tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 14

Fey World Ch. 14


Things were to continue as normal. My beloved first husband had scheduled a fair to be called, entertainments, and so it would proceed.

The Seelie had adopted many of the same customs as the Angorlandians who hosted the gates to Faerie. I had to wonder which came first, but aside from certain differences in ability and dress, this was a world I could be quite comfortable in.

Magic hand conjured up a grand gathering in a large field. All around tents gathered for the 3 day festival. There were couples but no children, I noticed, and when I asked Elfgwyven about it he squeezed my hand and told me we would discuss it later.

Nobles joined, housed in grand tents dived into many rooms, the rest of the Seelie in smaller tents.

All the women wore slim dresses like me and many of the men strange outfits such as my husband. There were musicians with wondrous instruments that produced a magical illusion in miniature of the scenes they sang lovingly about.

Food cooked in stalls smelled heavenly, and near the clearing were smaller tents where nobles gathered for contests, and even a few commoners.

At the back of the clearing stood the tented dais where the thrones sat for us to preside. It was seated here, awaiting the jousts and sword fighting that the idea struck me.


He squeezed my hand even as he nodded at the two few on shining horses who bowed to us. "Yes, my love?"

I waited until the jousters clashed and one fey was thrown from his horse only to swiftly recover and bow to his opponent.

"We can't just wait for the wolves to slip into Unseelie; we need silver in our kingdom."

He raised a pink brow. "You may not go to Unseelie nor Angoralt come here, but I can, and so can your subjects. Why don't we hold a festival of games like this, but invite the best of Unseelie to compete against the best of Seelie? We may host a week here, a week there. But the sooner we hold this we can have silver present in our kingdom."

He sat back, deep in thought. "It has never been done," he said after applauding the winner. The field was cleared for the next bout.

"There is no rule or law against it, correct?"


"Let us speak to Angoralt tonight, see what he has learned, and decide then," I suggested.

He squeezed my hand and we turned back to the games, almost as boring as back home, but here there was magic afoot. I looked at the shining faces, my new people, and hoped that if the wolves came sooner then the Unseelie, magic would be enough.


"My men have learned nothing," Angoralt spoke from the mirror. For the games we would remain in a tent, but a mirror had been brought with for many purposes, chief amongst them was contacting the Unseelie king.

"What have they been doing?"

"They claim they are a small band of young fey out to explore the mortal world. They have asked about fair haired men but any sightings are old. They suspect the wolves could be in the forest, seeking entrance."

"The entrances are guarded and no sign of anything. What are they waiting for?"My light husband asked, pacing the tent.

"Would you rather they attacked?" I asked.

"Yes," both men replied in unison. I rolled my eyes at the bloodlust of men. "They are planning something. These are still my people, I know their ways. Perhaps they intended a distraction, but now they are laying in wait. They are looking for a weakness. If they have a specific goal, such as me, they will want to find a way to sneak in unnoticed, or entice me out."

"You must never leave faerie alone1" Angoralt practically barked. "Never," Elfgwyven echoed.

"I have no cause to ever leave alone. Now let us focus on the task. We know their weakness; silver. Until we know how many there are and where they are going, we need Unseelie here in Seelie."

Angoralt's handsome face was grim with thought.

"She's right," Elfgwyven said. "I am hosting my wedding feast but it should be universally recognized that Anni is queen of both worlds. We have two days left, but if we start the games in two days time, tomorrow night your champions could arrive."

"We must not worry the citizens of either kingdom. If we do this, we must call it the Queen's Games. Hannah, you must agree to spend the next week in Unseelie with me."

I nodded to both of my husbands. "All that matters to me is the safety of our kingdoms."

"I shall announce tomorrow morning the competition. I will still have my trusted warriors in Angorland ferret out these wolves. This waiting grows wearisome."

"I quite agree. I shall also make the announcement in the morning. Queen Anni, you will have to take a very public role," Elfgwyven gave me a soft smile. "I know you prefer a quiet life, but we must do what needs be done."

"We will be with you through it all," Angoralt added.

