Fey World Ch. 23


Elfgwyven made a kind of growl, the sound of animal fighting its own need. Quickly he moved and together they lifted me. I was quite shocked, normally he preferred my cunt, but I would take any piercing they offered.

Hunching his hips he slammed into my cunt and I screamed with pleasure.

Angoralt chuckled and puzzling, knelt between our legs. Belatedly I realized what he meant to do when I felt magic tingle where Elfgwyven and I were joined, and then his cock slid in.

This was what Elfgwyven was worried would shock me, that such intimate parts of them would touch. I cared only for the pleasure, filled by both men. It had been weeks and I nearly wept from the promise of relief.

This new sensation was startling, but magic eased the way. Just as I adjusted they began to move, and Angoralt returned to tease my nipple with his teeth. Elfgwyven did the bulk of the movement, Angoralt kept his weight from us, his body angled up and rasping at my nubbin.

Soon, all too soon I was there, at the peak, and it was huge and jagged. Like lightning it shot through me and they stilled. I felt my body shudder and my small muscles contracted meeting great resistance. Struggling against the magic I want to claw at them but could only ride the waves of wicked pleasure.

Slowly, so slowly I came down from it, dizzy,, and then they withdrew. "No!"

"Shh," Elfgwyven admonished as he moved from under me.

The magic faded from my arms and I could move them. They knelt on either side and their hard cocks glistened with my juices. Each man grabbed one of my hands and closed it around their staffs. With theirs over mine we began to move.

I watched their glowing beauty with hungry eyes, and soon they indeed did shake and shiver with mad desire. Soon, almost too soon I felt them tighten. Angoralt reached his summit first, but quickly Elfgwyven followed. Thick ropes of their cum flew to my stomach and their hands squeezed mine hard.

As soon as the jets stopped I withdrew my hands, knowing they would be sensitive. Before I could ask the significance of this they began to rub their cum into my skin.

Immediately I felt a quickening and a pain. "Oh! It's time!"

Angoralt gave me a patient half-smile. "We know. This is how we call forth our seed, Hannah."

"We will be with you through it al, ending our strength. It is our way," my Seelie husband added.

A stronger pain gripped me, coming too fast. "Well I am still a blasted human. Get Shara. Now!"

Nodding, Angoralt ran to do my bidding, but as he opened the door Shara was there with a bowl of steaming water and towels.

"Your highnesses, I am ready."

Another contraction wracked me. "These are happening too fast!"

She set the things down on the table at the foot of the bed and came to stand at the side. Placing her hands on my belly she cocked her head if listening, something I had seen her do when summoning prophecy. Her eyes widened and she looked to me with a smile.

"These are not human babes and will not do as humans do."

"Fey children do not come so quickly," Elfgwyven said, panic at the edge of his voice.

"One is no ordinary fey and the other will be the first born wolf ever."

My heart nearly froze and time itself seemed to. My husbands stared at me with shocked eyes at that unveiling of my secret and I knew deep n my heart that they realized the implication. Only one fey prince was being born that day, the other was a wolf and had a separate destiny to fulfill.

The next contraction broke the spell and I expect them to leave, but magic clothed them and they moved Shara aside, sitting on either side and gathering my hands.

"What do we do for her?" Angoralt asked, worried.

"Give her strength with your magic. I'll see to the rest. Child, do as I command and it will be easy."

I nodded but soon enough it became apparent that of all the lies of late, that was the worst. The pain was unimaginable but when the babes were born it was nearly forgotten in the wake of such miracles.

Better yet, my husbands never left my side.


Three days later and I was still abed. By fey custom today was the naming day for my healthy baby boys, and I had already decided on their names. They slept now after a hungry feeding and I had just finished some magically-infused soup.

The magic house had created a meeting room like my father council office right outside the bedroom. Voices murmured sometimes raising before a spell softened the din so as not to wake the babes.

Roragon was the most adamant that the birth of a single new fey royal demanded one kingdom. I had told my husbands of the god's prophecy once Shara had let the cat out of the bag and I'd recovered, but now they were dazed. It was up to the prime ministers now to convince them to action, but the Seelie PM was hesitant.

I turned from them as the babes woke, fussy, and I rose to check and see f they needed changing.

The eldest by twenty minutes was the fey child, and he looked at me with a full head of fiery hair and silvery-blue eyes. It was as if his hair was a perfect mix of my red and Elfgwyven's pink, my blue eyes and Angoralt's silver. The younger, the future wolf king, had a full head of black hair that shone red in light, and eyes like a stormy sea, the opposite mix., so I rubbed their bellies and smiled at them.

"I want to tell you stories of my people. You have a convoluted legacy, but you my wolf, will rule over the lands where I was born. There once we were people who fished and lived with abandon, often raiding the lands where I came of age in the house of a great king.

"In my childhood I heard many tales, and one tells of an old Jarl, a small king, who was lost at sea during a raid. He landed on a strange shore but a storm had cast many men overboard as well as their supplies. By the time this Jarl reached the shore he was the sole survivor.

"He wandered for many days living off the and meagerly until he stumbled upon a grand little palace of magic. It was five stores tall with three even taller towers, and bore the footprint of a great ship." I paused and they had quieted, watching me as if they understood. With a smile I continued. "Though it was so large a single soul dwelled there, and greeted the Jarl.

"He was most strange with hair like a pumpkin and eyes like the velvet robes of Angorlandian royalty, that strange color between blue and red. He called himself Veles and offered the Jarl shelter.

