tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 09

Fey World Ch. 09


This was the first morning I did not dress with my ladies, instead my husband aided me. He washed my back in the bath, then smoothed his hands everywhere, and in the end only helped me make a terrible mess. We were smiling as he dressed me with magic, and Elfgwyven waited patiently as goodbyes took us until lunch.

In the end my ladies Saran and Elisabeth accompanied us, Saran young and without a family, hungry for adventure, Elisabeth seeking escape to a place where she'd be understood. Elisabeth preferred women in her bed, something Angorlandiands didn't tolerate, but the Seelie did.

Elfgwyven explained that the journey to Seelie was best made on foot for humans, though our belongings were sent ahead by magic.

Besides Elfgwyven, Bornagold, Saran, and Elisabeth, we had twelve Seelie warriors, and ten of my father's men guarding us. I had almost forgotten the danger of the wolf men until we stopped for supper and the lone howl of a distant wolf rose through the woods.

Uneasy looks passed between everyone and I wished I had a sword, but instead took the odd job of comforting my women.

After the meal I excused myself for the necessary and Elfgwyven let me go, but said he would follow if I wasn't quick in returning.

I finished up and suddenly felt something on the breeze of the night, velvet in the moonlight. I blinked and he was there.

"Angoralt," I said in surprise.

He was there in the flesh, as real as I was, and in the night twice as handsome as in my dreams. He smiled, his smile just as crooked as his twin's, and my heart skipped a beat.

"Queen Hannah." He surprised me by bowing with flourish.

"My hus- your brother is near, why are you here?"

He leaned against a tree and inexplicably it seemed to enfold him in shadows, welcoming him against its trunk. "You belong to me, Hannah."

I shivered at that and my befuddled mind didn't stop to protest. Something about him felt as right in my heart as his brother. "No one calls me Hannah," I said weakly.

"It suits you," he said softly, but the meaning was firm. I understood; he would not do as I said, he would be the one issuing orders. "It suits me," he added at my silence.

"I am a married woman, stop entering my dreams. Leave me alone."

He stepped away from the tree but the shadows of its branches followed him. "You don't really mean that, do you?"

I stepped back into a fragrant bush, shaking my head. "Yes, I do. Don't ask of me what I can't give."

He followed me, stalking my moves. "So innocent. I never liked innocence before, but I find that corrupting it suits me."

He was so close that his scent wound around me, into me, but I fought it. I clutched my skirt in my hands, squeezing it tighter as he came closer. "Go away, I-" I froze as another familiar scent came to me.

I was the only one who turned when Elfgwyven entered the small clearing. For a moment he looked not at me but at his brother as if in wonder.

"Angoralt," he said softly. "I have not seen you in the flesh in over four centuries."

The larger man turned his head at last and something in his eyes flashed like longing for his brother. Then his face sobered. "How little we've changed, brother dear."

Elfgwyven came up behind me and placed his hands on my waist in blatant possession. "And why are you here?"

Angoralt smiled. "You know brother dear, but shame on you for not telling your beautiful wife."

"Telling me what?" I looked between them, back and forth.

"Go on," Angoralt purred. "Tell her, brother."

"Angoralt-" Elfgwyven began, but he was cut off by a sound that made my heart sink.

The growl of a wolf.

They moved quickly, Elfgwyven shoved me behind him and he and his brother had their swords out before my next breath.

"Run, Anni!" My husband cried, and though it violated my warrior's instincts, I turned and did so. Only to find a large, inhuman wolfman blocking my path.

"Elfgwyven!" I cried, and by magic he appeared in front of me.

"There's more!" Angoralt cried behind me, and I knew we were surrounded.

"Guards!" I screamed, but they were too far.

The wolf in front attacked and Elfgwyven thrust his sword out. Behind me came the sounds of attack and parry, and I backed up to a tree.

The tree seemed to envelop me as it had Angoralt, and a wolf drew near, sniffing the air. I held my breath and tried to will my heartbeat to slow, but the wolfman passed me by.

"Thank you," I said to the tree, and in front of me Elfgwyven slew a wolfman.

He turned to engage the one by me and I ran out to grab the sword off the wolf, and turned to find two advancing on me.

