tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 15

Fey World Ch. 15


The tournaments continued in revelry and joy. Six more days passed and with each I grew more and more nervous. Reports to both kings showed my brother was safe, and the Seelie and Unseelie were quite happy, but a shadow was over my heart.

Joy tried to shine it away. Over six days four of Angoralt's Seelie warriors found their Sennschats with Elfgwyven's women, but it brought new worry. They could stay here and travel to the Unseelie kingdom for their games, but when they ended a week later, what would become of them?

My heart ached for a united homeland. My birthplace was now the stuff of legend, the birthplace of wild wolf men. My adopted homeland had been welcoming and overwhelming, strange and not comforting at all save for Pietyr. My new lands were split in two. I would that I could carve out one place of complete acceptance and welcoming.

I would unite the Seelie and Unseelie kingdoms, I vowed. For my happiness and the happiness of all my new people.

On the last night of the games, as we prepared to make our way back to the human world, I asked a boon of Bornagold which he granted. He escorted me to the altar of human magic and circled as I climbed those shining steps.

I had made Bornagold swear not to reveal anything of this visit, but even I did not know what was to come.

Again my golden mail and pink-trimmed gown changed as I entered. My hair fell loose crowned with small roses of every known color and my gown was more like what I wore in Angorland.

Drawing my head back I faced the sky and swept my arms wide. "I seek guidance; I am a Queen, a daughter, a wife, a sister, and with good blessings, some day a mother I shall be, yet I am a fool as much as warrior. I seek guidance from any power that finds me worthy."

For a long moment there was no sound, no movement, nothing. Then I perceived that was strange, here the air lived, breathed with magic. Then the temple began to shake.

I wished for something sturdy and found myself on the couch as before as it shook with great violence. Outside the circle of light Bornagold patrolled, face to the forest, taking no notice if he could even see the tremors.

The light pulled in, condensed, and then two figures stood before me, cloaked. The light returned to shine on us all, but the two figures before me were dun in their old cloaks. They were brown, pale, dyed, black, muddied cloaks, all at once and ever changing. The hoods covered faces and only by height could I intuit one was male and one female.

"Child," said the smaller figure in the voice of every woman alive, at once. "What troubles you so?"

She was the comfort of mother; the understanding of a friend; the direct innocence of youth. I reached out to her and she took my hand with fingers gloved the same as the cloak.

"I love two men of two kingdoms who say they can never unite. I am the last of my people left unchanged and the others have become monsters and endlessly seek me. I know not how to solve any of these problems."

"Problems and opportunities are often one in the same," the male figure said in the voice of every man.

"Challenges makes us stronger, do not weep for them, my child," the woman said.

"Who are you?"

I sensed their smiles more than saw anything split the dark of the cowls. "We are the first," the male said.

"The mother and father of all children," she added.

"We watched the Fey and humans rise."

"We are the last of those who came before," she amended.

"You are creators?"

"Guides," the man said.

"Your people worshiped our own children as gods, and your new father's people worship us in inventive ways. Your true people, the Fey, are us." She tipped my chin up to stare into the murky depths of magic unknown.

"How do I fix all this?"

"Who says you must?" he asked.

"I do."

She nodded. "To fix one you must fix the other; to restore nature you must repair what man has rendered. Magic begets magic."

My brow furled in my puzzlement. "What does that mean?"

"You are the key," the woman said. "But you are not the holder," her companion added. "Another must turn."

"And another must open," she concluded.

"What does that mean? If I am the key, who turns me, and who opens what door?"

She stroked my face. "Daughter, sister, friend...mother soon, you cannot know all the future, but know this. Your heart is your guide, the light of this temple shows the light that shines inside you."

"Your beauty hides your strength; it is armor you must prepare for the coming battle," he said stroking my hair, and they both pulled back. The light began to condense.

"Wait! Stay!" It was too late; even as I yelled they disappeared.

I lowered my outstretched hand, trembling, and thought of their words. To fix one you must fix the other; to restore nature you must repair what man has rendered. Magic begets magic, she had said.

