tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 17

Fey World Ch. 17


Author's Note:

My first novel is now available. Check out my bio for more information. Updates to this story should be biweekly as I'm in the early stages of co-authoring my second novel.

As always, comments/feedback are welcome...but remember, what's posted here is a first draft. Yes there will be some spelling, punctuation & grammar errors. Pointing that out is a waste of time.


My heart could not stop pounding. Avoiding my husbands was most difficult, but they were meeting with the generals and leaders of the military, discussing the wolves. It was Pietyr who kept me company until my father arrived.

We played under the watchful eye of his nanny, an old woman of soft smiles and gentler humming who sat in a rocking chair in the corner. Pietyr was getting older; gone were the dolls of youth and now he played chess, and was quite good. I had not grown up with the game a was as new to it a he, though he had more practice.

"You might do better with two kings," Pietyr said as he won another game.

"What?" No one should know that before my father, I thought.

"You rely too much on guarding them and send your queen out too fast."

I settled rubbing his hair. "Quit it, Anni! Hey, should I grow my hair out?"

"You know only grown men can do that, and it's not common here."

"I'm going to be a man very soon, and I like the way King Elfgwyven wears his hair, even if it's pink. His brother's hair is nice, King Angoralt's looks almost like an Angorlandian, but darker."

"That is does."

A knock came at the door, drawing Helen, the nanny to her feet. She opened it to a royal guard, and both were pushed aside as our father stepped into the room.


I may have been a woman grown but I easily outdistanced my brother to hug my father. He grabbed my tightly and raised me up, supported by his large belly, and swung me around. Planted once more on the ground he kissed my cheek and then did the same with Pietyr.

"I have to greet your mother-"

"She's not our mother!" Pietyr fairly whined.

"Your queen then, but after that-"

"I must speak with you, father. I and my husband and his brother."

He nodded. "The wolves." I mutely nodded, not wanting to give away the true purpose. "Well then, send for the Fey kings," he called to one of his men. Turning back to me he offered his arm.

I took it and we bade a sullen prince goodbye, heading out into the stone hall. The castle was cool with the weather, and the halls were lined with rows of tapestries ancient and new between the torches.

Her father was still garbed for a ride, his cape heavy leather, his clothes velvet and fur trimmed. He chattered on about cousins and dukes, names she vaguely remembered.

The found his study, a large drafty room made to hold his war council and many guests. Two guards entered and took up post by the door and through it her father called to his majordomo for food and drink.

He seated her in a cushioned chair and brought a third over to join hers and the other, before sitting him behind his desk. "I brought back a gift, an astrolabe, it's a new invention I think you'll quite like. I imagine placing it by the window, what do you think?"

"Father," I scooted forward. "Before the kings arrive, there is something I must tell you."

He seated himself with a sigh, clearly weary from a long ride. "What is it that has put such a worried look on your beautiful face?"

"Father, the Fey are different. They have something we would call a soul mate. They can only have children with their soul mate, and there haven't been children in some time. With a heavy heart I feel it's because the kings have not had children, but with joy I know that I am Elfgwyven's soul mate."

His handsome round face broke into a wide grin, pearly teeth above a shaggy beard. "That is wonderful! Shall I expect a grandchild soon?"

"Father, there's more. When twins are born, it's just as our doctors have long thought. Both children share the same soul."

His ability to digest this was held up as the majordomo returned with a tray on wheels. He began to pour wine into four glasses but I held him up. "Water for me, please." He did as bade and then explained the dishes, covering small meat pies for repast.

Once he left us alone, my father grabbed two pies. "I am starved, forgive me if I do not wait." He chewed as I watched, and then it hit him.

"So you're also a soul mate to..."

"Kings Elfgwyven and Angoralt," one guard announced, opening the door to my husbands.

"Oh, my goodness," my father said, and did the most un-kingly thing he could: he fainted.


