tagSci-Fi & FantasyFey World Ch. 23

Fey World Ch. 23


I apologize for the delay in this posting, but note it's not the end! There are two more chapters planned, so enjoy. As always I welcome comments and feedback.


Months passed in a strange kind of happiness for us. It was not bliss, no, for there were secrets and worries heaped upon us, the true mantles of kings and queens more than any crown. Happiness was ours, though.

By day once a week each the prime ministers of both kingdoms would come and present pressing business. Only one day a month each did my husbands have to leave to attend to things. Otherwise we read, talked, played, taught Pietyr, and took long walks in the woods. In the night passions rose but as each day passed and my belly swelled it had to become more and more gentle.

I was eating an incredible amount, all of it infused with magic. I should have been robust to the point of growing large and soft, but instead it seemed my limbs were thinner, and my skin was so pale it was nearly translucent. I began to avoid mirrors but at night, by candlelight, my lovers still glowed with arousal and whispered words of beauty in many languages along my skin. If any woman could measure her beauty by such she would know just how wonderful it was.

Forlornly I found myself watching Pietyr toil with his sword with some jealousy. He was growing taller, leaner, more muscled each day. One moment he was a child and in the next he was on the edge of manhood. He would be quite a handsome man when grown, if the haunted look left his eyes. He was here to soften the blow of his mother's death, but I knew as well as anyone there were some demons you couldn't outrun.

His dark eyes only sparkled when he fought with his training sword. I was weak enough I could no longer lift mine and felt a measure of shame. My mother had swung hers right up until the moment I was born, and in all likelihood between contractions she'd lopped off more than a few heads.

She didn't have to deal with carrying two creatures of pure magic inside her, though. That knowledge was all that allowed me to lift my head each morning.

"You're still tense," Angoralt murmured behind me.

Sitting at the window neither of us were dressed. Elfgwyven has risen early to ride back to our Seelie home and hold court. Seated behind me, his powerful legs outside mine, Angoralt massaged my shoulders and back. The backaches were terrible, but I'd known to expect them.

"Mmmmm," I murmured. "The time of birth comes soon, and I feel so weak sometimes. I only hope to be strong through it."

He chuckled, driving his knuckles into my skin along my spine firmly. His lips brushed my ear. "I love you for so many reasons, and one is that you are a warrior. Even so, you task yourself with too much."

He had no idea. Fearing he might stumble upon a new secret and I leaned back against him. We were both naked, and when his arms came around me his skin glowed like moonlight, making the dappled sunlight through the window look mild.

"It's too close to the time of the babes," I said forlornly.


His hands skimmed over my breasts, so aching, swollen, and sensitive. He did nothing more than feather his fingertips across the peaks and my body heated. I trusted him to go only as far as we could, and laid my head back against his shoulder, seeking his lips.

Angoralt's kiss was strong, all his fierce passion was there in the domineering way he claimed me, but his hands were soft. One sloped over the swell of stomach and I felt magic pass through my skin, father to sons. It warmed my heart but before my ardor could cool his hand was nestled into my nether curls.

Again he was gentle, his fingertips a light suggestion of a caress, but I was so unbelievably sensitive. I grabbed him, my fingers sliding into his inky black hair, and his kiss turned rougher. His teeth nipped at my lips as his tongue swept in, a pantomime of the action we both wanted.

Magic slowed over his skin, warming his glow, and suddenly the slow summit I'd been climbing turned into a waterfall that broke over me. I cried out, shaking with the climax, calling his name against his lips.

It seemed to stretch into forever, but al too soon I was stilling, calming, my head no longer swimming. Still he held me, tighter now, and still he glowed.

I pulled back to meet his shining silver eyes. "Please, let me gift you the same."

"No, my love. As you said, your time is at hand. There is a ritual all Fey men undergo. I will most happily see to your pleasure but for the moment, must wait mine."

More secrets. Morosely I nodded and he just laughed and kissed my nose. "Come, let us eat now. You need your strength."

He still glowed but it was fading. I took no offense, marveling at his mastery as he stood and held a hand out to me. It took a long moment to rise but at last I found my feet and he dressed me with magic.