You are the key, but you are not the holder. Another must turn, and another must open, they both had said.

My heart was my guide; my hair armor I had to prepare. What did it all mean?

With heavy heart I left the circle of light and was once again dressed as a Seelie Queen. Bornagold watched me as I walked to the horses, morose.

"What happened?"

"Riddles. I am beset by riddles. The answer to all our troubles is n my hand, but I cannot solve it."

He helped me mount and stood looking up, passing me the reins. "In days of old we fey used to entice humans into our land. We guarded the exits by riddles. Those who could not solve them lived out their days here."

"That's awful!"

"It was old times, when human and fey warred, the age of my grandparents. The point is, no one is better at riddles than the fey."

I smiled at him as he mounted. "The riddlers were the mother and father of all of us. If you know how to spin riddles, these are the people who taught you."

He stared at me as if I had performed some feat of magic that would stump even a high-ranking fey. "You saw the mother and father?"

I nodded and steadied my horse as she nickered. "I spoke with them too."

"Tell me, what did they say?"

Shaking my head I pulled the reins to turn back to Seelie land. "I think I had best tell my husbands." I had changed my mind about hiding this, not when I sensed how important those words might be to all of our futures.

He merely nodded and kicked his horse alongside mine.

Back at camp I found, fortuitously, Elfgwyven facing the mirror where his brother Angoralt stood in distant reflection. When I entered two pairs of eyes, silver and blue, heated, and two very masculine smiles split the perfection of my husbands' faces.

I told them of the entire encounter, adding to Elfgwyven that I had commanded Bornagold to aid me, and of course the first reaction was to chasten me like a child for venturing into the woods with only one guard.

I rolled my eyes and thought of my step-mother. If I could survive her tirades I could survive any siege, and I did understand they loved me, I was mortal, and they worried. It did not make it any less annoying.

When they paused for breath I waved it off. "What do they mean? These strange words."

Both men thought hard on it, their faces pure beauty. I found myself distracted by it and glad I was not fey. Glowing at that moment would have been highly embarrassing.

Elfgwyven looked at me with a slightly knowing smile. "Brother dear we go as planned. Tomorrow morning we shall meet at the gate. Let us both reflect on these words, but now I wish to be with our wife."

Angoralt chuckled at that and winked at me. I merely blushed at him, wishing deeply I had both with me. They said their goodbyes and the mirror was empty.

Worry and a strange sense of power imbued me. I had spoken with gods still whispered about in both my homelands. Gods older than my childhood's many and the Angorlandian's one. They had chosen me, and I was exhilarated, worried, and amazed all at once.

It was I who reached for Elfgwyven without thinking and drew him down to my for a passionate kiss. To my surprise, he let me take the lead.

Oh, my Seelie lover was not passive, but he responded to me, let me set the pace. It was not the passion of when our Unseelie guests had joined us but it was our passion- deeply satisfying, challenging, and leaving us bathed with sweat.

We went to a small pool to cleanse ourselves in my human way, and this time Elfgwyven lead the dance. After I was so boneless he used his magic to snap us from the water to our tent and spent the rest of the night holding me close, settling the softness of my body along the hard planes of his.

In the morning the camps were breaking down, magic making the work fast and breathtaking. Food was served and leisurely eaten as the nobles and lesser fey alike waved their hands from the table and tents disappeared. Musicians played, Seelie and Unseelie, and the stories they told played out in scene over the table amusing one and all.

In my time in the Fey World I had been moved by magic enough to become used to the sensation, but my human maids had not, so only fey would accompany us.

Bornagold led a company of five Seelie Warriors, and Morraving, who had joined the games, brought five with him. We all rode together, Bornagold and his men flanking Elfgwyven and Morraving and his flanking me, and deep into the woods we went.

We cam upon a spot, a circle of mossy trees and flowers, what humans called a fairy circle. There a company of more Seelie and Unseelie warriors guarded the gate, and just inside the circle stood Angoralt next to his horse.

I leaned across to Elfgwyven and boldly kissed him before jumping down to run to Angoralt, giving him the same kiss.

