Fey World Ch. 14


He chuckled. "I know your mind enough to know you see my brother's gentleness and my passion, and you value them equally, but differently. Tonight you saw my brother's passion. Now you need to see my gentleness."

At long, long last the pads of his thumbs stroked my stiff nipples. I cried out, deeply aroused, and trembled with need. At long last he cupped my breasts, moving more slowly than he ever had before. I was wet, hot, fevered, and the only touch he did not duck out of was for me to clutch his shoulders.

Angoralt kissed me again, his tongue slowly sliding along mine, and I moaned. He pulled back slightly and kissed my cheek, my nose, my forehead, my eyes. He moved that clever mouth down my neck, and used his teeth very lightly on my collarbone, licking the nipped spot.

I was begging him with gibberish by the time he reached my breasts. His mouth was hot but gentle, maddeningly so, and his hands cupped my breasts raising them to his mouth.

"Angor-oh! You have made your point. Take me now, before I take you."

He chuckled and nipped me. "You are welcome to try."

He did not take me seriously. I hooked my foot behind his ankle, grabbed his shoulders, and twisted. He went down into the water but took me with him. We both sputtered but he quickly recovered, wrapped his body around mine and rolled.

After a struggle he easily won, and I thought at last! Angoralt had other ideas. He backed me to the shore and laid me down, covering me, our legs in the water.

He pinned down my hands with one of his and his mouth returned to my breasts with the same insane slowness. His hand trailed down, teasing my belly again, the skirted to the side to a thigh. I was begging now, and he gave me small measure by moving those fingers towards my wet center.

And then all he did was trace my nether lips, teasing the hair there. "Angoralt!"

At last he slid a finger in. I exploded and screamed out his name, me entire being pulsating in waves of pleasure.

Finally he covered me and his thick length pushed in. He let me go and I wrapped myself around him. He kissed me deeply and with the rocking thrusts of his body I swiftly came again, and he followed.

When the pleasure ceded every so sweetly slowly he let his full weight rest on me. I found myself laughing.

Groaning, he kissed me. "What makes you laugh?"

"You. Your idea of gentle still holds command, and Elfgwyven's idea of dark passion contains restraint. You are both unique men with one soul, I love you both for who you are. I love you."

"I am glad to hear it." he kissed me again and rolled aside to lay on the warm bank with me. Drawing me to my side, I nestled onto his shoulder and stroked his chest.

"I must ask you a favor."


I explained my theory and plan, and of course he agreed, only adding, "Will your father expect a human wedding for us?"

I laughed. "It would be the first of its kind in Angorlanding history, but maybe...yes."

"I would like that."

Laughing, I slid into the water, feeling confident that my plan would work. I had not told them men, but I wanted to go to my father's for one reason.

It was time to face the wolves.

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