"Thank you," I told them. My light husband said goodnight, and my dark husband's image faded until the mirror reflected the tent. Magic lit the candles without fear of fire, and two candelabras stood on the tent floor. A form mattress had a soft one stacked on top and the floor was littered with pillows save the area where a small table served us for meals as well as functioned as a desk.

A small meal awaited us there now before bed, and we sat. It was light, fresh strips of cold cooked meat, cheese, bread, and fruit. My husband had ordered familiar mulled wine from my homeland and I was grateful for the small comfort.

The food was delicious and I made small noises of appreciation that made him smile. "How did you like the days entertainments?"

"I liked speaking with our people but men fighting...unless it is true battle it bore me."

"No wonder you were known as a recluse in your last home."

"It's true, I would rather read a book than watch such things."

He smiled. "Truthfully I find it dreary myself, but the people find it entertaining. This is a time to meet and find joy. For those who have not yet found their sennschat, this is a chance to do so."

"Are there many who have not?"

He paused and cast his eyes down, chewing bread and taking a sip of wine before answering. "Sadly yes."

"And this is why children seem so rare?"

"We live a very long time so it is not a large concern, but yes, there are very few. Those we have are cosseted and protected."

"Could it be that perhaps a Seelie may have a sennschat in an Unseelie?"

A dark look passed over his beautiful golden face. "Once that was often the case."

"What happened to make your parent split their kingdoms?"

"My father, like my brother and I, was born a twin. His twin died in the process. Normally if one perishes so does the other but somehow my father survived, a man with only half a soul.

"You know that when we find our mates, we crave the touch of no other. There will never be another woman for me, Anni, only you."

I warmed at that and gave him a smile.

"As such he seemed only half-bound to the promise given my mother. He was a man given to his Unseelie side, one who craved dark pleasures. In youth all forms of coupling are explored, but even Unseelie do not seek pleasure from another once mated. My mother was bound, my father was not.

"With only half a soul he was a strange fey. He took other lovers, but no fey would help him break his bond. So he took human ones. It broke my mother's heart and she was the one who split the kingdoms. He was enraged by her spurning, and agreed to keep them separate.

"My father had other peculiarities. Unlike the rest of us, he could contract human diseases, such as the common cold. It was even rumored he had fathered a few bastards, but he never claimed this and none have come forward. He was doomed to live a short life, and contracted the pox from a human lover.

"He died of it, and my mother, still bonded with him, cursing his name, followed him into the Everafter. On her deathbed she extracted a promise from my brother and I that we would keep the kingdoms separate and never cross into one another's. We promised her, and such a vow cannot be broken."

I stared at him. "Did she think you would never find you sennschat?"

"I think she hoped it would keep us from looking. She died of a broken heart. I believe she thought it best to never love, rather than love and be destroyed by it."

I thought it cruel, twisted, and bizarre, but many similar things happened in the history of Angorland, my adopted kingdom. I tried not to think like a northerner, but like a southerner, more brains than brawn.

"And a promise made to a sennschat, like that made to family, can not be broken, yes?"

"Of course."

I smiled, a plan forming in the back of my mind. But first we had to deal with the wolves, and there was naught we could do that night.

I stood, and felt bold. So far I had waited for my husbands to come to me. There was not a single moment I regretted it, but sometimes I couldn't wait.

His beauty called to me, sang in my blood. My body felt heavy and soft, and I wanted to feel his strength wrapped around me, inside me.

I sat on his lap and placed my hands against his chest, kissing him. I caught my husband my surprise but he did not stop me. He kissed me deeply, and, encouraged, I tugged his tunic from his trousers and slid my hands against his bare skin. He was deliciously warm and sculpted, and I moaned in appreciation.

I shifted then, straddling him and his hands worried my dress. Magic washed over us and suddenly we were naked. He cupped my breasts and lowered his head worshiping them. He was so gentle, so smooth, and my body grew hotter and hotter with ease. Impatient I rubbed myself against his hard length, teasing us both as he sucked and licked.

When I could stand it no longer I planted my feet firmly on the ground and rose. He made a sound of longing as I lifted my breasts from his lips, but I quickly impaled myself on him.

We both cried out and I closed my eyes, his golden glow of arousal lighting my eyelids. I began to ride him, much like a horse, and he groaned, hands on my hips. Elfgwyven moved my hips with powerful flexes of his arms and bent to kiss any patch of skin he could.