I cared not for the other men though I saw smiles. I simply wanted to express my joy and love and feel theirs flow into me.

"Hannah," Angoralt smiled. "Are you ready for the journey back to your father's?"

I nodded and reached out my hand for Elfgwyven to join us. He controlled his face well in front of the men just as Angoralt did, but the longing to restore their brotherhood was plain in each face.

"My husbands...what I am most excited about is that in my world, the human world, we three can be together as long as we like."

I held a hand of each and felt them tremble.

They broke their mutual gaze and turned to their men, appointing who would move the horses, the supplies, and the attendants; two valets, four grooms, and two maids.

It was smooth, practiced. One moment I was in the shining twilight of faerie and the next I was in the deep west woods of Angorland. The air here was thinner, cooler, almost bitter, but still earthy. The sun was bright and the animals here were louder.

I felt slightly dizzy and broke my hold on their hands to spin around in sudden euphoria. Around us appeared the retinue and while the grooms saw to the horses the warriors formed a circle and investigated.

I stopped spinning when the euphoria passed and found myself blushing. "I am sorry for that."

"You are still human enough long teleportation will do that, which is why we will make jumps," Elfgwyven said.

"The men will go in teams, scouting, and making sure it is clear. It will take us until the afternoon, and we'll make the last leg of the journey on foot so as to let you adjust, and not scare other humans," Angoralt added.

What had promised to be an adventure was sheer torture of the strangest sort. With each "jump" I became drunk on magic, the only human there. No one seemed to judge me, they smiled as I danced and sang songs from my childhood about great ships bearing noble warriors.

The maids smiled, held my hands for me when we rested, made sure I drank a honeyed drink similar to mead that my husbands claimed would calm me. At least I did understand why we had not done this the first time; with all the humans I'd brought with we'd be sheer madness for the fey to deal with.

At long last we reached the far fields outside the capitol. Here no farms spread and shallow copses of trees broke like waves upon the tall grasses. In the shade of one my husbands bade us make camp for a meal and rest for me.

I giggled like a carefree child as magic called forth tents, furniture, food, even makeshift stables. My husbands led me into the largest and as Elfgwyven sealed the flap with magic Angoralt set me gently on the large bed.

My brain swam with pure elation and reason eluded me. Suddenly they were on the bed with me and I was in a tangle of arms and lips, closing my eyes against shining gold and silver, allowing my body to flow like water between them.

Suddenly clothes were gone and naked flesh pressed all around me; sinewy building muscles and sleek, strong compact ones. Warmth and texture surged against me as four hands moved, teasing with urgency, lighting fires in their wake.

I kissed one than the other in rapid succession, tasting their differences, reveling in them. One mouth on lips, one on my neck, and my breasts were cupped, massaged, the nipples toyed with, light-as-butterfly-wings strokes spurring my desire on. Meaty fingers sank inside me, making me gasp and cry out and slimmer ones gently circled the nubbin. I broke and the euphoria danced though my head, even as my own hands grappled to feel these men I loved.

Punch drunk on magic and lust I felt even more magic and suddenly there were pushing inside me, filling my completely. Angoralt at my back, his cock buried in my arse, one hand cupping a breast the other stroking the nubbin. Elfgwyven pushed in the traditional way, holding my legs aloft he began to move, rocking all of us together.

I grabbed a forearm of each but otherwise could not move. The pleasure was sweet, burning, and so intense my mind shuttered to anything else. I caught the spiral of pleasure just as Elfgwyven kissed me and I was thrown into the abyss. The pleasure was shaking, intense, covering all of me as colors burst behind my eyes and I cried out into his mouth with my release.

They soon followed and it was a beautiful moment of pure elation that melted quickly into exhaustion. Magic was called upon to extricate and clean us all and I could not but help and giggle at the strange sensation.

For the first time I was laid down in the arms of the two men I loved. I wanted to tell them of my love, thank them for my pleasure, to enjoy every moment of this, but sleep rose up to claim me.


