tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 13

Fey World Ch. 13


The two worlds were separated by a thick forest. There it was not quite night, not quite day, and neither dusk nor dawn. The trees obscured the light above and the grass grew green and soft like it was in human lands. Animals of both Unseelie and Seelie lands dwelled.

Bornagold and twelve soldiers traveled with us to the edge and then Elfgwyven and I were alone. He'd dressed in golden metal that covered him, a helmet obscuring his face, the only splash of color was the pink of his clubbed hair trailing down his back. Sitting in a scabbard dangling from a belt was a magnificent sword. As long and broad as anything of my people the hilt was gold and ornate.

I was dressed in a simple white gown but over linking chains of the same gold metal. Across both our armor were runes, ancient symbols shared by my people and his, and at my waist was a smaller version of his sword.

We walked together, not speaking, and my chest was tight with anticipation. We were here to hatch battle plans but both men had almost assured me of something more, something earthly, something...darker.

I shivered in the balmy air and my husband let out a tightly held breath.

"When we were small and our parents lived my brother and I would shift between kingdoms one month at a time as you will do now, but then we were together.

"No two creatures on earth can be closer than brothers who share the same soul. We both hungered for love and peace, though our tastes were different.

"Knowing we would share a sennschat as reckless youths we shared women." He stopped and I followed suit, Elfgwyven turning to face me. "I mean you no dishonor with tales of past lovers, but I wish to prepare you. I have no love of men and neither does my brother, but to share a woman together...it is as if we are one. Does this bother you?"

I couldn't speak and jerked my head no.

He game me a smile, soft and incongruous against the hard lines of his face covered in metal.

My armor, draped across my head, shoulders, and waist, should have jingled as we resumed walking, but they were of magic and made no sound.

We walked towards a small light, intensely bright in the distance. As we drew closer I could see it was like the relics found in far south lands my countrymen had claimed to see, a temple long abandoned.

Pure white it was a flat marble platform with lined columns at the corner rising. Some of the roof stayed, and it glowed with its own magic, vines not touching it.

Here the leaves fell from the trees as if in fall, though as they neared the ground they turned to white petals and the trees stayed full and green.

As we drew close Angoralt emerged from the darkness on the opposite side. He too was clad in armor but it was the black of his castle, shining blue, silver, and even green in the glow of the marble. His helmet was made to resemble a raven's head as Elfgwyven's resembled a lion's.

Hand on the hilt of his sword he froze. His eyes were not for me, as before, they were for his brother. I glanced between the two men at the sadness etched there on both faces like a mirror.

"Anni, you must climb to the temple and invite us up."


"No one knows of this place but us because only a human can dwell there and invite Fey inside."

He placed a metal-clad hand on the small of my back and urged me forward. I climbed the steps and emerged into the light and felt magic of a foreign sort wash over me.

When I reached the middle I looked down. I wore a simple dress like I would back home, and my hair was unbound. I touched it and flowers daisy-chained to form a very simple crown above my temples.

I looked from one man to the other and they were staring at me with a kind of awe that puzzled me. I held out my hands to both and took a deep breath. "Join me, my husbands."

That odd magic shimmered through the air and they climbed up either side to join me. As they passed the invisible wall the magic roiled over them and when they emerged I stood, stunned.

Angoralt's skin was no longer silver, it was pale, human, his hair a stronger more solid black, his eyes a very bright grey. He was dressed in simple human garb as well, the change was amazing.

Then I saw Elfgwyven...and my jaw dropped. His skin had changed to a more human golden, a tan like a peasant, and his eyes more human in color but still blue green. What shocked me was his hair. His hair...it was red, redder than mine, but human. I barely even noticed his simple clothes at the sight of something long gone from my life.

I crumpled and instantly there was a small padded chair there to support my weight. "What is this?"

"A temple of human magic. Once, long ago, there were many humans who could practice magic just as we would. There are a few left but they have gone into hiding," Angoralt said.

