tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 18

Fey World Ch. 18


I stood in the altar of humanity, the place of worship for man in the land of Fey. I was naked and there were two beings with me, but I felt no shyness. This was the mother and father of us all, the first beings, the embodiment of all magic.

"You have chosen well, my child," the father said.

"You have chosen for yourself well," the mother amended. "But there are two souls with great destinies within you."

My hand sought my belly, still slightly soft, well muscled, and flat. I could not say if it as magic or just the will of my thought but I felt my children there. "What will happen?"

"As you dreamed one will be of your world, your true world, and one of your new world. Both will be eternal, and if you raise them in the image of your and your soul mates they will become fine, just men," the mother said in a soothing, lilting voice.

"The choice to be what they will must be theirs." The father stepped forward and his hand pressed to my belly, the skin black, brown, pale, reddish, dusky, golden, dun and shining all at once.

"But now that I have...I've...they are so small, not even close to formed, how can they choose?"

The mother's hand joined ours. Hers was slim, wizened, strong, delicate, and every color of flesh known at once. "If your heart is pure and your intent wise, we can give them that gift."

"Why did you let your kinsman bite you?" The father's voice was quiet and strong.

"They are my people. All they want is a leader. I cannot be that leader, my place is in fey, but fey is split in two. With two children I can raise them well, make them strong, and heal both my people."

The father nodded at this and stepped back. The mother stepped closer, though her hand left my belly. "And if they dwell in two lands yet should they like your husband have one soul mate, how can they achieve happiness?"

I raised my chin, taller than the mother and yet I looked up to her. "I should think the very forces of nature would appreciate their hard work and sacrifice and reward them with two sisters of one soul just as they will be two brothers."

The mother stepped back smiling as her consort laughed softly. "You are bold."

"I am three times a queen. What does that require beyond a fair even mind, deep thought, a sense of justice, and boldness?"

They both smiled, and looked to one another. I could tell they were speaking, though there was no sound. Patiently I waited, enjoying the heat of the strange light, the falling leaves sparking at the edges of it. At long last they turned to face me.

"We shall grant you a boon, but lie all such favors you must return our favor with one of your own."

The mother nodded at this. "You sons will reach their majority and be given a quest. This journey will lead them to discover their true natures and desires, in effect to choose their place in the world."

"All we ask in return is that you do not speak of this to your husbands. Their magic is great and ours is weakening. We will not have them change the fate of their sons, not when the world depends on it," the father intoned deeply, underscoring the last.

"Not tell them?"

The father nodded. "You will not change into a wolf until you bear your children, until that day they must not know."

"I cannot lie to them!"

The mother took my hands in hers and I felt them grow and shrink, shrivel with age and blossom with health within mine. "You simply must not speak of it. You have made a choice to reshape the very world you know. With that comes a price."

"Now you must go, they come," the father said and waved his hand.

I woke under the trees, Shara standing over me. "I sent Thomas away, I heard riders. Here." She waved her hand over my neck and I felt a warmth there, nearly burning, but it receded as she pulled back. "The mark isgone. I heard them speak to you, the secret is safe with me and Thomas will not speak of it."

She helped me to stand just as riders approached. It was Bornagold and Morraving with more fey and some of my father's men.

"My queen! We have been seeking you for an hour. Are you safe?"

I placed my hand on Shara's shoulder. "I came with my friend to pray in the old ways. We lost track of the hour."

"Well we must return," Morraving called as he and Bornagold dismounted. The Unseelie captain held out his hand and helped me to mount his horse, a beautiful steed of shining a shining black rainbow coat with a silver mane. Bornagold helped Shara delicately up to his.

My father's men looked uncomfortable at the familiarity and lack of bowing, but I followed the customs of my homeland and my new realm.

The horses were nudged into motion and we rode back towards the wall of the keep, through the eerie empty houses outside. The people had nothing to fear, I knew that, but fear and superstition was quite an Angorlandian trait.

I had to speak with her father, and had to do so without my husbands.

We rode through the gates and the crowd parted, bowing and kneeling I she passed. It was a feeling I would never grow used to and I kept my head up not to project the haughty image they possessed, but because I did not want to see such supplication.

