness did not possess. There were silvers and blues like light dancing on a canvas of velvet dark I could almost feel.

Again there was a great tree with a gnarled black trunk speaking of ages long past, the leaves on it bluish black, the apples a dull silver.

He was waiting for me beneath the tree, Angoralt. Again his beauty struck me in a similar way as my husband's, and guilt warred with need.

"Why am I here?"

He smiled. "You belong here," was the purring response.

I stepped back and hugged my arms, hands closing around soft sleeves not my own. "I belong with my husband."

"You belong with your sennschat."

"And just who is that for me?" I asked cautiously, sure a game was afoot.

He smiled, and it was very much a large cat smile. "You know little of fey. Marriage between us is not as with the Angorlands, nor your people. Vows made will always be broken when we find our sennschat."

I gulped, my mind grasping his meaning but too terrified to process it. "Elfgwyven is my sennschat."

He laughed. "We shall see. Until then in dreams this is not wrong, Hannah. In dreams we are free, that is the way of the Unseelie."

"I am not Unseelie," I said meekly.

He smiled again, with the patience of a knowing predator. "You will be."

With that cryptic remark he unfolded to his full height and I felt a shiver pass through me at the sight of his muscles. I wanted to run but I caught his scent on the air and my brain felt drugged.

The air here had the smell of a coming fall, but Angoralt smelled of limes and leather. It was masculine, powerful, and held me in thrall.

He was there suddenly, one hand cupping my cheek, raising my eyes to his. They were silver, molten silver, and I felt as if they were pulling on me. "You have desires, needs, needs Elfgwyven will try to understand but never will, not until you show him how it can be. Until then you need someone to show you how it can be."

He jerked me around until I was pressed against him, his front to my back. I was instantly naked, the air coolly taunting, and my cheeks burst into flame as shadows emerged from beneath the tree.

The shadows were two men and a woman, their skin silver like Angoralt's, their faces hidden by black masks. The woman's hair was the many shades of blue found in the ocean, one man's hair was maroon, the other's was as green as grass in the summer.

They glanced at us dispassionately, then turned back to one another with great lust, and began to strip from their black leather clothes. "Wh-what are they doing?" I asked my captor who squeezed me tighter. One arm was around my waist, pinning me, the other held my face to the fey.

"They are performing for your benefit, do you not like it?"

The men were much like Angoralt and Elfgwyven, the green haired one bulky with muscle, the maroon haired lithe. They were naked, magnificent, and aroused, glowing slightly like mercury in an alchemist's hands.

The woman was smaller than I, softer, her belly gently rounded, her thighs doughy, her shape fluid. Her breasts were small and pointy, their tips hard as she faced the men with a smile and a mercurial glow of her own.

Unbidden she reached for them and the larger man came behind her much like Angoralt behind me, as the lither man grasped her from the front.

My eyes widened in shock at seeing what I had only felt hinted at in Angoralt's kiss. "All three of them?" I whispered as they kissed in a tangle, intrigued out of my guilt.

Tongues slid in and out of mouths so that all three kissed, sometimes just the two men. Angoralt did not respond as it went on but I felt my own body begin to soften to the wicked sight.

At last he bent down and laughed in my ear, the sound satin on naked flesh. "All three. Watch them, see how much pleasure it gives her."

Green kissed her lips, sucking on them hard, and she arched into him. Behind her maroon's hands smoothed over her bottom, one snaked forward and sank inside her with great force. He moved it furiously, the back of his hand stroking the hard flesh of the other man's penis, making him moan and jerk against the woman. She cried out into his mouth while her knees weakened, and the men caught her easily.

When fluid slipped down her thighs they broke apart, and the men picked her up and sat her on a long bench that materialized by pure magic. Bodies moved until she was on her back covered by them. One man sucked her breasts, the other pressed his lips between her thighs. The sounds of pleasure she made were inhuman and deep, and something inside me responded ferociously.

My own breasts swelled, their tips hardened, and again something turned over deep inside me. Angoralt chuckled and the hand on my waist smoothed down to toy with my nether lips, shocking me into mute silence.

"Imagine what it would be like to have two fey at once, Hannah. Two men to pleasure you, two men to touch, enjoy." As he spoke the man sucking her nether flesh pushed the other away. He stood and knelt back down, turned so that his hips hovered over her, his penis pointing down to her mouth.

I watched shocked as she sucked it deep while he licked her nether lips slowly and twin moans rose up. The man at her breasts pinched them now, hard, and sat back to watch the other man slide in and out of her mouth.

Angoralt continued to tease me; I felt fevered, flushed, and ached to be filled. "Please," I moaned, unsure of what I asked for.

He leaned down to whisper as he teased me further, "I cannot fill you as we both desire, that is forbidden in all of fey, but I can show you what it's like."

His fingers slid inside me with the tingle of magic and I felt as if an immensely wide penis was filling me. I gasped loudly, and the trio turned to stare with appreciative gazes. Angoralt laughed then. "See them watching you? Worshipping you? You like it, I know you do."

I blushed but couldn't deny his words. The three moved now, maroon's penis at her mouth, green's sinking inside her, their eyes watching Angoralt's fingers inside me.

The magic and his fingers moved now to the rhythm of the three and it felt as if his penis was slamming in and out. I caught the sharp hill and catapulted up.

Sounds of slurping rang out in front of me and the woman and I found our peaks at the same time. I heard Angoralt laugh as I spun out of control mad with desire, and then I awoke to the early morning sun.

I sat up in bed scared but Elfgwyven slept on, looking innocent and sensual in the dawn. I laid back down with flushed loins and a heavy heart.

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