Elfgwyven too stepped closer to me and nodded. "In times they had to fear other humans, we gave them this gate. It can only be activated by a human, but it is now sealed off from the human world. Here it is a neutral land claimed neither by Seelie or Unseelie."

I wished to have them beside me and suddenly the chair became a wide padded bench. Angoralt sat to my right, his brother to my left. I felt two arms go around me, one from each, and the sensation was startling, unnerving, but pleasant.

"So there is no way in?"

"Not unless a human inside Faerie wills it," Elfgwyven said, and I immediately imagined walls of stone, metal, brick, and magic between Fey and my home world.

Angoralt chuckled. "We are safe for now. The known gate in Unseelie is guarded by my immortal warriors, my queen." His hand cupped my cheek and turned me to kiss him. As was his way it was raw passion, seemingly unskilled but never offensive, and quite consuming. A claiming that swelled my hunger.

"The other gates are such as this, hidden by magic and time are safe, and all are guarded as well," Elfgwyven said and turned my chin. Breaking my kiss with Angoralt Elfgwyven drew me into another.

His kiss was smooth, focused, igniting a slow burn that rivaled the raw hunger my other husband had brought forth.

Suddenly Angoralt's mouth found my shoulder, sliding the simple dress down. I gasped and broke the kiss. "Y-you're not glowing," I panted out.

Elfgwyven held me still but his free hand whispered across the tip of my breast and combined with his brother's mouth I could not think.

"In this temple we are human, as much as you."

Elfgwyven tugged down the dress front to release my breast and caught the tip in his mouth. The feel of four hands and two mouths on me reduced me to a mewling, gasping creature of pure need.

"This is the south temple. In the north, you become Fey within the walls of magic," Angoralt whispered against my neck and then he nibbled there at the exact moment Elfgwyven's teeth scraped my nipple.

My body went limp and I struggled to touch them but all I could do was clutch at their tunics as they lowered me. I wished for a bed and the bench changed beneath us, becoming a bed as large as either man had and impossibly softer.

Soon I could only close my eyes and feel their hands, their hard bodies surrounding me. It wasn't until I tasted lips upon mine I knew who was kissing me.

I wanted to do something but I simply did not know what to do, and they seemed content with it. My gown was slowly unlaced and my collarbone and neck kissed, teasing me, and then my breasts were fully bared to the night air.

Twin heads ducked over me and I opened my eyes to see that mix of garnet and onyx hair and then their mouths fastened.

With magic I had felt something similar but two different men, men I cared deeply for, men who brought me immense pleasure alone, combined into something unholy and beautiful. I cried out, my back bowing as I felt one gentle mouth pull, and a passionate one tug with teeth upon my nipples.

I was lost then, witness and victim to my own pleasure, my mind emptying of all worries. They worked in concert, as if indeed two halves of one whole, and it was more beautiful than I could have ever thought.

Hands stroked beneath my skirt, teased my bare thighs, rough fingertips gliding up to the apex. All the while those mouths did not stop and I was gasping, desperate, my thoughts swirling in a vortex of pure need.

Then thick fingers plunged inside me and gentle tips of another hand teased the nubbin. I came with a hoarse scream, grabbing broad backs and writhing desperation.

They did not stop. Hands, lips, and teeth pressed on, and then one of Angoralt's fingers, slick with my own juices, trailed down to the tight nether hole.

Before we'd used magic but now they had none. I had it, I realized, and wished for smooth passage. Just like that his finger slid in there as well and I was filled. I crested again in a hollering climax that shook my entire being.

Then Angoralt left me, and Elfgwyven took over. His mouth moved down to replace fingers and it was so hot, so gentle after the rough treatment than my legs shook.

My dark husband merely opened his pants, revealing that thick erection. He stroked it with one hand and reached down to lightly pinch a nipple. Then he bent to kiss me and the combination pulled me into yet another pinnacle of pleasure.

