tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 21

Fey World Ch. 21


"I failed you," I said with head bowed. Apologizing was something I always had a strange relationship with. All my life I had striven to do no wrong, so rarely did I have to kowtow to anyone, but when I was wrong, I knew my honor demanded I admit it.

"You have done no wrong," the mother goddess said, pulling my thoughts from my head.

"All is going to plan."

I glanced up at the father sharply. Again his figure was hooded, all at one short and round and jolly, young and broad and strong, old, thin, and bent. His face was every man and no man.

"Plan!?!" I rose from my supplicative pose and balled my fists. "Plan!?! My husbands, the men I love more than anything in this world, have turned from me in anger and disappointment! I am a human who will be a wolf, and I carry the future kings of two realms in me. Am I to raise them alone? Summer in my homeland, winter here? Do I challenge my own husbands for their kingdoms? Do I call the wolves and Angorlandians to war with all of fey!

"Damn it, what would you have me do!?!"

They drew back from me as if my anger were palpable. "We would have you live this life as it shall be played out, and prepare for the next." Their voices were in unison, and somehow the weight of sad resignation

"No!" I was shaking so much with anger the fear barely slipped in. Barely. "This will not end in death. I am mortal and inside me I carry immortal beings. I am the mother of the future and I will defy death itself to see it done!"

"All things must pass," they said together again.

"Your time passes now, my time has yet to come."

In that moment I felt my father, a long ago memory barely held in my heart. Every inch of his tall frame was that of a warrior, and in that moment, so was I. but like my mother, I knew not every battle was fought with a sword.

"Damn you. Damn you!" I felt their love for me, it was my mother's love and that of my adoptive father, even as I stalked away in anger.

Once free of the temple they disappeared, and my clothes returned to that I had donned that day. I'd passed the night crying and alone, and now that anger had given me purpose, I felt the children inside me seem to brighten with approval. The weight of their magic made me stagger for a moment, stumbling.

I clutched my stomach, a very small swell, still more than their should have been. "Your fathers are kings. They are fine in battle, but they are leaders, my little ones. I am a warrior. I may learn to lead but I was born to battle, and my people never lose. Our people. Never forget there is human in you too."

The magic settled. That was one battle down, a mere warm-up for the two to come. Closing my eyes I wished I had fey magic, that I could feel the forest like a living being. That was not my realm, however I knew the hearts and minds of the men I loved, and they would seek solitude to nurse their wounds. For the kings of fey, that meant the forest.

After two hours of walking, blinding myself to the trilling birds in every shade of the rainbow, and all they shining, magical creatures, I found the most powerful of this side sitting beneath an apple tree that seemed to bear golden fruit.


He looked up at me, his handsome face bearing a dark countenance making his pink hair seem at odds with him. I had always loved that hair. In Angorland the color was given only to girls to wear, and never so bright. He was in many ways gentle and considering, and despite his powerful build of sleek muscle, this hair clearly showed that side of him. I was counting on it now.

"You are a king. You know of the game we play in Angorland, carsess? In it, King or pawn, we are all but players in a game."

When he made no immediate response I sank to the soft grass a few feet away, wary of getting closer. He wore a Fey suit, as they were called, his shirt golden, the jacket and trousers white. He was still resplendent and beautiful, but there were shadows under his eyes. Even magical creatures needed sleep.

"I am still not able to say why I could not tell you this, only that I could not. Child, warrior, princess, queen, I have been and am all these things, but I am just a player in a game."

"If that's true, we are both players, on equal footing. That means you should hide nothing from me. We should be a team, work together, you, me, and my brother."

Logic was a fascinating thing in another being, and ultimately an annoyance, I decided. "Fair enough. But if it's a game, we play by rules."

Leaning against the trunk he closed his eyes. "Normally I would enjoy arguing with you, Anni. No other woman I have ever met can outsmart my own riddles. Cleverness is what we prize in Fey, and ever were you not my sennschat, I would still love you for that."

My heart swelled with hope at that confession. Studying his face, I wondered about my next attack in this battle of wits. His pink lashes shadowed his cheekbones, and in that moment I wished I was an artist or poet, and could capture him just like this.

