tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 10

Fey World Ch. 10


The people of Unseelie were beautiful. All shining and silver, hair colors of the flowers of nature, not a head amongst them red like mine.

But today the wince of that disappointment did not come. I had two strong warriors to father my children, and in them would live the blood of my people.

After my introduction Angoralt sent an army to his brother; tentative enemies though they were, Fey were all brothers and would never let the others fall.

The palace was a castle like the one I had just left but cleaner, no dirty rushes on the floor, no hounds lingering by the fire in the great hall waiting for scraps.

Here there was no slavery as the Norse held; no serfs as the Angorlandiands kept. Everyone who worked in the dark glittering palace was paid and well kept, smiling freely as Angoralt introduced me.

They lined up and there were over a hundred, but he knew them all by name and they smiled gently at him. I only remembered the names of the major domo, Franlit, and the two fey willing to be my maids, Seliff and Marsay.

Franlit was tall and reed thin, all ancient dark eyes in a handsome young face, his silver hair tied back neatly. Seliff was younger, her laugh free, her pristine blue eyes huge in a heart shaped face reminding me of Saran but for the yellow, true yellow hair. Marsay was older, a mother of three children, her hair blue, her face round, her emerald eyes shining.

Unlike Angorlandiands here husbands and wives shared a chamber so there was no room of my own but a dressing room. There Angoralt had conjured many gowns that were unusual. The skirts were slim, cut on the sides to show a positively indecent amount of leg, the necklines deep and curved to match the swells of my breasts. All black and silver, branded by the king himself.

Seliff and Marsay changed me into a strange corset that did not cover my breasts, merely sucked in my stomach, and attached hose like a man would wear but these were much sheerer and thinner. They attached to the corset by metal so fine I knew it was magic.

The dress fit me like a nightgown but the slim lines matched what I had seen the Unseelie women wearing.

My hair was piled on my head but not coiled, teased by magic into artful waves and secured perilously.

I looked...different in the looking glass. Like my negative, a dream version of myself.

"Oh, you're so beautiful," the stunning Seliff said, clapping her hands and twirling in the room behind me.

Marsay smiled next to me. "The king has been so lonely for so long. Ours is a happy land but there was a shadow hanging over us, that the royal line might never continue. Tell me, my lady, how did you come to us?"

I met her eyes in the glass and smiled. "I am the last of the Norse, my father, the king of the Angorlandiands, adopted me. He contracted for a marriage between me and Elfgwyven."

"And Angoralt knew and rescued you from those evil wolf creatures! How romantic!" Seliff chirped, quite like a willowy bird.

I merely nodded, still unsure. So much had happened that my mind was only beginning to catch up. I knew so little about Angoralt, so little of my new life.

"Well come, it's time for dinner and the court is anxious to meet you."

My nerves jumped but I knew I had to be presented, that was the duty of a queen. I never liked court life, the fame, the pretensions, always preferring solitude, but now that I was married those days would be but a memory.

Angoralt awaited me in our chamber and nearly stole my breath. Like Elfgwyven he wore a strange suit of clothes, loose trousers in black, his under tunic stiff and white, his over tunic open and black, a red rose piercing the odd collar of the garment.

His hair was clubbed back and shone like obsidian, his eyes moving like mercury under a skilled alchemist's hand.

We stared at each other for a moment in mutual wonder as my ladies left, giggling together.

"You are beautiful," Angoralt said softly.

"So are you," I responded with a blush for I could not think of a better word for the man before me.

"Hannah." He stepped to me and placed his large, warm hands on my arms. "I hope you have the patience to sample my life tonight."

The words were strange but the plea in his eyes was clear and so I nodded. He turned and slipped my hand into his arm and we stepped out into the hall.

Franlit awaited us at the top of the grand staircase into the great hall and signaled men lining the stairs. They blew into instruments of five reeds bundled together at different lengths and produced a majestic sound.

At the tones the sparkling throng below stopped.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you King Angoralt and Queen Hannah of the Unseelie."

Applause rose as we descended and at the bottom the crowd parted. These men and women were dressed richly, the women covered in jewels, the men in thick dark suits such as Angoralt's.