In their strange claws they held a net and I felt my eyes widen. "You weren't after Pietyr."

They threw the net but the claws made it awkward and I easily rolled away from it. I came up and slashed the thigh of one, but the claws of the other hit me in the shoulder.

I cried out and both men called my name. I heard their swords move faster, heard magic slinging from behind me but the wolfmen seemed immune to it.

I hacked the hand off the wolf who'd scratched me and backed away as his wounded compatriot rose.

They advanced together and I slashed one's chest with the sword, kicking the other away. Suddenly the men were beside me, and Angoralt pushed me back to help his brother.

In seconds the wolves were dead, their heads removed.

I sat down and pressed a hand to the wound. It was deep, and painful.



They knelt beside me. "Can you fix this?" I asked my husband.

He called forth a light and ripped open my dress to expose the wound. It was deep, so deep I saw bones, and it took all I had not to pass out.

"Brother, I need your help for this."

My eyes found Angoralt and I expected him to argue, but he nodded. Four hands pressed to me as swords clanked to the ground. I felt the flow of magic press deep into me, and I began to heal.

The pain of it was excruciating, and I bit my lip to remain silent and let them concentrate. Their magic glowed silver and gold over me, mixing, and I concentrated on that rather than the pain.

When it was over my shoulder and dress were whole. "What the devil were those things?" Angoralt asked, and rocked back to his feet.

"We don't know, but they're after Anni," Elfgwyven replied, helping me to my feet.

"You need to get her to safety."

My husband shook his head. "We have humans traveling with us, and it would overwhelm Anni and them."

Angoralt swore, which raised my eyebrows several degrees. "Well then, not to add to the excitement of the evening, but are you going to tell her brother, or should I?"

Elfgwyven sheathed his sword and faced me with guarded eyes. "Anni, you are my sennschat, and I am yours."

My heart swelled at that and I felt myself grin at him, happy beyond belief, but my husband did not return the smile.

I turned to follow his gaze and saw Angoralt closer, his face equally unhappy. "And as with all twins in Fey, you are also my sennschat, and I am yours."

For the first time in my short life, I fainted into darkness.


I awoke in the small tent prepared for Elfgwyven and I with murmuring voices around us. I sat up sand wondered if it was all a dream, and smiled when my husband entered.

He stopped with a frown. "Are you all right? Do you remember what happened?"

I froze for a moment, wanting to lie, but I couldn't, so I slowly nodded. Sighing, he sat beside me on the ground.


"Does this mean we will have children?" I asked suddenly, hopefully.

He nodded, but there was no happiness in his eyes. "Anni, there is much to tell you, but with so much happening, I must impart only what you need to know now.

"I am your senescent, but my brother is too. As twins we share the same soul, and you are the missing half to us both." He held up a hand at me. "You must take the rights with Angoralt that you took with me. Don't fight me, I'm not jealous, fey never are, I just want to have you with me all the time."

"Why can't you?" I asked, and he smiled at last.

"Unseelie and Seelie...you will be both, queen of both, but we are not one, and so...later, as I said, later."

"What now, then?"

"To keep you safe Angoralt will take you to his home, and will send warriors back to us. We will escort your women to my home. Three days with him, just as with me."

"No, Elf-"

"Anni, this is how it should be."

I felt tears in my eyes. "Am I a...whore, now?"

He stoked my cheek and the tear that fell, and shook his head. "Anni, you will love him as he loves you, as you love me, as I love you. This is what we were born for, what you were too."

I shook my head and pulled back, scared. No such thing existed in my world, neither old or new. "I can't."

He kissed me, sadly. "I love my brother, I hold for him no contempt and he none for me. I would love nothing more than for our two worlds to be joined again as is natural, and perhaps, through our love for you, this can be done. You are a queen, would you not do this for your new people."

Called to duty now by my husband, my...lover?

I stood and threw off the blanket on me. "Where is Angoralt?"



He lowered those sea-blue eyes. "Outside, waiting."

He stalked out and found him waiting, and stopped for a second. His silver skin, his ink-black hair, this was a creature of night, but in the morning light he was a god.