"My mother and father were reluctant sennschats," he said suddenly, making me jump. "My father had lived almost a thousand years. In those days our worlds were one, Faerie was just a land like the Northlund, the Eastern Islands, or Angorland. He loved another woman with all his heart, a human. One day, out hunting, he met a very young fey, my mother.

"She was very beautiful and sought after, but my father didn't want her, he wanted his human. Finally he struck a bargain with his councilors. They would appeal to our gods to grant her fey magic and immortality if he would give her up and take my mother as his sennschat.

"He loved the human enough he did. My brother and I were conceived of that union for there would be no more. That night, the gods did not grant the human the gift, for she was not pure of heart. It seems she loved my father's beauty, his body, his talents, but not him.

"And so he was humiliated. In a rage, my mother killed her, and my father never forgave her. He never visited with her until after my birth and Angoralt's. when tat happened and they were blessed with twins, my mother became a queen in truth. It means power, all the power of Fey, not just what we have when born.

"To destroy her would kill them both, and so they split Fey. That was when we receded from your world into our own. The tragedy was that my mother never stopped loving my father, but she was pure Unseelie. To be Unseelie is to have the powers of the earth, of emotions. To be Seelie is to have the powers of the spiritual, of dreams.

"For more years than I wish to share with you, my very young wife, we lived separate, two kingdoms. As youths my brother and I were merely fey, intended kings, but ordinary, and free.

"My mother and father had plans too, plans they did not share with my brother and I. Had we known, we never would have conspired to bring them together. Once as youths we dreamed that we would meet our sennschat and rule all of Fey together. Births dropped, but once the kingdoms were healed it would change. We did not wish to rule so soon, we wished this reunification to happen with my parents, so we brought them together.

"That night they argued, it turned ugly. My mother killed my father, knowing it would end her life as well. That night my brother and I became kings, and everything changed.

"Had our parents trusted us and told us they were in talks to appeal to the gods to abdicate and reunite fey under the leadership of my brother and I, they would be alive, Fey would be as one, and there would be hope for the future."

His voice through it all was steady. There was the weight of sadness there, but through the years. There were whispered legends that Faerie was once of my land, but it was long ago, before humans wrote stories down, back when they painted them crudely on rocks to be washed away in rain, and repeated tales at festivals of the old gods until fact became legend.

"It's not the same. They did not know what the future bears."

His eyes opened, languid pools of blue, as deep as the oceans my people crossed in conquest. "And you do?"

"I have a vision, one shared by my gods. If you care for a glimpse into the future, why not go visit your own gods?"

He laughed then, quietly, the sound pure, bright music on a late summer's eve. "You are the finest queen who has ever lived."

My lips parted at the compliment. Nothing he said could have shocked me more.

Suddenly his animated face stilled. "I will go and speak with them, but what I must know is if my children, either, will be mortal. Should they be, nothing may change.

"I have not forgiven your lie of omission yet, but in time I may. If our people can thrive, there is a chance."

He stood and I rose too. Though he was taller I puffed myself up as if preparing for battle and met his gaze with my own, steeling it. "What would you have done differently, if you knew?"

"I could have asked our gods the same request my father once asked: to make you Fey. But not with children inside you that might not be Fey. I would not risk them, no matter what they might be."

"I was bitten after I knew I carried the babes."

His look was sharp, and without warning, he used his magic and disappeared. Forgiveness, it seemed, was still to be decided.



Drying my eyes, I looked up at the soft voice.

Here in the Unseelie woods, Angoralt looked a dark god. His silver skin, dark hair and clothes made him seem as if he had stepped out of a painting into another.

"Have you come to condemn me as well?"

Something dark passed through his eyes and he knelt beside me. Before I knew what was happening his arms went behind my back and under my bent knees, and Angoralt lifted me in his arms.

"What are you doing?"

"I am angry, but anger is never stronger than love, Hannah, and I love you well and truly. Come with me, back to my woods, wear my colors, and we shall talk."

Magic warmed me and suddenly we were in the woods of night, the animals different but no less magical, just more...sensual, in their calls.