The last four days had been in many ways the longest of her short life. Knowing that she carried their children, she had made the decision to wait to tell them.

It may seem silly, she knew, to the kings of all Fey, that a human wedding was such a big thing to her, but the ability to live openly was important to her. If her father, the single most important human leader with land that bordered on the fey's, knew that she had two husbands of different lands, he would support her in the last task she had set for herself.

This wedding, combined with the news she would deliver that night, would distract her husbands from the second task she had set.

He stood there at the same makeshift altar as she had before, only under the threat of the wolves there were so many people from surrounding villages there was hardly room to move. The Unseelie had come out in full support of their king, and wary of human protests, they had come splendidly armed.

There was no opposition, none voiced beyond the Angorlandian Queen, who sat sullenly in the front row behind them.

Shara looked resplendent, beaming to preside over so much royalty she had taken my gifts and wore the fancy dress now, an Angorlandian gown flavored like a Fey dress created by a maid in deep green with the silver trim that matched the clouds above.

The ceremony was of the old ways, of the ways I had been brought up. My own dress was in the style of my childhood, simple, baring more flesh than Angorlandians were used to but less than Fey dared. It was white but trimmed with wide bands of pink and gold, black and silver.

My mind drifted over the memories of the last few nights. During the day all discussion had been over the wolves and what to do. No one listened to me, well, Pietyr did, but at night that didn't matter.

Pleading drowsiness Elfgwyven and I oft retired early so Angoralt could join us. Those furtive nights would be well behind us once this long, boring ceremony Shara had concocted (to honor Angorlandian traditions as well as those of my homeland). When we would be free to be together it would be heaven...until we had to return to Fey.

I pushed that aside as our turn to say the vows came. Elfgwyven stood with us, slightly back, as Angoralt and I said them, then he joined us and new vows to bind us together as three came.

I kissed them in turn, Angoralt first, Elfgwyven second, and the cheers from the Unseelie were loud.

The feast was to be held outside, my father's stores opened up for all, and the Unseelie would transport delicacies from their home by magic.

I was too excited to wait and so I dragged my husbands back into the palace, flanked by Unseelie guards and the few Seelie with us.

It was rude, I knew, but I had waited for this, waited to not have to hide our love. I brought them to the gardens inside the palace walls, and the guards stayed behind with wide smiles and few jokes.

"No more hiding!" I sang, breaking from them to twirl about with happiness.

"Has she lost her mind?" Angoralt asked.

His brother laughed. "I may have spent more time with humans, but I'm not sure."

"Fools," I laughed, and kissed them in turn. It was a kiss of joy, but Angoralt infused his with the dark passion I had come to revel in.

Magic came then, washing over us, warming the air and stripping our clothes. "We have not been entirely honest," my dark husband said with a twinkle in those silver eyes.

With nervous anticipation I stilled. "What do you mean?"

Elfgwyven came behind me, placing that marvelously muscled slender body flush to my back. "We haven't shown you all that magic can do."

Angoralt trailed a hand down to a breast, lazily toying with a nipple. "We haven't wanted to overwhelm you...until now."

Before I could ask, I felt more magic rise. It came from them body, wrapping around more tightly than they could. Heat pressed over me, inside me, and lust I had never known claimed me.

I went wild with it, clawing at them, chewing at any lips in front of me. I craved them, desperately needed them inside me. I couldn't wait.

Angoralt seemed to know and lifted me up, his large muscles bunching with the effort as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slammed into me, so thick, and I howled with need, barely satisfied.

More magic and Elfgwyven slid in my nether hole for the first time, driving deep and hard. I was surrounded by them supported by them, filled by them. We began to move.

The need was growing, a madness took me. I tried to move but my efforts worked against theirs and so grudgingly I had to remain passive. In and out, they took turns, driving into me hard, sliding along my most sensitive flesh.

Elfgwyven nibbled at my neck as Angoralt swallowed me in a kiss and the pleasure grew, spiraling up through my limbs, and slammed me back down into them. I came with a wailing scream and shortly after they tumbled over the edge with me.