For a moment I could see him as Thor, a dark Thor, but a god of battle and strength.

When he smiled I stalked off and found a river to wash up and clean off in. I tried to braid my hair as I sat on the bank in my shift, but it tangled and my arms fell asleep. I dropped them and then came the tears.

I hugged myself and cried, trying to keep quiet, but I heard footsteps, and then strong arms came around me, hugging me close.

"Hannah," Angoralt said. "My brother is a man made of politics more than I. I heard what he said, but unlike you I heard his heart as well. He fears not what nature has given us, and neither should you."

I turned and saw his face there, in person so close, and remembered that in the night, in my dreams, he had felt so right.

His hand brushed away my tears and I felt magic. I was dry, all over, my hair braided perfectly, a new dress covering me, black threaded through with silver.

"Will you come with me, and see my land?"

I looked up, extended my hand to his, and nodded.

Then we were in the dark palace.


I looked around, but all I could see was black. Not the black of the human world, the black of fey. The walls were stone, black stone that shined silver, blue, green in some spots.

Torches of silver flocked the room keeping it warm, and a cool breeze stirred the light curtains. All that occupied the room was a huge bed of four posters and a canopy tied back, black cloth. Of course.

Matching it was a large chest and a bench at the foot of the bed. It was stark beauty, and that was how the man at the window struck me.

"Where are we?"

"In my chambers," he said, his voice the low purr of a large cat.


The look in his eyes stole my breath. "Hannah," and for once my true named sounded right.

He crossed the huge room in three giant steps and then I was in his arms. His kiss was heavy, consuming, raw, aching need, and that thing inside me turned over.

His magic took both our clothes, and the feel of his skin was rougher than...best not think of that, I decided, and then my mind tumbled.

He picked me up and in his kiss came the knowledge I needed. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he backed up the chest and set me on it.

Seated now, he let me go and his hands roughly grabbed my breasts, squeezing and stroking. His penis stroked against me, rubbing that nubbin, and suddenly the pleasure shook me.

My nails pierced his shining skin as I crested, howling his name, his chuckle ending in a groan ringing in the distance of my scattered mind.

I knit back together to find his forehead dropped to mine, the tip of his penis pressed at my entrance.

"Ready, Hannah?"

I was desperate and nodded.

He slammed into me so deep it stole my breath.

"You are mine, by law of fey, my wife and the bearer of my children, the piece of my soul the goddess scattered at my birth. And I am yours, your husband and the father of your children by law of the fey."

My brain grasped the implication as the magic shivered around us. Then he pulled out and moved slowly back in, and I was lost to everything but the pleasure.

He was rough, the pleasure dark and swift, and my body craved it, spreading the sinister joy to my soul, and when I peaked again he was with me, and somehow I felt just as complete as I did with my hu- my other husband.

"Sire?" someone said to my left.

I screeched and tried to hide but Angoralt kept me still. "Yes, Marchal?"

"Sir, you are married?" the insistent voice asked. I squeezed my eyes shut, my face exploding, unable to face the intrusion.

"Yes. Gather my people, we have an announcement to make."

"Right away, sire."

The door closed and at last Angoralt backed up and let me go. I slid down to the ground and ducked my head, embarrassed.

"Hannah, you won't regret this. You will have two men whose deepest wish is to see you happy, and I will make it my life's mission."

I finally met his silver eyes and my breath stole away. The pain and loneliness I saw there was the same look I saw on Elfgwyven, the same look I saw in the mirror.

I touched his face aching to remove it but he blushed slightly and pulled away from the tenderness.

"We must dress you, and you must greet your new people. And then I can begin your education."

He turned then and with magic dressed us both resplendently in black and silver. "My education?"

Magic whispered across my skin, hinting at dark thing, things that made my tired body flare to life again.

"Yes, darling, your education. Now come and see your dark kingdom."

The pain was there in all of our eyes, and I suspected I knew what could make it go away from our hearts. Pulse pounding, I took his hand, and knew somehow I'd have to find a way to heal three hearts.

I'd evaded werewolves, secured the future of three kingdoms, all in one week. How hard could it be?

Then he smiled at me and my wits scattered.

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