The opened path led us to a dais and behind the table Angoralt seated me. As the sun slunk below the windows the court was presented to me as everyone bowed their allegiance.

My head spun, a part of me protesting that I was a simple warrior's daughter, the daughter of ambassadors, a warrior in her own right, not fit to sit on a throne. If anyone there saw my panic no one noted it.

When the last courtier had bowed they were all seated at long tables perpendicular to our own and the musicians began a light tune. Footmen in simpler suits brought out heaping trays of food and my stomach rumbled, reminding me I hadn't eaten that day.

The footmen were efficient and my plate was piled with seasoned meats, which made my eyes widen. In my world spices were money, currency, rarely used on food, but here they were in abundance. Alongside the meat was a white lump that smelled heavenly.

"Potatoes, vegetables from the new world, mashed, salted, mixed with garlic and cheese," Angoralt whispered to me.

Succulent vegetables were placed next and then soft bread.

"What is this for?" I asked.

He raised an imperious eyebrow, fighting a smile. "You eat it."

"Eat bread? But that's what food is served on in my world!"

"You will find this much softer; simply add butter and enjoy, my love."

A new footman poured a dark red liquid into a strange glass before me; clear and rounded as to make goblet. "What is that?"

"Wine, not mulled as you know it. You will enjoy it, but be careful, it is more intoxicating than beer."

Possessed by a spirit of adventure I waited for him to raise his small two-pronged fork, and then I followed.

The food and drink was incredible! Never in my life had I tasted flavors such as this, and it took all my control not to moan with delight.

I ate more than I ever had, relishing each new discovery, memorizing the names and spices, vowing to bring this joy back to my family some day.

At last the food was cleared and I waited for the women to be sent away but it did not happen.

Instead platters and plates were cleared until the tables were bare save white cloths and black tapers in silver holders.

Then more footmen arrived and the crowd below began to chatter excitedly.

"What is it?" I whispered, and Angoralt's large hand covered mine.

"My dear, you will relish these. The dessert comes to us from humans from you Southern lands, the drink a secret we horde to ourselves. One cannot explain these joys, one can only experience them."

My eyes were wide as a dark brown wobbling slice of pie was set in front of me, topped with what looked like a thickened clotted cream and bark shavings. If this was truly of my world, it must be hideous, I thought, but it smelled foreign and divine.

The drink was poured into a crystal goblet that was tall and narrow, the drink almost as clear as water and...bubbling.

"What magic is this?" I asked aloud, holding the goblet up to study it.

"No magic at all, merely a gift of nature. Now wait to drink until the toasts."

Courtiers toasted my beauty, our marriage, Angoralt's bravery, the same toasts I'd heard my own countrymen make at my mother's wedding. After the first I tasted the drink and the bubbles danced on my tongue.

It was simply gorgeous, and I wanted more, but settled for small sips after each toast. When at last they were over my glass was refilled, and the forks were raised.

I merely stared at my dessert, puzzled.

"It won't attack, my dear. Here."

I turned and his fork had a bite of the strange pie on it. Blushing I leaned forward and opened my mouth, accepting.

And fell into instant love. I settled back against my chair, closing my eyes and letting the soft piece of heaven caress my tongue. When at last I swallowed I opened my eyes to see Angoralt watching me hawkishly, renewing my near-constant blush.

"What is this?"

He chuckled low in his throat, a husky sound of seduction. "It is called chocolate, and I'm told women are especially fond of it."

I took a piece of my own pie and again closed my eyes, savoring. The flavor, the texture...it was beyond anything I'd ever experienced. The pleasure of chocolate was greater than the joy of battle, but not as great as the lovemaking I'd experienced.

Still...I finished mine quickly, almost disappointed there wasn't to be more.

I looked up to see my husband watching me with a smile that reminded me of my own, watching Pieter at play.

"Do the earthy pleasures of Unseelie meet with your approval?"

I blushed deeply and nodded.

"Come then, we have an hour until the entertainment, let us walk and get to know each other more."

I put my hands in his and as we rose the court did so, and he led me down to a side door.

Outside we passed armed guards until we came to a parapet. The beautiful black night exploded with stars, the strange breeze stirred gently, and it all combined to make me accept languor.

"This is an amazing world, Angoralt."