I gripped his shoulders and kissed his face in brief flashes. I felt light as a feather and heavy as lead, desperate to reach the peak. He felt so hard and thick inside me it was driving me out of my mind.

I ground against him, sweat covered us, and my body grew tighter and tighter. Finally it seemed impossible to take any more and I tumbled over the edge, crying out his name hoarsely.

I came down, resting and panting, and he caught me in a deep kiss. "My sweet wife, if this is how you seduce me, you are welcome to at any time."

He was still hard inside me but I couldn't help laughing. "I confess this is what occupies my mind while I watch boring jousting."

"Perhaps not then," he amended.

With shocking ease he stood and I wrapped my legs around him, blinking at this angle and gasping.

"Like that, do you, my fierce wife?"

"Ummm-" was all I could get out. Hands cupping my behind he lifted me and let me sink. It was incredible. He repeated it while I clutched at his neck and finally I caught the rhythm and helped him.

His muscles bulged like never before and the sensation of sliding against him and being filled deeply was amazing. With shocking ease I found the next peak, coming down to find myself sitting on the table edge.

Again he drove into me madly and I kissed him, wanting to feel as strong a connection to him as possible. Again and again I found the peak, and he joined me more than once. On the table, laying in the pillows he rolled on top of me, then on the bed he took me from behind. It was an amazing night of laughter and love and lust.

I drifted to sleep with his body curled around mine quite happy. Only two things kept me from bliss. One were the wolves, but the greater problem for me was that only one of the two men my soul belonged to was with me.

When I entered the dream Angoralt waited for me. My mind with one and my body with the other was bittersweet.

Then Angoralt kissed me and my body took over.


As I had thought the announcement of the Queen's Games was widely applauded. The third day of the marriage festival was nearly empty. I knew all single Seelie were preparing their finest clothes and best magic, hoping this would bring them a sennschat.

They arrived just as I hoped. Men, women, warriors, nobles, minstrels, and hawkers, just like human. They gleamed with silver, which relaxed me greatly. Nightly Angoralt reported that no trace of my countrymen could be found.

Elfgwyven and I received the party, led by Morraving, Angoralt's captain and Bornagold's equal. There was no discomfort but a pause when the small group of Unseelie was swallowed by the Seelie crowd. Black and silver dominated their armor and horses where as gold and pink dominated that of the Seelie.

On the close o the marriage games and the eve of the Queen's Games we held a great feast. There was chocolate and champagne, fresh meat, sweet and savory breads, and platters of cheese and fruit that groaned. Spiced wine and fermented beer flowed.

Seelie and Unseelie musicians played together after the feast and men and women from both sides danced merrily. The Unseelie did not seek the openly erotic entertainment as was their custom and seemed content with the calmer pastimes of the Seelie.

I danced with Elfgwyven, Bornagold, Morraving, and a few others. It was a night of joy and safety, and abandon.

When the music stilled and our beds called, there came the more Unseelie sounds on the night. Their wild abandon spread to us all, even my Seelie king seemed imbued with dark magic.

He was wild and I was wanton. We coupled furiously, pinning each other down, our hair loose and free. We knocked chairs and glasses over, scattered the pillows, even knocked down a candelabra scattering the magical flames.

He filled me again and again and my nails scored his back. We kissed so hard we left bruises and shouted our like war cries at each peak. We were sweating, panting like animals, and finally found a moment's repose when the mirror activated.

"Quite a little scene. I see my people arrived safely," Angoralt chuckled.

Exhausted we could only lift our heads. "Quite," Elfgwyven said.

"I have news and a favor. My men overheard a band of blonde men asking about the prince."

"Pietyr!?!" I rolled off Elfgwyven and stood, fighting panic.

Angoralt's eyes slid over my form and jerked back to my face. "He is safe. When me men relayed the information I sent them to the palace. The king knows we are two kingdoms and discerned my men are Unseelie. They have been instructed to protect the prince but the king is demanding Seelie proof."

Elfgwyven rose and dressed with magic. "I will send a small band right away." With that he disappeared from the tent.

"Your brother will be safe. I believe they meant to use him to lure you out."