Slowly we made out way to the front rooms. Stairs were so difficult for me our room had been moved downstairs. The house of magic simply made a new one, and turned our old room into a smaller one for Shara and her husband. It had also connected the little row of rooms for the men-at-arms to the house, adding a hallway. The house was alive, and in faerie that was comforting.

"Anni! Anni!" Pietyr came running towards me, sweaty and happy from sword practice. It was the first smile I had seen in months without a sword in his hand and I hugged him, awkwardly due to my belly.

I felt a jolt of magic from the babes, directed at Pietyr. For some reason I didn't want to explore this with my husband.

"Angoralt, could you provide us with food? I'd like a quiet lunch with my brother."

Pietyr stepped back, dancing as my husband raised an imperious brow but nodded. He guided me to the table and held out my chair for me, and when we were sat his magic brought forth quite a spread of goodies. I had a strong desire for this faerie confection known as chocolate and there was a good deal of it.

"Thank you."

"I should go through some missives Morraving has been after me to review for days now. I'll be back in an hour." He kissed me, ruffled Pietyr's hair, and left us alone. Through the windows I saw Shara in the garden and knew we were alone.

"You seem happy, Pietyr." He pilled buttered mashed tubers onto his plate with glee. 'Don't neglect your vegetables."

He made a face but obligingly took an equal helping of mixed vegetables. "I met a girl."

I raised a brow, slightly alarmed. "A girl? Out here?" Both kingdoms were ordered to not walk or hunt within miles.

"I went with Bornagold to the market. She's fey, and very pretty."

My heart started to break. "You will be king of Angorland one day. For peace amongst humans you must marry a princess or highborn girl from the east."

"But you married for love."

Oh, I was in over my head. He was indeed growing up if girls were no longer mere curiosities and a source of disgusted fascination. "The marriage to Elfgwyven was contracted before we knew were meant to be together. I knew I would grow to love him," I lied. If I hadn't known so quickly he was one of my sennschats I indeed would have easily grown to love him. But fate pairing us and me with Angoralt was just a boon, incredible luck.

"So I'm to have no say?"

At least there I could smile. "Wait to marry until you are king, and then pick the most beautiful, intelligent, spirited girl you can. Pick the one who you can trust to rule in your stead and by your side. Pick the one you desire to mother your children, and in time love will grow."

He made a face and attacked his food.

"Pietyr, since you are to be a king, there is something that will affect my kingdoms and yours. The gods have forbidden me to share this with my husbands, but not with you. I must ask that what I am about to say never leaves this room."

His dark eyes widened. "I swear upon my honor."

His voice broke slightly on the last word and I suppressed my smile, merely nodding. "I have been meeting with the prime ministers of both kingdoms. When my babes are born one will be wolf, only one fey. I will have no other children, the gods will it."

Now his eyes were saucers and his mouth hung open, blessedly free of food.

"I've known for some time. My friend Thomas rules the wolves in my homeland only until my wolf child is of age. And my remaining son will unite both kingdoms of fey into one."

His spoon and trident clattered to the plate as he stared. After a moment he took a sip form his goblet of watered wine, mirroring me as I drank my water.

"I thought that was impossible!"

"One day you will be a king, my little prince. Know this: we kings and queens shape the world even more than the gods."

"Why can't you tell your husbands?"

"The gods will it. I do not know what will happen if I disobey, I only know bad things come to those who defy the gods."

For a along moment he thought, his body still but somehow I could almost see his mind was active and churning. At last he brightened and smiled. "If you can change the world, so can I!"

I sat back holding a chocolate covered cake and raised an eyebrow. "Just who was this girl you met?"

"She's wonderful! She has eyes like the brightest summer grass and hair like sunshine. She knows how to swordfight too!" He went on to list the qualities that so often caught a young almost-man's attention and I listened patiently.

Puppy love, there was no harm in it at his age. In time he would grow to realize his duties. Who knew? We could change our worlds. Perhaps he would marry an Angorlandian for love, and it would be a daughter of his who brought a bond with the East.

For an hour my troubles were forgotten and we talked, bother and sister, happy and content.


"I cannot keep this secret!" Roragon said with impressive sibilance in his whisper.

The Seelie Fey prime minister was always the hardest to convince. His Unseelie counterpart Marchal was older than the kings, not old enough to remember a united fey, but it had been his lifelong dream.