He placed his hand on the small of my back. "It truly is. Sometimes I forget that, and I am pleased you agree. I find myself experiencing old pleasures as new, through your eyes."

The sound of his voice thickened over the word "pleasures," and I looked away, still shy. My brain railed, how could I belong to two men at once? How could I ever feel love for them both? Such a thing was surely not possible!

And yet I was excited by the adventure. My people had always craved adventure, and surely I was going where no Noreslundian had ever gone.

I walked to the edge and peered out. The world was a city in nature, as if buildings belonged to the earth as much as the trees and grass. Angoralt walked behind me, placing his arms outside me, caging me against his warm, hard body.

"The Unseelie live close together. We crave touch, companions, friendship, laughter. No one lives more than fifty feet apart, though the few who like solace live on the edges.

"I- we have a winter palace on the other side by the mountains. In this palace we have the wild forest. I will take you on a ride tomorrow, I know you will enjoy it."

"I would. Is there water here?"

"A great lake in the forest."

I closed my eyes and leaned back against his shoulder. "I grew up by water, in the north we were never far from it. When I first moved to Angorland, I missed the sound of the ocean every night."

His pale hand lifted, palm up, and I felt the stirrings of magic. Suddenly I smelled salt and heard the tide at night.

Gasping I turned to look up into his silver eyes. "That's incredible! It seems so real!"

His smile was slower than mine, and then he kissed me. Like his brother his kiss was consuming, but there was a raw need, a palpable passion that touched me deeply.

I stretched and put my hands around his neck, kissing back, my own passion inflamed.

Angoralt broke off, panting as much as I was. "Hannah, we don't have much privacy."

My addled mind must have shown in my expression, for he groaned and dragged me to a shadowy corner where a tower rose to the next level.

"W- what are you doing?"

His smile was like a finger stroking down my spine. "Lean back against the wall."

Eyes wide I turned in his arms and did as directed. His hand stroked my thigh through the slit in my skirt and stroke up easily to my hip. I gasped, realizing the purpose behind the dress' odd design.

"Hannah," he breathed, and moved his hand between my legs. I gasped as two meaty fingers slid inside me, curling forward, his thumb hitting the nubbin.

I cried out, and he kissed me, swallowing the sound, apparently unable to conjure magic.

He began to move his hand rapidly then, bending down to open the top of the dress with his teeth. The cloth popped from the catches, opening to spill my breasts into the night.

He began to nibble at them, the press of his teeth hard and thrilling. My hips pumped in response, I gripped him tightly, my head rolling back and forth on the castle wall as I grasped for the pleasure in my mind.

His free hand brought the tips of my breasts together and he bit both nipples at once, pulling back as his fingers pressed harder into me.

I broke, crying out wordlessly, and his free hand clamped over my mouth, pinning me there as I shook in his arms.

Angoralt held me until it passed.

I came down, staring up into those piercing eyes, and he pulled his fingers from me and placed them deep in his mouth, sucking the shining juices.

I had never seen anything so erotic, so spellbinding. Then he closed his eyes, savoring my taste the way I'd savored the chocolate, and my heart skipped a beat.

"Oh, Hannah, I can't wait to show you the entertainments."

He stepped back and helped me right my dress. "Entertainments?"

Smiling, he took my hand. "Let me show you the forest, first."


Back in the hall the tables were removed. Instead, long rows of mattresses lined the floor, large pillows served as seats for the lords, ladies, and others below.

Wine was flowing again, and the crowd was chattering, laughing, and there was an air of expectancy. There was a band of musicians in the corner, but nowhere to dance. I saw no jugglers or acrobats. Perhaps we were to sing, or hear a storyteller. I asked as much to Angoralt, who didn't answer, just watched me with glittering eyes.

When at last everyone was seated, he clapped loudly and everyone silenced immediately.

"As you all know, on the night of a king's marriage, it is the new queen who directs the entertainment. But Queen Hannah is human, not used to our ways. So tonight, I wish to ask you to show her all the delights of our world."

A cheer rose up and the band started, a slow tune with a distinctive beat that wound around the crowd like a sensual beast.

A man stood, tall and pale, his hair was long and purple, and held his slim hand out. A woman took it and rose to join him, tall as well though lushly curved, her hair the red of fresh blood and tied up with complicated black ribbons, her skin almost silver.

