Fey World Ch. 12


"What is happening?" I asked, fighting a yawn.

My husband gathered me close. "There are two entrances between our world and yours. I guard one, Angoralt the other. Wolf men breached the gate of this court, but we repelled them. This is a highly guarded secret, there is no way they could know."

My mind snapped to the moment. "What if they're able to track me?"

Bornagold shook his head. "There is no human magic stronger than ours, my lady."

"Are there any wolf men in fey?" I countered and I swear he blushed.

"Post twice as many guards to the gate."

"Yes, my lord," Bornagold nodded and turned to leave.

"And Bornagold?"


"Find a trusted messenger and send him to my brother's kingdom. If the wolves would try this here, when my wife goes to her other kingdom, they will surely try there."

"Yes, my lord."

I watched him leave and hugged Elfgwyven back. "How do fey fight?" I asked quietly.

"With magic, cunning, and with careful study. We protect our people as much as we can, our desire to bear no casualties is our greatest drive. And with honor, we fight above all with honor. Why?"

"If these are my people, we fight differently. We never had quarrel with fey, but surely you know we worked in small bands, raiding and scouting parties. In large battles we relied on sending out a small party to distract our enemy."

He paled at that.

"Elfgwyven, is there another way in?"

"All that they would know of are the two gates between my brother's kingdom and your world, and the one they attempted to breach."

"I fear what this was, was a scouting party. I feel they will attack again, perhaps here, and breach Unseelie."

He became stock still. "Why do you say that?"

"A scouting party always went out no more than a day before attack. It makes little sense though, I will be here for two human weeks. Maybe they do not understand, maybe they think I will alternate nights between Unseelie and here."

He suddenly clasped me. "I did not tell you there are other gates."

"Where are they?"

"Only my brother and I know. And these gates are not always open, only he or I can open them."

I found myself standing, naked, searching for clothing and a sword, ready for battle.

"Anni, what is it?"

"They're going to kidnap Angoralt! Yes, you are my husband, but so is he. How could I stand by idly while he's in danger?"

"Anni, he is my brother, I have loved him for longer than you could imagine. There is no hate between us, and our lives are linked. Should he fall, I will too. Trust me on this, we will contact him and all will be well."

As I watched he strode, naked, to the polished mirror above the strange chest he called a dresser. Pressing his palm to its surface he began to chant. A different kind if magic rose from him, something reminding me of festivals from my youth, very human in feeling.

As I watched the mirror wavered like water and soon Angoralt's face appeared in the dark chamber he, and now even I, slept in.

"Your man has just arrived. What is it?" Angoralt addressed his brother but his eyes flickered to me, making me realize I was naked still.

I dove for the bed and covered myself, but not before a smile ghosted his face. Elfgwyven explained our conclusions and a shift happened. Angoralt seemed to relax, unlike his brother, and I knew it was the tactic of a man used to battle who had just learned all he needed to know about his enemy.

"Brother, it has come to my attention," Angoralt said at long last, "That we can only be used against each other. Perhaps we need to meet."

"But we may only do that in defense of fey."

Angoralt nodded. "If our wife, the queen of all fey is in danger, then all of fey stands with her. This threat is to her, to us, to all our sisters and brothers."

At ling last my light husband nodded. "Where shall we meet?"

"You know where brother, and the when shall be now, tonight."

Elfgwyven nodded and turned to me. "We will leave at once, you will be safe with us."

Trembling I nodded slowly. Behind the solemn face of my Seelie husband was the dark, tempting smile of my Unseelie mate. "Hannah, you shall finally know the joy of two husbands." With that he disappeared from view.

"What did he mean?" I asked with a tremor in my voice matching the one in my outstretched hand.

Elfgwyven took it and sat on the bed beside me, the light in his eyes not just kind, but heated, matching the faint glow. My husband was as aroused as his brother was. "Anni, you are to know the magic granted to us by right of human land. We may three be together, truly."

My head began to swim, and with the erotic yet forbidden promise I heard there, I almost forgot the wolves at the door of fey.


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