He set me down and I glanced to realize my dress was black, trimmed with silver, and showing a daring amount of skin. Even after all this time, I blushed.

"In the daylight I quite agree my brother's colors suit you, highlighting your youth and innocence, but in mine..." trailing off he stepped close and touched my hair, left loose and flowing down my back and around my shoulders. "In mine your hair is like flame."

"Have you forgiven me?" I blurted out, nervous at the sensual pull I felt from him.

"I am working towards it, but unlike my brother I have learned to make peace with my emotions. Having you twist them into knots is an ultimately delightful game, one I would expect from any Unseelie woman."

"Elfgwyven told me what happened with your parents."

The corner of his mouth lifted as his fingertips stroked lightly across the upper swell of my breasts, toying with the strands of my hair he'd brought over. "Did he? Hannah, he bears great guilt. He was the one who decided we should lock them in that room. I've forgiven him, our people have, but he has yet to forgive himself. Give him time.

"Beside that point, we're here to discuss you and I."

All day I had been in warrior mode, but one moment with my Unseelie lover and husband and I felt like the unwary human he'd first met.

"Is that so?" I touched him myself, just as he did, reveling in the hard muscle beneath my fingertips. Faintly he began to glow, and I couldn't help but smile. Just as Seelie logic worked for me, so did Unseelie passion.

"And talk we shall." He grabbed my hand and held it aloft. "For now."

"I am sorry, more sorry than you can know. Fate is at work here, and there were things I could not say, surely there is more."

He smiled at that, a crooked sliver of moonlight. "As apologies go, that was a masterpiece of avoidance."

I blushed, but would not back down. He stepped closer, still holding my hand, stopping when the tips of my breasts brushed against his suit.

"My sweet little minx, I know what my brother has said, but there is so much he did not say. Caught up as we have been in our passion and love, it is easy to forget you know so little of the Fey.

"All Unseelie have the power to change forms and become animals, and as their king I can be whatever they are, be it a swan to seduce an innocent maiden into swimming naked or a fearsome bear to scare away intruders. Do you know what my form was before I gained the power of all animals?"

I shook my head, a helpless prisoner of the desire I felt for him. This was why I had not approached my other husband, to be so close to either of them was to lose the will to fight.

Grinning full, magic washed over Angoralt, a thousand miniature dancing stars swirling about him. In my hand he shifted and let go, but I felt the slide of fur, and suddenly he was gone.

A barking yip made me jump back and at my feet was a very large, black dog, it's fur the same black as his hair, black that was all the colors in one.

He was shaggy and beautiful, the size of a man made wolf, not the strange half-wolf creature of many of my people. Shara and her husband could become full wolves, like any bitten and not scratched, but Angoralt was larger.


Another yip. I bent down and stared, realizing he was no dog. It had been so long since I had seen one, he was a real wolf, simply pure black as none could be.

I gasped and he nuzzled my face.

I laughed and sank my hands into his fur, it was impossibly soft, beneath it his body as strong as in his normal form.

"Your breath...this is...this is...incredible!"

He danced away from me, loping in a circle, tail held high, clowning and playing. It hit me then. I would not be alone. When I changed, and every moon after that, I would run with Shara and her husband, and my Unseelie husband. I would have a pack, and at least one of my husbands would share my burden. Hope blossomed.

"Oh, Angoralt!"

He loped towards me and on the last bound the stars danced, Magic burned across my skin and when he landed he was in his normal form, glowing, and we were both naked.

"Angoralt!" I cried when I felt his hardness slip inside me a bare inch. It was shocking and sudden, yet arousal bloomed quickly.

"I have not forgiven you yet, Hannah, but I love you. Wolf, human, fey, I love you. I will walk by your side, keep you in my heart, and trust you with mine all the days of my life."

The words were tender, but he held himself barely aloft with one arm, the other between us. His fingers roughly grasped my nipple, blending pleasure and pain as only he could.

"But Hannah, the next time there is something you cannot tell me, you must tell me that."

"You're contradicting- oh! Yourself." He moved another fraction deeper inside me, and all I wanted as to be filled. Still he was so much stronger that any attempts to meet him with my own thrusts were thwarted.