"You must!" I countered. Neither knew of the fates of my children, they only knew that after their birth I panned to force my hand and reunite the kingdoms.

"My king grows suspicious. Lying to him...I am forsworn!"

"Do as Marchal does! Do not lie; evade. Your only concern is finding those who will support us and any who would oppose."

"This could start war."

"Averting or starting war is the job of your rulers. I am your queen, am I not?"

He hung his head, curtained by his light blue, nearly white, hair. The strand looked like soft icicles, the color reflected further in his eyes. "Yes, you are, your highness. I will do what I can but I cannot hold out much longer."

I rubbed my belly. "You may not have to, my time is soon."

I let him go first. It was late in the day and Elfgwyven would return soon. Roragon had come early, sneaking away for our meeting. With the Unseelie I already knew who was on my side and the few who were not, and Marchal was forsworn to aid me. Roragon left me too much to do, and I was so damn tired already.

I stood slowly from the chair and turned the corner, nearly smacking into my husbands.

"Anni!" Elfgwyven grabbed me and kissed me, eyes dancing with excitement. Something wonderful must have occurred at his meetings to put him in such a good mood.

"Was that Roragon I saw?" Angoralt said.

I met his eyes for a second and darted away.

"There is time before dinner. I confess I have not been myself. I- I feel great need."

My Seelie husband kissed me but Angoralt seemed suspicious still, so I reached put and brushed my fingers against him. Soon they both glowed slightly and Elfgwyven scooped me up, carrying me tour room.

Angoralt followed and in the dimming light they glowed brighter. Magic made my clothes disappear as he laid me on the bed but theirs remained.


"To avoid temptation, my love," Elfgwyven said.

"Soon, I promise soon we will make it up to you." Angoralt sat by my head and bent to kiss me.

At the same time the bed dipped and I felt Elfgwyven's mouth close over the peak of a breast. Already I was enflamed, I had not lied about the strange needs. I spent my days going from one strong craving to another, and right then all I wanted was them.

Angoralt shifted and now I had a pink and black waterfall of hair tickling my nose as his mouth closed over the swell of my other breast. He pulled it deep into his mouth, suckling gently, and Elfgwyven flicked my nipple rapidly.

I could only moan, clutching at their unusual tunics, begging wordlessly for more. My hips undulated and I ached to be filled, truly, deeply, completely as only they could, but all they gifted me with were fingers.

Angoralt's rough, thick finger slid into my nether hole and two of Elfgwyven's long fingers stroked inside, curled forward, and hit the spot that sent me to elation. Still their mouths teased my breasts, and the sensation were inexorable, drawing me into myself tighter and expanding me beyond my body.

After long moments my panting moans hitched and I felt the tide break, and then I was exploding with pleasure. They kept going, didn't stop, marginally increased pleasure and I rode the tide again. And again. And again.

By the time I begged them to stop they glowed so bright, my sun and moon, that the twilight outside was no longer visible.

"Please, I must grant you both release!"

Angoralt jerked my had to his trousers and I felt his cock, hard as a rock. "Soon this will be yours. For all eternity, yours. Be patient, Hannah."

Elfgwyven tenderly killed my breast and then belly. "We should eat now, and be strong. In this last week we must abstain. It is a time-honored tradition among fey."

"While it's awful," I snarked, even as one of them re-dressed me with magic.

Angoralt laughed, dropped my hand, and they both helped me up. "Your passion is beautiful."

I bit my retort as we walked to the kitchen, where Shara would have our food waiting. One more secret, but damn it, they were building fast.


I had to travel by magic, for riding on a horse was not allowed and travel by foot would take too long. My husbands declined to take me but sent both their captains and all their men at arms, apparently paranoid.

In the human temple, for once,, the god and goddess were waiting for me. I merely climbed the steps and assumed my alternate form of dress as the petals fell. All three of us looked angry and yet contrite, though their faces showed all possible emotions at once, yet they retained an air of calm. To me, this was the true power of gods.

I wished for a seat and suddenly a soft padded chair appeared in the shining marble temple. I sank to its comfortable cushions and for another long moment we watched one another.

"I'm not here to apologize."

"We would not accept such," the great father said.