He pointed to the mattress at his feet and she knelt. He stepped closer then and began to until the ribbons from her hair.

The entire crowd watched closely, the fey with expectancy, me with puzzled curiosity. When the ribbons free he took one, stepped around to her back, and bound her hands.

I gasped, and Angoralt's hand touched mine. I sensed a soothing magic coming from him, and with a reassuring glance, turned back to the entertainment.

The fey man now raised his hand in the unmistakable advent of magic, and the woman's clothes disappeared. Naked she was breathless and excited by the crowd's eyes. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't.

More magic and the ribbons grew to one huge length. The fey knelt beside her and draped it over her neck, and tied it in a firm knot. We all watched fascinated as he began to wind the cord around her in a complicated fashion.

When he was done, her breasts were bound, sticking straight out, flushed pink. Her arms were bound tightly to her back, and more cords crossed over the juncture between her thighs. All in all it was a picture of beauty, though odd beauty to be sure.

Angoralt leaned to whisper to me, "the cords between her legs stimulate her with every breath. Watch, you will see the pleasure."

The man lifted the other fey to her feet, and made her walk. With every step she moaned above the music, her head falling back. The man watched her with beaming pride, and then made her lie down.

"Who would sample her?" he asked the crowd.

Hands were raised, to my shock by men and women, and he picked one man. Shorter than the other fey he was wider, his hair black like Angoralt's. He removed his strange coat and loosened the collar of his stiff tunic, opening a seam in his pants to reveal a cock that was also short and wide.

Nervously I gripped my husband's hand as the man knelt between the woman's legs and thrust in, both of them grunting.

"The ties make her feel very tight, pleasurable to a man, and it rubs her clitoris, bringing her great pleasure."

"Clitoris?" I whispered back.

"The nubbin, here." As he spoke his other hand slipped beneath my skirt and rasped the raised nubbin, making me gasp.

"Angoralt! What about privacy!"

"That was for your benefit earlier, dear, we Unseelie are not shy. Now shhh," he admonished, and kept the movements up. I looked out at the crowd but I saw others doing the same, men rubbing women, women stroking men openly.

I flushed scarlet and stiffened, shivering when Angoralt rasped my sensitive skin with a nail.

He dropped my hand and raised his, and in another row of mattresses two women stood. They smiled up at me as if they were old friends, then turned to embrace.

I stared. I had heard of such things in my homeland, always in the company of one or more men. In Angorland such was forbidden.

One had hair like marigolds, the other was taller and thinner, her hair light blue. They kissed passionately, moaning more softly then the grunts from the next row. The bound fey was now on her third man, still moaning and finding peaks.

The women stripped each other slowly, caressing bared flesh slowly, the perfect contrast to the hard, furious movements of the other performers.

One had the lithe build of an athlete, the other had the glorious curves of Freyja, my native Goddess of women and fertility.

They cupped each others' breasts, large and small, with more pressure then I saw from the rutting men. The smaller one moaned, and the taller one dropped to one knee and forced her legs apart.

Her eyes turned to meet mine, and as she slid down the smaller woman's stomach, licking a path, she watched me.

I was breathless, excited, and a rush of wetness coated Angoralt's fingers. He grumbled in approval, and took my hand and placed it on his lap.

He was rock hard, and I gasped, my fingers curling instinctively to cup him. His thrust of hips scooted him along my palm, and I delighted in his moan.

The women turned to an angle, and the small one bent over like an acrobat to stand on her feet and hands, back bowed, the wetness of her clean-shaven sex exposed.

I saw the other woman lick her, deep, flicking the nubbin fast, and my breasts swelled in excitement. The others now formed a group. The purple haired fey was slapping the bound woman's breasts, pinching the nipples roughly, as she was pounded by a mighty staff from a young fey.

She gasped faster and faster and caught a peak at the same time the bent woman found hers. Angoralt's fingers moved fast now over my nubbin and I bit my lip, my orgasm exploding over me just after the crest of the other women.

I slumped down in my chair, exhausted, and heard my husband chuckle.

"The night is not complete, sweet Hannah." He turned to the crowd. "Bring forth the next!"

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