One boy, small and messy from play, was standing, confused. He could not be more than seven and his mother was tugging on his pants, trying to get him to kneel. I gave him a smile and he waved back, turning my smile to a grin.

We came upon the hold and the gate was down, torches being lit against the coming darkness of night. There we stopped, young men coming to bring the horses to the stables.

It was not Morraving who helped me down after he dismounted, but familiar large hands.

"Wife," Angoralt said, sliding my body along his in a most suggestive manner. Around us the humans averted their eyes.

"Husband," I replied and kissed him softly, pulling back before we truly offended the humans.

Humans...did I truly see them as different now that I myself had changed? Best not to think of it.

"You are frowning when it is us who have been worried. Where did you go?"

"Here in Angorland much as in Fey when one wants to speak to the goddess and consort one must seek out nature. I must speak to my father but after, I would dine in private with you and Elfgwyven."

"Why is that?" His silver eyes glowed with questions.

"I have a surprise you both."

"As my lady wishes," he said with a slight bow before pulling me close to bend down and whisper into my ear, "and then for making us worry we shall have a surprise for you." His words were laden with a sensual threat and I found myself shivering.

"Come, we shall find your father." He took my hand and led me inside. Around us men and women bowed, many inside of high birth. Most of them I knew as friends of my step-mother, men and women who had objected to my very presence and my father's adoption of me. There were smoldering glares in the supplication.

We found my father in his study with my other husband leaving. I was treated to another fairly indecent hug, and as we were left with only fey guards now Angoralt put his arms around us both, pressing into my back.

They were glowing slightly, gold and silver fighting with the torch light on the stone walls. "Elfgwyven, I must speak with my father alone. After I wish to sup with you and Angoralt alone in our rooms."

"She has a surprise for us," Angoralt said, husky breath ruffling the hair over my ear. I shivered and they glowed slightly brighter.

"That's enough of that, soon, my husbands, soon. Now I must discuss urgent human business with my father."

Elfgwyven stepped back as did his brother. "I assume we will hear a full report this evening."

I simply smiled, kissed his cheek and Angoralt's, and opened my father's door.

"Come in, come in!"

I shut the door behind me and crossed to him where he rose from his chair and gave him a hug. "Father, I am most glad to find you alone."

"And how is this business of two marriages agreeing with you? Have a seat my child, and let me pour you some wine."

"Water, please," I said, remembering my mother's lessons on breeding.

He poured me a glass and passed it, pouring himself ale and sitting with a sigh behind his desk. There was a tray of cheeses and breads on the desk, his own with a few and an empty one left my by my Seelie husband, no doubt.

I felt famished and grabbed several pieces of cheese onto the plate, eating one before I spoke. The story spilled out of me, every detail, the goddess, the god, the bite, the choice of fate.

His face reflected astonishment, doubt, and anger, but through it all he kept his temper. My father had lived through three wars and learned much. As a young man he had been quite a warrior, now he was a leader, a thinker, a man of deep consideration.

When it ended I had consumed the entire plate and he sat back, lips pursed, one hand in his dark beard, stroking it as he thought over it all.

After long moments he looked at me with a steady gaze in his deep brown eyes. "Long ago the world was one. There w as magic in humans as well as the others. These tales survive today as stories, most of them. The fey we have known are real, retreating to their own world, apart from ours.

"There are other stories, stories of wolves that are men and more. Stories of men and women who become seals in water, of strange winged serpents that fly through the air and breathe fire. These tales always say such creatures live in the east, where your kinsmen sailed.

"This could be true, but the fact remains that my people, our people, are terrified of them. I know this Thomas claims all killings have been in defense, but such is the claim of every soldier in war. That does not make it true."

"What are you saying?"

"I am saying that the promise of grandchildren gladdens my heart. That one should be destined to rule so close to my own lands makes me smile even more. However I do understand we must hide that last face from your husbands for a time. I do appreciate the burden you bear. Right now four kingdoms share a fate that rests in your hands. Should all come to pass that you hope there will be three, and we will be united in friendship and kin. Should we fail there will be a terrible price to pay."