The need still burned. Magic cleansed us even as Angoralt carried me over to the soft grass beneath the fragrant rose bushes. His mouth fell on me as soon as I was settled, suckling my nipples. Elfgwyven settled between my legs and took me with renewed ferocity.

I moved my arms to hold him but Angoralt was there, and I could only clutch him as he moved. I knew what he wanted, what I wanted, and I took him into my mouth.

We moved in concert once more, the need, the hunger taking total possessions. Angoralt tasted salty, his cock as soft as velvet stretched over steel, and inside me Elfgwyven reached deep, releasing the aching need with every thrust.

His fingers found my apex and I broke, crying out, as my Seelie husband joined me. Angoralt removed himself, still hard, and kissed me, swallowing my cry.

When it was over I felt dizzy, replete, but still in great need.

"I can take no more."

"There is one last step, my love," Angoralt whispered.

"This is old magic, magic of our people and yours, it is fertility magic."

I began to laugh. "That's what this was about? My loves, I need no magic to desire you, I will until the end of my days, but there was no need."

They lay with me on the grass now, my light husband on his back beside me, Angoralt leaning upon his elbow over us on my other side. "No need? Do you not wish to have children, my lovely wife?" Absentmindedly he toyed with my nipple.

I grabbed his hand and kissed it, then brought it and Elgwyven's to my stomach. "Shara is a seer. She told me I already carry our children."

They froze, went completely still, and then Elfgwyven sat up. "What!?!"

"I carry twins, boys, and each one belongs to you both. She has sworn it so." I propped myself up on my elbows as I felt that old magic recede.

"How can that be?" Angoralt asked with wonder in his gaze.

"A fey king is asking me, a mere human, how such magic is possible?" I couldn't help but laugh. "It's true. My moon blood has not come and I have felt my breasts swell."

No matter how ridiculous it might have looked to an Angorlandian, the sight of my husbands dancing a merry jig, whooping with joy, stark naked, made me happier than I could ever remember.

"Majesties?" Came Bornagold's voice softly and discreetly behind the turn of lilac. "Majesties, the fest will begin shortly."

I stood then with a smile. "Well, we best get dressed. I'm quite famished."

They hurried to dress us and lead us off to the banquet. The warriors had become doting fathers-to-be, and I smiled through all their fussing.


Three days later I had grown sick of it. I knew now that this would be the first successful fey birth since their own, a sobering fact. However their nagging and fussing was grating on my nerves.

My husbands wanted me in bed and were more than willing to wait on me hand and foot. It was stifling. They didn't seem to understand I was descended from a long line of warriors who fought sick or well, pregnant or not. I myself was battle-born, my mother had killed six men that day before she gave in to the labor pains and birthed me in the field defending our village from a raiding clan.

Pietyr was my knight in shining armor, I had him relay messages to my father who concocted a plan, and Shara who helped. He was keeping the kings and their guard busy with talks of war on the wolves, and Shara had done as I bade.

I was allowed in the keep but escaping was easy. I had come into my majority in this castle and knew every way in and out. Swordplay by women was frowned upon her so I used to sneak out to practice in the nearby woods.

I headed there now, easily slipping my guards in the rush of people. It was a short walk to great oak, and there stood Shara be her horse and another. In the shadows stood a man who made my heart pound with fear.

Tall and blonde I knew he was of my people, and I recognized him. "Thomas Reynolds, I thought I recognized you the other night."

He dropped to a knee. "Queen Hannah."

"Shara, I cannot thank you enough."

"You were right. They are not attack people, they have been defending themselves, and yes,, seeking you. Once I showed him this he came willingly." From her gloved hand peeking out from her fur-trimmed cloak she unfurled the necklace of my mother's and took it back with thanks.

"You've been wrong to attack my guards," I addressed Thomas as he rose.