"I'm simply asking that you let me know when there is something that will affect me that I may not be privy to."

Now that my nipple ached he gently brushed it with his thumb. My entire body shivered with it. He surrounded me, all hot, firm, muscle, soft, heated skin, his hair silky and cool against me. His lips were the only other soft thing about him and I wanted them, my gaze flickering to them.

He pinched my nipple making me gasp and then claimed me in a rough kiss. At the same time he slammed in, filling me, swallowing my cry.

I expected a fast, furious, heated ride, but he simple speared me and held still. My mouth was ravaged, and his tongue teased mine in a keening parody of what I most desired.

I tried to move my arms, pinned by his own, but suddenly his magic drew them over my head and pinned them.

"If you must move, wrap your legs about my waist, my sweet Hannah. Move beneath me, let me feel your need, the warm, snug grip of you." He spoke against my lips, never breaking the kiss that was like a brand.

I groaned but did just as he asked, wrapping my legs around him, changing the angle, bringing him deeper, but he remained still.

"Must I beg?"

He pulled back, enough for to see his shining eyes. "When you beg me, it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard, but not tonight. Tonight you are at my mercy. Do not mistake my patience and understanding. I feel deep anger, I just prefer to channel it to other-" he nipped my lower lip. "Productive means."

"Angoralt! Please!" Despite the chill of his words his voice was warm, as hot as his body, and I felt his need was almost greater than mine.

"Beg all you want, but I will not move until I am ready."

Inside me something low turned over, and my limbs felt like the lava that flowed on the outer islands of my homeland. I leaned up to kiss him again but his lips skirted mine to capture my ear.

I felt the burn of magic and then it seemed his mouth was there on my ear, on the other aching nipple, between my legs.

There were more words after that. The night sky, the soft grass beneath me, everything faded under the press of pleasure. There as only Angoralt in my world, teasing me, granting me pleasure beyond fantasies, but not what I needed most.

A clever mouth of magic suckled me, flicking my sensitive nubbin quickly, another drank at my nipple, matched by the gentle kneading of his fingers. Now Angoralt laved the skin beneath my ear, making my shiver even as I burned, and still all I felt was his heartbeat thudding thickly between my legs.

Whenever I came close to a peak the magic slowed, and he switched his hand to the other breast, treated the other side of my neck just as the other. I bucked and tried to thrust, but hands of magic held my hips even as his body pressed down on me.

Words returned, a babble in the tongue of my childhood, pleas that went ignored. Through it all, impossibly, he stayed hard. It must have been hours that passed as those mouths, real and magical, caressed, licked, and nipped at every nerve. Even on my back, pressed hard into the soft ground, I felt the heated slide of his tongue, the gentle trilling nips of his teeth, the near-worship of his kiss.

Angoralt was everywhere he desired, his mouth even teasing the nether hole he so loved, and had darkly made me desire.

I was chilled, sweating, panting, pinned, and helpless. Reduced to mindless need, in that moment I cared about nothing absolutely nothing, but that man.

Only when I spoke that aloud in my native tongue did he cure in a language I didn't know, and then it was sheer violence.

He pulled out and thrust back in and the mouths multiplied. I peaked without thought or will and screamed into the night something like his name as my body vibrated with the climax, feeling him hard and pulsing, pushing and pulling, filling and surrounding me.

Again and again he pounded his hips, kissing me now, glowing brighter than the moon. I wanted with ever fiber of my being to caress him, feel those powerful muscles move, but still he kept me pinned. So I clutched him with my legs, thrusting up to meet him, and when he climaxed I was with him.

Together we shook, the fire consuming us, and at last my hands were freed. I scored him with my nails as the waves still washed over me and he moved to bite my shoulder. The pain drove the pleasure to a new plateau.

At log last I expected him to collapse but he hugged me close and rolled until I was the one raped over him, incapable of movement, feeling him still hard inside me, though nothing like before.

After long minutes of panting and feeling our mingled sweat cool on us both, I found my voice though my screams had scratched my throat. "I quite approve of your final method of working through your anger, though I could do with less teasing."

Cupping my head he drew my face close. "You needed to know my passion, match it."

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