I nodded at this, lost in my own thought. Secrets and treacherous planning for the greater good...this was what it meant to be a leader, and this was why my whole life I wished to be a sailor, a simple warrior.

"We must get your kinsmen to leave and return to their lands. Can you find this Thomas?"

"Shara can."

"I will have her counsel tonight. If Thomas can act as envoy tomorrow we shall met, negotiate their withdrawal from Angorland. It will take promises, promises written in blood. This is the price we must pay, my dearest daughter, my Queen Anni."

"I was not born to this, but it is my place now. I will do what I must."

He nodded, paternal pride in his eyes. "Go now, and do what you can to build the bonds of trust and respect with your husbands. I am not wrong when I see love there, such as I had for your mother. Go now and sow the seeds so that they might flourish and bind you together. When they discover what you have wrought this day, love may be the only bond that cleaves them to you."


I walked back with my Unseelie and Seelie maids in tow. They did not speak to me, reading my desire to be alone with thought.

As we climbed to the tower rooms that were mine the stones lightened. The guards grew more lightly armored and more heavily armed, bowing slightly as I passed.

On my floor they were all fey, no sign of armor just the strange clothes the fey wore. Here amongst the humans the oddity stood out, thought the light weight of the cloth and close-cut highlighted their physical forms, showing just why the human women were so fascinated with them.

Bornagold gave me a smile and opened my door, revealing my chamber dim, lit by candles and no magic as I was now accustomed to.

"Come in," Angoralt's voice was smooth and dark, flowing like the Fey's chocolate over my skin, hinting at the dark pleasures of Unseelie.

"Close the door," Elfgwyven said, his own voice the warm caress of fire on naked, fevered skin.

This was not what I had planned but I did as bade, moaning softly, my body already heating with anticipation. What were they about?

I looked around but they were in shadow, a neat trick for two men who should be glowing about like the sun and stars.

"Close your eyes, Hannah," Angoralt's voice caressed me, slipping beneath my Angorlandian dress to tease me.

I stood facing the main chamber and closed my eyes. They made no sound moving but suddenly were there, pressed to her. Something soft was laid across her eyes and tightened, a blindfold.

"Elfgwyven, this isn't like you."

He draped himself against her, all lean strength, his lips pressed against her ear. "When my brother and I are together, we are both different."

He licked and nipped gently as Angoralt pressed to my other side, his large hands smoothing along my waist, rising to cup my breast and hold the small of my back. "You have been a rather naughty girl, my love. We were supposed to spend as much time in bed today as possible. We left but for a short time..." he trailed off, tongue tracing my ear.

Elfgwyven's hand cupped my other breast, massaging as well. I gasped, trying to move, but magic kept me still.

"Perhaps you feel ignored," Angoralt whispered, stroking gently over the raised tip of my breast. I could only gasp and moan, completely frozen.

"Well then, you have our attention."

They pulled back, hands retreating until only one finger of each hand rested along the fabric of my dress. Curiously they touched only the collar, holding there.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

Those fingers warmed, and even through the black of the blindfold I could see their glow outshined my men's. They stroked down the length of the dress and magic cut into it, sparing my skin. Through all layers it went until I was naked, the cloth pooling at my feet before disappearing with more simple magic.

What were they about? This had much of the flavor of Angoralt's early forays into my dreams, seduction they called it. Without knowing me and what I most desired all he had was temptation. It had lessened with time spent together, sharing the joy of discovery, the matching of our tempers and determination, our passion.

Elfgwyven had always been slow and delicate, making me feel safe and secure. Our mutual need to build and reason, our drive, had bonded us.

I loved them well, but together they threw me off, became unpredictable. Elfgwyven took on unreasoning passion, and Angoralt was tempered with reason. I loved this, but caught between two such powerful men all I could do was enjoy the thrill, and tonight I had wanted to pace things. I had wanted a meal, to share our good news, and seduce them both. They had other plans.

"Well brother, our lady has secrets," Angoralt said, pacing around me. I could hear them both move even as their magic sank me to my knees, a pillow cushioning me from the stone floor.

"And we have ours," Elfgwyven whispered at my ear.

