Fey World Ch. 20


On those nights Shara and Karl bade us goodbye, and out the window I watched them forlornly as they walked deep into the woods for the change. I felt the call to pack but the two souls within me soothed me, reminded me why I could not follow.

On one such night they had left, Pietyr and our few servants were abed, and in the study we lounged, my husbands and I, after a very athletic time together.

My energy was still up, even though my husbands were tired and content to just hold me. I felt it, something strange within pack, I felt the wolves call to me, and I sat up. Even the babes inside me took notice and quieted their movements.

"Something is wrong."


I turned to them. "One of you, clothes, now."

I don't know which did, but we were all properly clothed. I stood and ran to the door, throwing it open. With each day that passed I glowed more and more with my own magic, and so I needed no light in the hall.

The front door was bulging, growls came from the other side.

"Anni, don't!"

I ignored Elfgwyven and opened the door to find Karl there. As a wolf he was nearly the same shade as my hair, a much deeper red than his human hair. His eyes were huge, human, blue, and once the door opened the growls stopped.

Karl sat on his haunches and tipped his head back, howling.

Instinct had my reach out my hand and I placed it on his head. I felt the energy in my glow and I felt hot. It bled into him and together we were enveloped in light brighter than the sun. When it faded he sat, human, and naked.

Angoralt grabbed me as Elfgwyven's magic clothed our guest.

"Thank you, your highness. My queen! Rogues have killed a sheriff, and a human got word to another. They are seeking you once more."

"Why?" Angoralt asked.

Karl looked at me, biting his lip. They wanted to capture me, kill my Fey child, and keep my wolf child for themselves, but we could not say it.

"Revenge, anger...I have made them outlaws. Is that not enough?" I turned back and Karl followed me in. Shara appeared, a silvery-grey wolf, and sat back, knowing we would not let her in when in wolf form while Pietyr was in residence.

"You are safe from them in Fey, this makes no sense," Elfgwyven said.

"Hannah, how did you turn Karl back to human on a full moon when morning is hours away?" Angoralt asked.

I stepped away, nervous. "My human magic is growing each day, and I am their queen in title. It perhaps gives me powers."

Angoralt slowly shook his head, disbelief on his face. He said something to his brother in a language I could not know, and they began to speak, arguing in this tongue.

Shara howled loud enough to rattle windows and the sound came out a plea to my ears.

"No!" I shouted until everyone was silent. Follow your heart, the gods had said.

"Angoralt, Elfgwyven...I will be a wolf, as soon as I give birth. It is my destiny."

Elfgwyven looked stricken, Angoralt still shocked. It was my Seelie husband who crossed to me with amazing speed, grapping my arms and shaking me slightly. "The babes, what about the babes?"

If either one of them turned away, rejected them before they were born, all was lost. And so for the first time, I told a lie all of my own volition. "I don't know. They feel Fey to me, but I don't know."

Elfgwyven dropped my arms and turned, disappearing with magic.

"Stay here. I will help him calm down, but then we must talk." Angoralt gave me a look I had never seen on his face before, rage and disappointment, and then he too was gone.

"I am so sorry, your highness1" Karl said, kneeling, kissing my hand.

"Go home," I croaked out, shaking, and he rushed to do my bidding.

I turned to Shara, the last to remain. "Enter my house, Shara."

Sinking down to the floor, back to the wall, I let her walk to me and settle beside me like a dog. "Do you wish to remain wolf?"

She yipped, which I took to bee affirmative, and so I just petted her head. Tired of the lies I had told a half-truth, and now my husbands were gone, and I could only imagine the anger of the god and goddess.

There was nothing left to do but weep onto Shara's fur, and she let me. Through it all, I swear I felt comfort from the babes. The shame I felt over what I knew in my heart was undeserved love from them only made me cry harder.

The weight of the world on my shoulders had finally brought me to my knees.

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