They moved again and I was too replete and still wanton to notice. Suddenly Angoralt knelt between my legs and thrust in. It was Elfgwyven who kissed me know, holding my from behind, arms around me, hands on my breasts as Angoralt filled me to bursting.

He pumped several times and then pulled out, slick with my own juices. Elfgwyven kissed my neck and I blushed as Angoralt smiled at me. The smile was almost shy, disbelieving, and happy, but still retained the tings that made him; the deviousness and dark promise inherent in my Unseelie king.

They switched and now I lay cradled back against my dark husband, my dress pushed down and up to cover only my waist. Their eyes were hungry and I sincerely missed their glow. The thought of dancing silver and golden made me smile, and then Angoralt laid back and drew me higher across his chest.

Elfgwyven stood between my legs, still fully clothed, and began to move my hips. I realized what they were about to do and held my breath. Angoralt reached one hand around to cup a breast as the other worked between us and guided that immense cock towards my nether hole.

I tensed and Elfgwyven moved to kiss me. His gentle promise distracted me and soon Angoralt slipped in. He pushed further, stretching me, and after what felt like a long struggle he was seated.

I sighed, blushing as my light husband pulled back. We had never attempted anything like this but it had been the very first way Angoralt had claimed me.

He held still and before I could ask Elfgwyven parted his hose and pulled out his erection too. He knelt and my eyes widened as I realized his intent. He kissed me, distracting me and began to push inside me in the more traditional way.

I writhed and wriggled but was trapped between two impossibly hard men and soon filled so full I thought I might burst.

I grabbed for them both and was rewarded with hot fusing kisses to my lips and neck. Then they began to move. Slowly at first each man took a turn.

I was lost. I had never felt anything like this, never dreamed such was possible. They moved slowly, lost in their own pleasure, panting along with me, our hands grasping and clutching. I tore Elfgwyven's tunic open and pulled Angoralt's hair; my head was twisted and my lips bruised with hard kisses.

They moved faster now and I felt so full my mind could not contain the pleasure. It was blooming inside me, crushing me from the outside, and before I knew it my breath hitched and then I exploded.

I screamed and twisted and at long last they moved so rapidly both moved as one and it drew the painful pleasure out on long waves until their hoarse cries joined my own.

We collapsed in a tangle of limbs and heavy trunks. I could barely breathe but did not care. Goddess...to have this every night...my mind turned to the wicked possibilities and each man groaned at my little moans of forlorn desire.

At long last we moved apart and I was laid boneless on the bed. I wished in the back of my mind for us to all be clean and we were; how marvelous to always have this magic, I thought, and yawned.

They joined me, two beautiful men lying on their sides stroking me softly, watching me with smiles.

After long minutes I finally opened my eyes all the way and sighed. "We have work to do but how I wish we could stay and...explore."

That won me twin chuckles.

"My love, we best get you dressed," Angoralt said and was the first to move. He righted his clothes as Elfgwyven kissed me and helped me to my feet.

They pulled my shirt down and bodice up and laced it. silly, I thought, for when we passed the barrier we'd be back in our rightful garb, but when Elfgwyven blushed and remembered to stuff his manhood back inside his hose I understood how distracting naked flesh could be.

I willed the bed back to a couch and once dressed we sat. "Wolves at the door. I fear they will come at any moment. That they tried to gain access to Seelie makes me think they will come to Unseelie."

Both men nodded, though it was the Unseelie king who spoke first. "We are guarding the gate but Hannah, how did you kill them back in Angorland?"

"Silver," I said quickly. "Only the swords with silver worked through the blades killed them."

Elfgwyven nodded. "Creatures of magic, like us in a fashion. Iron is our bane; silver theirs."

Angoralt laughed. "My queen, you have seen our dark kingdom. Silver lies in all. In my sword, my men's, the buildings, even our clothes! Wolves would not last a day in my world."