"I gave my promise, I will not go alone. I would rather Pietyr come here but that would mean speaking to my father directly. And that would mean explaining to him how I have two husbands."

"We will cross that bridge when we come upon it. For now the boy is safe. I see my brother has embraced the Unseelie magic."

My hand went to a small bite mark and I blushed. He laughed. "We are of one soul with two sides. Tonight, Hannah, I will show you what of Seelie I have in me." He said no more and disappeared.

Elfgwyven returned soon after. "Three men are with your father. We must wait for contact."

He dressed me with magic and we righted the chairs and pillows by hand. He relit the candles and I picked up the broken glass.

The mirror made a sound like a tiny distant bell and Elfgwyven waved his hand over it. A young fey of his guard with pure yellow hair and cornflower blue eyes appeared.

"We are here, and the king knows both Seelie and Unseelie will guard the boy."

"How much does he know?"

"Only that we learned of some foreigners plotting to snatch the boy. We are joined by the king's full guards."

"Stay until I tell you to return. Tell the king his hospitality is appreciated and I promise to bring his daughter for a visit in a fortnight."

The soldier nodded and Elfgwyven ended the communication. "He is safe."

"They are smart you know." I sat on the bed with a sigh and he sat next to me. "What do you mean?"

"Look at us. This week Unseelie has given up half its warriors to these games to grant us the protection of silver and to protect my brother. Next week half your warriors will be gone."

He stiffened.

"Husband, the day I am to travel to Unseelie for the Queen's Games there I believe I should visit my father. I promised not to go alone; I ask that you join me."

He nodded, thinking it over. I took a deep breath. "And Angoralt." That earned me a shocked look. "He will have to know soon enough. My father is a fair man and will not judge me. He is also a political animal, and will quickly realize that he now has an alliance with all of fey."

He smiled and drew me close to kiss my brow. "Are you sure you were not born noble? You have the mind for it."

I smiled back. "I am a quick study."

"All right then. Ask my brother tonight in your dreams. In seven days we shall present my brother to your father as your other husband."

I laughed quietly at that mad thought, though it seemed almost normal to me. Almost.


Angoralt waited for me in the shimmering night of the Unseelie world. His favorite horse was with him, eating the strange shimmering apples from the dark tree.

"Why is he here?" I asked as he stroked the horse's neck, his silver skin shining against the silky black coat.

"Come with me." Angoralt held out his hand and I took it. He drew me to him and kissed me softly, then I was sailing through the air to land bareback on the mount. He flew up behind me and his strong arms closed around me to grab onto the mane.

His heels chucked the flanks and we were off.

"How do you make the dreams so real?"

He nuzzled close to me ear. "It's a kind of magic."

He was acting very strangely. Then again, so had my other husband, and Angoralt had warned me he would show me his Seelie side.

We rode to a bend in the river and he stopped the horse. As slid down the horse disappeared. More magic.

"This is different," I smiled at him.

He merely waded into the water, his clothes disappearing. I let my gaze travel over his powerful body, admiring all those muscles, including his behind, the only hint of softness.

He reached up and let his hair free of the tie, spilling over his broad back. He cast a very seductive look over his shoulder and I felt the cool air on my body. I looked down to discover I was naked.

Laughing, I joined him in the water. As earlier I felt joyous and bold, and when the warm water reached my waist I reached him, and then reached for him.

Angoralt was gentle in his response. The passion was there, but it was leaches with iron strength. His kiss was sweet, consuming me slowly. I rubbed against him like a cat, still feeling Unseelie magic from earlier in the evening.

He calmed me with soft lips and gentle fingertips. He brought water up with them and traced lines over me. My chin, down my neck, sluicing water over my collarbone. He traced the small muscles of my arms and the gentle swell of my belly. After agonizing minutes, he reached my breasts.

I was wound tight with anticipation and when he traced the underside lightly I gasped. He smiled, half hidden by the cloak of his hair, and dipped his fingers once more in the water. Over my breasts he went, letting the water tease my nipples.

Desperate I reached for his manhood by he moved away. "Not yet, sweet Hannah. I am trying very hard to be a good boy and show you something here."

"That you've gone mad?"

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