The great mother nodded. "Nor shall we apologize. All plays according to fate."

"My time is at hand, the babes come soon. Please, I must know...when may I reveal the fate of our children to my husbands?"

Sadness flashed across the face of every woman, young and old, as one beneath a dun hooded cloak. "It is not for you to revel, but to heal and nurture. The birth shall be trying, but you shall prevail. All your energy must go to seeing it through."

A strange kind of anguish tore through me. As pleased as I w as to hear the babes and I would survive, the thought of my forced deception being revealed by another made me worry. "Why can't I?"

"All must play according to fate, child." The great father strode forward and placed a hand on my shoulder, reminding me of my own father's touch. Feeling like a child I damned the people of my adopted homeland and wished my father was there.

"You are gods, do you not make fate?"

"You will know soon enough. With the ascension of your children into their kingdoms, our time will pass. From their birth, year by year, we shall weaken."

The great father nodded at his wife's words. "Our time is at an end. Until we fade completely the world will change. Soon fey wolf, and human will become one. You alone can make this happen."

Despite my anger at them sadness gripped me, and tears threatened. "Why must you fade? Gods do not die!"

The mother joined us, her slim, thick, wrinkled, smooth hand on my other shoulder. "This is not the only world. We shall fade but come to be elsewhere, reborn. New gods will come. Do not despair."

"So you charge me with changing the world under your guidance, and then abandon me to it?" Throwing off their hands I stood, but my girth made it slow and awkward, hardly the petulant statement I desired.

The mother smiled. "We shall no longer be needed. You and yours will be what the world needs. You must go now. Your husbands have a gift for you, and it must be tonight." She placed her hand on my belly and I felt a great love from them both. The babes responded and I felt magic within me.

"Oh. Oh!"

"Go, now. Bornagold, Morraving!" The great father called.

They strode forward and climbed the steps. The temple robbed them of their fey beauty and turned them into merely shockingly beautiful humans.

'The time for the babes is at hand. Bring her to her kings, now."

For a moment they just gaped at the god.


Their eyes slid to the mother before jumping. Taking me from the gods we descended the steps, and as soon as the gods' magic faded they used their own. I blinked and then we were in the magic home.

My husbands sat at the table playing at cards with Shara and her husband.

"It is time," I simply said and again magic moved us to our bedroom. "If you keep doing that I may go mad."

"No more for some time," Elfgwyven assured me, his manner calm but his eyes frantic.

"Do calm down," I said with a laugh. "The gods said it was time for your surprise. I feel no quickening or pains."

Both men placed their hands on my belly and looked at one another, then looked to me. "Pleasure now...work later," they said as one.

It was often easy to forget they shared a soul, but in that moment one could see it. "I'm curious as to this surprise."

Neither spoke but each in turn kissed me, and each kiss was a slow sizzle. Angoralt first, and it seemed he was tasting me the way he would a fine delicacy. The Elfgwyven, further igniting a sow burn. I began to have high hopes for this surprise.

Magic whisked our clothes and when I realized they too were naked I nearly shrieked in glee and let my hands seek out their cocks. Long and thick, they filled my hands, that soft skin stretched so taut over pure hardness. I prayed to every god ever worshiped that they would fill me, but both men danced away.

"Do not unman us so easily, Anni."

"I'll see to it," Angoralt said, and suddenly magic bound my hands to my sides.

"Hey!" He just gave me a gamine grin and lifted me, carrying me to our bed.

One there I was still bound and they lay on either side of me. Just as earlier they teased me, but this time they kept me on edge with no relief. Along with their mouths on my breasts and their fingers filling me, they rubbed their hard cocks over my arms, leaving the wetness of their excitement.

They glowed brighter and brighter and I ached to touch them. I wanted to take them into my mouth, one at a time, make them shake and shiver with the same desperation I now bore. All my squirming earned me were masculine chuckles, nearly infuriating.

"Please!" I begged over and over again, not even sure what I wanted.

At last Elfgwyven's head raised, fingers still buried in my cunt. "What we must do will prepare you, but it may shock you." His voice held a note of apology.

Angoralt broke from my wet, aching breast, and leaned to my ear, his voice a caressing whisper. "But you will like it, Hannah, won't you? So hungry for dark pleasures..."

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