I lowered my head. "But they could possibly harm Seelie."

Elfgwyven sighed. "Silver is the domain of my brother, gold mine. It is how it is."

"And who made that rule?" I asked sharply.

My light husband blinked. "Why, our parents."

"What about before their rule?"

Angoralt answered me first. "When they married, all was one kingdom of Fey. It had been so for millennia, our line solid, unbroken. Light and Dark, Seelie and Unseelie lived as one. Then our parents broke the kingdom in two with rules we cannot break."

I stood and faced them. "I have lived as a free woman in Norselund, as a princess in Angorland, and now I am queen of three worlds. If I have learned anything it is that rules come and go, people die, but cultures...they persevere. Even now my countrymen, fallen and changed, seek me out as the last highborn female. The culture goes on.

"And what shapes the culture? The kings, damn it!" I began to pace, my normal hesitancy seemed to be gone. Here in this place I had discovered a magic of humans, a magic of love. I did love these two men; light and dark, sensual and sexual, both scared little boys behind their ancient eyes.

"My father, King of Angorland, was bound by law to never marry a commoner, which even as an ambassador, my mother was viewed as. Do you know what he did? He changed the bloody law!"

Two pairs of eyes watched me like satisfied cats spying a canary. "What are you saying, Anni?" Elfgwyven asked.

"Rejoin the kingdoms of Fey!"

Nothing I could have said would have shocked them more, I gathered from the way their eyebrows went almost into hairlines.

"It can't be done!" Angoralt stood and thundered, looking from my pacing form to his stunned brother. "No matter anything else there can be only one ruler of any land, and we are two!"

"One soul! You told me one soul! Now that I have seen you two together I know it to be true. I am sennschat to you both because you have one soul. Why cannot a kingdom be ruled by one soul?"

Elfgwyven stood now and looked at his brother. Looked at him the way I did with Pietyr; no, more so the way I would look upon my mother if she stood before me. "She has a point." He turned to me. "This is for the future. What we must do now is plan. Do we wait for these wolves and slaughter them? It is not our way. We must find out exactly what they want!"

Angoralt nodded. "What we must do is find a group and capture one alive. I suggest we bait my kingdom, brother. I have silver nets to bind them."

Elfgwyven gave his broader twin a level look. I glanced out the glowing white temple to the falling leaves around it, turning to flower petals at they touched the ground. Such magic here, and yet we none of us could escape rules or the pettiness of battles.

"We must make them believe Anni is with you," my Seelie king continued. "How do we get word to them?"

"I will send a small band of my best warriors. There is a tavern and human inn not far from our gate. I will make them don glamour and find them but they shall be protected by my silver."

Elfgwyen nodded as did I. "We must go; our kingdoms shall be awake soon."

I ran to Angoralt and we shared a deep passionate kiss. His hands started to clasp me tightly and he pressed his arousal to me briefly before breaking it off. "Tonight, in dreams," he whispered and turned.

I watched him pass the barrier and step into the oddity of the forest. An invisible wall shimmered around him and outside he glowed as brightly as the temple, covered again in his black armor, his hair loose under the helmet the glittering black of Fey once more.

Elfgwyven watched him too and I walked back and gave him a very similar kiss. He held me tight, the press bore arousal in us both but it was mainly comfort.

"Come," he said and pulled back to take my hand. "Let us leave." We walked too through the invisible wall and Elfgwyven came out shining gold, aroused, covered in his armor, even his clubbed hair still messily falling loose was back to pink.

I stepped out too and felt my clothes change and grow heavier, covered again in gold chain, my sword heavy at my side.

He held out his hand and I took it, coming down the steps. We walked wordlessly out into the night and I could only glance back at the glowing white marble amidst the falling petals, empty now of furniture. A place where I could work magic, a gate to the outside world that only one person in all of Fey could operate...me.

I would have to remember that.

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