"The Jarl told him his sad story and how he had watched one of his sons wash overboard, his other son and daughter die of dehydration. He himself nearly wasted away but found a fresh water stream close to the ocean. He begged of the stranger Veles to grant him supplies to get to a town where he might hire on a new crew and barter for supplies to bring his ship home, and burn his children in accordance with his ways.

"Veles told him it was not of the Fey, and though the Jarl had no idea what Fey were he said he understood. Veles fed him well and gave him water to bathe and new clothes, all conjured by magic.

"He then showed the Jarl a room which contained piles of gold such as the Jarl had never seen. Veles told him if he spent the night and did not take any gold Veles would provide him with all he needed, and just what he deserved.

The Jarl was an honorable man. He did not steal from houses of the holy, nor did he allow his men to rape or capriciously kill. They traded more than raided and often chose town with festivals so they could enter tournaments. He slept that night dreaming only in grief of his lost children, all he wanted, knowing no gold could bring them back.

"So the Jarl woke and Veles congratulate him and fed him once again. With the wave of a hand he called forth a horse and supplies and told Veles to return to his ship and find what he needed. The Jarl thought he would find a crew of such odd men as Veles but as he rode up he saw his original crew restored to life, even those who had been washed overboard and lost in the storm.

"He hug his children and they sailed home and told their strange tale. This Jarl was Erik, and he became the first high Jarl, our version of a king, though his democratic council were all Jarls. Our holy day bears Veles' name and is Velesday. As the Jarl aged he set sail again seeking the fey but never found them again. Centuries would pass before another was spotted."

The children cooed but the elder boy smiled. I kissed both their heads and blew raspberries against the soft skin of their fat bellies before launching into my next tale.

"The east is a magical pace, the lands there are larger than the west by thrice, and yet they are one people. Magic, human magic exists in them still as tales are told. Long before they declared war on my people we traded.

"One day long ago the high Jarl, now Staren, had a daughter, the most beautiful in the land. She was brave and smart, and as in those days it was common to kidnap and ransom the children of great Jars, he had taught her a trick. It was said no prison could hold her and she often took on challenges voluntarily being sealed in the most impressive dungeons of great houses in my land. She escaped every one.

"Staren so loved his daughter he agreed not to contract a marriage from her but let her choose her husband. She did not like any of the boys from her can or those neighboring, so she asked her father to hold a contest. He would invite every eligible man from any land interested in her hand, but he would have to construct a trap she could not escape from and he could."

At a noise behind me I turned and saw the door was pen. My husbands lounged there looking sleepy, listening as well. As our eyes met they smiled and came forward, exciting the children. As much as the babes loved me, they positively adored their fathers.

"Please, continue," Elfgwyven urged me as each picked up a babe and bounced them against their shoulders.

Yawning I stretched and sat on a chair as they took the bed. "The Jarl's daughter Ygreena put no other restrictions, simply desiring as many women do a man who is even better than she at her greatest talent. Knowing her abilities her father put the call to our countrymen as well as the easterners and the Angorlandians. We had not yet resumed contact with the fey or the call would have gone out to them as well.

"For days she escaped every trap brought forth and wave after wave of disappointed young men went home. Finally they came to the last, a strange young man named Alazar. His father had been a northman, his mother and eastern woman. He was tall and broad and handsome with the exotic features and coloring of his mother.

"His trap was a simple cage, but once Ygreena was paced into it Alazar's smith headed the metal and sealed it. The bars were far apart but Ygreena's great bosom meant she could not slip between them. The rows of bars were supported by a band half a foot above the floor, again she could not pass through.

"In the day and night she remained trapped Alazar never left her side, the smith close in case of emergency. Alazar fed her and saw to her needs, amusing her with small magics. By the next dawn she had quite fallen for her and conceded she could not escape. Still she insisted that Alazar would have to escape from the cage himself.

"The smith cut it open and she left, and Alazar climbed in. The smith sealed it once again and with a smile Alazar hunkered down, said an incantation, and a poof of smoke was let out.

"When it cleared a black wolf stood in the cage, gave a shocked Ygreena a grin, and wiggled out in the space at the bottom of the cage. When he was free another poof of smoke came but Ygreena stood close enough to see the wolf become her most beautiful Alazar, clothed once more.

"She consented to marriage and confessed her love which Alazar returned. He informed her and Staren that he was in fact Prince Alazar, adopted son of the emperor of the last and in third in line of succession.

"With a heavy heart Staren agreed to let her return east with her new husband and hey married in our lands first. Through a strange series of events eventually they became Emperor and Empress, and that was how we had peace with the east long ago. Their story is one of the greatest love stories of all time."

Small smiles showed on my husbands' faces but the children cooed. I knew my husbands feared these births signaled the end of faerie but for us all no worries could exist in the presence of the babes.

"So you have decided on names?" Elfwgyen asked and I nodded.

"Veles," Angoralt said, holding the babe in his arms. "He was our mother's father. Fitting, it's an omen of good luck."

"Was he? The Jarl Erik whom he met was my many-times over great grandfather."

"They are good names. Come, they should feed and be changed, the naming ceremony will be soon."

I pulled down my blouse and took the babes in my arms and sighed. The naming ceremony was a boon, a stay of execution, but once it passed they would have to agree to reuniting the kingdoms.

I lived for the day the battles would be memories, but one more the thought faded as I was surrounded by the men I loved.

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