"Forgive me, your highness, but the men sent after you were overzealous. Our...condition causes great rage, and it is hard to control."

"So what do you want with me?"

He looked ashamed. Thomas and I were of an age, having grown up in the same village. His mother worked in my family's kitchens and often we had played together as children, trained together as very young adults. He had gone off a young man with my birth father to the east to bring our other men home, and had never returned, 'til now.

"There is so much to say."

"Say it all, but be quick. I must return before there is a panic in my absence."

He nodded. "There were men of extraordinary power there in the east, waiting for us. The legends we told around campfire, learned as children, that we come from wolves...it is true.

"They worked their magic and it was madness. They did not kill us, but we turned...we turned into mosters. The frst few moons we could not control it, the urge to kill, consume, and though we took the men who changed us, there were many innocents.

"Twas the same with every ship, my queen, the more of us came the more were changed, by the bite. Our bite kills the easterners and the Angorlandians, but in our kind, it changes us.

"We returned home to find it gone, empty, after years of wandering the oceans seeking a new home as our bestial sides calmed. Now we can change at will, but we are still cursed.

"There is hope...we have found women who do not cringe from us, and a few of us have taken brides and borne children. They show signs of the curse."

At that Thomas winced, and I knew he was one such man, and had a child of his own.

"We sent envoys, a ship back east, and we were told of you and your mother. Your mother is gone, now you have the power to end the curse."

"How can I?" My heart was moved by the truth of his words, but I could not forget the terror, the long flight on foot in the night, the death I had seen.

"If you bear a child, the child will end the curse."

"A child by whom?"

He hung his head. "By one of us. I know you are married, twice from what this wise woman says, but I must ask you to betray your husbands."

"You cannot." I turned to Shara. "Did you not tell him?"

She shook her head, the shining braids of silver hair moving rapidly with unseen wind. "I could not, my child."

I steeled myself with a sigh. "Thomas, you are of my people and I love you, but I am not your queen, not like the Angorlandians hold a high king, not the way I am queen of all Faerie. I cannot lead you nor fix you, but I can be your envoy and broker a peace with the Angorlandians. My father will listen to me."

"Will he? What about our people, wolves now, the women long dead? What about the men they have slain? Since we have come here we have behaved as is custom of guests, our agreement is to kill only in self-defense. Some of us were wild, wroth things before the curse, and our greater strength has not changed this. For the deaths they cause will not they condemn us all?"

"Thomas, I already bear two children, twins, just as my husbands are."

His face fell, and his body seemed to collapse inward.

Shara placed a tiny hand on his large arm and looked at me with a strong, steady gaze. Here underneath the autumn leaves she looked at home, truly a wise woman of nature and the natural world.

"You communed with the god and goddess, the ancient ones, did you not?"

"Yes, I told you I did."

"But you did not tell me what they said. 'you are the key, but another must turn,' do I have the right of it?"

A shiver passed through me and I could only nod.

"Thomas, you must bite her."

"No! I'll not give her the curse, nor harm her children. We can wait, perhaps her children can help us once fully grown."

"It's sons I carry," I whispered, but plainly her heard me, judging by the anguish on his face.

Shara took his hand in hers, stepped to me, and reached for mine. I listened patiently as she spoke and with each word my heartache grew by degrees, equal to the rising hope.

If I did this, here and now, I would lock in the fate of my children, and I would irrevocably alter the fate of thousands. I would shape the world and lay the foundation to heal two kingdoms. I was they key, but I could not be the turn.

And so, when she was done, her smooth, honeyed voice silent, I took Thomas hand, brushed my hair back, and offered my neck to my old kinsman.

"Bite me, Thomas, share with me this gift you call curse."

With tears in his deep blue eyes, his teeth grew like a wolf's, and he stepped to me and latched onto my throat.

Forgive me, my children, I thought, before darkness claimed me and I fell into familiar arms that now belonged to a stranger.

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