"Open," Angoralt called, and I felt the blunt head of his cock at my lips, tracing the seam and leaving wetness there.

I did as bade, my head free of their restraints it seemed, the rest of my body held into place. The tingle of magic skimmed my lips as his cock slid in, smooth skin tasting of magic and salt. It was velvet over metal, and the magic allowed me to take him deep, filling me.

Moaning I let my tongue slide against his retreat. Angoralt sank back in and I sucked, greedy for more. He moved slowly, moaning low in his throat, his hands threaded through my hair and I wished desperately that I could touch him.

My legs slid apart and then I felt Elfgwyven's finger at my wet center and I could only moan deeper. Suddenly I was floating in the air, facing down, my head in the same position, Angoralt's cock buried deep in my mouth.

Without warning Elfgwyven stepped between my legs and speared me, his long cock burying deep. I cried out, but with Angoralt pumping furiously it came out a muffled squeak.

Soon we moved together, their low grunts as satisfying to my ears as they were to my body. I was burning with need and they were keeping me on the edge, and themselves.

Elfgwyven grasped my hips and began to undulate, catching every spot deep inside that ached sweetly. I began to shiver, sucking almost mindlessly at my other husband's cock, desperate to feel pleasure claim us.

I caught the ghostly tail of climax, felt my body tighten, and then I was empty as they both jerked free of me.


They only chuckled, moving, and then I was tasting my own thick juices on Elfgwyven's cock as he sank past my lips. Angoralt thrust in, wide, stretching me, teasing all my sensitive spots, drawing my need to an almost itching sensation.

They thrust now, Elfgwyven still in his smooth undulation, Angoralt with pure mindless force, and I burned. I struggled against the magic but could not move, though I knew from their laughter they felt it.

Suddenly ghostly fingers caressed me. I gasped, stuttering on Elfgwyven's sweet cock as I felt them stroke my nipples and the nubbin between my legs in gently contrast to their firm movements.

My muscles tightened and the frustration of the magical bonds grew. I was on the edge, but every time my soul threatened to jump off the precipice they slowed, magic or no. I wanted to scream in frustration, I wanted the blindfold off so I could glare.

They stopped moving, but remained inside me.

"Tell us where you have been today, my love, and we'll grant you pleasure."

Angoralt chuckled at that. "Give her a chance to speak, brother." Elfgwyven obligingly pulled out.

"I- I have wondrous news for you I planned to tell you, but I fear if I tell you now we'll be too-oh! Distracted to continue." Angoralt had flexed inside me, swelling slightly, and I finished my speech panting.

"Promise you will share?" Anoralt purred, his physical hands teasing my spine.

"Swear to it, my love."

"Yes!" I was mad with need, and if not for the magic bolstering me I would have swooned as he slammed back in, Angoralt moved again, and the ghostly fingers returned.

I tightened on Angoralt's cock and then the pleasure claimed me swiftly. I would have screamed with it but for Elfgwyven's cock still commanding my mouth and tongue.

They kept moving through it, and as soon as my body stilled after what felt like eternity, they moved. Magic held me aloft, straight up, and Angoralt's cock wet with my juices pulled out too, only to sink back into my nether hole.

Magic aided the process until I was filled, the dark, forbidden need making me bite my lip. Elfgwyven was there suddenly, his cock pushing into my cunt, spearing me deep.

The spell holding me aloft snapped, and I dropped into their arms. Strong arms surrounded me, one of each man holding my thighs, spreading them wide, and then they began to move in concert.

I scrabbled my hands to hold them, kissing Elfgwyven deep. His tongue filled me as they both did and once more I couldn't move, but only because of their forceful thrusts.

Angoralt turned my head, breaking one kiss for another, and I tasted the difference between the two, sweetness and intensity, the perfect mingling.

I burned with feverish need, I wanted them to move faster and moaned this without conscious thought, and then we became like wild animals.

We kissed, stroked, clutched, and thrust together. Now it was me who has to hold back, desiring to reach the climax together. I grunted and strained, the orgasm filled me, threatening to break free. They were sweating, glowing bright enough the black blindfold was bright colors, and I felt them thick inside me, balls tight to their bodies.

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