I woke as the sun was beginning to slide down in the sky. Above me my husbands leaned on their sides, talking in hushed voices not to wake me, their hands stroking me absentmindedly. The surge of slow, pulsing desire is what woke me, but neither was glowing.

I stretched my hands above my head like a cat and that earned me their attention. I opened my eyes once more to muddied glows from them.

"Anni, how do you feel?"

"Sated and yet hungry," I purred.

Elfgwyven looked to his smiling brother. "she's still bespelled."

"Oh no," Angoralt said with great humor. "We'll just have to try and work it out of her." He grinned down at me and I wasn't sure what he meant, and then he kissed me.

This time it was only lips, teeth, tongue, and fingers. They were partially clothed and I was naked, open them, greedy for it. They brought me to peak after peak until I felt hoarse, my bones liquefied, and all I wanted was them to join me in this crest, but they pulled back.

"Sweetling, we must eat something and then begin the final leg." Angoralt kissed me and rose.

"Come," Elfgwyven kissed me and bade me rise. His magic clothed me in human garb, but cleverly I saw the front panel was white with silver and gold braided trim, the skirt black and yellow with pink trim at the bottom. What should have been a garish mash of colors was made by magic into something smooth and flowing, and it felt right.

He added a hair net with jewels in my father's colors of green and blue. Against my red hair it shined, the net a threading of silver and gold.

"This is too much," I said with a blush, standing before the mirror.

Angoralt's magic summoned a table with light snacks, but so many of them we could feed the whole camp.

"You are a queen of three realms," Elfgwyven said with a small smile.

"A princess of another. You hold more titles than any of us, your station is the highest. You will always be appointed accordingly. Now let us eat."

"I am thirsty," I confessed crossing to the table. They both held my chair for me, sliding it in, and Elfgwyven poured cool water.

"My lovely Anni, the magic still is in you. You need the water, not wine. I am sorry if we have been less than gallant."He managed to blush slightly, and his brother laughed.

"If you think she feels we took advantage of her joy, you're sorely mistaken, brother. Do you feel anything less than fully pleasured, my dear Hannah?" Over the rim of his goblet, filled with wine, Angoralt's silver eyes glimmered at me mischievously.

Caught up with his pull of dark temptation I swallowed the cool water and returned the smile. 'perhaps if my two husbands had filled me properly again I could say I was fully satisfied.

He threw his head back and laughed while Elfgwyven blushed and picked up a tray of fruit. He selected a ripe peach, out of season in the human world, and held it to my lips.

I met his eyes, such a crystalline blue, and sucked on the juicy slice suggestively. His fingers trembled even as I bit it from him.

I was still drunk, I realized, my reserves were not out of reach, my limits were just blurred. What should have been a quick repast turned into a sensual adventure, and I freely enjoyed teaching them. As the glows of their arousal grew I knew it was I who had called it forth.

All too soon came the call of magic on the barrier at the tent opening. With sighs it was decided I would greet the interrupter while my husbands tried to calm themselves.

It was Bornagold. "My queen, we should get moving soon. Night is falling."

"We shall be right there. Saddle our horses and give us simply a moment."

He nodded and left.

"Better?" I turned to my husbands, both startlingly handsome, but their glows were muddied. "We must make ready and ride. I trust you can make this all disappear?"

Without waiting for them to answer I stepped out and mounted my brown mare. An animal of fey her mane was pure gold and her eyes a shining green. Her temper was sweet and she nuzzled me before I swung onto the saddle.

Moments later the kings joined us and mounted up. We set out, me between them, their guards flanking them, the servants behind us. All eyes watched the fields, seeking out signs of danger.

Suddenly Angoralt turned to me. "What will our sleeping arrangements be?"

I giggled. "In Angorlandian tradition you will have your own room, Elfgwyven and I ours, until our wedding by human tradition."

He grabbed my reins and pulled our horses close, bringing my face to his. "If you think I am spending a night without you, you are sorely mistaken." He kissed me then, raw and passionate.

Elfgwyven chuckled, but then came war cries from Bornagold and Morraving. Behind me I heard the dreaded word gasped by a groom.


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